Chapter 459: Powerless Guan Ying

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Ruan Jin’er’s execution of her killing blow was decisive. From the start, it was Dark Technique Duckweed Are Broken. In the normal course of events, before one comprehended the Earth Rank Technique, using Dark Techniques one would consume a lot of energy, but Ruan Jin’er did not care at all.

Green rainbows directly shot for Su Xing’s chest, becoming several strands of green vegetation to wrap up Su Xing.

Fortunately, Duckweed Are Broken was not a single fatal strike at all. It used a lengthy process to constrict and then kill the target. Su Xing was bound. He used the Acala Wisdom King Golden Body, knocking aside the green duckweed with a golden lotus, releasing expansive Buddhist light.

What Ruan Jin’er wanted to kill most was Guan Ying. After Duckweed Are Broken tied up Su Xing, she promptly raised a sword to kill her.

Guan Ying wielded her blade. A Five Star Destined Weapon was formidable any way it was put. Even if Guan Ying’s body had still yet to recover from the Star Nest, one slash was not something Ruan Jin’er dared to face head on, but Tai Sui Who Stands His Ground’s powers were perfect for resisting. The Flying Swords were broken. Ruan Jin’er sneered, throwing out Azure Sea Green Duckweed.

A green light rolled over. 

Guan Ying already was without an escape route. She was even already prepared to for the next phase, when at this critical moment, Su Xing escaped to right in front of her. While Guan Ying raised her eyebrows, he picked up that pitiful body. A Purple Mansion Immortal Thunder exploded, delaying the Azure Sea Green Duckweed for a few seconds.

Taking advantage of these gaps, Su Xing carried Guan Ying away.

Azure Sea Green Duckweed returned to Ruan Jin’er’s hand. Tai Sui Who Stands His Ground emitted a bone-chilling aura. Her hatred was like the sea. “Just who the hell are you. This is a matter of our Star Duels. Do you want to interfere?”

“Terribly sorry.” Su Xing could understand Ruan Jin’er’s enmity, but Guan Ying absolutely could not die, at least for the time being.

“Very good, then you can go die together in the name of love as a damned couple.” Ruan Jin’er shouted.

Su Xing inwardly sighed. What was this, the Guan Ying he absolutely had to kill at the moment was unexpectedly being protected by him in a curious turn of events.

“Be careful.” Su Xing whispered.

Guan Ying’s eyes were indefinitely gloomy, not uttering a word.

Ruan Jin’er formed a hand seal, and Flying Swords descended.

Su Xing’s Heaven Tearing was powerful. Ruan Jin’er’s hundred, even thousands, of Flying Swords were trapped by golden light.

“Death Sentence Beheading!!”

The Azure Sea Green Duckweed once again rose, slashing towards him from the front.


This time, Su Xing did not take action, but Guan Ying already blocked in front of him. Her completely naked and perfectly beautiful jade back was considerably wide. Even if the famous Brave Star Great Blade was extremely weak, how could she hide behind a man.

Su Xing inwardly shook his head.

Was Guan Ying just or evil? If it was said she was evil, then this action honestly made Su Xing give her a whole new level of respect, endlessly moved, but if she truly was a top-notch martial general, then she absolutely would not have a clear conscience using the abilities of the Nine Nether Devil Star Stone.


Su Xing lightly cursed. Not outside of expectations, the Death Sentence Beheading was deflected by the Five Star Great Blade, but the surplus green light was still fierce.

Fully falling, Guan Ying’s skin was immediately splashed with bloody cuts, nearly forcing her to a knee.


Ruan Jin’er truly hated her to the bone, attacking without any mercy.


An iron shield blocked the Four Star Azure Sea Green Duckweed. Ruan Jin’er was greatly surprised, for there unexpectedly to be a magic weapon capable of blocking her Four Star attack.

Seeing that shield was just like a dam, glowing with mysterious black light, with profound flower patterns and an array, the Azure Sea Green Duckweed fell. The shield let out a bang that was heavy as a mountain.

Even Ruan Jin’er felt this shield was practically a mountain.

This shield was known as “Gen Wu Shield,” a magic weapon Tang Lianxin forged using leftover Gen Wu Divine Iron.

“Courting death.” Ruan Jin’er shouted. She continuously slashed with swords, the serene green sword light sprinkling.

The Gen Wu Shield’s divine light radiated. Gen Wu Divine Iron was inherently a unique and firm Spirit Iron, and a magic weapon that had undergone Tang Lianxin’s refinement naturally could not be underestimated. Even Ruan Jin’er’s Four Star Destined Weapon was helpless for a time, but the green light was like the duckweed of a river, increasingly thick. The Gen Wu Shield could not possibly resist forever, no matter how much more powerful it could be.

Su Xing spat blood. A Blaze Refining Nine Hells Saber appeared in his hand, and he seized this to attack.

