Chapter 445: Konghou

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Great Circle Castle, ink incense burned.

Noble Star Little Whirlwind Chai Ling’s expression was languid as she laid upon an aromatic chair. Her snow-white jade legs were exposed from underneath her skirt. In her bosom, she teased a cute three-eyed cat that was currently tunneling in between Chai Ling’s breasts. “Xing’er, how are you and he the same.”

“Xing’er, you truly are naughty, This Palace must punish you.”

“Xing’er, as expected, do you like This Palace?”


Chai Ling’s rich as jade, coquettish voice continuously spoke. The Konghou nearby buried in books could not take anymore. “Chai Ling, has your period come? To unexpectedly treat a cat as a man and flirt.”

Chai Ling was slightly drunk, her face flushed. She opened her fan to cover her red lips: “This Palace is bored.”

“If you are bored, then help Your Humble Servant find information. Are you not very concerned about that man named Su Xing? Is there not the Divine Mathematician’s hymn as well? Come, help Your Humble Servant look through these.” Konghou threw over a thick almanac. It would hurt very much if it were to smash onto her. The woman did not consider Chai Ling’s beauty that was too weak to withstand a single blow.

The three-eyed cat, Xing’er, opened its eye and released a beam of golden light.

Which smashed the book down.

“Xing’er truly is This Palace’s good darling.” Chai Ling pet it, smiling. She slightly wagged her finger, and several pieces of pure gold flipped out. When the Three-eyed Wealth Inviting Beast saw this, it mewed meekly and coquettishly. It opened its mouth and adorably ate the gold.

“You truly are a couple.” Konghou laughed.

The Three-eyed Wealth Inviting Beast specially ate gold, precious gems and metals, and so on. Furthermore, it used these sorts of things as a way to attack. It was also considered an extremely unique Star Beast. Perhaps only the rich and overbearing Noble Star was capable of raising it.

“How goes deciphering the verse? Konghou?” Chai Ling asked her.

“The qilin’s snow shines red. White wave raises golden wind. Bright moon’s inviting cup intoxicates a night. The broken arrow beauty plays the konghou. The sound is faint for a millennium – Without her, your lifetime is nothing but a dream of golden millet.” Konghou read, “This verse honestly is strange.”

“It even has your name, Konghou. Could it be saying that Konghou is the crux to Su Xing’s Star Duels?” Chai Ling teased.

“He wants to conquer Your Humble Servant?” Konghou openly smiled. She scratched her messy hair: “Then Your Humble Servant will have to groom and dress up first.

Chai Ling was silent.

“However, if it is true, this verse is indeed strange.” Konghou was serious.

Hearing the graveness in her words, Chai Ling’s charming gaze glanced over: “How so? One line of the verse ought already have been verified now…White wave raises golden wind…” Saying this, Chai Ling’s heart was somewhat unclear. That unfaithful man took a trip to the Black Turtle Territory and unexpectedly again hooked up with two Sisters, which was truly defiant of the natural order.

“Perhaps this verse is referring to the Star Generals that Su Xing will contract?” Chai Ling surmised. From the looks of “white waves raises golden wind,” things were unfolding in this way.

“The sound is faint for a millennium – Without her, your lifetime is nothing but a dream of golden millet.” Konghou pointed at this verse. She stroked her chin, pensive: “If this is so, ‘faint for a millennium’ is referring to the Pilgrim Wu Siyou who has never signed a contract in a millennium.1 She ought to have said something that exposed the final conclusion of the Star Duels.” This phrase indicated “without her.”

Just who was this “without her?”

What did “dream of golden millet” mean? According to the logic of this dream of golden millet, without this one, these Star Duels would become completely meaningless, but Konghou flipped through countless records of Star Duels and did not find anything. Currently, it seemed that regardless whoever was missing, the Star Duels continued to operate.

“Could it be referring to you, Chai Ling? You have been outside of the Star Duels. In fact, is it indicating that you must participate in the Star Duels to be able to finally end these Star Duels?” Konghou teased.

Her guess apparently was very logical. Chai Ling was blank for a while, sinking into contemplation.

