Chapter 442: Qilin Clears The Area

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Imagine that at the moment each of their Star Generals totally returned to their respective Star Nests, Maiden Mountain’s strongest martial force maiden would take center stage. Any Star Master would be dejected enough to be driven mad.

“Jade Qilin Lu Xiao has seen all of you ladies and gentlemen.”

Lu Xiao’s smile was sweet.

With Lu Junyi in front, Yan Qing behind, Yan Wudao and the others only felt that this trip to the Palace of Empress Wa honestly was irregular. What was even more irregular was that in the previous internal conflict, both sides had suffered losses. Now, it was difficult to say if they had the qualifications for another battle. This truly was in both name and reality a situation where the fisherman got both the snipe and the clam.

“Dark Technique – Flowing Water Does Not Rot.”1

Huang Mengrui changed her attack direction without the slightest hesitation. Relying on her “Crystal Pill” to finally use her Dark Rank Technique, the Flying Waterfall Dragon Cry Sword’s sword-qi suddenly expanded a hundredfold. A dragon’s cry rang out, and the water-light rippled. A heavenly river seemed to hang below the sword, transforming into an eddy that fill Lu Xiao’s line of sight.

Lu Xiao’s face wore a slight smile. The Star Unicorn Dragon Horse’s golden light glinted. The Golden Qilin Lance shuddered, releasing a spear-light. Immediately afterwards, the Star Unicorn brought Lu Xiao into a charge, its speed extremely swift. The power had instantly increased to the limit.


Worthy of one named an Earthly Star Four Heavenly King, Huang Mengrui unexpectedly blocked Lu Xiao’s charge. Even the Jade Qilin herself was considerably surprised.

“Constant Activity Prevents Decay!” Huang Mengrui shouted.

The countless whirlpools in the air seemed to pounce like locusts towards Lu Xiao.

Countless splashes exploded.

A heavy rain poured down in the Palace of Empress Wa.

The golden qilin broke out of the rain. The Qilin’s imposing aura burst out of the downpour. Malignant Star Huang Mengrui held her sword, and her figure suddenly stopped. The water swords quickly slashed, and the countless sword-qi shattered every place the rain fell upon.

The qilin reared onto its hind legs, immediately releasing an arrow from a zhang away.

The sword-qi crisscrossed where Lu Xiao was standing originally, exploded, bursting out with a boiling splash.

Lu Xiao smiled, and the Golden Qilin Lance fell.

Huang Mengrui used all her strength to resist, attempting to search for the perfect opportunity while she evaded.

Lu Xiao took back her lance. Suddenly, a gap appeared.

Without the slightest hesitation, she seized her chance. Huang Mengrui’s sword-qi continuously emitted, instantly pouncing up.

The Lu Junyi that was strongest in martial force showed a gap?

That signified the battle should have ended.

She was caught in the trap.

Just before the tip of Huang Mengrui’s sword got close, she was amazed to discover that seemingly subtle gap at Lu Junyi’s hand suddenly turned from rotten to amazing. Golden light changed directions and pierced through from unexpected angles with inconceivable speed.

“Little Sister, rest for now.”

Lu Xiao appeared behind her, calmly asserting.

Huang Mengrui groaned and was already run through by the lance.

Long Nü’s head sunk.

Lu Xiao glanced at the others.

“Junqing.” Zhao Hanyan did not dare slight her.

Although Dong Junqing was exhausted, she knew that she needed to take action to buy Zhao Hanyan time.

“Lu Junyi, have some proper sex with Your Servant.” Dong Junqing raised her double spears and attacked.

Lu Xiao blinked.

But the already completely exhausted Dong Junqing could hardly stop the fully domineering Jade Qilin of soaring morale.

After several exchanges.

Dong Junqing was killed back into the Star Nest.

Countless Flying Swords shrieked out.

The golden qilin bellowed, arbitrarily swaying among the Flying Swords. It went to and fro like the wind, and all of a sudden, Lu Xiao’s figure flashed away.

Not good.

The group was greatly surprised.

Lu Xiao descended in front of them. The lance rose and fell, sending the tenacious Hou Ruolian back for a nap in the Star Nest. Xie Zhenyuan’s complexion changed, but he slightly blocked and then escaped. To face the Four Star Strength Star, who would have the courage to dare allow her to get so close.

“First!” Lu Xiao said, her lance coming again.

Long Nü’s Flying Swords were broken, but she was unwilling to concede defeat. At once, she shook her sleeve without saying a word. Suddenly, there was a clear cry. Several dozen watery Flying Swords swam out from her sleeves like fishes, transforming into a chi long sword-light that revolved indeterminately in front of her body.

Immediately, Long Nü’s hand seals activated, as she soared into the sky and gently pointed.

All of the sword-lights shuddered, the water-lights glowed, and in the next instant, they became several hundred unique sword-lights. Slightly fluttering, the golden sword-qi practically filled half the sky. Appearing like glorious waves, the power was astonishing to the extreme.

