Chapter 456: Sky Burning Toad

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Bright Mind Eagle Dragon.1

The Wealth Star stabbed with her spear, however, in several breaths’ time, that dazzling meteor stepped over a distance of more than five zhang, directly arriving in front of Lin Yingmei. Precisely following the light, the shape of a golden dragon appeared, as if it had been carved. Spear-light and killing intent mixed, like a knife thrust into a heart.

The golden dragon stabbed, drawing an ice-cold line in the air.

Soundlessly, with even the stabbing motion unable to be clearly seen, a blinding light already appeared before her.

A crisp slamming noise.

Quickly whirling around, shaking, Lin Yingmei used the Arctic Star Serpent Spear, continuously evading backwards. Again and again, she warded off the Wealth Star’s attacks. Just when it seemed that the Bright Mind Eagle Dragon was about to prevail, Li Qingqiao’s spear stabbed, thrusting towards Lin Yingmei’s forehead. An arrow-light intercepted, directly knocking Li Qingqiao back.

Mie Shangqing and the others seized the time while Li Qingqiao was entangled with the Majestic Star. For the first time they wanted to breakthrough, but they suddenly heard Lin Yingmei’s cold snort. Majestic Star Panther Head’s hands gripped the shaft of her spear, its tip carrying snow. Her spearmanship suddenly became severe. That spear-light seemed to extend a hundred meters, cutting off that line of attack the group had. Lin Yingmei was like frost falling from the heavens as she raised her spear.

As if the plains exploded with a thunderclap, she blew the three of them away. Then, the Arctic Star Serpent Spear abruptly slashed out a blizzard. The baleful aura wrapped around the edge of her spear was like terrifying pressure that opened a floodgate, suddenly launching in all directions, and the Li Qingqiao that was so close to her was too late to withstand. Immediately, she became the first victim. Like a shooting star, she was ruthlessly sent flying by the terrifying pressure.

The first attack, no more than a warm greeting.

The second attack, the speartip already became as violent as a blizzard.

The third attack, the blizzard blew.

In the shadow of the fierce snowstorm, the spear rapidly pulsed. The spear’s shadow was faster and faster, the ice-cold snowstorm killing intent whistling out of the spear. Layer rolled upon layer, unbridled at present. The main hall was frozen over. A northern wind blew along with her killing intent, as far as the eye could see.

Behind the scattering blizzard, Lin Yingmei’s eyes shot out a cold light. She suddenly gripped her spear. The shadows all over her body instantly concentrated above the spear in her hand. White and white combined, wrapping each other. This oddly gave rise to a harmonious mix, emitting an intimidating killing intent. At the same time of her long cry, the Majestic Star’s final attack seemingly passed by like a meteor.

Yellow Rank Spear Technique: Long Blizzard Nights!

The blizzard-like spear technique was incomparably tyrannical in this space with a single move. She suppressed the four of them, and Hua Wanyue was very silent.

Several dozen arrow-lights simultaneously fluttered in the blizzard, practically blending with inconceivable accuracy into one with the snowstorm. Under the power of the spear-wind, she struck home with a whoosh.

After the snowstorm passed, in an instant, Shijiu Ying’s body was already consecutively struck by several arrows. This youth was surly, unexpectedly not falling over.

“Shijiu Ying?”

Cang Feng asked with concern.

The youth sneered, using his Star Energy to expel the arrows stuck into him.

Cang Feng’s expression was grim. He never expected the Majestic Star and Hero Star would be perfectly coordinated so far beyond his imagination. Attack and defense were in perfect balance, no trace to be found. This was the teamwork between two of the top ten ranked Star Generals. His heart had the idea to retreat.

“Today, you absolutely will swear allegiance to This One.” Mie Shangqing was unafraid, contrarily, even more excited.

“Killing Lin Chong is not necessarily unallowed.” Shijiu Ying showed a terrifying expression.

Is he mad?

Cang Feng wrinkled his brow.

Under Shijiu Ying’s indication, in spite of the injuries she sustained, Li Qingqiao’s Golden Eagle Dragon Devouring Spear advanced, once again using her Dark Technique. The other Star Weapon on her back, Dragon Slaying Throwing Knives, also unleashed their Dark Rank “Dragon Stab.”

Several Dragon Slaying Throwing Knives connected into one, their killing intent nonexistent.

Lin Yingmei’s figure dodged. This direct evasion instantly rotated to in front of Shijiu Ying. The youth with soaring killing intent was greatly startled. Before his Flying Swords could descend, they were knocked asunder by Hua Wanyue’s arrows that were swift as thunder.

Lin Yingmei’s eyes showed ice-cold, as if she was responding to the youth’s sluggishness just now.

The Arctic Star Serpent Spear raised that practically gapless attack. Shijiu Ying completely had no chance, however, his reactions were extremely quick. His fingers snapped, drawing a green light. Vines rushed out of his chest, like a thousand hands.

