Chapter 428: Dual Modes Ruler And Gold Qilin

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Yin Star Female Tiger Gu Tong finally still was convinced to go seek out the other Sisters, and Su Xing relentlessly rushed for the lowest floor of the Black Turtle Temple.

“Young Su, is what you said just now sincere?”

“What?” Su Xing lifted his head from his thoughts.

“You rejected the Female Tiger. Tsk, do you reject a Star General that has thrown herself into your arms?” Zhang Yuqi clicked her tongue: “Do you feel you have too many Star Generals? Honestly, you are a man cared for by the Heavens to the point of envy.”

“I don’t need her to tell me to kill Great Saint Starkiller, I’d still go kill him.” Su Xing said candidly. If he had agreed, he actually would appear to be a small person.

Zhang Yuqi winked and giggled: “However, although you said this, Yuqi also knows that if you actually kill Guan Ying, the Female Tiger still may sign a contract with you.”

“I really wanted to as well.” Su Xing smiled. He gazed at the girl’s slim figure and mischievously winked: “Yuqi, the Black Turtle Idol will inevitable by extremely dangerous, it’d be better if you and I signed a contract.”

Zhang Yuqi covered her mouth, a look of “I knew you would say that”:  “Yuqi concedes that Young Su indeed is a very moving Star Master…However, Yuqi cannot.”

“Why?” Su Xing was puzzled. Since she was moved, why would she not sign a contract. Sometimes, he honestly could not understand just what the Star Maidens of Maiden Mountain were thinking. If he had signed contracts when he was first at the Spring Breeze Drunken Rain Pavilion, perhaps no one would have Starfell.

Seeing Su Xing was somewhat hurt, Zhang Yuqi smiled: “Young Su has ten Sisters serving him? Yuqi guesses that the ten Sisters aren’t following randomly?”


“Exactly. If Yuqi arbitrarily signed a contract with Young Su, then Yuqi does not have very much face before the other Sisters. Although the Star Duels are important, that would only be for self-preservation. What use would that sort of contract be.”

Su Xing was speechless. He knew that Maiden Mountain’s Star General had haughty dignity, but to hear Damage Star White Stripe in the Waves’ words, he was still rather powerless. According to her words – a Star General would rather die than sign a contract with some other Star Master for the sake of saving her own life, even if that Star Master could take her up Maiden Mountain, to start an epic.

“Really? You really don’t want to sign a contract with me?”

“If Yuqi said so, what are Young Su’s thoughts?” Zhang Yuqi seemingly smiled.

“Then Your Servant apparently can only seriously pursue you. Yuqi, making you give your heart isn’t as arbitrary as you feel.” Su Xing said.

Zhang Yuqi struck her palm, flirtatiously saying: “Worthy of the man that Yuqi chose – However, to think of making Yuqi give a blowjob, Young Su will be very tired.”


Outside the Palace of Empress Wa.

Nangong Xing, Xuan Zhenzi, Ancestor Longevity, Queen Lady of Ice and the other Sect Ancestors hovered everywhere, setting down at the Palace of Empress Wa a large and inescapable array.

“Has the Purple Thunder Monster come?”

Nangong Xing’s voice entered the minds of the Great Cultivators.

This one of the Most High Path’s four Supervoid Ancestral Masters showed a cold and detached personality, her might pressuring all cultivators present to shrink back, as if she was about to erupt in anger at any moment. Xuan Zhenzi and the others looked at each other in dismay, for they knew why Nangong Xing would say this.

Several of the Clear Void Most High Path’s Great Sect Masters, including Supervoid Ancestral Masters the likes of Enviless of the East had perished under the Purple Thunder Monster’s hand. Furthermore, by what he had done, the Ten Great Sects had been branded evil.

As far as the Purple Thunder Monster was concerned, the Most High Path had an absolutely justifiable reason to kill him, and the fact was thus. Nangong Xing was on the threshold of breaking through to Supervoid Middle Stage and had left seclusion for the Palace of Empress Wa. The Most High Path even dispatched a hundred Galaxy disciples to stand guard, an attitude of desire to capture the Purple Thunder Monster, and it was no wonder that Nangong Xing would be so fidgety. It was known that the Third Phase was already passing, and that the Fourth Phase Three Heavenly Books was about to begin. Each Star Master’s power would improve drastically.

