Chapter 440: Little Yi’s Might

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Seeing the pair be knocked down by Zhang Qing, the faces of Zhao Hanyan and Long Nü changed. Xie Zhenyuan moved swift as wind to stand in front of Hou Ruolian, blocking several concealed weapons.

“Princess…” Dong Junqing was hugged by Zhao Hanyan. The Ling Yan Princess knelt, her face full of tender feelings, which made the Long Nü watching from the side dumbstruck.

“Quickly return to the Star Nest.” Zhao Hanyan gently said.

“Damned Zhang Qing.” How could Dong Junqing ever be willing to concede defeat.

“Elder Sister truly is  passionate, however if you do not leave, Biluo shall dispatch these Sisters.” Zhang Biluo appeared.

The Asking Directions to the Underworld Stones flowed with multi-colored light as they whirled around her body. They were like the Big Dipper, spinning with a regular pattern.

“Zhang Qing, you dare be savage in front of This Princess!”

Zhao Hanyan’s hand cradled Dong Junqing. The Seventy-two Outer Void Flying Immortals Swords simultaneously emerged, spinning about. The beautiful and graceful True Immortals of the Psychic Communication swords emerged, each and every one with a wild aura of intimidation, sharp and unstoppable.

“Incredible, the Ling Yan Princess’ Flying Swords surprisingly have already reached the Psychic Communication realm.” Yan Wudao showed an impressed expression.

“Junqing, there is no need for you to show off. In facing Zhang Qing, just use defense.” Zhao Hanyan’s slender fingertips lightly brushed Dong Junqing’s cheeks, her tender feelings in full bloom.

“To be able to obtain a Hanyan like this, Junqing can die without regrets.” Dong Junqing’s face was filled with a smile, her heart somewhat warm.

Zhao Hanyan sighed.

“The Ling Yan Princess and she truly are very passionate with one another.” Long Nü was bewildered.

Huang Mengrui propped herself with much difficulty along with Long Nü’s for support. Her whole body hurt enough that her bones seemed shattered.

Bastard Zhang Qing.

Concealed weapons truly were thoroughly repulsive.

“Mengrui, you, too. Against Zhang Qing’s concealed weapons, forcing things will only produce the opposite result.” Long Nü slightly chided.

The Art of War says: It is hard to avoid a stab in the dark.

Zhang Qing was the king of top-notch concealed weapons. Even the chief of the Five Tigers Guan Sheng would be powerless here. Against concealed weapons like these, the sole solution was defense.

Guard against the enemy’s concealed weapons until they were out of strength. Naturally, there would be no victory in battle.

In fact, Dong Junqing and Huang Mengrui understood, but the two great martial generals working together could only act as people who refused reality. Regardless of whether it was the Five Tigers Great General or the Earthly Star Heavenly King, their honor could not bear it.

“Are Fellows still unwilling to submit?” Yan Wudao spoke, his voice absolutely calm.

“Yan Wudao, watch this magic weapon.”

Zhao Hanyan bit open her fingertip and suddenly raised her hand. A two-colored jade bracelet appeared. This jade bracelet flashed with alternating lights of cold and warmth, a multi-colored glow.

Yin Yang Bracelet!!

Yan Wudao immediately discerned the background of this treasure. The Yin Yang Bracelet was refined from the quintessence of Heavenly Yang and Earthly Yin. Normal Flying Swords completely could not come close, let alone stop them. In the case the Yin Yang Bracelet smashed into someone, their spiritual powers would be frantically sucked away. It could be said to be a two-in-one treasure.

“Never expected the Ling Yan Princess to also have this treasure.” Yan Wudao leaned backwards.

The Yin Yang Bracelet carried a bracelet-shadow as it chased after Yan Wudao. Yan Wudao tried to use his Flying Swords to stop it. As expected, before the Flying Sword could even get close, it was stopped by the Yin Yang Bracelet’s Yin Yang light. Yan Wudao wrinkled his brow, calm and unhurried.

Ordinary magic weapons were ineffective, but Star Weapons were not the same.

Five Asking Directions to the Underworld Stones smashed towards the Yin Yang Bracelet. The Five Star Concealed Weapons had a better chance at winning compared to Spirit Treasures. Under Zhao Hanyan’s Divine Intent, the Yin Yang Bracelet attempted to evade the concealed weapons, but the Asking Directions to the Underworld Stones hid, not a trace to be found. Turning in a circle, she heard clear pounding.

Which struck down the Yin Yang Bracelet.

When Zhao Hanyan saw there were no results, she was considerably downcast. She lightly bit her lips, retrieving the jade bracelet. “What are you two still waiting for.”

