Chapter 443: The Strength Star’s Martial Arts

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Strength Star Jade Qilin’s smooth and flowing attack made Zhao Hanyan very surprised. Fortunately, her Flying Swords psychically returned to her side in time, but immediately afterwards, the Four Star lance directly broke the Flying Sword defenses. Zhao Hanyan knew the Jade Qilin was forcing her to leave.

Without a Star General’s protection, how could Zhao Hanyan persist. With an unresigned grunt, she used the Jade Pendant to escape.

“The fourth.” Lu Xiao turned her head around, pointing her lance at Yan Yizhen: “Now, no one will bother us, Little Yi.”

“Keep me company!”

Before she had finished speaking, Yan Yizhen had already made her attack preparations. Her leg moved, and her figure vanished. With her five fingers like blades, the Yin Yang Carps of her gloves made Xiao’er both delighted and resentful.


A terrible sound, and a large amount of blood was shipped into the sky.

Lu Xiao’s figure already shot far away like a shooting star. In just that split second, Yan Yizhen forcibly stepped across the several zhang of space between them, her speed quick as a demon. Before Lu Xiao could even react, Skilful Star Wanderer Yan Qing already attacked with a chop. Her frightening strength instantly erupted, and Lu Xiao’s body could not help but fly away.

The Palace of Empress Wa’s sculptures that were in the way shattered, for this momentum was astonishing.

Lu Xiao rose from the ashes, her attitude was still full of a cruel and unruly arrogance.

“Extreme Realm, truly a formidable Realm.” Lu Xiao patted off the dust, as if the blood that sprayed from her wounds was fake.

Yan Yizhen was expressionless, not baffled how Lu Xiao could downplay this.

She vanished.

And reappeared in front of Lu Xiao. Lu Xiao’s body hung in the air. Gentle golden light already appeared from her body, quickly forming a barrier, helping her resist the power of this blow.

But it appeared that Yan Yizhen’s action did not relent in the slightest. Of course, confronting the Strength Star ranked first in martial force was suicidal behavior.


A large amount of earth and stone burst into the sky, unexpectedly reaching a height of more than several zhang. The nearby air showed a shockwave visible to the naked eye. Golden light rays filled the sky and fluttered, and an enormous hole appeared in the middle of the Palace of Empress Wa.

The terrifying strength and frightening destructive power made An Suwen watch with great fear and trepidation.

But Lu Xiao already sat on her Star Unicorn Dragon Horse, her appearance considerably beautiful.

“The Yin Yang Carps can promote all aspects of a Star General’s Realm and Star Weapon, but there is an enormous flaw…” Lu Xiao wiped away the blood at the corner of her mouth, her smile not extinguished.

Yan Yizhen calmly listened to her big talk.

“And that is…” Lu Xiao smiled. Before she finished speaking, she already charged forth.

A chilly astral wind made the air cut to ribbons.


Yan Yizhen’s fists went to block.

The Golden Qilin Lance and the Yin Yang Pisces Punch made their first exchange.

Her fist immediately went numb. Yan Yizhen’s body sunk, nearly falling to a knee. Yan Yizhen had the Yin Yang Carps bolstering her status to increase her capabilities, but Lu Xiao also similarly had the assistance of her Star Beast.

By doing so, she was not at a disadvantage, let alone that Lu Xiao’s Realm already reached Matchless Ninth Stage’s peak, no more than a step from the Extreme Realm. Add on her top-notch martial force and Four Star Destined Weapon, this absolutely was an opponent that Yan Yizhen even felt was thorny.

With thundering hoofbeats, there was the sound of a thunderclap in the wind.

The golden qilin fully displayed a Holy Beast’s absolute might.


There was a muffled sound. The golden qilin roared, and Yan Yizhen’s fist punched through like a cannonball. Then, the maid did not stop at all, her figure nimbly turned around, and by the means of the strength of her blow, she spun where she was. Her other fist already brought a severe sound of wind and once again attacked the Star Unicorn Dragon Horse. With a chilly light glinting in her eyes, her movements brimmed with a severe qi.

Its figure instantly spread out. The Star Unicorn Dragon Horse’s golden light flooded out, and its pace became even sharper, dodging Yan Yizhen’s attack.

They came and went rapidly in the hall. The Star Unicorn Dragon Horse spat out a ring of golden light hooked to another ring. The Lu Xiao on the qilin was raising her lance for the right opportunity to move. The lance’s shadows became layered. The attack of the Lu Xiao on the qilin’s back not only became even more vast, its power was also extreme.

Yan Yizhen leaned to dodge past Lu Xiao’s lance, keeping close to the Star Unicorn Dragon Horse’s side. Her left arm waved out a fist, leaving behind an afterimage. The Yin Yang Carps followed their mistress’ thoughts and began to exert power. This power seemed to be connected, shooting a flame-like warm light, like a spear piercing the Star Beast’s scales.

The Star Unicorn Dragon Horse suddenly was struck by the punch. Its footsteps stumbled backwards.