The most powerful Earth Rank Techniques also began to be comprehended. If they waited until that moment, even if the Most High Path used all of their power, they could not possibly be the Purple Thunder Monster’s opponent. To speak of it was unbelievable, yet this was a cruel fact.

“It seems that the Purple Thunder Monster also fears the Most High Path, to not have appeared yet.” Xuan Zhenzi said.

“This Purple Thunder Monster is only thus.” Ancestor Longevity felt regretful. He actually was looking forward to the Purple Thunder Monster and Most High Path breaking out into a battle. Regardless of whoever won, they were a great detriment to the other sects, so he would happily watch.

“Someone has broken through the array!”

Queen Lady of Ice suddenly spoke, her voice icy. A hundred Ice Spirit Snow Soul Flying Swords fluttered.

The expressions of Nangong Xing and the others shook.

However, when they noticed that the intruder was a young girl, Nangong Xing immediately cooled down. “Who are you? To dare breach the array.”

The newcomer was a young lady, her appearance dainty with cheeks of pink and red phoenix brows. Her head wore a qilin cap, and she was clad in golden armor and a yellow shirt. Leaves embedded the edges of her skirt, her inner clothing was a cloud shirt woven of golden silk, and her legs were equipped with golden armored dragon scale boots. In her hand was a weapon enveloped in glorious gold light.

Her presence was reserved, quite extraordinary.

Across all of Liangshan Continent, perhaps only the Star Maidens were like this.

She was none other than Lu Xiao.

“Hiding your head yet showing your tail, reveal your true self.” Nangong Xing coldly said. The Supervoid Fairy’s eyes squinted: “Could it be that you are Lin Chong? Is your man still cowering with his tail between his legs?”

“Huh, you speak of Su Xing? Xiao’er and he have actually crossed paths a few times. His wives certainly are beautiful. You all are still making designs on him?” Lu Xiao facetiously batted her eyes at them: “Xiao’er kindly advises you all to give up. To be able to make Lin Chong, Wu Song, Gongsun Huang, Yan Qing and other Star Generals serve him, you are digging your own graves, bringing dishonor upon yourselves.”


The Ancestors were shocked to hear that long string of names.

Each name was an overlord in some aspect.

“Hmph, you jest. To unexpectedly speak this kind of big bluff truly is stupid.” Nangong Xing snorted disdainfully, how could she believe this.

“Xiao’er has said everything she wanted. If you insist on sending Su Xing magic weapons and brocades, then Xiao’er has no way to help you.” Lu Xiao shrugged and stepped into the array.

Nangong Xing’s finger pointed.

A powerful force pressed on Lu Xiao’s shoulder making her unable to move forward an inch.

Lu Xiao raised her head and smiled: “What are you doing this for, Your Distinguished Self? Xiao’er wishes to go to Palace of Empress Wa, could it be you all want to hinder a Star General?”

Nangong Xing completely disdained to speak. She pointed, and several rays of clear light fell. Lu Xiao raised her divine weapon to block.


The weapon wrapped in golden light immediately repelled Nangong Xing’s powerful magic energy. It was revealed to be a resplendent golden lance, carved and engraved with dragons and other beasts. The spearhead had a qilin, and the body was a beautiful gold. What was particularly impressive were the four swirling stars.

Everyone present was astonished.

Four Star!!

Golden Qilin Lance!!!

“You are the ranked second, the one ranked first in martial force, Strength Star Jade Qilin Lu Junyi!!” Ancestor Longevity hoarsely shouted.

Nangong Xing’s pupils could not help but slightly shrink.

“Hey, Xiao’er very much loathes this sort of conduct that pries into other’s secrets without permission.” The smile vanished from Lu Xiao’s face. Strength Star Jade Qiling’s expression was cold, her tone showing a will to kill.

Lu Xiao took a step forward.

Just the intimidating aura and Four Stars made Ancestor Longevity and the other Supercluster Ancestors subconsciously take a step back.

