Chapter 454: White Tiger Seven Spirit Stars

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Figures very quickly arrived from the horizon, a considerably odd combination. A ten year old feeble youth, red-haired young man, and a golden haired woman.

The golden haired woman was quite eye-catching. Her upper body wore a half-sleeve, gold embroidered corset. Her clothes were very revealing, with only three thin lines connected together. She wore no underwear beneath it. Half of her perfectly round breasts were vaguely visible. Her back was crammed with sheathed throwing knives. Her lower body was a waist skirt,1 with brown armored boots encasing her lower legs.

Matching with the woman’s mature personality, she was full of sexiness and strictness.

“Shijiu Ying,2 Mie Shangqing,3 you truly were too slow coming here.”

The relaxed man slowly walked in the wind. The three of them appeared very familiar.

“The others?”

The man courteously asked.

The feeble youth named Shijiu Ying had in his eyes a cruelty and terrifying history that was quite mismatched with his age. “Han Bing had some matters she could not relieve herself from. Just the few of us is enough. Cang Feng, just what the hell did you use Ten Thousand Li Sound Transmission to summon us for?” The youth’s tone was sinister.

“Has the sign of the Piercing Star come to a Star General?” The red-haired man hurriedly asked.

“We waited for two months. Finally, a fish has taken the bait, and it is a big fish.” Nongmei giggled in reply.

“What big fish.” Mie Shangqing’s face was excited.

“The Majestic Star and the Hero Star.” Cang Feng faintly grinned.


Their faces showed astonishment.

The Majestic Star, unmatched at close quarters.

The Hero Star, unparalleled at long range. 

This combination was considerably awesome.

“Is this true?” Mie Shangqing was not fearful, but was even more excited on the contrary.

Cang Feng elegantly waved his hand: “Precisely, so that is why I thought to call the others. These two Star Generals are not easy to face, I fear.”

“However, it is too late now. Majestic Star Lin Chong and Hua Rong are already about to break through the puppet array that we arranged.” Nongmei regretfully spread her hands.

“Wait, is the Majestic Star not rumored to have signed a contract with that whatever Purple Thunder Monster??” Mie Shangqing said, fidgety.

“This is true, but we did not see him. Clearly, the Purple Thunder Monster has let her out on her own, or perhaps there has been a change, and now, she is working with the Hero Star.”

Cang Feng had continuously paid close attention for activity in the ruins these past few days, and indeed, the Heavenly Star came without a Star Master.

Then, there was definitely one among them that had not signed a contract.

“Is this not even better? Use the Northern Dipper Heavenly Cycle Array. Whether it is the Hero Star or the Majestic Star, we definitely can capture them.” The red-haired man was red in the face from excitement.

Between them comrades, only he had yet to find a Star General to contract with. Of course, there was an important reason that was Mie Shangqing was honestly demanding.

“It is fortunate This One did not sign a contract with that Demon Star Touching The Sky Du Qian.4 Now, This One finally has found the one he wants.” Mie Shangqing was incomparably excited, as if he could capture both the Majestic Star and Hero Star at any time.

And hearing his words, Shijiu YIng and Cang Feng hid very expertly their disdain and contempt. Their Star Maidens showed even greater detachment.

This Mie Shangqing’s personality was extremely arrogant. Just on the basis of his Supercluster Late Stage terrifying cultivation, he completely could not look upon Earthly Stars. Demon Star Touching The Sky Du Qian once had the fortune to meet him. Originally, that Star Maiden named Du Chunyu5 was very willing to sign a contract with him. The result was unexpectedly contrary. He surprisingly killed her, reason being, Du Chunyu’s Heavenly Flame Demon Imperial Saber was unexpectedly better suited for his own use.

This nearly made the others destroy him.

Star Maidens were inherently rare, with the White Tiger Territory being even more lacking in them, yet he still did not treasure them. In the end, although they encountered a powerful Heavenly Star as strong as Daredevil Third Brother,6 it was a pity that the counterpart basically did not care. The group working together was unable to capture Shi Xiu.7

Going through this process, this Mie Shangqing was even more picky. However, he did not encounter any more powerful Star Generals. He did not even see an Earthly Star.