Xie Zhenyuan and Long Nü were startled. With tacit understanding, they raised magic weapons in succession.

Whether it was a jade short sword, or a clear pearl, ten thousand zhang light rays appeared.

But the Five Star Concealed Weapon honestly was too awesome. Whatever magic weapon was brought out, so long as it was an offensive type, they would entirely be struck down by the concealed weapons.

“Since you want to die, then the sooner die, the sooner you can reincarnate.” Zhang Biluo playfully giggled, her words full of a desire to kill.

Agile Star Featherless Arrow emitted countless afterimages that wandered their surroundings. The concealed weapons were like rain, attacking with high speed.

“Then Wudao shall offend everyone.”

Yan Wudao smiled. His sleeve shook, and a black compass appeared in his hand. The black light of this compass crisscrossed, giving birth to the sight of a brutish asura of the Six Paths.

“Six Paths Compass!”1

Zhao Hanyan’s tone grew grim. Even the calm and composed Xie Zhenyuan showed astonishment.

Six Paths Compass.

The Prehistoric Spirit Treasure that was ranked fourth most powerful. This treasure could produce the lights of the six paths of samsara. Cultivators illuminated by the light would be selected for reincarnation, which was difficult to shake off.

However, to use it also signified enormous magic energy. With Yan Wudao’s Supercluster Middle Stage cultivation, he would perhaps be withered after using it.

But for the sake of thoroughly rooting out the dangers of the Palace of Empress Wa, to make the Thousand Year Tears his alone, Yan Wudao made his decision.

“Hey, Xie Zhenyuan, you are renowned as the Azure Dragon Territory’s number one Star Master, could it be you do not have any magic weapons? Does the Most High Path not have the magic weapon known as the number one Prehistoric Spirit Treasure, the ‘Supreme Ultimate Diagram’? What about the Dual Modes Ruler, the Three Clarities Banner, the Four Symbols Seal, the Five Elements Ring…Any one of the Prehistoric Ten Treasures is fine.” Legend said that during the prehistoric era, the Prehistoric Ten Treasures were ten kinds of Spirit Treasures that evolved from all living things. These treasures and the Prehistoric Spirit Treasures list were not the same. They all developed their names for the Taiji or from a number.

The Prehistoric Spirit Treasures List existed because of this, however, with the passage of time and the refinement of cultivators, more and more powerful Spirit Treasures were born. Because the strength of the Prehistoric Ten Treasures differed, some would be displaced from the list, like the Six Paths Compass that once had been refined by “Honored Sir Rebirth.”2 Its might was stronger than at any time prior, and thus, its rank rose to fourth.

Everyone in the Azure Dragon Territory knew that the Clear Void Most High Path gathered Prehistoric Spirit Treasures. Practically every one of the Supervoid Ancestral Masters had one.

“This kind of Spirit Treasure, how can the Elders arbitrarily confer it to a Star Master.” Xie Zhenyuan shook his head. “I do not have a Spirit Treasure on me…”

Zhao Hanyan was speechless. Although she knew that Xie Zhenyuan could have been given up on by the Most High Path, she never expected them to have so thoroughly given up, to not have even one Spirit Treasure.

Long Nü was also quite shocked.

However, now was already too late to care about these complicated affairs. Yan Wudao flipped out the Six Paths Compass. The sole thing that could contend against it was a Star General’s Star Weapon, but having been beaten down by Zhang Biluo, Dong Junqing and Huang Mengrui had no capabilities to resist.

To be forced out of the Palace of Empress Wa like this, Zhao Hanyan truly was very unwilling.

Now that Yan Wudao was about to use the Six Paths Compass, just at this moment, Yan Wudao sensed danger whistling over.

Yan Wudao was too late to react. He could only use a Flying Sword to block, but a maid’s punch struck home on his chest. The powerful energy made Yan Wudao flying away.


Zhang Biluo was astonished.

Yan Wudao stopped in midair, his eyebrows raised. He was flabbergasted to see a cold and detached maid in front of him.

Yin Yang Carps swam in the space around her fists, and both of those fists emitted the lights of Yin and Yang.

The newcomer.

Skilful Star Wanderer Yan Qing.

Catching sight of Yan Qing, Zhao Hanyan’s heart was overjoyed. She surprisingly breathed a sigh of relief, and the Lin Yang Princess immediately was startled by her own thoughts.

Yan Qing was but Su Xing’s Star General. In the Star Duels, how could she have this sort of feeling of relief.

Yan Wudao had never thought that there would be more Star Generals behind the scenes in the Palace of Empress Wa. Looking around, he noticed a water-like young girl dressed in a blue and white palace dress.

