Chapter 460: Caught In The Act?

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Great Saint Starkiller pretended very expertly. When he raised his head, the fury in his eyes already changed into devoted reverence.

Then, she lectured Great Saint Starkiller patiently and sympathetically.

Devil Ancestor Dark Nether suddenly interrupted them.

“What is the situation unfolding outside?”

“??” The confused Ming Die and the other three law protectors looked at each other. Very quickly, one of the law protectors walked out, and then he very quickly returned.

“Reporting to Devil Ancestor. There are two Demon Beasts, the Eagle Carp and Emperor Eight. Devil Star City’s cultivators are already capturing them.

“Truly strange. How can two types of different Demon Beasts be drawn over at this time of year.” An extremely elderly man of the four great law protectors spoke, his voice very hoarse, somewhat with like a flickering candle in the wind. 

“They are probably lost.” A large man’s voice was rough. Several Demon Beasts were not enough for him to care about.

The Black Turtle Territory’s sea area was vast, and the Demon Beasts in the depths were numerous. Sometimes, it a countertide occurred, some Demon Beasts would be drawn over, or perhaps if there was a sort of Spirit Grass, like the Ascending Dragon Fruit that the Ascending Dragon City’s palace had planted, that could make Demon Beasts’ cultivation increase by several hundred years, then many high rank Demon Beasts would be enticed. This was not odd at all.

“Ming Die, go check Guan Ying very quickly. It is possible this is a trap.” Devil Ancestor Dark Nether said in a low voice.

Ming Die was taken aback. She immediately understood the Devil Ancestor’s meaning.

Great Saint Starkiller’s expression also changed. He urgently wanted to go see Guan Ying, however, he forcibly suppressed this urge. Ming Die watched Great Saint Starkiller’s pious reverence, her eyes holding a slight sneer – truly an obedient dog, what a pity he still needs chiding.

Ming Die’s body turned into butterflies, scattering.

“Heavenly Commandment1, Elder Dried Bone,2 you two go assist Ming Die.” Devil Ancestor Dark Nether commanded.

A scholarly youth of fair complexion slightly nodded his head. Without saying a word, he disappeared into empty space. That spindly as dried firewood old man’s eyes burned with fire. His figure also instantly vanished.

Great Saint Starkiller did not see their body techniques clearly, and his heart was shocked.

This was a Supervoid Cultivator. He had thought that his own Supercluster Peak and Supervoid were only a step apart. Now, it appeared that one step was the difference between Heaven and Earth.

“Starkiller, with Ming Die, Heavenly Commandment and Elder Dried Bone, you need not worry about GUan YIng.” Devil Ancestor Dark Nether calmly said.

“Disciple does not dare.” Great Saint Starkiller answered very sincerely although an impulse to leave had just flashed through his heart.

This Taboo Hall was left with only three people, the final seemed to be a large man that was like a boulder, known as Merciless Stone Devil.3

“Step forward.”

Devil Ancestor Dark Nether continued to speak.

Great Saint Starkiller was in fear and trepidation. A dim light appeared on the platform, as if pulling apart the screen, partitioning a separate world. Great Saint Starkiller knew that there were Nine Firmaments Devil Star Chains and Evil Smiting Arrays strewn about. He walked past several platforms. There was still a distance of about a hundred paces from Devil Ancestor Dark Nether. The light faded, and Great Saint Starkiller was unable to take another step forward. Great Saint Starkiller felt this was strange, and upon closer inspection, his surroundings pervaded with a sort of odd pressure. Faint golden light glinted from time to time. This pressure really did not come from the difference in a Supervoid Cultivator’s intimidating Divine Intent, rather, a sort of very pure and direct, clearly visible and substantive power.

Great Saint Starkiller immediately felt that under this formless power, he seemed to have been restricted. The Prehistoric Spirit Treasure on his person was silent, making Great Saint Starkiller feel even more shocked.

“This is the Five Spirits Magic Metal Scroll Heavenly Book’s great power, ‘Earthly Extreme Metal Light First Magnetism,’4 that This One has cultivated. There is no need for you to be surprised.” 

“Devil Ancestor is unsurpassed for all time.” Great Saint Starkiller kissed up to him.

“There is no need for your pleasant words. This One has raised you for the purpose of comprehending the path after Transforming Star of Annihilation.” Devil Ancestor Dark Nether said.