The most first-rate martial general – Although she had never ascended Maiden Mountain, her feats were brilliant. The Star Generals that Starfell at her hand included Gongsun Sheng, Wu Song to Lin Chong. Each and every one of Maiden Mountain’s famous Star Generals had once bled under this Golden Qilin Lance.

What was a Heavenly Star?

This was it.

“Hmph.” Nangong Xing sneered. As a first rate Supervoid Cultivator, she was already accustomed to not placing anyone in her eyes. How could she be intimidated by Lu Xiao. However, it appeared that Nangong Xing seemingly did not want to provoke this most powerful martial general at all. Her imposing aura retracted. “So you are Strength Star Jade Qilin. Truly, your reputation precedes you…Hmph, those things you said about Su Xing just now look to be true?”

The corners of her lips slightly curled.

Lu Xiao soared into the sky, forming a golden rainbow. The Golden Qilin Lance slashed out a flowing light of gold.

Nangong Xing’s eyes flashed with a tranquil light. Ferocity flickered across her face, and her wrist turned, revealing a green ruler. With a shake, numerous ruler-shadows bubbled forth from the original. The green light radiated, and wherever it passed, all of the golden shadows were easily shattered, becoming particles of spirit light that faded from sight.

This green ruler appeared to be an extraordinary magic weapon.

Lu Xiao very quickly showed her figure in the green light. After a smile, the Golden Qilin Lance did not stop at all.

Nangong Xing was resentful.

The green light flashed, and all of the ruler shadows once again gathered together, forming one green ruler that made a beeline for Jade Qilin Lu Xiao’s front, moving for a strike.

Lu Xiao raised and slashed with the Golden Qilin Lance.

At the instant the green ruler was about slash upon the weapon, light flashed, making the group practically unable to look directly. This ruler was covered under this glaring light. Suddenly, one became two, and in its original place was left a green ruler image that was exactly the same as the previous one. The true body nevertheless indistinctly stuck into space, disappearing with a flash. Then, it instantly reappeared on Lu Xiao’s flanks.

The two rulers turned into the style of the dual modes, Yin and Yang, Heaven and Earth.

“Dual Modes Ruler!!”1

Lu Xiao’s expression’s was vigilant.

The two green rulers’ shadows struck the golden light of Lu Xiao. Green light that looked astonishing erupted out. Lu Xiao blocked the first strike, but several zhang above her head, an apparently imperceptible ripple gently formed. The other green ruler strangely appeared, plunging down without any hesitation.

Soundless, it did not bring the sound of wind.

In an instant, the ruler fell to a place that was mere chi away from Lu Xiao’s cranium when there was another flash. Instantly, an enormous spiritual pressure exploded, striking without the slightest bit of concealment. Like a suspended galaxy, a silvery light flashed, its power was honestly incomparably astonishing.

This ruler was but the famous Prehistoric Spirit Treasure Dual Modes Ruler.

Its attack and defense were invulnerable.

The shadows were in layers, reversing Heaven and Earth, inverting Yin and Yang. When approached by the Dual Modes Ruler, to escape was extremely difficult.

Just Ancestor Longevity and the others broke into cold sweat for the Jade Qilin.

Lu Xiao was indifferent, not moved in the slightest. The Golden Qilin Lance left her hand, and then she straddled a golden qilin. Her whole body was enveloped in a brilliant golden light. That Golden Qiling opened its mouth, and a ray of golden light appeared from the surrounding space. It split apart the silver cloud like a lightning strike, striking a green ruler.

The green ruler shuddered, immediately letting out a shrill screech.

The Dual Modes Ruler’s images were increasingly numerous, striking Lu Xiao.

With a “bang.”

Green light and golden light interwove, bursting out a heaven and earth shattering noise.

A shockwave visible to the naked eye spread from the epicenter of the explosion, scattering wildly in all directions.

“That is the Golden Qilin?!!”

Ancestor Longevity was shocked.

Nangong Xing’s face was grim.


The light rays broke, and the Dual Modes Ruler’s shadows unexpectedly were broken by the qilin.

Not good!

Nangong Xing changed.

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