“If this is so, Chai Ling, you can be at ease. In the end, it seems you will become that man’s woman.” Konghou rested her cheek against one hand, flipping through a book with the other as she spoke freely.

“…Elder Sister, what nonsense are you saying. How could This Palace…How could This Palace like a man as unfaithful as that…” Chai Ling used her Golden Thread Feather Fan to cover her half-worried, half-delighted face.

“You are even pretending in front of Your Humble Servant.” Konghou glanced at her, a sort of “don’t be so tsundere, Queen Your Highness” look: “Ever since you and he parted ways, you have always secretly kept track of his whereabouts. You care so much about him, do not tell Your Humble Servant that you are merely in heat, Chai Ling.”

“Elder Sister truly speaks without hiding anything.” Chai Ling’s face was red. Fortunately, this library did not have outsiders, otherwise, she definitely would have stormed off in a huff.

“Little Restrained actually has.” Konghou showed pure white teeth, that smile making Chai Ling grit her teeth.

Mentioning Su Xing, Konghou asked her: “And what has that man been doing as of late.”

“This Palace does not know.” Chai Ling did not want to answer.

“Chai Ling, you can also throw tantrums?” Konghou said.


“Your Humble Servant wants his location, it is better for deciphering the verse.”

Chai Ling muttered: “Su Xing and the Zhang Sisters went to Black Turtle Temple, but afterwards, they constantly have not appeared. This Palace completely does not know his status at all. That Water Illusion Fairy has also vanished. Hmph, it seems they definitely have obtained the Great Good Fortune Pill and eloped. Truly unfaithful. This Palace does not know what part of that man is good, to unexpectedly start a harem in front of This Palace’s eyes.”

He was truly thoroughly repulsive.

“Then why do you follow him so closely?”

“About this, This Palace naturally is thinking of ascertaining is true colors…Besides, This Palace and he have the Together To Hell. If something was to happen to him, This Palace would also suffer. Concern is only natural.” Chai Ling felt this justification was very good.

“Chai Ling, if you continue this, be careful of missing your opportunity, or there will be no more.” Konghou pursed her lips, reminding her about the information they learned from the Spring Breeze Drunken Rain Pavilion, Su Xing’s maximum of fifteen Star Generals. Now, Su Xing already had ten Star Generals. Not outside of expectations, he already had husband and wife addresses. The intimately affectionate Wu Siyou and even White Stripe in the Waves Zhang Yuqi may possible become Su Xing’s eleventh and twelfth Star Generals.

Although there were several other spots, to think that Su Xing had just barely walked into the Black Turtle Territory and was contracted by the most beautiful of Maiden Mountain’s 108 Star Generals, Bright Star Ten Feet of Blue Hu Sanniang, Heaven knew how many more this man would attract before the final phase ended.

“Could it be This Palace cannot sign a contract with anyone else?” Chai Ling smiled.

“Chai Ling, are you actually able to do so?” Konghou grinned widely.

Drinking the Together To Hell was just like a husband and wife exchanging marriage ceremony cups. To make Chai Ling sign a lifelong contract with anyone else, with Chai Ling’s pride, that basically was an impossible matter.

Chai Ling’s brow wrinkled: “But the Star Generals on Jiang Shuishui’s verse are not related to This Palace at all.” 

Hearing that Chai Ling was somewhat emotional, Konghou smiled: “Your Humble Servant has read books for so many years, Chai Ling, you guess. What is Your Humble Servant’s greatest gain?”

“It is Elder Sister’s clever and eloquent bronze teeth?” Chai Ling sneered.

“No, word games.” Konghou said: “Liangshan Continent’s written language is broad and deep. One phrase can have multiple explanations, and just like this verse, people who have different thoughts can comprehend countless ways of thinking. Is having a relationship not so simple?”

“Elder Sister’s meaning is?” Chai Ling looked pensively.

“The Bright Moon Longevity Palace, are you not inviting him to go collect the Tears of Vega together? This is a perfect opportunity.” Konghou yawned.