Now that the Third Phase was already ending, the White Tiger Seven Spirit Star was still missing his alone.

If it was not for this guy’s truly powerful strength, and if it was not for the sake of the White Tiger Seven Spirit Stars, why would any of them bother helping him.

“However, there is only use few to face two top-notch Star Generals. Do we actually have a chance?” Cang Feng smiled.

Shijiu Ying turned his head to look at the woman: “Qingqiao, how do you feel?”

The Qingqiao woman’s finger played with he golden hair. She was eager to try: “There is a chance facing one Elder Sister. Two is troublesome, particularly Lin Chong. It will not be simple.” 

“Then good.” Hearing her words, the weak-looking youth was contrarily content.

“Lin Chong, leave her to the four of us. I do not believe that the Majestic Star can face the four of us.” Shijiu Ying’s gaze returned to Cang Feng.

“What do you all see?”

“No need to see. Any more, and the Majestic Star and Hero Star will run off with the Star Piercing Arrow.” Nongmei terdiously reminded them.

“Then let us test them. A Star General is unrivalled in Liangshan after the Fourth Phase. Now is the time we ought still be able to face them directly.” Cang Feng downplayed his words, yet he had an elegant confidence.

“Furthermore, that many puppets should be sufficient to exhaust their energy. At that time, battling them will have fifty-fifty odds.” Nongmei smiled.

“Very well. This One is already tired of waiting.”

Mie Shangqing seemed to have seen the scene of himself signing a contract with the top-notch Star General. So long as he could contract any one of the two, he could be the head of the White Tiger Seven Spirit Stars. Of course, if he could contract the two of them, he would undoubtedly be this generation’s overlord.

As for his wild fantasy that was written clearly on his face, everyone said nothing. They only ordered the next arrangements, how they were to conquer their big catch.

Inside the ruins.

Following Lin Yingmei’s spear disintegrating the final Profound Golem, the hall’s forbiddance loudly collapsed.

“This is truly strange.” Lin Yingmei looked around at the scrap heaps strewn about, deeply wrinkling her brows.

“Yingmei, what is the matter?” Hua Wanyue wiped her sweat. Consecutive days of exhaustion finally ended.

Lin Yingmei shook her head, hinting to Hua Wanyue to take the Star Piercing Arrows.

Hua Wanyue nodded, skipped up the stairs to the platform. She had just stepped on when Hua Wanyue suddenly whirled around, drawing her bow into a half moon aimed at Lin Yingmei. 

The Lin Yingmei currently in contemplation raised her head to look at Hua Wanyue.

A sneer flit across Hero Star Little Li Guang’s face. Her whole body’s powerful domineering aura seemed to concentrated onto her arrow, fully releasing a frightening light.

She practically did not have any room to think.

The bow loosed.

Firing the arrow.

Dark Rank Arrow Technique.

Ten Thousand Li God Killing Arrow!!!

The arrow pierced through, its light expanding.

It seemingly ran through the screams of Heaven and Earth.

The arrow-light flew directly towards Lin Yingmei…Shooting at the thing behind her.

The full arrow-qi scraped past Lin Yingmei’s cheek, making the girl’s hair flutter, plowing a deep trench into the ground. The main hall seemed to have been cracked in two by this one arrow. It flew into the darkness, disappearing.


Lin Yingmei showed bewilderment.

“The Star Piercing Arrow has another forbiddance, it cannot be obtained at the moment.” Hua Wanyue’s voice was elegant. She still drew back on her bow as before, the curve fully displayed. “Because there are some orioles behind us…gnats of the greatest hindrance.”

The Snow Walking Frost Eye beast suddenly straightened its body and roared at the entrance to the main hall.

Lin Yingmei was slightly surprised. She gripped her spear.

A powerful fury and killing intent pushed in from the entrance, practically cramming the room. Afterwards, several silhouettes appeared.

Using Hua Wanyue’s words to describe them, quite a few gnats had come.

Two men, one youth, and a sexy and mature woman appeared.

“Hua Rong!!!”

The elegance on Cang Feng’s body had already been replaced by a sorry figure. The youth’s eyes were shocked and resentful.