The speartip broke through. These hands were shattered.

The speartip cut open the air as it whistled sharply towards Shijiu Ying’s chest. Shijiu Ying used a hasty step backwards to dodge, instantly leaving Lin Yingmei’s attack range. His face was pale, already panting heavily.

This Supercluster Middle Stage Star Cultivator was actually not all appearance with no skill.

The corner of Lin Yingmei’s lips curled with a slight curve. However, to retreat in front of the Majestic Star, this much completely was not enough.

Her spear thrust out.

Killing intent appeared.

Shijiu Ying vomited blood. His body was knocked flying like a kite severed from its string.

“Shijiu Ying.” Li Qingqiao turned her head back in shock.

“Do not be too surprised.

Hua Wanyue’s voice warned her.

Li Qingqiao changed. The Heavenly Hero Red Luan’s Heavenly Fire descended, rolling over her attack. Hua Wanyue let go of her bow and arrow. Rushing herself in, she already arrived in front of the Wealth Star, with a Red Jade Short Spear in her hand.

The Wealth Star did not underestimate her. She swept her spear, fast as lightning.

Hua Wanyue’s “Blood Dance” activated.

That gorgeous blood-colored light blossomed in Li Qingqiao’s eyes. Hua Wanyue danced, spry and lively, and the pouncing luan was also incredible. Her Innate Skill was Hovering Combat. Her combat ability in midair was more formidable than when she was on the ground. One spear blocked with everything she had, defending Li Qingqiao’s chest like a floodgate. The Hero Star’s Dark Technique resisted endlessly, and it was Hua Wanyue who was even more surprised.

Blood Dance stopped. Li Qingqiao seized the spear and stabbed.

Tapping the Golden Eagle Dragon Swallowing Spear with her foot, the Hero Star flew gracefully, her arrowhead aimed at Li Qingqiao, killing intent about to erupt at any moment.

The Wealth Star was stunned.

She never expected the Hero Star could be so nimble. It was already too late for her to attack with another spear technique, even if she wanted to. Little Li Guang’s bow was drawn into a full moon, arrow-light concentrated to a point, enlarging in Li Qingqiao’s eyes with a bang.

There was a painful groan.

Li Qingqiao was pierced by the arrow, falling to the ground like a butterfly whose wings were torn off.

Hua Wanyue’s brows wrinkled. She looked at the Dragon Slaying Throwing Knives lodged in her shoulders. At the final moment, the Wealth Star was still able to unsheathe throwing knives. This trick was formidable.

“Elder Sister’s archery still lacks maturity.” Wealth Star Li Qingqiao covered her face. Blood soaked her hands. Even having been penetrated by an arrow, Li Qingqiao still did not fall.

“It is too early to be complacent.” Hua Wanyue bit on an arrow.


Blood-light fell from the heavens.

Li Qingqiao lifted her head, and a short spear stuck directly into her body.

This was unexpected…Li Qingqiao’s silhouette promptly disintegrated.


Shijiu Ying’s head sunk at the same time he was knocked flying by Lin Yingmei’s spear.

When Lin Yingmei’s move utterly crushed Shijiu Ying, Mie Shangqing also exploded with a powerful intimidating air. His scorching hot murderous aura pervaded the entire hall. Ice and frost melted, and Mie Shangqing spat out Essence Blood that transformed into a beautiful red saber. A demonic qi whirled around the blade, roiling with dark fire.

Three Star Heavenly Flame Demonic Imperial Saber.

Attacking for a long time without success, Mie Shangqing’s heart was increasingly worried.

The Heavenly Blade Demonic Imperial Saber was tossed, activating its Dark Technique – Demonic Flame Myriad Calamities!2

The Heavenly Flame Demonic Imperial Saber’s flames swelled, instantly becoming a menacing fire wolf. It tore apart the defenses of the Heavenly Hero Red Luan Bird. Hua Wanyue hastily retreated. The Demonic Imperial Saber perfectly slammed onto the forbiddance of the Star Piercing Arrows, bringing the array immediately to the verge of collapse. Nevertheless, the fire wolf had awareness, It turned its head and opened its maw. Just as it was about to bite, an ice-cold roar suddenly fell upon the fire wolf, extinguishing it with a whistling blade of extreme cold. 

It was Crying Frost, the Heavenly Wolf, the Snow Walking Frost Eye Beast.

Its wings of light opened, beating back the Heavenly Flame Demonic Imperial Saber.

A wretched scream.

One of Shijiu Ying’s arms had been severed by Lin Yingmei’s attacks. Flying Swords used all their might in order to finally stop her advance.

Cang Feng saw that everything before him was already advancing in a dangerous direction. In actuality, after he had been ambushed from the very start by Hua Wanyue’s arrow, Cang Feng already felt that this path was extremely violent. Consequently, even when Hua Wanyue slayed his Star General, even injuring him, he still tried to use good words to defuse the conflict. But, not to his surprise, the two single digit ranked Heavenly Stars were not moved in the slightest by this sort of enticement.