Bright moon’s inviting cup intoxicates a night

Chai Ling recalled this line of the verse.

“Bright moon, inviting cup, intoxicates, a night…” Chai Ling muttered. Noble Star Little Whirlwind wrinkled her brow. To be intoxicated for a night with a man, it sounded as if it had some sort of heart-throbbing, blush inducing negative connotation.

“Meow.” The Three-eyed Wealth Inviting Beast on her bosom mewed.

Chai Ling regained her senses. Out of the corner of her eye, she suddenly noticed Konghou was currently mockingly looking her up and down. Just now, she appeared to have been too concentrated on this matter. The Noble Star was slightly resentful.

“Your Humble Servant is but truly thinking for your sake, Chai Ling.” Konghou shook her head.

“Why would This Palace want to send herself to him.” Chai Ling felt that even if she signed a contract, she would have absolutely no face before those Sisters. Then it would be more interesting for her to wait in the Purple Firmament Palace and tease Xing’er.

Konghou disapprovingly said, “Queen Your Highness, could it be that an otaku hikikomori like you is still hoping that on the outside a wave of people will voluntarily chase after you from all directions to give rise to a deeply moving story.”

“But how can This Palace throw herself out there, let them belittle myself.” Chai Ling was very determined.

“So, create the opportunity yourself. Do not always wait for a meat pie to drop down from the heavens.” Konghou was like an elder giving patient guidance.

“Fine, Elder Sister Konghou and This Palace will go contract with him together, how about that?”

“As long as a contract is possible, Your Servant will groom herself.” This sort of counterattack was a small appetizer to Konghou.

Having been shot down, Chai Ling twitched her lips.

“Chai Ling, do you not feel bored right now? Participate in the Star Duels. Since you can become the first Noble Star to obtain a Star Beast, then why not be the first Little Whirlwind to ascend Maiden Mountain?”

“People who always wait for others to initiate often will achieve nothing, have nothing.”

Konghou challenged her, belittled her. 

“Hmph, Elder Sister Konghou is less and less like an Elder Sister.”

Konghou laughed.

Chai Ling stroked Xine’er. As she pondered, Konghou once again sunk her focus into the sea of books.

Outside the door, Jinzhi and Yuye stepped forward to report.

“Milady, Su Xing is outside the castle, requesting an audience.”

“Is it actually Su Xing?” Chai Ling was a little surprised. She had just been confused as to where this man had gone. She never expected that he would instantly appear before her right now.

“It appears he also is concerned about you, Chai Ling.” Konghou mockingly reviewed.

Noble Star Little Whirlwind’s lips carelessly rose.

“Have him come to the Purple Fragrant Palace.”

“As you bid.”

Chai Ling indolently rose. Her jade-like breasts raised wonderful curves. “Don’t go into heat. If you are, do it in front of that man.” Konghou smiled unhappily.

“Hmph, hmph.”

Seeing Chai Ling so charming, Konghou smiled. A bit of craftiness flashed through her eyes: “He came at the perfect time!”

Purple Fragrant Palace.

When Su Xing spotted Chai Ling, she had her customary charm.

Zhang Feiyu and Xi Yue’s mouths gaped. They were subdued by Chai Ling’s graceful and lovely air. This made Chai Ling considerably satisfied.

“These Sisters are?” Chai Ling feigned ignorance.

“This is my Wife.” Su Xing introduced Hu Niangzi.

“This is my daughter.” The Bai Yutang against his chest was like a little rat, incessantly timid.2


“Su Xing, are you dragged down by a family to feed?” Chai Ling was defeated. She glanced at Xi Yue and Zhang Feiyu: “That must be your lover.”

Xi Yue smiled, not at all offended by this sort of speculation.

Zhang Feiyu pursed her lips. She very much disliked Chai Ling’s haughty behavior, but the Little Whirlwind had a very bossy and powerful aura. Add on that this Great Circle Castle’s style was extraordinary and mightily impressive, the Boatman was quite pressured.

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  1. 千年幽幽 and 武司幽, 幽 can be translated as “faint”
  2. Don’t show her the cat!


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