Chapter 457: Devil Star Palace

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Mie Shangqing’s body in of itself was the Sky Burning Toad. It had cultivated a thousand years in order to assume human form. For the sake of participating in the Star Duels, he had no choice but to suppress his cultivation, however, relying on the innate talents of a Demon Beast’s own body and the spiritual power that had accumulated over the previous thousand year, how could a cultivator’s cultivation compare. If it was not for the Star Duels, he long already would have reached Supervoid Cultivation. The him that became arrogant saw that he had been humiliated by the Star Generals, and he was immediately infuriated.

He croaked.

The main hall’s hovering pillar of fire poured into his body. In an instant, the toad’s whole body was a fiery translucence, as if he was a red-hot branding iron. He emitted a glaring ray of fire. The powerfully broiling temperatures immediately spread to all corners of the hall, as if everyone had been put into a stove.

And the high temperature of the nearby surroundings of the Sky Burning Toad itself were shocking. Even the air let out a low humming haze.

For high temperatures like this that originated from his abilities, the body of the average cultivator under this kind of temperature would perhaps have been baked by the heat, directly burned to ashes.

“Truly ugly.” Lin Yingmei disdainfully smiled. Her ice-cold imposing air expanded. The air condensed into frost, blocking the corrosion of the high temperatures.


The Sky Burning Toad’s mouth roared. A beam of red light shot out from its mouth.


The beam of light split off into countless fire dragons along the way.

The Sky Burning Toad’s foreleg rose, then rushed from afar with a gentle slap.

There was a rumbling tremor.

Red lights and clouds rolled out from his front legs. Then, it concentrated, forming a scarlet claw. This flame claw and fire dragon simultaneously slashed.

This Sky Burning Toad was at least an Eighth or Ninth Rank Demon Beast. The flames he emitted rolled about, a foehn wind assaulting them in the face.

The Snow Walking Frost Eye Beast stood in front of its mistress. This Crying Frost Heavenly Wolf opened its mouth, spraying out a cold flame. That pair of light wings on its back were even more radiant. Any way it was put, the Crying Frost Heavenly Wolf was renowned on the Star Beast List, perhaps even taxing for a Star General to face, but upon encountering a Demon Beast, the Crying Frost Heavenly Demon immediately let out its might. For a time, the ice flames and the scorching fire unexpectedly duels, putting the hall between the two extremes of cold and heat.

Lin YIngmei gripped her spear, lowered her body.

The Arctic Star Serpent Spear’s whole body was a shining ice-cold. The Star Crest on her forehead glimmered. It appeared that Lin Yingmei was currently concentrating all of her Star Energy on ending this battle.

Cang Feng inwardly shouted that things were bad.

Those like them would only reveal their True Bodies as a last resort. Although their True Bodies could allow their Realms to become endless, it wasted great amounts of energy. Furthermore, Cang Feng knew that against the teamwork of two Heavenly Stars unrivalled in close quarters and unparalleled at long range, even transforming into a True Body would not necessarily seize the advantage.

Cang Feng hesitated some more. Nevertheless, he could only force himself onwards and blow out a green light.

A gale magnified, and the Sky Burning Flames were immediately fiercer.

The Heavenly Hero Red Luan let out a cry. It flapped its wings and pounced into the flames, battling alongside the Crying Frost Heavenly Wolf. 

The Sky Burning Toad’s cheeks enlarged. Suddenly, it launched forwards, pressing down like Mount Tai. The powerful flames directly shook back Crying Frost Heavenly Wolf and the Heavenly Hero Red Luan. The Sky Burning Toad opened its mouth wide, aiming to swallow Lin Yingmei whole.

Hua Wanyue continuously fired a barrage of arrows. They were unable to penetrate the flames, unable to stop the Sky Burning Toad.

“Yingmei.” Hua Wanyue shouted.

The rolling fire poured down with a roar, just like a torrential heavenly river of water that lingered in the main hall. Even Hua Wanyue was blown several steps back by this foehn wind. Hua Wanyue shouted to herself that things were foreboding. Immediately, she prepared to use the Ten Thousand Li God Killing Arrow.

Cang Feng and Shijiu Ying were delighted.

The Sky Burning Toad directly suppressed the Majestic Star. Even Panther Head would inevitably suffer harm to her vitality, right?