For the sake of fighting for time to collect the Thousand Year Tears, Long Nü could only activate her Spirit Treasure “Mountain River Sword.”2

Lu Xiao put herself into a charge. The Jade Qilin shook apart the Mountain River Sword.

Her blade’s tip directly hooked Long Nü’s abdomen.

If it could be said, Lu Xiao did not mind killing a Star Master before the Fourth Phase ended. Although this meant she could not see the peak of her strength.

The Mountain River Sword shattered, and Long Nü had no choice but to retreat.

“Second.” Lu Xiao again eyed Yan Wudao.

Yan Wudao used the Nine Turns Escape Technique in an attempt to confuse Lu Junqi, to similarly fight for time to collect the Thousand Year Tears. Lu Xiao smiled, feeling this man was very interesting. Acting without any mercy, the Jade Qilin’s figure disappeared and then reappeared. Already, the Matchless Ninth Stage Jade Qilin was playing hide and seek in front of him, honestly having brought about his own doom, let alone there was still the golden qilin she rode upon.

Yan Wudao was the third to leave the Palace of Empress Wa.

“Princess Ling Yan, could it be you do not wish to gracefully leave?”

Lu Xiao stopped her dazzling attacks. She remounted the golden qilin, giving Zhao Hanyan a slightly friendly smile.

“This Princess wishes to gracefully socialize with the legendary Jade Qilin.” Zhao Hanyan smiled.

The golden qilin became a bolt of golden light that immediately charged over. The Seventy-two Outer Void Flying Immortals Swords could not be underestimated. Lu Xiao’s figure flashed, leaving from the qilin’s back and instantly passing the Flying Swords’ encirclement. Her lance directly stabbed at Zhao Hanyan’s chest.

Princess Ling Yan’s expression sunk, just so happening to hesitate about whether to escape or not.

Suddenly, a ray of Yin Yang light came in front of her, blocking, surprisingly shaking off Jade Qilin Lu Xiao.

The maid indifferently appeared.

In regards to Yan Yizhen’s aid, Zhao Hanyan also felt surprised.

“Yan Yizhen, An Suwen, you have also come. Where is Su Xing?” Lu Xiao looked at the surroundings but did not spot Su Xing’s figure at all. Curious, she said: “Could it be he has not come?”

“Elder Sister Xiao’er, I trust you have been well since last we met.” An Suwen tenderly said.

“Sorry, Little Sister Suwen. As expected, there is no way we can have something like compassion in the Star Duels.” Lu Xiao helplessly smiled. “Speaking of which, your Young Master has contracted so many Sisters? This is already very rule-breaking, and to also have the Thousand Year Tears actually is very greedy.”

“Big Brother has had difficulties.” An Suwen said.

Lu Xiao shook her head, smiled: “If Xiao’er was to always throw her contests, the Star Duels would lose their significance…It would be better to…” In that instant, Lu Xiao’s expression emitted a dangerously excited light: “It would be better to fight right here.”

An Suwen forced a smile.

Yan Yizhen was cold and detached. The Yin Yang Carps flowed around her fists. The maid’s imposing aura surged into the clouds.

The golden qilin stepped on air, its presence concentrated into a point. The troubling imposing aura made even Zhao Hanyan feel stifled.

Looking at those gorgeous Yin Yang Carps, a light flashed past Lu Xiao’s pupils.

The wind.

Stopped at the main hall.

Sensing this heavy atmosphere, Zhao Hanyan could not help but stow away her magic treasure that collected the Thousand Year Tears. The Seventy-two Outer Void Flying Immortals Swords moved restlessly.


A thunderclap levelled the ground.

Lu Xiao spurred her qilin wildly – “Little Yi, take this!!” The Mount Tai sized figure was pressing, the Golden Qilin Lance raised.

– Afterwards, something dazzling as the Five Mountains fell.

Yin Yang Palm!

Yan Yizhen’s palms boomed forth, like blades of Yin and Yang.


Lu Xiao disappeared from the qilin’s back.

Yan Yizhen was too late to think any further. The Yin Yang Palm struck the Star Unicorn Dragon Horse. The Star Beast’s might could not be outdone. Even if she was at the Extreme Realm, the Four Star Destined Weapon Yan Yizhen could feel slightly taxed. The maid increased her effort.

Suddenly, she sent Lu Junyi’s Star Beast flying. The maid turned her head back. Lu Xiao was already falling in front of Zhao Hanyan. Her objective was not Yan Yizhen at all. The Golden Qilin Lance slashed with a ray of golden light, directly launching towards Zhao Hanyan.

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  1. 流水不腐
  2. 山河劍


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  2. 1. [“Sorry, Little Sister Suwen. As expected, there is no way we can have something like compassion in the Star Duels.” Lu Xiao helplessly smiled. “Speaking of which, your Young Master has contracted so many Sisters? This is already very rule-breaking, and to also have the Thousand Year Tears actually is very greedy.”

    “Big Brother has had difficulties.” An Suwen said.]

    ….What an understatement.
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