Ruan Jin’er was not at all a true martial force Star General, but the Sword Star’s Flying Sword arts were superb. The Azure Sea Green Duckweed that sprinkled easily was not something an ordinary Star Master could contend against. Seeing Su Xing’s charge, she sneered, treating him as courting death.

She raised a sword and advanced.

The Azure Sea Green Duckweed rippled with a green light, just like green duckweed in the sea, dispersing an ice-cold mist. The next instant, Ruan Jin’er’s green light seemed to have been blown by the wind, pressuring towards Su Xing.

Su Xing’s Heaven Tearing was entangled, his Gen Wu Shield blocked. His hand attacked with Earthly Qi, defended and used Light Smoke Dance Steps. He attacked Ruan Jin’er, bringing an afterimage unexpectedly behind himself.


Ruan Jin’er slightly felt shocked. Sword-light already slashed. She was able to sidestep in time, but her hair that was thin as silk still was severed by a length. Hairs fluttered in all directions, and in the instant the chaotic scene was blown over by a powerful wind, Ruan Jin’er’s second wave of attacks already arrived at the critical moment. 

Each of their attack exchanges made Guan Ying transfixed. At such close quarters, the attacks of the two completely left no room for interference, leaving even Great Blade in awe.

Unexpectedly, there was someone who could contend against Ruan Jin’er.

Ruan Jin’er evidently did not want to waste too much time. After withdrawing, Azure Sea Green Duckweed once again manifested a green rainbow.

The green fog enveloped Su Xing.


Su Xing surprisingly threw himself over without surrendering.

Bang, bang!!

The glistening yellow Earthly Qi protected his body. Innumerable green lights brushed past Su Xing from both sides, like a great sea parting upon encountering a boulder, but the the ocean waves’ powerful surge made the Earth Book’s defensive abilities tottered on the edge of collapse, the unbearable feeling making Su Xing stifled, flipping his internal organs.

His figure stepped forward, like a sharp blade directly sticking into her heart. 

Ruan Jin’er showed a shocked expression. That mountain and ocean overturning strength made Tai Sui Who Stands His Ground somewhat unprepared. How was this possible, how could a Star Master have an intimidating aura that would make even a Star General tremble.

Sword-light attacked.

Ruan Jin’er’s reacted. Instantly, she lost her balance. Before she landed on her back, she still nimbly used several backflips to quickly pull apart the distance between the two of them. The instant she stood firm, she already made her defensive preparations. Furthermore, Su Xing’s attack flowed even more smoothly, quick as lightning.

In an instant, Ruan Jin’er’s defenses were broken.

Arcs of purple lightning jumped about Ruan Jin’er’s shirt. Even if it was only the instant the attack made contact, Ruan Jin’er still could sense that a power incapable of being blocked had entered. However, after the amazement passed, those cold eyes did not show any quivering as a result of this.

Ruan Jin’er sneered, attacking.

“Can’t you just stop this time around? Ruan Jin’er.” Su Xing asked her.

The answer was “You daydream!” An unstoppable flame of fury flit across Ruan Jin’er’s eyes. Her words immediately replaced the blossoming Green Duckweed sword-light, “I did not come here to play with you!!”

Confronted with Su Xing’s beyond reasonable battle sense, Ruan Jin’er once again pointed, and once again, a thousand Flying Swords appeared from nowhere. The Flying Swords gathered, slashing with full power at her opponent.

Su Xing’s body techniques made Ruan Jin’er have a sort of annoyed display. When he evaded, Sword Star Tai Sui Who Stands His Ground’s sword rose and slashed at the same time.

Su Xing abruptly accelerated his speed, and an offensive magic weapon flew out. An indistinct blue cold light assaulted her directly, carrying a heavy pressure. Ruan Jin’er had yet to react. That magic weapon’s edge was already right in front of her.

Ruan Jin’er’s Green Duckweed left her hand at the same time.


The two of them were incapable of retreating.

The clear squeezing sound of the sword-light that the Green Duckweed was formed from was ear-splitting. His arms were practically numb. Su Xing had retreated at the critical moment, taking a step back, yet everything seemed to have been anticipated. Endless ice-cold encircled him from all directions. The Sword Star’s countless Flying Swords already were before him.

This is embarrassing.

Su Xing was inwardly surprised.

His palms clapped together. The Gen Wu Shield enlarged, blocking a thousand Flying Swords and a beam of Green Duckweed.

The explosion was enormous.

Su Xing nearly vomited blood. His body involuntarily flew backwards.

When he looked again, the Gen Wu Shield had already been damaged in its first battle, struck down by the Azure Sea Green Duckweed, finally concluding its first and last ever use.

So powerful.

Su Xing’s heart shivered.

“Cheating couple, go be buried with Ping’er.”

Ruan Jin’er irascibly shouted, seizing the chance to stab with a sword.


Guan Ying’s blade blocked it, shaking off the Sword Star.

“The person you want to kill is only This General.” Guan Ying answered.


