Chapter 446: Calling You Xing’er, Feelings Spin Round And Round

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If she was a lover, then she was a lover. It was not as if she would lose a piece of flesh.

Zhang Feiyu was silent.

The dainty maids steeped tea for the guests, but how could Su Xing have the mood to chat with Chai Ling right now. His mind was wholly placed on Zhang Yuqi: “I have something I want to ask you to help with.”

“That depends on This Palace’s mood.” Chai Ling was determined to put on airs for this man, gracefully stroking Xing’er.

How could Su Xing not see Chai Ling’s haughtiness, so he explained Zhang Yuqi’s circumstances.

After Chai Ling finished listening, she put away her queen-like charm, her bearing dignified. She stepped off the fragrant couch, hinting to Jinzhi and Yuye to lay Zhang Yuqi onto the couch, “Oh, her skin is so white, how is it so glossy…” Chai Ling murmured.

“First take a look at just what’s happening.”

“Is she also your lover? You are truly worried.” Chai Ling stared at Su Xing, unhappily asking.

“Did you ask Suwen?” Chai Ling said: “Efficacious Star Divine Physician ought to be able to take care of this.”

“Suwen isn’t with me. Let alone this seems to not have anything to do with her wounds.” Su Xing hesitated.

“How do you say?”

“Su Xing and my Little Sister are unable to sign a contract even though they tried. It says she has a Soul Has Been Lost status. I fear it’s the Nine Nether Devil Star Stone. We want to know if you have any solutions, Chai Ling.” Zhang Feiyu could not help but ask.

He truly is a womanizing man.

Chai Ling glared at Su Xing, lowering her head in contemplation. She stroked the Persian cat in her bosom. “The Nine Nether Devil Star Stone? This Palace honestly has never heard of it.”

“Even you don’t know?” Su Xing found things thorny.

“What is the point of being so worried. Star Generals cannot possibly be unable to sign contracts without reason. We need only investigate for medicines that are capable of curing the Nine Star Devil Star Stone.

“This is the purpose for which Dear Husband came.” Hu Niangzi looked oddly at Chai Ling. She overall felt that Noble Star Little Whirlwind and her Dear Husband had improper feelings. How much more charming could those eyes be?

“The Great Circle Castle has countless records of the Star Duels. This Palace will help you search. It would be better to rest again tonight. This Palace just so happens to have some spirit medicines that we can see if perhaps they are useful.” Chai Ling thought.

They could only do so for now.

“Jinzhi, Yuye, prepare a sumptuous banquet. This Palace wants to properly entertain the Sisters.” Chai Ling ordered.

“As you command, Milady.” Jinzhi and Yuye withdrew.

“Wait here a while for now. This Palace shall go change clothes.” Little Whirlwind faintly smiled, turning and walking into her chambers.

“So amazing. This is the legendary Noble Star Little Whirlwind placed outside of the Star Duels.” Water Illusion Fairy Xi Yue had long heard of Chai Ling’s reputation. 

Compared to the awe-inspiring Great Circle Castle, the Black Turtle Territory’s Nine Dragons Palace and Devil Star Palace became insignificant.

“She’s just a bit arrogant…Hmph, this Chai Jin seems to be interested in Su Xing.” Zhang Feiyu twitched her lips.

“How did Milord become acquainted with Noblewoman Chai?”

Xi Yue’s curiosity was what the others wanted to ask as well.

“It was nothing. We collaborated in Evil Smiting Hall.” Su Xing summarized. As for the Together To Hell matter, he made an understandable omission. He presumed the haughty Chai Ling would not wish for others to know about this. 

Chai Ling did not leave at all. She merely stayed behind a screen. When Su Xing’s words entered her ears, seeing him remember their matters very vividly, her heart was somewhat happy. This man actually is meticulous…However, shooting a glance at the hateful Hu Niangzi, Chai Ling was again a bit gloomy. Konghou said to sign a contract, but what could an utterly powerless Star General like her even do?

Fifteen was the limit, was this man truly willing?

Complicated thoughts bubbled forth in her heart, messy, messy, messy.

Returning to the Ink Incense Room, Chai Ling spotted Konghou still buried in books.

“What, Chai Ling, your mood has soured.” Konghou glanced out the corner of her eye.

“That man is tied down by a family. This makes This Palace so gloomy.” Chai Ling said.

“Jealous?” Konghou smiled.

Chai Ling opened her fan and fanned herself: “Elder Sister Konghou, have you heard of the Nine Nether Devil Star Stone?”

“The Nine Nether Devil Star Stone, Your Humble Servant saw it recorded in a secret annal.” Konghou recalled, wrinkling her brow: “Why did he ask about this? This item must be encountered, not obtained.”

“The White Stripe in the Waves seems to have been cut down by a Nine Nether Devil Star Stone enhanced Great Blade. The result is that her Soul Has Been Lost, incapable of signing a contract.”

Konghou muttered to herself.

“Does Elder Sister have any solutions?”

“Have them rest for the night…Your Humble Servant shall go find that secret annal. Your Humble Servant will give you a response tomorrow.” Konghou thought.

“???” Chai Ling knew that Konghou has a very good memory.

“Just listen to Your Humble Servant’s words, that will be enough.” Konghou grabbed a pot of Red Robe Tea, drinking a mouthful from the spout.

