Chapter 462: Maybe I Was Too Late To Say Goodbye That Day ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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“Chai Ling, Guan Ying wants to get rid of the Devil Star.”

Su Xing spoke of Guan Ying’s request.

“Get rid of the Devil Star? This Palace shall go investigate.” Chai Ling nodded.

“Does that Brave Star Great Blade Guan Sheng want to dispel the Nine Nether Devil Star Stone?” Xi Yue was astonished: “She actually is not very bad.”

“Even so, this does not make up for what she has done.” Zhang Feiyu coldly snorted.

Hu Niangzi’s eyes were filled with hate. Su Xing patted her shoulder.

Hu Niangzi knew his kind intentions and showed a sorrowful smile.

“It would truly great if the stone can be removed. We will have an even greater chance the next time we confront Guan Sheng.” Xi Yue said. The Five Star Great Blade actually was too defiant of the natural order. Before the Fourth Phase began, she was already very difficult to face. Only if they had their own Five Star Divine Weapon could they possibly be a match, let alone that the Nine Nether Devil Star Stone Weapon was too terrifying. One slash was fatal. Uncontracted Star Generals would Starfall into the blade, which was truly hair-raising.

“However, if Guan Ying truly removes the Nine Nether Devil Star Stone, that moment will be the time she Starfalls.” Zhang Feiyu chuckled: “Is she not afraid of Starfalling?”

“Rather than suffer and become such a sinner of a Brave Star, how is Starfall not a means of freeing herself. However, a contracted Star General is not allowed to do this.” Chai Ling muttered.

Only she herself could know a question like this.

Deep night, cool clear water, a full moon.

Su XIng sat in his room refining that Frost Flame. The bean-sized Frost Flame again was several sizes larger and even more concentrated. Perhaps it could battle a Star General after a little more time. The Gongsun Huang in the Star Nest still needed a few more days to be able to recover. Recalling the “Huaqing Pool” that Guan Ying used to quickly recuperate, Su Xing also pondered whether or not he should take some precautions, so as to avoid long times waiting uncomfortably in the Star Nest.

Su Xing walked out of his room. The heavens were adorned with myriad stars, the moon bright as a mirror.

Calculating carefully, it should be mid-autumn over on Earth now. Su Xing reminisced. Although he was already accustomed to fighting on all sides from his time in the military, deploying to peripheral regions and not being home for the whole year, that Su Xing could adapt so quickly after coming to Liangshan was because of this reason. But people were not plants. Who could be so ruthless, to even now from the very first Star Duel want to obtain the wish to go back.

A year passed in the blink of an eye, and then a century seemed to pass. 

Su Xing noticed that he was already incapable of bringing himself to separate from Lin Yingmei and the rest. Naturally, he had no capability to mention of returning, and he had unconsciously changed his wish from the Star Duels to helping the beautiful girls accomplish their long cherished dream of finally ending the cycle of the Star Duels. 

Boundless and vast, staggering along, through the bumps in the road, through the ups and downs.

In his distraction, Su Xing discovered that he had already changed…longing welled up in his heart, and he suddenly recalled an army song, a song about goodbyes that were too late. “ Maybe I was too late to say goodbye that day, I’m already stepping into the ranks of battle. All of my thoughts are bound in my backpack, and my army sack has tied up all of my conflicts. Gazing at the barracks is a short silence, the dove that flies over is reluctant to part. I hug my rifle tight against my chest, my gaze calmly staring at the plains. Ah! Maybe I was too late to say goodbye that day. Faraway kin, maybe you can understand. Ah! I was too late to say goodbye that day. To shout out the motherland, which is also so dear…” 1

The army song was loud and resonant, piercing the tranquil night, carrying a slight sadness that nevertheless did not let anyone feel sorrow. Liangshan Continent had never had a song conquer the Great Circle Castle.

The half-drunk, half-awake Konghou was suddenly a bit sober.

The charming Chai Ling stroked the Three-eyed Wealth Inviting Beast, her eyes half-shut. 

Xi Yue was entranced.

Zhang Feiyu thought, “Where did this evildoer come from? Completely going against the traditional modes of Liangshan Continent’s music, yet it was also composed so emotionally. Little Sister, quickly wake up and see your man…” Su Xing stopped singing. Only then did he feel he had been too passionate. He saw that the Great Circle Castle was absolutely silent, quiet enough for people to feel shaken. He wondered if he had disturbed everyone.

“The affairs of man are complicated, happy with time, sad when losing it. I know only that the purple seal cord is noble, I do not feel this is a dream of golden millet.”2 Recalling that dream of golden millet line from the verse, Su Xing disdainfully smiled.

The door opened, and Su Xing turned his head back.

