Chapter 436: The Oriole Behind

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“Accept death.” Zhang Feiyu said in a low voice, the Fish King Saber a blaze of rolling red flame.

When the others saw that she had seized on an opening, they were like vultures, flocking over.

Shi Jinglun’s Azure Dragon Blade, Hu Niangzi’s Golden Wind and Morning Dew, Ruan Mei’er’s Dragon King Dagger, Li Shuangfei’s Southern Barbarian Sword and Dead Leaves Darts, Zou Ke’s Fang of Broken Skies, Sun Xinyue’s Grazing Deer Full Moon Saber and even Ruan Jin’er mustered all the strength in her body to use her Dark Rank Duckweed Are Broken a third time due to the enormous hate she had for Guan Sheng. The Azure Seas Green Duckweed Sword pierced through Guan Ying’s body.

Each of the Star Weapons penetrated Guan Ying’s limbs and bones. The Brave Star had been stuck full of blades all at the same time. Even a Universal Golden Immortal would be powerless to return to Heaven.

But not only was Brave Star Guan Ying not sorrowful or in despair, on the contrary, the corner of her mouth showed an unfathomable smile.

Her gaze did not look at the hatred of her Sisters. She stared only at Su Xing, not uttering a word. Guan Ying’s figure immediately broke apart, becoming a trail of dust, fallen back into the Star Nest.

The absolutely devastated Black Turtle Temple finally regained its calm.

Su Xing took in a deep breath. This battle was finally over. A Five Star Guan Sheng in addition to a Supercluster peak Star Master. Guan Sheng honestly was not easy to handle. This many people had practically exhausted themselves to finally subdue her, and an important reason for this of course was the many Water Generals here.

The Star Magic of Water Generals in water honestly was a state of fishes back in water. Pity that without a contract, they always were greatly weakened.

It seemed that this battle not only made Su Xing experience the might of the Five Star Great Blade, he would have to consider the future Star Duels like Shi Jinglun.

“We were unable to kill her!” Ruan Jin’er was drained, speaking hatefully.

“Guan Ying using a Devil Weapon will naturally become the target of all. For the Three Heavenly Books, I believe she will not pass.” Shi Jinglun confidently smiled, her gaze seemingly glancing at Su Xing. Recalling the rumor that Holy Lord of Draconic Demon said about the Purple Thunder Monster possessing multiple Star Generals, her eyes narrowed, not at all convinced of this.

In this battle, Guan Sheng could be said to be an ominous danger, and she did not see Lin Chong emerge. Most probably, the Holy Lord of Draconic Demon was deliberately playing a trick. After all, everyone wanted the Birth Treasure Outline.

Su Xing looked at the throbbing blue flame of the Black Turtle Seal and the Great Good Fortune Pill. Although the powerful enemies of the Holy Lord of Draconic Demon, Great Saint Starkiller and the other several Black Turtle Territory Devil Cults left Black Turtle Temple in succession, Su Xing also knew that things were far from over.

After losing their common enemy, the true battle was about to begin.

The atmosphere once again sunk into a deadlock, a silent terror.

Shi Jinglun’s face wore a slight smile as she looked at Su Xing, then beckoned towards Gu Tong and the others. The Star Generals of the Spring Breeze Drunken Rain Pavilion hesitated a moment. After they nodded in thanks to Su Xing, they walked over to Shi Jinglun’s side.

A sneer brushed past Ruan Jin’er’s mouth as she indifferently watched those enticing Dragon Snake Great Good Fortune Pills. “I said before that I would renounce the Great Good Fortune Pills if we kill Guan Ying. I meant what I said.” She gave Ruan Mei’er a look, and Defeat Star Living King Yama Ruan Mei’er agreed.

She released the Anitya Dragon King Beast that was on its last legs and climbed onto the beast’s back with her Elder Sister.

Ruan Jin’er’s strength was tough, but she was already suffering and helpless after three Dark Techniques. If this continued, Ruan Jin’er could not guarantee that she would not fall out with that Water Illusion Fairy’s man. She might as well find a platform and directly descend. After taking a few Good Fortune Pills in passing, she looked at the Alligator Dragon Sea Swallowing Calw that Ruan Ping’er left behind. Ruan Jin’er’s heart once again filled with grief and sorrow.

Recalling that for the sake of these pills that their Fifth Sister dies here, Ruan Jin’er’s throat choked up, and she sobbed silently. She did not have the air of a Fort Master at all, making Ruan Mei’er continuously console her Elder Sister, which made herself appear as if she was the Elder Sister.

Their battle with Guan Sheng was far from over.

The Two Ruans left the Black Turtle Temple.

Shi Jinglun’s brows wrinkled, and her gaze once again returned to Su Xing.