A pinprick of cold frost pierced through the flames. Following a screaming cold wind, the flames were extinguished, layer by layer, unexpectedly freezing once more into a thick sheet of ice. Cang Feng and Shijiu Ying’s smiles simultaneously froze.

How could this be.

Cang Feng’s pupils shrunk.

A sparkling and translucent ice spear penetrated through the Sky Burning Toad’s mouth. A cold star glimmered, freezing the insufferably arrogant Sky Burning Flames. The scene of the Sky Burning Toad suppressing the Majestic Star that Cang Feng had imagined was completely nowhere to be seen. Before this huge toad’s limbs touched the ground, it was ran through by a spear and hung in the air.

Lin Yingmei lifted her spear with one arm, carrying the Sky Burning Toad.

Her body released an ice-cold presence. The Sky Burning Toad froze, turning into an ice sculpture. The toad struggled briefly. Its eyes released a crimson light; the Demon Beast’s unique Spirit Soul was about to escape.

Lin Yingmei shook her spear. The Sky Burning Toad shattered, turning into countless shards of ice. A beam of extremely cold spear-light flashed by, rolling up that Toad Spirit Soul. The Sky Burning Toad shrieked several times. The cold light twisted, and he was shredded into ice chunks.

Dark Rank Spear Technique.

Freezing Frost Of Nine Provinces!

Cang Feng and Shijiu Ying were shocked. Without thinking, they turned and fled.

“Ten Thousand Li God Killing Arrow!!”

Hua Wanyue shouted.

There was an air-splitting whistle, and an arrow carved a perfectly straight path of death.

She heard a scream, and then all presences completely disappeared.

Just as Lin Yingmei was about to go pursue, a sudden wind blew out from the mouth of the cave, just like a thousand sharp swords. Lin Yingmei hastily backflipped. The moment she left, the place she had been was ground to pieces by a violent wind.

When she looked again, both Star Masters had vanished without a trace.

“Never expected them to surprisingly be the White Tiger Territory’s Star Masters.” Hua Wanyue stared. She suddenly lowered her head, nearly unsteady.

Lin Yingmei flashed over and supported her from the side.

“Apologies.” Hua Wanyue powerlessly said. Consecutively using three Dark Ranks nearly drained her completely of strength. This appeared to be an overwhelming victory, but in fact, it was barely so. Three Demon Beast level Star Masters with two Star Generals. If it was not for her perfect teamwork with Lin Yingmei, she feared that today would honestly have been dangerous.

Lin Yingmei shook her head. She looked at the three Star Piercing Arrows, leisurely waving her spear several times.

The final forbiddance was tottering on the edge of collapse. Waving her hand, the three Star Piercing Arrows were then brought to her palm and given to Hua Wanyue. 

Hua Wanyue was stunned for a moment. A long while after, she nodded her head: “Yingmei, I owe you a favor. In the future, if you have any requests, please feel free to ask. I absolutely will not decline.”

“Your Servant does not need any favors.” Lin Yingmei directly answered. Seeing that Hua Wanyue already was completely spent, this place was not appropriate to linger in, and to let Hua Wanyue go alone was not safe. Who knew whether or not those two Star Masters would actually go home. “Let us first go find an inn. You must rest properly.”

Lin YIngmei was cool as ice, but her tone nevertheless had a feminine warmth, which made people’s minds ripple. Hua Wanyue’s face blushed, and she nodded. 

Black Turtle Territory, an escape light flashed over the Black Turtle Sea. The quickness of the escape light’s speed made other cultivators blown into a disarray without ever seeing clearly what it was. They nearly fell off their Flying Swords. Some cultivators even wanted revenges, but seeing the opponent unexpectedly seemed to step on clouds, without any devices, they suddenly turned pale from fright. They turned into yes-men, sealing their mouths very tightly and scramming.

This escape light fled for more than a dozen arrows without stopping at all.

A long while afterwards.

A tall building that seemed to prop up the heavens appeared before him. The enormity of that building was such that he could see it from several dozen kilometers away. A majestic to the extreme and shocking imposing air pounced from far away.

The escape light finally stopped, revealing the cultivator inside.

It was none other than Su Xing.

Ever since he obtained that information from Chai Ling. Su Xing rushed nonstop for the Black Turtle Territory’s Devil Star Palace.