Ruan Jin’er grinned.

Devil Star Palace’s Taboo Main Hall.

Currently, Great Saint Starkiller half-knelt under a platform, respectfully not uttering a word.

As before, Devil Ancestor Dark Nether was separated with a black partition. The air had the sound of shackles and also a slightly annoyed fury.


Another defeat,

This was testing Devil Ancestor Dark Nether’s patience. Even without using any words, Great Saint Starkiller felt a burden heavy as Mount Tai on his shoulders, heavy enough to make him bow and bend at the knee, to nearly wish for death.

“How many times do you wish to be defeated?” Devil Ancestor Dark Nether spoke, his voice neither fast nor slow.

A droplet of cold sweat flowed on his forehead.

Great Saint Starkiller grit his teeth and said: “Devil Ancestor, Disciple’s defeat this time has shamed Devil Ancestor’s teachings.”

“The Boundless Bell’s Array has already been transferred to you. The Nine Nether Devil Star Stone has also helped you perfect the first Devil Weapon in the world…Great Saint Starkiller, right now, you should be able to traverse Liangshan unhindered. Disdain for renowned heroes is what should have been…” The one lecturing him was Ming Die. Great Saint Starkiller’s defeat sounded honestly somewhat unimaginable. 

That such power could lose, the Star Masters of these Star Duels were monsters.

“To have lost the Dragon Snake Great Good Fortune Pills, even a hundred deaths would be unable to compensate for you incompetence.” Ming Die snapped a finger.

A black butterfly beside Great Saint Starkiller’s body gently flew out, flapping its wings of eerie light.

Great Saint Starkiller’s expression changed, and the color drained from his face.

Fortunately, these Netherworld Butterflies were merely flapping as they wished. They had yet to use the ability that frightened people, “Netherworld Fantasy Powder.”1

“Disciple ought to die.” Great Saint Starkiller could only say this right now.


A not at all satisfied sneer.

“It appears, Great Saint Starkiller, that you and Guan Ying are becoming the most incompetent Star Master and Star General. Shall I congratulate you?”

“Enough.” Devil Ancestor Dark Nether interrupted Ming Die from further mockery.

Ming Die apologized.

“Now that things have reached this far, we are powerless to reverse the situation. Too much excoriation is also meaningless.”

“Devil Ancestor, but Great Saint Starkiller’s loss of the Dragon Snake Great Good Fortune Pills actually is making me wary. Who knows if he was not deliberate about it.” Ming Die smiled.

“Disciple’s heart is bare and would not dare have disloyalty.”

“It is extremely good you can say this much.” Silent for a while, Devil Ancestor then asked: “How is your Star General, Guan Sheng?”

“Guan Ying was killed back into the Star Nest. For the purpose of making her recover quickly, she is currently in the Devil Palace’s ‘Huaqing Pool’2 for care.” Ming Die answered for him.

Devil Ancestor Dark Nether muttered for a while.

Ming Die understood tacitly. She berated Great Saint Starkiller: “Great Saint Starkiller, our Devil Star Palace has wasted much effort to raise you. You had best not die a third time. We shall give you one more chance. In the Three Heavenly Books, if you disappoint Devil Star Palace once more, do not think that Maiden Mountain can save you!!!”

“Disciple does as you bid.”

Great Saint Starkiller deeply bowed his head. In his eyes, there was hatred. In his sleeve, his knuckles turned white.

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  1. 幽冥幻粉
  2. 華清池


  1. …. Here’s something I don’t get.
    Su Xing used his ‘Change Appearances Pills’ to hide who he is, yeah?

    But then… he whips out his trademark OP Sword Chants and Purple Mansion Imm9rtals Thunder abilities…
    It’d be one thing 8f ye wasn’t f8ght8ng the Sword Star or trying to protect Guan Ying….
    How in the hell did those two NOT figure out who he is by now!?

    Those aren’t exactly common abilities here… Purple Thunder Monster aside, both of tgem have seen AND fought Su Xing using those VERY SAME skills!
    Are Star Maidens just slow, or is it everybody?

    And the irony of protecting Guan Ying to save Zhang Yuqi is NOT l9st 9n Su Xing… which only makes this BS that much more annoying…

    1. Guan Ying knows who he is, but Ruan Jin’er simply doesn’t care since she is so blinded by rage.

      1. Okay. I’m glad Guan Ying Ying got it. But… Ruan Jin’er is kinda pissing me off.
        I’m n9t a fan of these revenge retarded idiots.
        Justified? Probably, but her first impressions were god awful.

      2. “Great Saint Starkiller’s defeat sounded honestly somewhat unimaginable.”

        It’s not, though. The guy was ganged up on and he even betrayed the ones fighting at his side for a sudden power burst when getting it from killing one of his enemies should’ve sufficed (which would’ve, in turn, been easier with two others at his side. He’s an idiot and this loss was self-inflicted, so he deserves this haranging, if any.

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