“Looks like this Dragon Snake Great Good Fortune Pill will be a bit tricky.” Su Xing calmly said.

“Does Young Lord Su’s words mean you are unwilling to give up on this?” Shi Jinglun said.

“Of course, I promised Yuqi, so I definitely will help her achieve it. She’s heavily injured, and now, she just happens to need this pill to recover. I cannot have come in vain.” Su Xing was calm.

“Your Distinguished Self truly can tell jokes.” Shi Jinglun laughed aloud, only treating Su Xing’s desire to help Zhang Yuqi’s affairs as a not so funny joke.

Su Xing did not explain.

“Shi Jinglun, if you don’t want to be [BLEEP] by me, then I’d advise you give up.” Zhang Feiyu’s face was completely red, hefting her Flaming Fish King Saber as she coldly spoke.

The Water Illusion Fairy stood beside Su Xing, making the two appear like one.

As far as Shi Jinglun was concerned, the result indeed was not particularly bright. Although the Nine Dragons Palace still had Gu Tong and the other three, any way she looked at them, they had a friendly relationship with Su Xing. The girl would never take action. Perhaps there was no harm in giving Su Xing the Great Good Fortune Pill.

“Gu Tong, Xinyue, you all go back and properly rest first.” Shi Jinglun indifferently said.

“Elder Sister Jinglun.” Gu Tong hesitated.

“You all are somewhat friendly with Your Distinguished Self Su Xing. For anything about to happen, I do not wish to destroy the relationship between us Sister.” Shi Jinglun tenderly smiled. “Your Distinguished Self, what say you?”

Su Xind nodded, not opposing.

Gu Tong and the others looked at each other. They knew that it was useless for them to speak anymore about the cruelty of the Star Duels. They could only assent, keep their silence. Glancing conflictedly at Su Xing, Gu Tong sighed.

Very quickly, the Black Turtle Temple was left with only Su Xing, Hu Niangzi, Zhang Feiyu and Xi Yue as well as Nine Tattooed Dragon Shi Jinglun.

“Shi Jinglun, I, Feiyu, shall be blunt.” Boatman Zhang Feiyu’s blade shuddered. Sparks burned on the water and scattered. Her Little Sister’s grave injuries and coma made the Balance Star’s tone full with violence.

“I fear things aren’t so simple.” Su Xing calmly said: “I heard that you and the Three Ruans previously worked together, but you should have all come here for the sake of the Dragon Snake Great Good Fortune Pill. Even if you joined hands to defeat all opponents, there is only one Great Good Fortune Pill in the end. How can you alone handle the Three Ruans…Shi Jin, I see that you are a smart person. Clearly, you wouldn’t make such a submissive gesture.”

Pausing, Su Xing faintly smiled: “I’m guessing you should have retained a backup. The mantis stalks the cicada, unaware of the oriole behind. And shouldn’t that oriole come out now?”

“You truly are a brilliant man. I have a whole new level of respect for you now.” Shi Jinglun was neither fast nor slow, lowering head and laughing.

Hu Niangzi, Zhang Feiyu, and Xi Yue gazed in astonishment at Su Xing.

“Qingci, come out. This man already knows.” Shi Jinglun said.


The seawater of the main hall parted, and a woman as beautiful as a painting gracefully walked out, stepping daintily over the water, her footsteps making dripping sounds. She used her footsteps that were light as a feather to walk over. The woman wore a snow-white robe, with a blue and white embroidered old style long skirt. The corners of her skirt dragged along the ground snow and clouds. She had a cloud bun and hung locks of hair along her face. Her black hair was like a waterfall, with a jade hairpin stuck in at an angle. Her belt was inlaid with silver, a very picturesque beauty.

“Lord Su, we truly have a connection.”

Qingci’s brows slightly wrinkled, quite distressed.

Su Xing smiled: “It really is you, huh, Qingci. You truly make Big Brother pleasantly surprised.”

Yellow Rank Concealed Weapon: Plum Rain!1

The Life Transforming School’s cultivator screamed, a concealed weapon directly attacking his forehead. His mere Galaxy Early Stage cultivation was feeble to being practically joke in the face of a Five Star Concealed Weapon. His forehead was pierced through, blood flowing like a river.

His Star General Ji Star Knife Wielding Demon Cao Zheng attacked with fury. When her contractor died, Cao Zheng also sustained heavy injury, spitting blood as she fell to a knee.

In front of the king of concealed weapons, losing consciousness was the same as death.

An astral wind blue, and blue light flashed.