With an easy turn, Lu Xiao flipped her hand and stabbed with the lance, forcing Yan Yizhen away.

Suddenly exerting force to her legs, Yan Yizhen’s figure once again accelerated even more. Her figure practically was stuck along the ground, drawing a beautiful trajectory. When she spun around, her right fist abruptly struck the ground, borrowing the force to instantly close the attack distance.

Her boxing was like rain, a flurry, the movements linked yet fierce. Those cold and detached pupils glinted with the radiance of the Yin Yang Carps. Ice-cold light exploded out. With such a sharp attack, Yan Yizhen’s moves were dazzling, making Lu Xiao nearly unable to keep up.

She seriously made the Strength Star give her a whole new level of respect.

“Little Yi, impressive.” Lu Xiao shouted. Her Golden Qilin Lance shuddered. The lance immediately shot out several shooting stars. These shooting stars were apparently killing intent yet not, as if they had their own intelligence, just like a sharp sword automatically escaping Yan Yizhen’s entanglement. The lance’s light fell from the heavens, and at nearly the moment it descended, it became a qilin shape, hissing in attack.

Yellow Rank Technique.

Qilinfall Skyflash!!

It was already too late for Yan Yizhen to retreat at this time. The Skilful Star met it head-on, her attack not inferior to Lu Xiao’s. The golden light and blue light’s boxing technique dominated in one move, unexpectedly seemingly never-stopping. Her footsteps were even more unusually incomparable, continuously launching yet connected. Combined with her practically non-stop punches, she unexpectedly caught the Skyflash.

A sharp power flashed past Lu Xiao’s pupils, and she seized her chance.

All of a sudden, the girl’s figure moved. Her entire body left the qilin, instantly leaping off. The Golden Qilin Lance stabbed out with an abundance of power.

The Strength Star’s Star Beast seized the chance to display even more power.

Yan Yizhen single-handedly charged in, her fists forging ahead.

An Suwen was choked to speechlessness upon seeing this scene.


The Palace of Empress Wa let out an enormous noise, seemingly stopping at this moment.

A mournful wail.

Lu Xiao’s Star Beast was slain.

At the same time, Yan Yizhen withdrew a hundred steps, blood leaking from the gaps between her fingers and dripping onto the ground.

“Sister Little Yi.” An Suwen cried out and stepped forward.

She noticed that Yan Yizhen had not sustained too great an injury at all, but Yan Yizhen’s power was oddly plummeting.

An Suwen suddenly discovered that one of the Yin Yang Carps swimming along Yan Yizhen’s hands had already disappeared.

Lu Xiao wore an easy grin. She finished what she originally only left half-said. “The Yin Yang Carp’s greatest flaw is that it is too weak, so very easily killed.”

That was correct. If the Yin Yang Carp was killed, she would lose them, and Yan Yizhen’s status would naturally drop.

After all, the Yin Yang Carp was a Star Beast. So long as they were a Star Beast, they were not possibly an exception.

Yan Yizhen was expressionless, having no assessment of her words at all. She gazed at the cold Yin Carp on her left hand. Those cold pupils showed tenderness. She shook her head slightly at An Suwen, hinting to her there was no need to worry. Then, flinging her hand, the Yin Carp also disappeared.

“Do both Little Sisters accept Xiao’er’s opinion?” Lu Xiao calmly began to gather the THousand Year Tears. The Astral Treasure she raised was a curved horn. Softly blowing, she sucked in more than a hundred tears.

How could Yan Yizhen concede defeat. An Suwen tugged at her, shaking her head.

Strength Star Lu Junyi honestly was too powerful. The Yan Yizhen that was without the Yin Yang Carps could not possibly continue battling Lu Junyi.

“But Your Servant will not accept.”

A thoughtful voice suddenly answered.

An Suwen and Yan Yizhen were startled, but Lu Xiao apparently was not surprised at all. The corner of her lips wore a smile, and she glanced out the side of her eyes.

A white tiger appeared in the Palace of Empress Wa.

The woman on the white tiger had an absolute beauty that made people feel stifled. The words of this apparently ice-cold goddess summed up who she was. Her long hair seemed to flow like a waterfall past her butt, and her impressive curves were fully displayed.

If one was a man, even an abnormal man would indulge in fantasies.

“Elder Sister Siyou.” An Suwen shouted in pleasant surprise.

The beautiful woman’s legs stepped on the Palace of Empress Wa’s rippling water. Wu Siyou dismounted the White and Black Unicorn Tiger.

“Siyou, it truly has been a long time since we last met.” Lu Xiao said. She was not surprised that Wu Siyou would appear. The Pilgrim possessed the Pilgrim’s Array Innate Skill. The Inescapable Great Array outside the Palace of Empress Wa was nothing in the eyes of Wu Siyou.

“Xiao’er cherishes the time we first worked together very much.” Lu Xiao’s smile was warm.