Great Saint Starkiller’s heart was shaken. This meant that Devil Ancestor Dark Nether truly was breaking through Supervoid level and entering Transforming Star of Annihilation, and he was even possibly at the bottleneck to Transforming Star of Annihilation. “Liangshan’s countless cultivators were all unable to break through to Transforming Star of Annihilation. This One does not have much time left. The only possibility to break through to Transforming Star of Annihilation is solely to use the wish of Maiden Mountain’s Star Duels…” Pausing, Devil Ancestor Dark Nether apparently wanted Great Saint Starkiller to digest what he said. “You must know the significance this has for This One?”

“Disciple has shamed Devil Ancestor’s kindness. Disciple is truly guilty and deserves ten thousand deaths.” Great Saint Starkiller showed true fear this time.

“Three Heavenly Books. This One shall give you another chance.” A voice rose from the among the chains behind the screen. A point of golden light flew out from the screen. It was a small hill. “This Golden Magnet Divine Peak is a magic weapon This One has meticulously refined. It contains the power of the Extreme Earthly Metal Light First Magnetism within. This One bestows this upon you to confront the Purple Thunder Monster’s Evil Suppressing Gem Bamboo Swords.”

“Many thanks to Devil Ancestor.” Great Saint Starkiller was delighted. Taking out the Life-cast powers and magic weapons of Transforming Star of Annihilation cultivators, it was obvious that Devil Ancestor Dark Nether was staking everything on him.

“This ancestor now confers to you the chant. Remember it well…At the same time, This One shall teach you the Metal Scroll’s powers. Your learning is superficial. In the future Star Duels, there will also be benefits.”

“Disciple shall tread through water and fire to obtain the Heavenly Book for Devil Ancestor.”


“Sit straight for now, listen to This Ancestor’s chant.”

“As you command.”

Great Saint Starkiller sat cross-legged, settling in. In his mind, a golden light immediately radiated. His inherent last bit of concern for Guan Ying vanished like smoke under this power and chant.

Ming Die, Heavenly Commandment, and Elder Dried Bones rushed for the Huaqing Pool Palace that Guan Ying was at, their figures seemingly flying.

“Ming Die, you appear to still dislike Great Saint Starkiller.” Usually unable to leave Devil Ancestor, Elder Dried Bone stated his thoughts.

Ming Die did not cover her disdain at all, “Great Saint Starkiller is no more than a stinking brat who walked upon unexpected success. The very year he joined the palace, he was a cripple. As if his fortune today was not through relying on our patronage. This brat is now increasingly rebellious, how can he conceal that tiny thought from me.”

“Even so, Devil Ancestor still has use for him. His cultivation is at the peak of Supercluster, truly admirable.”

“Hmph. I just feel angry about this.”

So it was envy.

Heavenly Commandment cast a sideway glance, and he imposingly spoke: “Just to remind you, Great Saint Starkiller’s Star General is Guan YIng. After the Three Heavenly Books, you and I will be unable to deal with them sooner or later. At that time, if Great Saint Starkiller remembers today’s humiliation, you cannot regret it.”

Ming Die laughed aloud, the sinister chill in here eyes even more warped.

“If he makes a move, that is even better. A thousand years of Maiden Mountain, I have long wanted to pulverize this pretentious arrogance.”

“Could it be you are deliberately enraging him?”

Elder Dried Bone laughed.

“Devil Ancestor perhaps will not be pleased.”

Ming Die charmingly smiled, “Elder Dried Bone, Heavenly Commandment, your words are just wrong. A Star General as unruly as Great Saint Starkiller’s ought to have someone act the strict parent to warn them of their place, their status. Ming Die is merely acting as this strict parent. If Devil Ancestor truly blames Ming Die, then he can blame. How can Ming Die be unbridled.”

“So it turned out to be this.”

The both of them nodded.

It looked like not only Ming Die, but also Lord Devil Ancestor Dark Nether both eyed Maiden Mountain’s Star Generals covetously.

“This Old Man what flavor of Star Generals This Old Man’s ‘Marrow Devouring Great Array’5 has consumed.” Elder Dried Bone pursed his lips, his eyes showing an excited light.

“This is not simple. The Three Ruans have possibly sneak attacked. If that is the case, then we shall leave one of the Three Ruans for you to taste, Dried Bone. They took the initiative to attack This Palace, Maiden Mountain will not say anything.” Ming Die sneered.

