Chapter 437: The Rumored Seventh Princess

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“You lowly man, the one dying is you.”

A furious roar shook the grounds. Victorious Star Flowery Necked Tiger Gong Wuyuan endured the pain of losing her master. Straddling the Star Beast “Multi-colored Tiger,”1 she pounced at Zhao Heng like a berserk tiger.

Zhao Heng was caught off guard. Sustaining a slash and a claw, he was fortunate that Gong Wuyuan had suffered heavy injury, for her strength was not as it was before. Zhao Heng scowled in anger. His hand waved, and a Divine Fire Flying Sword turned to attack.

Suo Qingshuang spurred her horse. Its four hooves thundering as she instantly slayed Gong Wuyuan.

The girl let out a tiger’s hiss of hatred and then Starfell.

The power of her Crimson Star descended, making Zhao Heng’s anger substantially quell.

“Zhao Heng, what are you doing!!!” Li Xianyan changed, hastily retreating.

Cai Yunzhen’s hand grasped the Bloodmarked Lethal Flower, and its blood flowers twisted.

Yellow Technique.

Life Taking!!2

“Hundred Thousand Fire Dragons Rapid Kill!!”

Suo Qingshuang’s hands waved her axe, and surging fire dragons roared out of the axe’s blade. Streaming out like a river, they were out of hand.

Li Xianyan activated his Heavenly River Sword Technique, spitting out Rock Piercing Water Droplets.

The hundred thousand fire dragons immediately destroyed all of their techniques. Li Xianyan and Cai Yunzhen jumped, falling back a hundred chi.

Gazing at this collapsing alliance, Yan Wudao’s smile was full of even more derision, “Your alliance fell apart so quickly? Truly disappointing.” Zhang Biluo had the same feeling. She suddenly showed a row of pearly white teeth, a candid grin.

This is bad.

Ranked ninety-fifth Earthly Damage Star Stalk of Flower Cai Yunzhen made the Bloodmarked Lethal Flower circle her surroundings, blocking the concealed weapons.

On the other side, the impatient Zhao Heng was not so fortunate.

Suo Qingshuang’s Raging Inferno Snow Leopard Horse swung several times in succession, knocking Flight Star Impatient Vanguard off her horse. The girl’s gracefulness completely vanished. Gritting her teeth, she waved out her Hundred Thousand Dragon Flame Axe.

Bang, bang.

The omnipresent concealed weapons struck home, beating Suo Qingshuang into vomiting blood.

Zhao Heng also was suffering wretchedly.

“Your Highness Zhao Heng, Biluo shall take your life.”

Zhang Biluo appeared riding on her Green Bird, showing a clean smile that was full of purity, yet the words she spoke would leave someone more terror-stricken than a reaper.

Eight Asking Directions to the Underworld Stones whirled around her fingers, flickering with a dark green light, as if they were will-o’-wisps.

“Imperial Sister, help me…” Zhao Heng’s demeanor practically disappeared. There was only pale terror.

Dong Junqing pensively smiled. Zhao Hanyan sighed. The entire ugly course of events was witnessed by the Ling Yan Princess’ eyes. She only felt that her own Imperial Brother was unbearably ugly. Not only did he shift blame to others, he had fallen to such a state that he looked like a beaten stray dog. This really served him right.

Remembering that he was, after all, her dear little brother, Zhao Hanyan was not yet actually cold and pitiless.

The Ling Yan Princess unhurriedly turned her gaze, looking to Xie Zhenyuan. The latter was mellow as water, a calm demeanor neither cold nor hot.

“Xie Zhenyuan, until when will you still wait to become the snipe that catches both the clam and fish. Maybe after you have died?” Zhao Hanyan thought this was funny.

The Xie Zhenyuan in possession of the Succeed Star Star General3 already long lost the capabilities to Star Duel, however, his Supercluster Middle Stage cultivation and Most High Path genius disciple’s halo were more useful than the Succeed Star.

“Yan Wudao’s Zhang Biluo possesses Five Star Concealed Weapons. If you fight alone, could it be you have a chance of winning?”

“Is it not better to wait for that Crystal Dragon Palace to arrive?” Xie Zhenyuan said in no rush. He and Zhao Hanyan actually were thinking the same thing.

“Who knows where she is hiding. By the time she reveals herself, we will have been defeated by Yan Wudao.” Zhao Hanyan faintly said.

“Were you waiting for me? Your Servant is truly apologetic.”

A clear, sing-song voice rang out.

A young girl walked out. Her face was beautiful, with eyes like a red phoenix’s, a pure and limpid dark blue. Her brows were like green mountains, her lips like cinnabar, skin like snow, and a fresh, clean Dark Blue Waves Smoke Muslin skirt that elegantly accentuated the girl’s plump curves. Her white cloak embroidered with cherry blossoms was not ostentatious in the slightest, yet it was still eye-catching.

