Chapter 427: Don’t Use Your Life To Make A Deal

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Bing Qingxuan hoarsely shouted. He had never thought that the Investigative Star would unexpectedly lose her life. Yan Yizhen did not say a word, did not stop at all. She then attack Bing Qingxuan. Although she had struck Investigative Star Mu Qingying back into the Star Nest, the Star Master was still present. The Investigative Star could still revive again.

Bing Qingxuan cursed to himself that this was shameful. He pointed a magic weapon, and two green short swords suddenly multiplied in size. The blades’ edges had strange inscriptions, clear light lingering. Cold rays flickered, intersected, and carved towards Yan Yizhen’s neck.

This treasure was named “Beheading Flying Dagger,”1 a magic weapon that previously belonged to Ancestral Master Xu Wangchuan. When these daggers emerged, they pincer attacked from the left and right, twisting along their paths at a level to behead someone. Even if you wore armor, they would cut through iron like mud, their might endless.

Yan Yizhen halted her body techniques, her palms like hooks forming the Taiji. She nimbly danced left and right, the light rays and flames of Yin and Yang exploding. The Skilful Star grabbed, and the Beheading Flying Daggers were seized by Yan Yizhen before they could cut into the maid’s neck. The flying daggers cried endlessly in Yan Yizhen’s hands, their edges constantly flowing in an effort to break free. A powerful force made Yan Yizhen have no choice but to halt her advance.

Bing Qingxuan showed a resentful expression. He wanted to take revenge for Mu Qingying, and his Flying Swords were just about to seize the chance to attack Yan Yizhen.

Suddenly, his whole body felt cold.

Glimpsing white clothes out of the corner of his eye, Bing Qingxuan was shocked, silently shouting “Oh, no.”

He did not know when Gong Caiwei had undone the Aurora Bottle. In her hand was the Snow Tracing Sword, and with a profound pace, she gracefully arrived. That sword in her hand of cold light stabbed at Bing Qingxuan’s chest.

Bing Qingxuan’s protective clear light was pierced through by the snow-white sword’s tip. Sword-light transformed into a blue dragon baring it claws and fangs.

“A soul imbued Flying Sword.”

Bing Qingxuan spat a mouthful of blood.

Run through by the dragon, Bing Qingxuan was worthy of being the Most High Path’s secretly nurtured Star Master. If it was any other cultivator, being attacked by Gong Caiwei’s Soul Imbued sword qi, perhaps they powerless to reverse the situation. Bing Qingxuan nevertheless used both hands to firmly grab the Flying Sword.

His palms were soaked in blood, not at all grim.

Gong Caiwei coldly twisted the sword. Bing Qingxuan’s face nearly contorted, and the flesh of his palm was twisted apart. Although he tasted suffering, he finally grasped an opportunity. Bing Qingxuan did not hesitate to use the Outlaw Jade Pendant, and his figure became smoke. Instantly, he disappeared from within the Palace of Empress Wa.


To be unable to dispatch this despicable assassin in a single strike, Gong Caiwei showed regret.

To think that there would still be an assassin in the future Star Duels, Gong Caiwei felt very uncomfortable.

“Elder Sister Little Yi, are you alright.” An Suwen breathed a sigh of relief. With quick steps, she reached Yan YIzhen’s front and activated Spiritual Aura Distribution, healing her wounds.

Yan Yizhen shook her head. She spread open her palms. Those magic weapons unexpected were crushed to dust, disappearing into the wind.

Gong Caiwei’s eyebrows rose as she bowed and said thanks. Then, without another word, she turned and walked towards another corridor.

An Suwen saw this, and then she rushed with Yan Yizhen to the highest floor of the Palace of Empress Wa. At this moment, time already was not plentiful for them.

Great Saint Starkiller and Guan Ying pursued Full Star Meng Hudie with an all out effort, but their opponent was a Water General, like a fish back in water so long as they were in the ocean. She waved her flag, making countless puppets that were endlessly killed yet greatly hindered the speed of their pursuit. Needless to say, Meng Hudie already escaped from their eyes.

The grand Galaxy Cultivator unexpectedly escaping before his eyes made Great Saint Starkiller fill with fury.

However, Great Saint Starkiller very quickly calmed down. He still had something even more important to go settle.

“Young Master, where are you going?” Guan Ying wrinkled her eyebrows when saw that Great Saint Starkiller did not go in the direction of the Black Turtle Idol.

