Chapter 453: A Stab In The Back

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The ground violently heaved as if there was an earthquake. Amidst the pervasive smoke and dust, a giant hole appeared at the place Lin Yingmei was at. The Profound Golem’s fist concentrated a great amount of killing intent, dropping it down like a cannonball.

Lin Yingmei easily evaded, her beautiful figure already like a northern wind passing through. She continuously moved about the Profound Golem’s enormous body. Ice and frost condensed on the puppet’s outer surface. The speartip flashed with a pale white light. Continuously slashing, the spear-light left dent after dent on the Profound Golem’s body.

“Crying Frost.” Lin Yingmei suddenly called.

A snow-white wolf appeared.

Under Lin Yingmei’s indication, the Snow Walking Frost Eye Beast unfurled its wings of light and rushed up and slammed into the Profound Golem at the same time. Immediately, this giant golem howled in anguish.

The wind pressure of the area was increasingly great, and the Profound Golem’s heavy fist also gave rise to increasingly powerful explosions. Lin Yingmei’s figure already was drawn nearly into a line. A “boom, boom, boom, boom…” sound continuously quaked, endlessly creating countless dents on the Profound Golem’s body, as if it would never stop.

Meanwhile, Hua Wanyue charged up the platform. She saw the Star Piercing Arrows were right in front of her, and Little Li Guang became excited.

Arrow-lights dispersed in succession, destroying the crowd of puppets. Hua Wanyue released her Heavenly Hero Red Luan. The giant Red Luan Bird flapped its wings, and a great expanse of flame fell on the puppets around Hua Wanyue.

The Hero Star took a stride forward, but the instant she stepped onto the platform.

An array suddenly glowed.

The three Star Piercing Arrows spun, unexpectedly blocking the Hero Star out.

A forbiddance!!

Dammit, a destruction forbiddance.

Hua Wanyue promptly noticed this forbiddance’s condition was to completely kill all puppets. The girl coldly snorted, beginning her massacre.

The majority of the puppets were not too great a trouble. Lin Yingmei and Hua Wanyue both cooperated to dispatch them very easily, however, several of the puppets in the mix were relatively more problematic.

The Profound Golem was one.

The Suan’ni Puppets were also another.

A lion-like roar passed by their ears. Each roar stirred their nerves, and even a Star General who had gone through a hundred battles felt this sound was incomparably oppressive.

The Suan’ni Puppet was a male lion. It possessed long kinds, frightening claws and fangs as well as superb speed. The Heavenly Hero Red Luan basically could not track its movements.

Hua Wanyue did not dare be careless.

The Suan’ni Puppet unfurled its wings, gliding at high speed. The tips of the wings broke out with rays of white light, like sharp swords unsheathed. Slashing, the puppets to its side were unexpectedly split in two with one strike.

Not feeling talkative, Hua Wanyue immediately drew her bow!

Accompanying the second wave of ear-splitting roars, the Suan’ni Puppet took the initiative to launch an attack.

The Suan’ni Puppets absolutely did not appear to use its claws and fangs. The infuriated puppets not only could spit out sword-light, they could also spray out wind. This breath used wind pressure to form an incomparably powerful vortex, not to be outdone by killing arrays.

An ice-cold breath tore apart the earth’s obstruction. The entire hall seemed to be trees and leaves in the wind, trembling in that billowing airflow.

Hua Wanyue endured the screaming wind pressure to lift her head in search of her goal. When she returned to her senses, the Suan’ni Puppet already drew near in front of her at high speed.

Bow and arrows lost their bold prowess.

Hua Wanyue’s Red Jade Short Spear appeared, immediately slashing, but she nevertheless struck nothing. The Suan’ni Puppet used its agility that was incongruous to its body to evade her attack. In an instant, the Suan’ni Puppet unfolded its wings, passing by.

Sword-light shot downwards.

Hua Wanyue sneered. Suddenly, she flashed away, like a specter.

In their glancing exchange, they evoked an intense sonic boom. In a flash, it ran through their eardrums.

And in that ear-piercing resonance, a scream that was completely without warning made everyone’s hearts suddenly tighten.

The Red Jade Ardent Star Short Spear struck the Suan’ni Puppet’s skull. This spear’s power was extremely great, cutting out a line of blood. The Suan’ni Puppet’s body rocked like a kite severed from its string, but there was no effect. Hua Wanyue in the next second was like a phantom. The red spear’s blood-line wrapped it up, completely not giving this puppet any leeway to attack.


A powerful roar.

Hua Wanyue was shocked. Another two Suan’ni Puppets suddenly appeared.

The Suan’ni Puppet opened its jaws wide, spitting out a beam of light. Just as it was about to run through Hua Wanyue, at this moment, a cold spear flew over. It was sharper than an arrow in the air as it slashed out a perfect arc, slamming into and running through the two puppets.

While the Suan’ni Puppet roared, a Snow Walking Frost Eye Beast already flew over, spitting out a breath of ice and frost, immediately biting them to pieces.

A beautiful figure flashed in front of Hua Wanyue.

It was Lin Yingmei.

“Thanks.” Hua Wanyue knew that she had said thanks several times. After saying so, she was somewhat laughing in spite of herself.

Lin Yingmei shook her head, completely no minding about this sort of minor affair.

The pair joined forces, unstoppable as they swept through the puppets in the main hall.

At this moment, this battle also similarly occurred outside of the forbiddance.

A pile of puppets attacked, bellowing as they gripped blades and spears. The one surrounded was a man. He took a light step, like a dragonfly skimming water. His footwork was extremely graceful and relaxed, shuttling around at his leisure in the puppets’ encirclement. 

The man wandered as he willed in that pile.

More and more puppets were drawn over, but even so, the interior still had many Demon Beasts.

“You all better keep up.” The man curled his lips into a smile. Although he knew these puppet demon beasts did not have the slightest intelligence to understand his words, he still could not help but be like an elder guiding a flock of children.

His body techniques were variable, instantly arriving underneath a large tree.

At this time, at least a hundred puppet demon beasts already filled the mountain.

“Young Master, are you so bored?” A languid voice came from up the tree.

“Just finding a little fun to pass the time.” The man smiled. “Nongmei,1 now it is your turn.”

“Aiya, truly boring.”

A somewhat indolent young girl descended from the tree. She wore a dark-colored long gown with protective shoulder armor. The girl was very beautiful, her eyes like precious gems. Her delicate hands were extraordinarily immaculate. At every movement, they seemed to generate phantoms.

The girl looked at the pile of puppets.

To be clear, her master made her train when she was idle. Who made her lack the innate talents of her Elder Sisters.


The puppets were menacing.

The girl’s eyes put away their carelessness. Suddenly, they became matchlessly serious. She showed a smiled, and with a somersault, flew into the air. Immediately afterwards, her fingers snapped continuously. The swiftness of her speed, the phantoms of her hands did not disappear, as if she was the thousand armed Guanyin.

Countless black lights carrying a chill flew out, breaking the air.

As if a storm had blown through, not, perhaps a light breeze had passed by, if one did not look carefully, the more than hundred puppet demon beasts completely ceased operations. They all exploded without exception.

The sequence of events was within the speed of one breath. The girl had dispatched the puppets that the man had spent a lot of energy attracting.

“Not bad, only one was an exception.” The man smiled.


That one exception Demon Beast’s body abruptly exploded.

“This is good.” The girl giggled.

Suddenly, a figure flew over from the sky.

The two put away their playful attitudes.

“We ought to go to the Double Stars Forbiddance. The Hero Star and Majestic Star should have settled all of the puppets.” The girl licked her lips.

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