“Biluo!” How could Yan Wudao dare slight Yan Qing in a confrontation, and he hastily retreated.

Zhang Biluo already was fully charged. Spurring her Green Bird, she dissipated along with the wind, about to emerge in Yan Qing’s surroundings at any time. An air-shattering noise continuously sounded.

The Asking Directions to the Underworld Stones struck towards Yan Yizhen with absolute accuracy.

Yan Yizhen’s body slightly leaned, one fist in front, one in back, and one beautiful snow-white thigh positioned towards the rear as well in a pantheress’ attack stance.

“Little Yi, careful of the concealed weapons.” Zhao Hanyan warned.

“Little Sister seems to want to step into the road to the Underworld?”

Zhang Biluo’s fingers nimbly flicked all at the same time.

The eight concealed weapon became eight streaks of light.

Yan Yizhen vanished.


Zhang Biluo’s friendly smile ground to an abrupt halt. Yan Yizhen’s figure had moved, and glimpsing only the fluttering of her skirt, the maid had instantly vanished from under the concealed weapons.

Such quick body techniques.

Zhang Biluo was startled, and she was too late to dodge.

Yan Yizhen surprisingly already appeared right under her nose. A disdainful curve hung upon the Skilful Star’s lips, her vermilion eyes retained her never-changing apathy. Furthermore, her fists suddenly burst forth with countless light rays. Yan Yizhen split off into countless shadows, her boxing pounding on Zhang Biluo’s whole body like rain.

Yellow Technique.

Swallowflash Samsara.

Zhang Biluo suffered this head-on. The Green Bird bucked, flashing with green light. Zhang Biluo immediately flew off, and the Green Bird replaced its mistress as the target for Yan Yizhen’s attack.

The Zhang Biluo who was quite battered3 was extremely angered, “Plum Rain!”

The concealed weapons became a downpour.

Yan Yizhen’s figure dodged, disappeared again.

Zhang Biluo also promptly activated Gods Appear Devil Vanish. Agile Star Featherless Arrow felt that as long as she was careful of Yan Qing’s Swallowflash Samsara, the concealed weapons would still be effective, just like with Steadfast Star Dong Junqing and Malignant Star Huang Mengrui.

“Biluo, look out.”

Yan Wudao’s frightened voice roused Zhang Biluo from her imagination.

Zhang Biluo dodged to the side, astonished to find that the maid was already laying in wait in the direction she flew in, as if she had anticipated this.

The Yin Yang Carps frolicked, jumping about like they were in water.

The Skilful Star’s whole body blazed with the aura of Yin and Yang.

How can this be…Zhang Biluo was astonished. As expected of the king of concealed weapons, she hastily changed directions.

Yan Yizhen moved, unexpectedly catching up once more.

Such quick reflexes and reactions.

This is the Extreme Realm!!!

Zhang Biluo’s face turned pale.

She was too slow!

Yan Yizhen indifferently strode forth, already reaching Zhang Biluo’s front.

Her punches danced wildly.

Like a phantom, her figure instantly became haze, disappearing once more.

Bursts of hisses resounded in the surrounding air. The dust in the air was rolled layer upon layer by the wind pressure generated from this high speed movement, blowing away sand and stone. Lingering on Zhang Biluo’s body and flying away, the left and right hands pounded without stopping4 but nevertheless were soundless.

Zhang Biluo could only shrink back, relying on a protective Astral Treasure for defense.

A shout broke out.

Yan Yizhen’s final punch.

Struck down Zhang Biluo. Yan Wudao rushed over, releasing his Flying Swords. He held the young girl in his embrace, for Zhang Biluo was already at her dying gasps, her eyes half-open.

Zhang Qing’s concealed weapons were very powerful, but close range combat was their greatest weakness.

“Return to the Star Nest.” Yan Wudao shouted.

Zhang Biluo sniffled, disappearing into the Star Nest.

Everyone lost their voice.

Agile Star Featherless Arrow was dispatched under such circumstances.

“Yan Qing.” Yan Wudao’s eyes were like ice, manifesting a desire to kill.

Yan Yizhen clenched her fist, just about to launch an attack on Yan Wudao.

Suddenly, An Suwen let out an astonished shout. She pointed at the statue.

Everyone looked and gasped at the same time.

From the sculpture of Empress Wa flowed a river of water that sparkled like gems, their rays glinting, wrapped in blue light. Even the deep blue of the sky and seas were unable to compare.

The Thousand Year Tears of Empress Wa!

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  1. 六道盤
  2. 往生尊者
  3. 鼻青臉腫, lit. bloody nose, swollen face


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