Hu Niangzi wore water-blue palace dress. Like mist, she daintily entered the room.

“Wife, what are you doing this late?” This cliche phrase sounded rather ambiguous.

Hu Niangzi gently closed the door, taking Su Xing aback.

“Dear Husband, something heavy is on your mind?” Hu Niangzi walked over.

“I’m sorry, I’ve let you down.” Su Xing smiled.

Hu Niangzi slightly shook her head, sitting directly on the bedside. Red clouds flew across her cheeks, and her beautiful eyes rippled. Hu Niangzi laid upon the bed. The girl’s curves inherently were beautiful, and she was wearing a short skirt, underwear-like water-blue shirt (please see original profile for Hu Niangzi),3 muslin streamers, the figure underneath faintly discernible.

Light clouds left the mountain peak. Her hair sprawled chaotically over the bed, and her chest was half-exposed. The Bright Star closed her eyes, burying her head into the pillow. She gently bit her red lips, quietly laying there.

“Wife?” Su Xing walked over.

A watery fragrance assailed his nostrils, more beautiful than a butterfly, more clear than snow.

Su Xing had even thought that Hu Niangzi was uncomfortable. He subconsciously reached out his hand to touch her forehead. Immediately, he felt that he had done more than was needed. How could a Star General have a fever? However, Hu Niangzi suddenly fell onto the bed, her silence making Su Xing slightly worried and bewildered.

“Does Dear Husband not wish to ask Niangzi about what happened that night?” Hu Niangzi whispered.

When she said this, Su Xing grunted. “Why didn’t you…resist? Is it because I’m your contractor?”

Hu Niangzi shook her head, her long eyelashes shuddering.

“Because…Because…Because Niangzi has embraced her resolution for inevitable death.”


Su Xing was shaken.

“Ever since Wang Ying was Starfallen by Guan Ying, Hu Niangzi forced a contract onto Dear Husband for the purpose of avenging her…Afterwards, Niangzi learned that Dear Husband already has an Elder Sister he dearly loves…” Hu Nianzi’s voice was tender. Every sentence, every word carried a loneliness that made his heart hurt, an unlimited melancholy. “Niangzi only feels that she has exploited Dear Husband quite despicably…Niangzi does not have the face to see the other Elder Sisters…So at that time, Niangzi has decided to leave Dear Husband after revenge has been achieved, to not compete against the Elder Sisters, to not Star Duel against the Little Sisters…”

“So that night when I was drunk, when I treated you as Yingmei, you didn’t resist because you wanted to lose the Star Nest for your Starfall?”


Hu Niangzi opened her eyes. Her pupils were limpid, and she soft “yes” hiding grief.

“Yes, my ass.” Su Xing glared at her, lowering his voice and rebuking her: “You’re too foolish. How could you think to do such a folly. Could it be you absolutely want Dear Husband to say ‘How can I live if you die’ before you’re satisfied?”

“Dear Husband…” Hu Niangzi muttered.

“You, Yingmei, Xinjie, Siyou, Yuan’er, Suwen, Little Huang, Little Yi, Tangtang, Lianxin, and the other girls. You, all of you, every single one of you is a treasure in Dear Husband’s palm. Even when some bullshit mountain becomes a plain, when Heaven and Earth merge, Dear Husband will never leave any of you..” Seeing Hu Niangzi’s distress, Su Xing was even more hurt. He reached out and wiped away the tears in Niangzi’s eyes.  

“Niangzi knows…the moment Niangzi saw Dear Husband risk his life to protect her, Niangzi truly wanted to say…Dear Husband is so foolish!” Hu Niangzi said softly, her arms wrapping around Su Xing’s neck, bringing Su Xing’s head towards her chest.

“But Niangzi truly loved that so much!”

Her feelings burst out, surging out like a tide.

With no need for anymore words, all of her sadness, loneliness and loss were concentrated at this moment into a total outburst. 

The two of them embraced and kissed, deep and intimate.

Although she had already been this intimate with Su Xing once before, that time, Su Xing was in the middle of a hangover, dizzy, treating her as Lin Yingmei in a state far from as lucid as he was now. How could Hu Niangzi endure such a provocation. She only felt a burst of dizziness, allowing Su Xing’s lips to plant on top of her cherry red lips. The girl opened her mouth and sucked in his tongue, extended her snow-white arms to hold his neck. Su Xing also drew the young girl’s glossy lotus tongue in.

The blue underwear was gently undone.

The smoke-like skirt was peeled off.

Maiden Mountain’s most beautiful Star General was bashful tonight, presenting her most beautiful aspects for the one she called Dear Husband. She wore white silk beautiful stockings that had yet to be pulled down. That shallow valley trickled with a stream.