“To go find the other Star Masters. The Three Ruans, Nine Tattooed Dragon and even that Li Jun2 and the Zhang Sisters definitely are at the Black Turtle Idol right now. We have no need to rush there now. Those Good Fortune Pills are not so easy to take.” Great Saint Starkiller slightly smiled.

That smile was as splendid as when Guan Ying first saw him, but for some reason, the Brave Star’s heart felt a chill.

“Then, is Young Master preparing to wait for them to fall into internecine strife?”

Great Saint Starkiller nodded. “Now, we will go find the fishes that escaped the new…Hmph, This Great Saint fears that many Star Masters have come to the Black Turtle Temple.” Just as he said this, Great Saint Starkiller was taken aback. He chuckled lowly: “Speak of the devil.”

Great Saint Starkiller’s rising sword flew, and Guan Ying followed.

Not long after, Guan Ying saw two young girls were currently frolicking in the Black Turtle Temple. One wore a white qipao and leisurely strolled in the sea while the other girl indifferently drank wine and broke apart several puppets with several punches as they searched for something.

Seeing these two were not at all powerful Sisters, Guan Ying’s heart sunk, and she stopped following.

Li Bailian and Shi Meng currently searched for materials in the Black Turtle Temple. They were only wandering around the area outside of the heavy water without any worry. The most important thing in the Black Turtle Temple was the Dragon Snake Great Good Fortune Pull. All the Star Masters that came here were entirely for the sake of this objective. They thought of course no one would stop at any other place to waste time.But they were not Divine Mathematician Jiang Shuishui. They were without the ability of foresight. Reality was not as simple as they thought.

Suddenly, a black shadow attacked them.

Li Bailian and Shi Meng counterattacked without thinking. The attacker was odd, without Flying Sword arts, not using any magic treasures. Neither could they see a Star General in accompaniment. This person seemed to have pounced over looking for death. Li Bailian snickered seductively: “This fighter wants to dive into Elder Sister’s embrace, but Elder Sister is not so easy to take advantage of.”

As she said this, Star Weapon Cold Night Desolate Kill came out and sprinkled white wine.


The other side screamed. They fell into the trap as expected. White Bones Wine splashed on and suddenly rend the attacker’s flesh. The protective Star Energy was nearly completely wiped away by White Bones Wine. Shi Meng coldly snorted, thereupon waving a fist as heavy as Mount Tai – Landslide!!

This punch was precise.

This cultivator in front of them that did not know the immensity of Heaven and Earth inevitably would die horribly with regrets under this attack.

Shi Meng’s sneer disappeared.

Ugly Star Stone General was shocked to sense that although her punch was fatal, she was far from pulverizing her opponent. Supercluster Late Stage cultivator? Shi Meng was shocked, astonished to see that demonic man show a triumphant evil grin. This smile instantly passed, but it made Shi Meng endlessly palpitate.

Suddenly, the opponent screamed, and his body floated backwards like a kite that broke free of its string.

Shi Meng immediately felt a powerful danger surround her. Without hesitation, she shouted: “Bailian, run away!”


Li Bailian was even preparing to use poisoned wine. When she heard Shi Meng’s words, she froze on the spot.

Just at this moment, the seawater suddenly rolled, ripped apart by a powerful force.

“Quickly run!”

Shi Meng’s foot stepped, her Cloud Piercing Rock Splitting Boxing Gloves in hand, preparing to use her Dark Rank Boxing to kill her foe.

Before her fists had even waved, a Frost Fair Blade already blocked her front.

Cold light glinted, and an evil qi turned dense, one slash sending her flying.

Her eyes were dazzled. Guan Ying did not have any room at all to think, slashing immediately with her great blade. Shi Meng’s fists blocked, her body’s skin turning into stone. The Four Star Frost Fair Blade was wrapped in boundless cold, and Shi Meng’s defenses became more laughable than paper.

A chill slashed past her body.

Bringing an unopposable promise of death.

Brave Star Great Blade Guan Sheng!!!

“Quickly run…” Shi Meng was pale, her consciousness fading, immediately Starfalling into Maiden Mountain.