Beside the girl was another woman; a Night Pearl hung, binding her long, flowing hair. She wore a goose yellow long skirt, and her figure was wonderful. She was also a naturally beautiful belle.

The pair from a glance actually seemed to have a Star General’s background, however, that fine-haired woman’s hand held a jade sword, its body bright, seemingly crystalline, like flowing water. Light twinkled, emitting a dragon’s cry.

Five flowing stars.

Which made Zhao Hanyan’s brows rise.

Flying Waterfall Dragon Cry Sword.

Earthly Star, one of the Four Heavenly Kings, the ranked thirty-eighth Malignant Star Guardian of Three Mountains Huang Xin!4

The Crystal Dragon Palace’s Star General surprisingly a martial general from the Earthly Star Four Heavenly Kings. Zhao Hanyan was even more curious about that Longnü. Not only herself, but Xie Zhenyuan and Yan Wudao also cast concentrated gazes.

Supercluster Middle Stage Peak!!

The Crystal Dragon Palace was, as expected, Liangshan Continent’s number one treasure Great Sect. The cultivation of the disciples under its care surprisingly were not outdone by her own. Zhao Hanyan had relied on the Purple Smoke Confusing Sky Lantern in order to quickly advance her cultivation. She wondered what opportunities that woman had.

“Have you looked carefully enough? Ling Yan Princess? Your Servant Long Nü hails from the Crystal Dragon Palace.” Longnü slightly smiled.

“Long Nü, Your Servant wonders what relationship you have with that Queen Mother of Crystal Long Wanxin?”5 Zhao Hanyan asked.

“Long Nü’s mother.”

“So you are the Princess of the Crystal Dragon Palace.” Zhao Hanyan did not dare slight her. Hearing her Father Emperor mention many times the name of Queen Mother of Crystal Long Wanxin, his words were full of admiration and praise. Zhao Hanyan had never thought that the Star Master of the Crystal Dragon Palace would surprisingly come from an influential family.

“Long Nü’s rank is seventh. Your Servant would not dare compare herself to the Ling Yan Princess.”

“It turns out she is that rumored Seventh Princess!!” Dong Junqing licked her lips.

“Princesses, have you chatted enough?” Xie Zhenyuan interrupted them.

Zhao Hanyan giggled as did Long Nü. Their identities were both well-known in the Azure Dragon Territory, and they could not help but chat upon meeting.

“Long Nü had been entangled with the Divine Wood Valley’s Star Master just now, a minor delay. Please, do not take offense.” Long Nü smiled. Seeing that her body had faint traces of a Crimson Star’s power, perhaps this minor delay had destroyed her opponent.

Zhao Hanyan seemed to recall the Star General of the Divine Wood Valley’s cultivator was the ranked sixty-second Wild Star Hairy Star Kong Ming (Kong Si),6 who actually was not an impressive opponent.

“Yan Wudao’s Star General Zhang Biluo is unexpectedly already Five Star. Truly formidable.” Long Nü warmly pondered.

“To face a king of concealed weapons, is Seventh Princess willing to cooperate? The Tears of Empress Wa are endless. Before the eyes close, we can equally share.” Zhao Hanyan said.

“For the Ling Yan Princess to say this, Long Nü is overwhelmed by your favor.” Long Nü nodded. She naturally would not decline, for she was very clear on the might of Zhang Biluo’s concealed weapons.

“That man running away is also an enemy?” Guardian of Three Mountains Huang Mengrui pointed at the Zhao Heng on sinister errands, mocking him.

“Imperial Sister, rescue me.” Zhao Heng already turned from help to rescue.

Zhang Biluo’s omnipresent Asking Directions to the Underworld Stone struck Suo Qingshuang senseless.

“So he turned out to be the Ling Yan Princess’ Imperial Brother.” Long Nü held back a snicker.

“No need to mind him. The Star Duels are merciless, anyways. However, it is best that we face Zhang Qing first.” Zhao Hanyan said earnestly.

Xie Zhenyuan and Long Nü nodded. Then, they each formed hand seals, launching their Flying Swords. Long Nü’s Flying Swords were an extremely rare Sword Chant, as expected, “Dust Washing Flying Swords.” When these swords emerged, each showed a Blue Waves True Dragon, a fierce intimidation.

The three people flashed and scuttled into the main hall’s center.

Hou Ruolan, Dong Junqing and Huang Mengrui each rode their Star Beasts. However, that Hou Ruolan’s Star Beast was a Treasure Monkey in her palm made Zhao Hanyan very speechless.