Chai Ling said nothing more.

Bai Yutang looked curiously at the Three-eyed Wealth Inviting Beast napping on the aromatic couch. Her little hand slightly poked it. The Three-eyed Wealth Inviting Beast opened its third, glimmering eye, making Bai Yutang yelp in fright, yet it was actually her Star Beast, the Essence Spirit Rat, Baibai, that hid in fear.1

“Meow, purr.” The Three-eyed Wealth Inviting Beast licked Bai Yutang’s finger, which made the little loli’s eyes squint in happiness.

“As expected of Noblewoman Chai, to raise such a strange cat. It has three eyes, I’ve never heard of this.”

“That is Chai Ling’s Star Beast, the Three-eyed Wealth Inviting Beast.” Su Xing explained.

“Eh? This is the Noble Star’s Star Beast?”

The girls all had surprised expressions.

“This Star Beast honestly is…very suitable for the Noble Star who lives like a princess…” Zhang Feiyu twitched her lips.

“Boatman, you will suffer if This Palace’s Xing’er is angered.” Hearing a gentle as jade voice, Chai Ling gracefully bloomed her fan.

A beautiful palace dress outlined her very sumptuous curves. On her head was a honeyflower crystal hairpin and a pearl frontlet. Her waist had a light blue tasseled sash. She appeared exquisite, and the bangs in front of her forehead drifted. Her smile was pretty, just like an immortal.

“I’ve never fought with the Star Beast of the Noble Star.” Zhang Feiyu could not help saying.

“Feiyu.” Xi Yue shook her head.

Seeing Chai Ling approached, Bai Yutang hid behind Su Xing, somewhat shy.

Chai Ling smiled and beckoned with her hands.

The Three-eyed Wealth Inviting Beast jumped into the queen’s bosom, enjoying the soft nephrite.

“How are things?” Su Xing asked her.

“It will take some time. This Palace shall respond to you tomorrow.” Chai Ling said.

“Milady, the banquet has already been prepared.”

Jinzhi and Yuye respectfully said.

“Everyone, please.”

The group could not decline and followed the maid’s into the main hall.

Chai Ling sat in the very back, side by side with Su Xing. Her fragrance attacked him, seeping into his heart. “Su Xing, This Palace wishes to say something to you.”

“Then speak.” Su Xing looked at her.

“You have not forgotten about the Together To Hell?”


Su Xing’s expression that apparently only just remembered this made Chai Ling’s stomach churn. 

“You are known as Liangshan Continent’s number one wealthy woman. Could it be you don’t have a solution?” Su Xing was indifferent,

“The Bright Moon Longevity Palace has the Tears of Vega. You must accompany This Palace to leave for it together.”

“This is no problem.” Su Xing had already heard of the legendary palace, and he always wanted to see the real thing.

Chai Ling gently pet the Three-eyed Wealth Inviting Beast in her bosom, saying with a seemingly deeper meaning: “Xing’er, do you like This Palace?”

Su Xing was taken aback. Chai Ling’s question was somewhat direct.

Chai Ling lowered her eyes. Her hair flowed next to her ears, the scene of a beauty in love.

“Could I have done the Together To Hell with you if I didn’t?” Su Xing replied.

Chai Ling’s lips curled slightly. She wore a touching smile. The Noble Star raised her head and sighed: “What are you saying, This Palace is asking the Star Beast.”


Su Xing actually forgot Chai Ling’s Star Beast was also named Xing’er. With her appearance just now, Su Xing honestly thought there was nothing to it.

“Did you do that on purpose?”

Chai Ling was beautiful and charming: “Since you like it, This Palace shall also address you as Xing’er from now on.”


As he expected, it was on purpose.

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  1. Thanks for the chapter Schwarze_Kreuz! So rare for someone to catch him while his wits are asleep like that haha. Guess he just got reduced to the same level as her pet now.

  2. 1. [“Xing’er, do you like This Palace?”]
    ….Tsundere. totally a mild Tsundere Type B.
    Chai Ling… quit being so stubborn!
    She has an inferiority complex, but considering her ‘competition’… It’s pretty understandable.
    – Lin Yingmei the OP and legendary Majestic Star who also holds the distinction of being not just Su Xing’s first Star General, but the first Majestic Star to sign a contract EVER!
    – Wu Xinjie the Knowledge Star..Brains, beauty, and libido for days.
    – Wu Siyou. The Harm Star and heir to not just being an OP Heavenly Star who also never signed a contract, but yo the record of being a Star Duels Overlord to the 8th Wu Song(…And… speaking of the 8th Wu Song…). Also holds the distinction of having a combo skill with Su Xing and incredibly high partner affinity.
    – Little Huang is not just the 4th ranked Leisure Star touted as best with magic, but also has the sole distinction of freely stalking Su Su Xing AND monopolizing his shoulder as her personal seat. Oh, loli or not… She’s been described as near perfection incarnate more than once.
    – Little Yi the kuudere Super Maid
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    – Hu Niangzi has special mention for being the outright hottest Star Maiden of the 108 and despite being an Earthly Star is FREAKISHLY strong. Hate Transmission is no joke.

    …Add the other, more specialized Earthly Star Sisters and it’s no wonder Chai Ling feels so outclassed. Her only real talent is being a filthy rich Queen on high, or so she believes.
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