Chapter 439: Hell Has No Road, Biluo Is Dominating

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All was still and calm, the silence automatic.

The posture of Zhang Qing urging on her Green Bird was like a one-armed praying mantis, quietly standing on a slender leaf, catching the green wind. Her figure was firm, neither fast nor slow, becoming a “place” where there was a hole in the wind’s flow, yet hidden in the errant wind such that she could “kill” at any time.

So powerful.

Zhao Hanyan, Long Nü and Xie Zhenyuan had their hands tied.

“Still think that you have a hope of victory by working together?” Yan Wudao was expressionless. With his Nine Turns Illusion Scapegoat Art added onto Zhang Qing’s Innate Skill Gods Appear Devils Vanish, even the Psychic Communication of Zhao Hanyan’s Flying Swords could not lock on to his tracks.

“Yan Qudao, did the Lifeless Hall teach you to fight by hiding your head and showing your tail?” Zhao Hanyan sneered.

“Princess Highness is joking, how could Wudao face a crowd alone.” Yan Wudao said unhurriedly.

“Dust Washing Sword Mind!”

Long Nü’s hand pointed, and the Dust Washing Flying Swords’ blue light glowed. Instantly, seemingly endless arrows shot out into the sky, and after they arced, they all became half chi long crystalline Flying Sword shadows that split off into five, six hundred more each. The densely packed swords covered the skies and earth on their way to Yan Wudao.

When the Yan Wudao who was currently evading saw this, his grave and stern expression showed surprise.

So many sword-lights swooped over at the same time. Let alone the power, just the mountain and sea of blades was innumerable enough to make people lose their heads out of fear.

Too late to give things more thought, not only did Yan Wudao’s escape light not stop for a single moment, on the contrary, he was even faster afterwards. However, at the same time, more than a hundred black sword-lights shot out from within the escape light directly towards these crystalline sword-lights.

His Nine Hells Rebirth Swords astonishingly were not at a disadvantage.

Zhao Hanyan and Xie Zhenyuan worked together, each of their Flying Swords launching attacks.

With loud booms, the black and blue lights criss-crossed. Multi-colored flames exploded amidst the white lights of sword-qi, rolling up a several zhang long pillar that shot into the sky from time to time.

The Flying Swords of three great Supercluster Middle Stage cultivators intertwined, which was rather taxing for Yan Wudao.

And in this moment of delay, Yan Wudao’s Nine Turns Illusion Scapegoat’s escape technique reached the center of the main hall. He shot towards the image of Empress Wa with a swift flash.

“Wudao thanks you.” Yan Wudao grunted, playing a game of hide and seek with Zhao Hanyan and the others.

According to common sense, Yan Wudao absolutely was unable to contend against three people cooperating together in direct confrontation. Even if he were to face the Ling Yan Princess one on one, his chances were only fifty-fifty. Yan Wudao was an extremely shrew person. As the only one here who had inherited the escape technique of Gods Appear Devils Vanish, no one present could beat him.

Zhao Hanyan and the other two were unsuccessful in seizing Yan Wudao, Dong Junqing on the other side appeared even more sullen.

“Please, everyone step on the road to Hell.”

Zhang Biluo’s slender fingers seemed to throw a ball. Green flames scattered in all directions, and the Asking Directions to the Underworld Stone suddenly flashed, unusually agile.

Bang, bang, bang.

Slamming strikes continuously resounded.

Steadfast Star Dong Junqing waved her Dragon Phoenix Yin Yang Spear. With the Four Star Divine Spear in her hand, the two colors of Yin and Yang simultaneously flashed. She stepped onto the Void Dragon False Phoenix with great competence.

But Zhang Qing’s Concealed Weapons honestly were defiant of the natural order. Her Five Star Concealed Weapon was not necessarily able to contend against a Four Star weapon, but it was unable to withstand the numbers.

They struck the Void Dragon False Phoenix terribly. Dong Junqing was distressed to see this, and so as to avoid having her Star Beast killed like this, she had no choice but to withdraw it.

“Where are you running.”

Zhang Qing’s figure flashed forth, and Dong Junqing seized nothing. Suddenly, her double spears swept.

A wide expanse of Yin Yang spear-light shot down like a torrential downpour.

It tore the Palace of Empress Wa apart.

The resentful Dong Junqing suddenly used her Yellow Technique, “Yin Yang Cross Slash.”

A laugh.

The sound of frivolous laughter.

Zhang Qing easily evaded this Yellow Technique.

Whoosh, whoosh.