Huang Mengrui had a single-horned, iron-armored ox-like Star Beast. It was called “Terrible Leg,”7 considered a top-notch Star Beast among the Earthly Stars. On the Star Beast List, it was ranked tenth.

“Imperial Sister!!” When Zhao Heng saw Zhao Hanyan come forward, he was moved to having tears stream all over his face.

Zhao Hanyan coldly glanced at him. Dong Junqing raised her double spears and was about to attack,8 scaring Zhao Heng into immediately retreating a hundred meters. Dong Junqing laughed, no longer minding him.

“It seems Wudao has become the villain?” Yan Wudao was refined and elegant, not flinching at all facing the glaring eyes of Zhao Hanyan and the others.

“There is no good or evil to be spoken of in the Star Duels. However, Yan Wudao, your Zhang Qing is so ostentatious, we honestly are not confident unless we work together.” Zhao Hanyan indifferently said.

Yan Wudao gently smiled, his eyes saying: Could it be you believe that teamwork can overcome me?

“Just walk down Biluo’s ‘Hell Has No Road.’”9 The Green Bird was like wind manifest, and Zhang Biluo made an unbridled provocation.

“Allow Mengrui.” Guardian of Three Mountains Huang Mengrui’s hand gripped her Flying Waterfall Dragon Cry Sword and smiled, her Terrible Leg moving.

Zhao Hanyan and the others simultaneously attacked with their Flying Swords.

The Star Generals acted together.

Wind and thunder rose.

A rain of blood fell.

Black Turtle Temple.

Su Xing currently stood opposite Qingci. The latter’s side had two streaks of light flash by.

Black Whirlwind Li Longkui and Fiery Thunderbolt Qin Mingyue simultaneously appeared on her left and right.

“Zhang Feiyu, I ask you, under whose hand will the deer die now?” Shi Jinglun laughed. With the assistance of two Heavenly Star martial generals, Nine Tattooed Dragons’ chances of victory were more certain.

Zhang Feiyu’s expression was unsightly. She had never thought that such a thing would surprisingly occur. Of course, something she would have ever thought of even more was yet to come. “Little Sister Qingci, are you planning to move with Big Brother?” Su Xing put on a fake smile.

“Qingci, you recognize him?” Shi Jinglun asked, flabbergasted.

Qingci slightly nodded, her lips slightly moving.

Shi Jinglun’s brows wrinkled, and slight murderous desire flashed past her eyes. Compared to Qingci’s indecisiveness, the Imperial Empress of the Nine Dragons was not so benevolent.

“Qingci never thought that Lord Su would come to the Black Turtle Territory.” Qingci sighed. Because she had planned for Su Xing to make the first move in the future Star Duels to make the righteous Lin Chong and others to change their minds, she did not wish to fall out with Su Xing right now. Of course, Qingci was very clear that even if they did fall out, she would have endless losses without benefits. Even if it was overwhelmingly advantageous for her to join hands with Nine Tattooed Dragons this time to face Su Xing, Qingci knew that Su Xing had the Jade Pendant. Killing him was a dream.

Since they were unable to kill him, to offend a top-notch Star Master that possessed Lin Chong and Wu Song was a gain that did not make up the losses.

The Qingci who was constantly situated in the middle of a contradiction, and it was precisely this sort of contradiction that made her occasionally bewildered at the Star Duels – why would the Lin Chong and Wu Song who had never signed a contract in a thousand years now sign a contract? Just what was the background of this man?

But this sort of bewilderment had never easily flowed out.

Qingci’s stomach churned a hundred times, and Su Xing also was brainstorming.

“Qingci?!” Shi Jinglun’s tone was grave. Li Longkui was also growing impatient.

Qingci slightly shook her head, again looking at Su Xing: “How could Qingci turn hostile against Big Brother. But Qingci does not know what to do. Could Lord Su yield the Great Good Fortune Pill to Little Sister?”

“What if Qingci and I signed a contract, how do you feel about that?” Su Xing pondered.

Qingci was taken aback. She smiled. “Qingci is a Star Master, how can we sign a contract. Lord Su is forcing Qingci.”

“That so?” Su Xing’s eyes narrowed, “However, I’m also kidding. Even if you actually agreed, Qingci, there is no way I could have yielded. I already promised Yuqi.”

“Lord Su truly plans to give it to her?” Qingci was doubtful.

“A true man keeps his promises.” Su Xing was calm.

“It seems things can only be like this…”

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  2. 奪命
  3. Raws say Healthy Star, but she’s already dead.
  4. 地煞星鎮三山黃信
  5. 水晶王母龍婉心
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  8. Basically, she’s just bullying him.
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