Now that Li Qingqiao had also entered the Star Nest, the situation was an imminent crisis.

They would die if this continued.

“Let us go for now!!” Cang Feng shouted.

“It’s not over yet!” Mie Shangqing was unwilling to give up at all. He caught the Heavenly Flame Demonic Imperial Saber. Suddenly, he opened his mouth, and scorching, broiling flames rolled out.

“Precisely.” Shijiu Ying surprisingly agreed. Two arms suddenly became countless vines, brandished like hundreds upon thousands of whips.

Lin Yingmei retreated, landing next to Hua Wanyue.

Her spear flashed with a cold-light.

The flames dispersed.

“Shijiu Ying, Mie Shangqing, now is still not the time.” Cang Feng rebuked.

Shijiu Ying was taken aback.

Arrow-lights filling the sky descended, penetrating the defenses of the Flying Swords. He hastily protected himself with his arms, encasing his whole body in vines. Shaken, the arrows struck his body, the pain making him grimace.

Shijiu Ying saw that the more the pair battled, the fiercer they became, the more coordinated. Already, he had the intent to withdraw.

“Hua Rong, This One is determined.”

Mie Shangqing was thoroughly muddle-headed. He read an incantation. His pupils suddenly turned large, burning with a scorching conflagration. His hair also enlarged, and from head to toe, his flesh seemed to be flooded with lava, flowing fire-light.

The air was scorching enough to choke people.

Lin Yingmei and Hua Wanyue glanced at each other, showing bewilderment.

“Mie Shangqing, you’ve gone mad.” Cang Feng’s expression changed.

Lin Yingmei clenched her spear, not daring to be neglectful. Hua Wanyue drew taut her bowstring, ready to fire at any moment.

Before their very eyes, an inconceivable scene unfolded.

The red-haired man Mie Shangqing’s whole body abruptly swelled several sizes, inflating as if he was an enormous bubble. Immediately afterwards, scathing scarlet flames were emitted. After a blinding red light flashed by, a seemingly hill-sized giant astonishingly appeared before their eyes.

His outer appearance was that of a toad, his whole body a translucent flame, flickering with a lustrous gloss, particularly those toad eyes, which twinkled with an eerie light.

This toad opened its mouth, oddly croaking two sounds. The tremendous soundwave overturned the entire hall. Thick flames shot out at all sides. 

Sky Burning Toad!3

The two of them immediately recognized this beast.

“A Demon Beast Transformation Star Master.” Hua Wanyue’s expression was grave, having completely not expected such a change.

Demon Beast Transformations in Liangshan Continent were inherently rare, let alone one that became a Star Master.

Just what the hell was this situation.

Lin Yingmei did not care so much.

“So you turned out to be a group of man-faced beasts.”

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  1. 慧心雕龍
  2. 妖炎禍眾
  3. 焚天蛤蟆


  1. 1. [It was Crying Frost, the Heavenly Wolf, the Snow Walking Frost Eye Beast.]
    …We could’ve used this description earlier… and I still say it shoulda been a polar bear!
    2. [“A Demon Beast Transformation Star Master.”]
    …Can’t say I’m surprised. There was that Crow dood… and there’s Han Bing too.
    Add in that they’re from the White Tiger Territory, a place full of Demon Beasts… and yeah.
    3. That arrogant prick turned out to be a damn toad!? ….Lame.

    1. Technically, he’s a Demon Beast Transformation Star Master Candidate, since he’s yet to contract a Star General (although since he’s absorbed the Star Weapon of that General he killed, he could be considered a weird in-between form).

  2. Thanks for the chapter Schwarze_Kreuz! Wonder how common it was in past star duels for Star Maidens to contract demonic beast cultivators. It appears to be rather looked down upon in any case.

    1. Well… isn’t that only because many Star Maidens, especially Heavenly Stars, have egos the size of planets? A lot of them are pretty arrogant bitches in their first impressions.
      Plus, Yingmei is already wed and Wanyue is a Heavenly Star herself. Them blowing off thesecWh8te Tiger Star Masters is pretty batural… And old frog legs was like, ‘You will be mine!’ Is it any wonder that they’re looked down on?

  3. Actually… The narrative made it clear that Star Masters can be called Star Masters even without a contract.

    All they have to do is pass the requirement of actually being a Star Cultivator.
    Ch. 389 points out that Descended Stars in that theyre folks who randomly became Star Cultivators without doing anything and could contract just the same.

    My point is, the idea of ‘candidates’ is false in that… as long as it’s after the Star Duels and you become a Star Cultivator, you can participate in the Star Duels as a Star Master.

    Frog boy could’ve had a contract, but killed the girl instead.
    It’s a bit like how Star Generals and Star Maidens are used interchangeably.

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