The Asking Directions to the Underworld Stones struck Dong Junqing’s shoulders, nearly shattering her bones.

“Do not let Elder Sister catch you.” Dong Junqing was angry.

Even if a Five Tiger General was like this, an Earthly Star Four Heavenly King also was not any better. The other who felt the same as herself was Guardian of Three Mountains Huang Mengrui

The Five Star Flying Waterfall Dragon Cry Sword lost its power to use martial force.

Huang Mengrui used her illusory body techniques non-stop to rove about the Palace of Empress Wa to avoid being harmed by the concealed weapon as she searched for a gap in Zhang Qing, waiting for a golden opportunity.

Although Zhang Qing’s concealed weapons were formidable, they had a weakness, which was that she could not be encroached upon by another person. Furthermore, continuous use of Gods Appear Devils Vanish was not easy on her endurance. Even if her Star Master Yan Wudao very smartly preserver his strength, there was a limit at the end.

In the case that Zhang Qing slowed.

Even an Earthly Star Martial General could send her down the path to the underworld.

“Elder Sister, you truly are disappointing.”

Huang Mengrui swept her sword, blue waves rippled, and a waterfall seemed to fall.


A scream drew the attention of the two girls.

Turning their heads to look, Impatient Vanguard Suo Chao was caught offguard and had been blindsided into the Star Nest by Zhang Biluo’s concealed weapons. The Five Star concealed weapons continuously struck. The Heavenly Star Martial General also was unable to bear it.

Zhao Heng currently was collecting Tears of Empress Wa. Upon seeing Suo Qingshuang die, his complexion immediately changed.

“Your Highness, when Biluo said she would take your life, she meant it. How can Biluo eat her own words.”

Zhang Biluo reappeared with a flash.

Eight Asking Directions to the Underworld stones whirled around her fingers. Following a mocking grin, they shot over at the same time.

A flow of light appeared, and instantly, a several dozen zhang wide net formed in front of Zhao Heng. Verdant green rays glowed, unceremoniously wrapping around his body.

The eight Asking Directions to the Underworlds Stones formed an attack. The murderous aura contained within honestly was abnormally shocking. If it was an ordinary cultivator, even if a concealed weapon had not yet reached them, even if they had been rendered limp first by the surging baleful air of the concealed weapon, they would have lost control over magic energy. But Zhao Hang was a Star Master, after all, not as fearful of a Star General as a normal cultivator would be.

But Zhang Biluo’s full power attack had sealed all of Zhao Heng’s escape routes. With power so great, with an attack like an escapable net, even Zhao Heng was inwardly aghast.


Zhao Heng’s Flying Swords immediately shot over. His face sunk, and he rubbed his hands.

Suddenly, a light flashed. A gorgeous seven-colored flame fan appeared. It was the Seven Feathers Karma Fire Fan.

One hand caught the Tears of Empress Wa while the other grasped the handle of the fan. The Star Energy of his whole body gathered, and he ruthlessly fanned towards Zhang Biluo’s concealed weapons.

His Star Energy from head to foot seemed to be sucked into the fan. How could Zhao Heng’s Galaxy Late Stage cultivation sustain this Prehistoric Spirit Treasure. He nearly was about to fall over.

Fortunately, after the Seven Feathers Karma Fire Fan cried, the fleeting magic energy immediately died out. Then, this fan suddenly shuddered. The tail-feather-like seven colored flames bubbled forth from the fans, and immediately afterwards, all of the flames concentrated in the middle. They unexpectedly directly transformed into seven fire-type supernatural birds, a fire hawk, fire sparrow, fire crane, fire falcon, fire swan, fire crow, and a fire raven, each bearing one of the colors on their long feathers. They made a beeline to attack Zhang Biluo.

The Seven Feathers Karma Fire Fan also was an extremely powerful Prehistoric Spirit Treasure. Legend said that the true Seven Feathers Karma Fire Fan was forged from Prehistoric Fire Birds the likes of a fire phoenix and others. Their might was endless, the flames capable of engulfing Heaven. Although the Seven Feathers Karma Fire Fan in Zhao Heng’s hand was not as tyrannical, it could not be underestimated.

The seven fire birds slammed into seven of the concealed weapons, suddenly striking down Zhan Biluo’s attack.

But there still was one more that struck Zhao Heng’s Heart Protecting Mirror.

The Heart Protecting Mirror shattered.