“Shi Meng!!!” Li Bailian’s seductive appearance was immediately replaced by alarm. The Cold Night Desolate Kill Bottle was raised, and Slave Star Life Taking Judge did not shrink back in the slightest as she poured out White Bones Wine. Slowly, white mist flooded this area of the sea, corroding Star Energy.

“Why do you not run!!”

Guan Ying shouted in a low voice, her hands unable to control her movements.

The Unrivalled’s intimidating aura exploded. The Frost Fair Blade was like a hot knife through butter, and the White Bones Wine was devoured by the blade-qi. Following on its heels was blade-qi that surrounded her body. Li Bailian also instantly fell into Maiden Mountain, a Starfall.

Double Starfalls!

Great Saint Starkiller fully enjoyed the power of two Crimson Stars, but his expression was not at all relaxed as he stared fixedly at Guan Ying.

Three Devil Stars twinkled on the Frost Fair Blade. The torturous black qi wound around Guan Ying like an accusing ghost. The Brave Star was unconcerned, letting this pain linger about herself.

A long while after, Guan Ying finally regained her calm. When she lifted her gaze, her eyes were full of a deep gloom.

“Truly, This Great Saint did not expect there would surprisingly be two Star Generals.” Great Saint Starkiller feigned lingering trepidation.

“Young Master, you must be alright.” Guan Ying walked in front of Great Saint Starkiller, expressionlessly spitting out these words, somewhat mocking his act.

“En. Ying’er, you…” Great Saint Starkiller hesitated.

“This General is unfettered. Only sacrifices can achieve hegemony. Ying’er understands.” Guan Ying smiled.

This smile nevertheless made Great Saint Starkiller drew in a breath.

“Ying’er, you cannot let emotions affect your decisions.”

Guan Ying nodded.

“It is about time. We can go to Black Turtle Temple…” Great Saint Starkiller said.

The Urgent Seas White Spirit Python became a white arrow piercing through the sea.

Zhang Yuqi’s expression was grave. She looked at Su Xing, quietly saying: “Young Su, Yuqi fears those Starfalls were…”

Su Xing sighed and shook his head.

Two Starfalls at the same time. Most likely, they were Star Generals of the Spring Breeze Drunken Rain Pavilion.

Su Xing turned his head back to look at Gu Tong. Female Tiger appeared to have foreseen what had happened, for her face became exceedingly solemn.

Very quickly, the Urgent Seas White Spirit Python reached the area of the Starfalls.

At this moment, that place already was empty and swept clean. Zhang Yuqi wrinkled sniffed the air and wrinkled her brow. “There’s a disgusting Devil Qi.”

“This was Guan Sheng’s doing!!” Gu Tong asked her.

“Most probably. Rumor has it that Guan Sheng’s weapon has been embedded with a Nine Nether Devil Star Stone, purportedly very formidable.” Zhang Yuqi said, not very clear.

Gu Tong’s knuckles turned white.

Su Xing saw that she was apparently enduring the fury in her heart. He wanted to say something consoling, but Female Tiger shook her head, gazed ahead and used a Sound Transmission. “This Old Lady does not want your consolation. As far as we are concerned, Starfalls are no more than a return to Maiden Mountain. This would have happened sooner or later…But, do not tell anything to Tangtang.” Female Tiger did her utmost to maintain her expressionlessness only because she did not want to hurt Bai Yutang. Su Xing nodded.

“Thanks.” Female Tiger softly said, her tone softening.

“You should take the other Sisters back for now. Guan Ying, I shall deal with her.” Su Xing said.

Seeing Female Tiger’s eyes were somewhat stubborn, Su Xing said over Sound Transmission: “I know you don’t fear Starfalls, but there’s no need for you to throw your life away. I don’t want to let Tangtang personally see you Starfall.” Su Xing’s words were ruthless, however, only these sorts of ruthless words could make the Female Tiger wake up from the hate she had fallen into.

Gu Tong looked pensively. She bit her lips and said: “Su Xing, so long as you can kill Guan Ying, I will then serve you.”

“Don’t use your life to make a deal…” Su Xing shook his head: “This will only make your remaining life fall even deeper into suffering.

Gu Tong and Zhang Yuqi were taken aback.

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  1. 梟首飛刀
  2. 李俊


  1. Thanks for the chapter Schwarze_Kreuz! I thought the whole deal with the Nine Nether Stone was that the killed Star Generals don’t really return to Maiden Mountain, but instead are trapped by the blade until the Star Duels end.

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