“Then it is settled.”

The three great Supercluster Cultivators hurried towards the Huaqing Hall. Furthermore, at this time, Su Xing nevertheless was inextricably entangled by the berserk Ruan Jin’er.

Heaven Tearing was surrounded by Ruan Jin’er’s thousand Flying Swords. Sword Star held the Azure Sea Green Duckweed and attacked.

Su Xing felt a slight chill spread from his neck throughout his whole body. When the green rainbow exploded, Su Xing activated the golden lotus flower to finally withstand this. If it was against the defending Sword Star, she would only die even more quickly. A thought flashed through Su Xing’s mind. His body slightly leaned, and while he swayed, his right leg ruthlessly swept towards Ruan Jin’er. 

At the same time, he made the ice-cold floating duckweed result in failure, but the next second, Ruan Jin’er’s palm slammed onto Su Xing’s body.

Sent flying at the same time, Ruan Jin’er quickly forged onward, not giving Su Xing any chance to catch his breath.

The Su Xing floating in the air dodged by a hair’s breath. His long leg swept upwards like a sickle, accurately striking Ruan Jin’er’s shoulder, and making that heavy body lose her balance.

Su Xing suddenly noticed that after having gone through that battle with the black-clothed woman, regardless of his own speed, reactions, or power, there were massive improvements. That woman was a monster who appeared out of nowhere, and to be this powerful, she made Su Xing’s Battle Doctrine rise another realm.

Ruan Jin’er never expected the man before her could keep up with her own tempo.

She was but Matchless Fifth Stage. Even if she was not a pure martial general, she was not something an ordinary Star Master could keep up with.

Ruan Jin’er coldly advanced. Su Xing once again kicked back. This landed on the Azure Sea Green Duckweed Sword, and borrowing that massive recoil force, he turned his graceful position in midair into a somersault, then landing steadily on the ground with both feet.

“Fuck off!” Ruan Jin’er tossed the Green Duckweed, attacking.

Su Xing’s hands pinched together, sending Purple Mansion Immortal Thunder to counter. Immediately afterwards, his figure flashed, and like a falling meteor, a golden lotus lingered around his whole body. He appeared to be solemn, from when he sped up rising to when he fell attacking, the entire course of events was no more than two seconds. The words quick was incapable of describing this.


There was a world-shaking noise, and the air was ripped apart.

Su Xing furiously shouted, and a giant Buddhist palm mark pushed out.


Green Duckweed flashed, penetrating the Buddhist palm.

The green light flew directly towards Su Xing.

Just the instant Su Xing’s defenses were broken, the Sword Star did not stop her pace. With a stride, her left hand clenching her right wrist, within practically a second she was already in front of Su Xing’s eyes.

So fast.

This time, Su Xing’s awareness was unable to keep up with Ruan Jin’er’s revolt. An incomparably surly green wind exploded from her palm. Azure Sea Green Duckweed boomed, leaving him dizzy. The green rainbow unfolded, like a giant maw, about to envelop Su Xing’s body. There would be no chance to withdraw, flee, or even defend, an imposing aura that seemingly wanted to pulverize Su Xing in order to finally rest.  

Su Xing was powerless. His martial force had long reached a dead end. As expected, a powerful Heavenly Star like the Sword Star was not something he could face when she was truly angered, but that he could persist for this many minutes made Su Xing very satisfied.

Just when he was planning to use the Earthly Book and Four Symbols Seal, Guan Ying stepped forward to help Su Xing.

Just at this moment, Ruan Jin’er’s expression changed. An unresigned resentment appeared in her eyes, and she glared directly at Su Xing: “You will regret not letting me kill Guan Sheng today.”

“Letting you kill her is what I’d regret.” Su Xing shot back.

Ruan Jin’er took back Green Duckweed, sneering at the naked Guan Ying: “Guan Sheng, your private rendezvous, you have completely lost everything today, ha, ha.”

Saying this, Ruan Jin’er hastily used several talismans. The talismans dispersed, and the Sword Star subsequently vanished.

Not good.

Supervoid Cultivators have come.

For the first time, Guan Ying’s expression changed.

Regarding the chapter’s title, “Caught In The Act” is like it sounds: a couple has been caught cheating in an illicit affair.

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  1. 真命
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