The Black Turtle Territory was divided into the Black Turtle Sea, the Nine Dragons Sea, and the Endless Depths. The Black Turtle Sea was the largest, the Nine Dragons Sea was the most prosperous, yet the Endless Depths was a deathly sea that no cultivator had ever truly reached the end of. Furthermore, the Black Turtle Sea was vast, the local powers divided into considerably small fragments. Because of this topography, the entire Black Turtle Territory was quite desolate. Each island region was far from standing out as much as the Azure Dragon Territory. Su Xing did not have the mood to look at any of the scenery, however, the first time he saw such a magnificent building, he still was shaken.

That mountain unexpectedly was an enormous building, constructed like the multi-layered cakes2 Su Xing had seen on Earth. Each floor had countless doors, revolving halls, and beneath the building was a similarly large scale town. However, that city and this mountain compared to one another were truly different as the sky and earth. At the top of this mountain was built a four-sided main hall.

Black qi rolled about, enshrouding it in black clouds as a demonic wind blew.

Devil Star City.

Su Xing thought.

This was the objective Su Xing came for this time.

Devil Star Palace was Black Turtle Territory’s number one Great Devil Palace, involved with countless sects. Black Turtle Sea’s apparently fragmented influence was practically enveloped in the Devil Star Palace’s shadow, and this Devil Star City was the Devil Star Palace’s main city. That gigantic mountain was Devil Star Palace.

Su Xing released a Flying Sword, ingested a Change Appearance Pill to alter his complexion, then flew towards Devil Star City. At this time, countless cultivators already appeared, either going out to sea or returning, or setting out on a journey with companions for a Demon Beast Hunt, the scene of a busy group. Compared to the remote scenery along the way, the Black Turtle Sea seemed to be the most bustling area that congregated into this city.

Flying forwards another dozen li, all kinds of lights in the sky were even more numerous. Some enormous sea ships even appeared beneath him, similarly braving wind and wave.

What made Su Xing even more interested was that there were still some cultivators flying about in the sky without any defensive tools. Rather, whether they were piloting a small boat or riding low level Demon Beasts, they all similarly sped forth on the sea. In addition, their cultivations were not low. Supercluster Stages were seen in great numbers, and Galaxy Stages were even more ubiquitous.

That the Black Turtle Territory was described by the Azure Dragon Territory as the grounds of the Devil Cults was not baseless. The majority of the cultivators here cultivated every sort of cultivation method labeled as heretical among the Azure Dragon Territory’s cultivators. Also, the Black Turtle Territory had an extremely distinguishing characteristic in its abundance of Demon Pellets. These Demon Pellets were harvested from killed marine Demon Beasts, then refined into material for advancing magic energy.

However, the ingestion of these Demon Pellets would bring harm to oneself. Though, cultivation could rapidly develop. In this marine world where dangerous Demon Beasts lurked beneath the surface, higher cultivation naturally was less danger.

Su Xing took a deep breath, descending towards Devil Star City.

Before he entered the gates, there were cultivators standing guard, inspecting the tokens of all those who entered. To enter and leave Devil Star City, it was necessary to obtain the Devil Star Palace’s recognition of identity. These identities mainly came from the other sects under the banner the Devil Star Palace, and if one had a token, that indicated one was of the Devil Star Palace. The Devil Star Palace urgently commanded that these cultivators were not to obstructed.

Therefore, exploiting this sort position, the Devil Star Palace easily possessed at least a nominally large amount of cultivators. That they became Black Turtle Sea’s number one palace was not without reason, however, in Su Xing’s perspective, the degree of loyalty these cultivators had was up for debate.

Su Xing took out the token Chai Ling gave him. The cultivator inspected it, and then he made way.

Entering the city, there were people everywhere, a mountain and sea of people, the same magnificence.

Su Xing raised his head. He looked at the Devil Star Palace that was right before his eyes. Showing a slightly cold intent, he stuck on one of the Supreme Grade “Dark Breath Talismans”3 that Chai Ling had given him, escaping towards there without the slightest hesitation.

Author’s Note:

Today, family wants to use computer video chat. No chance for a counter in the afternoon, so worried. Tomorrow, there will be at least six chapters, anyways. Otherwise, I’ll owe too much.

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  2. 千層蛋糕, literally a multi-layered crepe, but I don’t think that’s the intent.
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