Li Xianyan found a chance. The Heavenly River Sword Technique attacked, and Zhao Heng was too late to dodge, again touching the Mercilessness of Cai Yunzhen’s Bloodmarked Lethal Flower. Upon making contact with the quarrelsome and avaricious Star Master, Li Xianyan and Cai Yunzhen did not held back, disgusted with him.

Zhao Heng still was hoping for aid from his Imperial Sister, but Zhao Hanyan did not care at all. Without a choice, Zhao Heng could only hatefully use the Jade Pendant to escape from the Palace of Empress Wa.

Li Xianyan could not feel relaxed. The whistling concealed weapons pattered nearby, striking Cai Yunzhen’s body.

The Five Star concealed weapons smashed apart the Bloodmarked Lethal Flower. Earthly Damage Star became dust in the blink of an eye.

Li Xianyan already was an arrow at the end of its path. Seeing that the others would not help with this, he knew that these Great Sect cultivators were waiting for him to leave the Palace of Empress Wa.

Unresigned to do so, Li Xianyan raised a Flying Sword and a talisman.

The torrent of the Heavenly River became a barrier.

Seizing the gap, he hastily gathered the Tears of Empress Wa from the idol of Empress Wa. Although these were not the Thousand Year Tears, he could not count as having come in vain. Coldly snorting, Li Xianyan also immediately used the Jade Pendant to escape the main hall.

Zhang Biluo’s silhouette appeared. The young girl’s lithe figure floated in the air, her Green Bird like wind and fog, making the girl appear seemingly unreal.

“The troublesome ones have all left. Now, there are only several Sisters.”

Zhang Biluo smiled.

A slim finger was cast.

The Asking Directions to the Underworld Stones whistled out.

Hou Ruolian released the Net of Deep Passion in an attempt to intercept the concealed weapons. The girl’s thoughts were very attentive, but her Four Star Destined Weapon and a Five Star could not be compared.

The Heavenly Silkworm Treasure Silk swiftly shredded.

“This Little Sister is cute. Biluo will play with Little Sister a little later, first let Biluo fight those annoying Elder and Little Sisters.”

Zhang Biluo’s voice resounded in the wind.


“No forgiveness.”

Dong Junqing and Huang Mengrui were angered by Agile Star Zhang Biluo’s teasing.

But Zhang Biluo’s Gods Appear Devils Vanish, the errant concealed weapons, and her body techniques made the two of them have plenty of space for their great martial force, yet no place to use it.

“This road to Hell will leave Elder and Little Sisters with no leeway.”

Zhang Biluo’s arms crossed. Her tender eight fingers clamped the eight Underworld Stones. The girl wore a candid smile, her expression full of danger.

Her murderous aura was pressing. The Asking Directions to the Underworld Stone was very dangerous, the tie-breaker in close combat. Narrowing her eyes, with Dong Junqing’s spear in front of Huang Mengrui, the Dragon Phoenix Yin Yang Double Spears attacked like a flash of lightning.

Zhang Biluo’s concealed weapon did not emerge, but she gently hooked her white fingers. The Green Bird dodged the cold and warm lights that shot out of Dong Junqing’s weapon. She had extraordinary speed that, in the blink of an eye, flashed away backwards, staying at a safe range.

But to Dong Junqing and Huang Mengrui.

This was only when danger began.

Zhang Biluo saw that things were more or less spent. This time, she did not hold back. Instantly, the eight Asking Directions to the Underworld Stones shot towards the two girls.

Each of the concealed weapon shook in the air, the middle not following any logic of space. The concealed weapons were completely not connected. They completely could be regarded as a continuous seven strike instant attack, but in fact, these concealed weapons were hidden in the air, with only green light filling their lines of sight.


Dong Junqing was in dire straits, dodging with all her might, but the moment the concealed weapon emerged was like the shape of a “wave,” sprinkling and variable.

One stone.



The concealed weapons grew increasingly fast, closer and closer, as if they were about to fire right before her eyes, but the master of the concealed weapons seemed to vanish.

Not surprising in the least.

Dong Junqing and Huang Mengrui were struck to the ground by the Five Star concealed weapons, unable to stand back up.

“Dark Rank Concealed Weapon – Hell Has No Road.”

Zhang Biluo appeared and smiled.

On the Palace of Empress Wa.

Yan Yizhen and An Suwen just happened to catch sight of Agile Star Featherless Arrow even dominate a Heavenly Star Five Tiger. The Earthly Star Heavenly King’s magnificent accomplishment was overwhelming, but the maid ignored it.

“Sister Little Yi.” An Suwen was astonished.

A slight curve curled Yan Yizhen’s lips.

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