Wu Siyou also made a rare smile: “Lu Xiao, are you truly planning to obstruct Lord Husband?”

“Eh, originally you were even itching to kill Su Xing. Now, you actually address him as Lord Husband. Truly, though things have remained the same, people have changed.” Lu Xiao sighed with sorrow.

“Your Servant will not let you do this.” Wu Siyou did not care that she had changed.

“Hey, Little Sister Siyou, is that man truly so good? That even you would be moved?” Lu Xiao blinked, curiously speaking.

“Xiao’er, why do you not go learn about Lord Husband yourself.” Noble Frost Demonic Lotus already appeared in Wu Siyou’s hand, her murderous aura slowly encircling her fingertips.

“Xiao’er certainly will go look for understanding.” Lu Xiao did not hide her thoughts one bit.

“Then what now?” Wu Siyou lowered her head and softly spoke.

“A breakdown in negotiations, naturally…”

Lu Xiao raised her lance, her powerful attack suddenly filling the room.

Tang Lianxin sat on a leyline. The Great Sun Essence Flame Butterfly was behind her, its wings blazing with orange fire. The famous Gen Wu Divine Iron hovered in front of Tang Lianxin.

Following Tang Lianxin’s Great Void Golden Lotus becoming an Essence Fire Divine Weapon that held up the Gen Wu Divine Iron, Tang Lianxin continuously poured in Star Energy. Each time the Great Sun Essence Flame Butterfly’s wings were brightly lit, that signified the girl using full power. Her entire stone face slowly began to change.

Slowly, the Gen Wu Divine Iron gradually melted. The Great Void Golden Lotus then became a crucible that she placed the melted iron into. After a while, the entire piece of Gen Wu Divine Iron finally was completely melted.

She repeated the course of events several dozen times. In the end, the Gen Wu Divine Iron finally completed refinement into material usable in forging a Divine Weapon.

After the final piece of Gen Wu Divine Iron was completed, Tang Lianxin let out a breath.

The Great Sun Essence Flame Butterfly let out a butterfly that perched on Tang Lianxin’s shoulder.

Seeing that she had helped her Elder Brother refine the Gen Wu Divine Iron, Tang Lianxin’s heart had a certain satisfaction, and a rare smile appeared on her lips.

She put away the Gen Wu Divine Iron and was just about to leave when her Divine Intent suddenly moved.

Su Xing had returned!

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  1. 1[Wu Siyou also made a rare smile: “Lu Xiao, are you truly planning obstruct Lord Husband?”]
    –> Wu Siyou also made a rare smile: “Lu Xiao, are you truly planning *to obstruct Lord Husband?”
    3. [“Hey, Little Sister Siyou, is that man truly so good? That even you would be moved?” Lu Xiao blinked, curiously speaking.

    “Xiao’er, why do you not go learn about Lord Husband yourself.”]

    As mentioned before, Su Xing had already ‘met’ many of the 108 Star Maidens already.
    To be specific, he had come into contact with their ‘hearts’ so to speak before stumbling into Liangshan Continent.
    Recall that Xinjie and others feel ‘nostalgic’ around him, like they’ve met before.
    Give them enough time and many a Star General will comment on this.
    Siyou is a bit of a unique case because the two are so spiritually connected that she has a Dark Yellow Heaven Earth combo skill with him, which she first used against Guan Ying.

    That strange sense of familiarity is one reason why many believe he was sent d9wn from Maiden Mountain.

    The reality is far more anticlimactic than that as it was a GIANT coincidence. As far anyone knows anyway… mostly.
    The point is, regardless of how or why, Su Xing has absurdly high affinity with Star Maidens. It’s hyper downplayed since it’s not a skill so much as kind of… resonance born 9f spiritual contact. Just like how Star Maidens will attract towards one another, so will he to them, and them to him. Think about how he met his first 4 Star Generals. Or how about Tang Lianxin. Then you get bizarre cases like loli stalker Gongsun Huang to Lu Shaqing who seemingly feell in love at first glance. Her case was particularly bad cuz it nearly drove into an existential crisis over her own feelings.
    Let’s not forget Siyou, who went from murderous manhating jealous romantic two girl friendship level BFF to Su Xing’s best partner and Wifey to finally [Wu Siyou also made a rare smile: “Lu Xiao, are you truly planning *to obstruct Lord Husband?”] in so short a time that it baffles near everyone who witness her devotion.
    4. Continuing from 3, Lu Junyi really should get to know Su Xing better.
    5. Wu Song vs Lu Junyi! FIGHT! Guaranteed EPICNESS!
    6. I’m curious, b7t do contracted Star Beasts suffer permadeath?

    1. As mentioned in a previous chapter, Star Beasts have 3 lives before dying permanently.

  2. Thank you!
    “Her other fist already brought a severe sound of sind and once again attacked the Star Unicorn Dragon Horse.”
    sound of sind -> sound of wind
    “The Yin Yang Caprs followed their mistress’ thoughts and began to exert power. ”
    Caprs -> Carps

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