Two Asking Directions to the Underworld Stones flew over. The Butcher’s Ox Dismembering Saber did everything it could to block. It defended against the first hidden weapon, but the other one attacked from an another odd blind spot, smashing a bloody hole through Cao Zheng’s body. Unresigned, she Starfell.

“Careful of Zhang Qing’s concealed weapons.”

“You cannot defend against her at all, kill her Star Master, Yan Wudao!” Zhao Heng shouted.

Zhang Biluo straddled a Star Beast known as “Green Bird” with a full body of green feathers and a yellow crown. Like gentle breeze in the Palace of Empress Wa, its whereabouts were fleeting. They were completely unable to track it. Even if they were able to locate Zhang Biluo, Featherless Arrow’s nickname was not for show.

The Asking Directions to the Underworld Stones let out a blue light, appearing and disappearing randomly, undefendable, as if they could attack from any angle.

Yan Wudao cooly watched the spectacle, but he used his Flying Swords to protect himself. Occasionally, a bit of trouble was made, but most of his concentration was on Zhao Hanyan, her pair of eyes icy and sharp.

Like a hawk.

And it was the nature of a hawk to look down from above and play tricks on prey.

“Can you get by?” Zhang Biluo giggled. A slim finger pointed, and the Asking Directions to the Underworld Stones flew out, hiding into the air.

Zhang Biluo’s realm already reached Matchless Fifth Stage. How could these Earthly Star Little Sisters defend. Her Innate Skill also was Gods Appear Devils Vanish, and she controlled her Concealed Weapons like arms, more formidable than Flying Swords.

Zhao Heng and the others were beaten into a complete mess, the six people unexpectedly were without any way out.

The ranked seventy-eighth Victorious Star Flowery Necked Tiger Gong Wuyuan’s speed was eerily quick, twice evading concealed weapons in succession, but Zhang Biluo turned to attack her master.

With the cultivator of the Life Transforming cultivator as an example, how could Gong Wuyuan dare be careless

“Young Master, get the tears, I shall protect you.” Gong Wuyuan’s voice sunk, and then she said to her Sisters: “We only need to protect our young masters as they obtain the tears. Defend against Zhang Qing’s concealed weapons, there is no need to engage.”

Suo Qingshuang and Chen Zhanlu nodded. One was an Impatient Vanguard Heavenly Star, and the other possessed the Mountain Stream Flicker that barely could contend against the incoming concealed weapons.

The Blue Waves Palace’s cultivator understood. He turned, and his hand flipped out a smoking sheep jade bottle. The bottle let out a lingering cloud of smoke. The Tears of Empress Wa immediately were absorbed into that smoke.

This bottle known as “One Air Bottle”2 was capable of sucking in the odd materials of the world and refine them. In the Blue Waves Palace, it was considered a powerful Prehistoric Spirit Treasure. When this bottle emerged, even Yan Wudao’s eyes glinted. He then gave Zhang Biluo a meaningful glance.

The girl understood and made a sneaky smile.

Zhao Heng looked at his own artifact for gathering materials and only felt destitute. Greed flashed through his eyes, and he sent Suo Qingshuang a Sound Transmission.

The Blue Waves Palace cultivator naturally guarded against the prying eyes of the others, releasing several magic weapons and maintaining a certain distance from the others. His hand even clenched the Outlaw Liangshan Jade Pendant to flee at a moment’s notice.

His plan was thorough, but the ill feelings of others was even harder to defend against than concealed weapons.

“Zhang Qing, watch this.” Suo Qingshuang spurred the Raging Inferno Snow Leopard Horse, whose whinny suddenly changed. She launched her Innate Skill Charge, and a fire dragon charged faster than a thunderbolt to the Blue Waves Palace cultivator. Suo Qingshuang’s axe slashed, and Zhao Heng used his Flying Swords at the same time, suddenly breaking his defenses.


The Blue Waves Palace cultivator was too late to react. He screamed, and then he was beheaded by the Impatient Vanguard Suo Qingshuang spurring her horse into a gallop.

Zhao Heng’s eyes were clear and his hands quick. He waved and snatched the One Air Bottle.


His palm was penetrated by a hole, and Zhao Heng screamed.

The One Air Bottle was knocked high into the air. Zhao Heng watched the treasure fly away, his impatience crying more wretchedly. A flying figure took the One Air Bottle, “Your Highness, careful.”

Several concealed weapons whooshed over.

Suo Qingshuang seized the reckless Zhao Heng and drew back. His eyes stared at the One Air Bottle in midair being taken by Zhang Biluo.

“Your Highness Zhao Heng, many thanks for your kindness.” The girl giggled.

“You bitch, I will fuck you dead!!!!” Zhao Heng cursed.

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  1. 梅雨
  2. 一氣瓶
  3. 啪, SFX popping sound.


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