Just now, they had been rushing towards the main hall. No one could have expected that suddenly an arrow-light would promptly magnify before their very eyes. The closed-in passageway completely did not allow for any possibility of dodging. Cang Feng thought that he was dead for sure at that moment.

Fortunately, his Star General Nongmei used her body as a shield to obstruct this arrow. Even so, the remaining arrow-light still pierced through Nongmei’s body and made Cang Feng sustain injury.

This practically was like a nightmare.

They had yet to take the stage, yet they were first sneak attacked by Hero Star Little Li Guang. Before they even met, one was dead, another injured. Even the arrogant Mie Shangqing was dumbstruck.

This was the power of the Hero Star, the absolute in archery!

“Truly a pity.” A hair lay atop Hua Wanyue’s lips. The Hero Star gently sighed. She had originally thought the Ten Thousand Li God Killing Arrow could warn their opponents to back off. She did not expect that the interlopers were three Star Masters, and it appeared their strength was extremely capable.

They were all at least Supercluster Middle Stage cultivation, with one even Supercluster Late Stage.

This is truly odd. When did the Vermilion Bird Territory have so many Supercluster Stage Star Masters. The Three Heavenly Books have not even begun.

“Come to die?”

Lin Yingmei gripped her spear in one hand, a prick of cold light pointed at them.

“Wait a moment, this is a misunderstanding.”

Cang Feng suddenly said.

“Hua Rong, this is our friend, Mie Shangqing. You ought to be able to see that he is a Star Master capable of contracting with a Star General. His cultivation is Supercluster Late Stage. Perhaps no one can reach him, how about it?”

Cang Feng indicated to Mie Shangqing. This refined man actually made Hua Wanyue give him a new level of respect. His Star General was killed by her, yet that he still could remain calm and collected honestly demonstrated he was a character.

On the surface, that was refinement, yet underneath he had capability.

“Sign a contract with This One. This One guarantees to make you know what is called the true overlord of Liangshan.” Mie Shangqing let out an air of dominance to match Cang Feng’s words, as if a tide of fire was rolling. His imposing appearance was full of a scorching hot feeling.

The ramparts and puppets unexpectedly were heated to a thorough red.

“How about it, sign a contract with This One, the both of you together!!!” Mi Shangqing was too self-important.

“Where did this clown come from.” Lin Yingmei sneered.

“Well said, Yingmei.” Hua Wanyue chuckled.

Mie Shangqing’s face turned the color of pig’s liver from fury at the sound of this.

Cang Feng stepped forward and restrained his anger: “Hua Rong, I think it best you consider this a bit more carefully. The Star Piercing Ruin here is something that we deliberately planned. Now that you two have squandered your strength, maintaining the harmony between Star Master and Star General is to be prized. We do not wish to use force at all.”

“I have no interest in clowns like your lot.”

Her words fell, her bow fired.

Arrow-light shattered, becoming ten thousand rays, falling like rain.

Yellow Rank Arrow Technique.

Dance Through The Willows!

Bang, bang, bang. A series of crisp sounds rang. The golden-haired woman Qingqiao soared into the air, unsheathed the throwing daggers on her back, and dispersed them into a parasol, unexpectedly blocking this Yellow Technique.

“Elder Sister is very stubborn. You make Qingqiao feel very disappointed.”

Qingqiao regretfully said. Her right hand shook, and an iron spear appeared, with three twinkling stars.

“Cang Feng, your nonsense dragged on for too long. We should have used force to conquer them.” The youth Shijiu Ying sneered. He pointed, and a hundred Flying Swords of brilliant light appeared.

They launched an attack together with Qingqiao at the same time.

“Yingmei, I will still have to trouble you once more.” Hua Wanyue apologetically said.

“This is exactly what Your Servant has been seeking.” Lin Yingmei shouted. She mounted the Snow Walking Frost Eye Beast, raising the Arctic Star Serpent Spear.

In the hall, ice and snow immediately stormed.

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  1. 封腰短裙
  2. 十九嬰
  3. 乜上清
  4. 地妖星摸著天杜遷
  5. 杜春雨
  6. 拼命三郎
  7. 石秀


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