Hu Niangzi gently moaned. Her hands wrapped around Su Xing’s neck, and her jade legs clamped around Su Xing’s waist. Her body stuck to his. White shoots gently rocked, and a red plum pierced her heart.4

“Wife?” Su Xing could not endure. He let out a moan, his last question.

Hu Sanniang was shy against his chest. Her secret valley opened, and her legs wrapped even tighter.

Su Xing kneaded Hu Niangzi’s lower lips. He straightened his body and entered her, her tight walls making the both of them unable to help but moan. He ultimately reached her deepest softness without stopping, and she gently moaned in urgency. Hu Niangzi’s whole body was even more stiff. Their bodies practically were fused together. 

Hu Niangzi began to shake her waist, bearing Su Xing’s attack. She looked upwards, her bewitched eyes looking at the half-moon and starlight beyond the window, as if crying or sobbing about her hidden feelings.

Su Xing let out tender gasps. His hands forcefully grabbed her breasts, squeezing Hu Niangzi, launching an oppressive offensive.

Her melancholy began to change.

A flood spilled into her deep valley.

The moonlight outside was embarrassed and covered by the passing clouds.

A poem once said.

Beautiful jade bone, faintly lady-like, draws half an erotic sight, as if seeing something slightly shy. Infatuation washes over the soul, continuous feelings are eager, petals freely dance sadly, the knots of her skirt join for her lord’s gentle shot…5 Several times afterwards, Hu Niangzi already switched positions and was straddling Su Xing’s body. Her body laid resting atop his chest, quietly enjoying this passion.

Su Xing’s arms linked around her supple waist. His hands grabbed the front of her underbelly, and he rested his chin on her shoulder. He narrowed his eyes as he quietly savored the taste after their passion. The girl’s body had the subtle scent of that midnight fragrance. He felt every inch of softness on the girl’s whole body.

Every woman loved to be embraced tightly by her partner after climax, to feel this true bliss.

“What was the song Dear Husband sang just now? Is there another stanza that you did not sing?” Hu Niangzi peacefully asked.

“Do you want to hear the next part?”


Su Xing sang softly into her ear: “Maybe I was too late to say goodbye that day. I secretly folded the family book, instantly remembering my lovely hometown. So fond was I of that new moon, at this moment, how fine the world is. Longing accompanies me on the eve of the fierce battle, I use my life to decipher war and peace. My rifle pushes through a chest full of blood.6 Ah! Maybe I was too late to say goodbye that day. Faraway kin, maybe you can understand. Ah! I was too late to say goodbye that day. To shout out the motherland, which is also so dear, so dear…”

Hu Niangzi’s eyes streamed with tears. “Dear Husband’s song is so strange. Niangzi has never heard of it, but it is so moving…”

It was this goodbye-like song that made Hu Niangzi settle her resolution.7

“The name of Dear Husband’s song has a name?”

“It does.” Su Xing smiled, somewhat with bad intentions. “Maybe I was too late to say goodbye that day!”

“Maybe I was too late to say goodbye that day?” Hu Niangzi thought over the meaning, increasingly moved. She felt the arms of the man under her hug her tightly, and her heart was even softer then.

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  1. 也許那一天來不及告別,我已站進了出征的行列,背囊裹起所有的思念,背包打起那所有的情結,目送著軍營是短暫的沉默,飛來的鴿子也依依不捨,我緊緊抱著懷中的鋼槍,目光平靜的望著原野。啊!也許那一天來不及告別,遠方的親人你是否理解。啊!那一天來不及告別。喊一聲祖國啊,也是那麼親切, actual song, no known English, tl by me.
  2. 人事千頭及萬頭,得時何喜失時憂。只知紫綬三公貴,不覺黃粱一夢遊, poem by Su Shi, 蘇軾, who shares Su Xing’s surname. Again, this is an original tl by me…
  3. In the raws. Meaning on Qidian’s website, which is behind a paywall.
  4. More euphemisms, I think.
  5. 妍姿玉骨淡淡淑女色畫出一半春光猶見三分羞澀痴心蕩魄綿綿衷情切花瓣漫舞傷感裙結囑郎輕卸 Another poem for which I can’t find an English translation
  6. 也許那一天來不及告別,我把家書悄悄的折疊,瞬間回首可愛的家鄉,那麼留戀那一彎新月,這一刻世界有多麼美好。眷戀也相伴在激戰前夜,我用生命解讀著戰爭與和平,鋼槍壓進了滿腔熱血
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    1. Nailed it. I think part of her wished for Su Xing to reject her, but when he wholeheartedly accepted her, she just couldn’t bear to leave so easily. This starts to close the door on one part of Hu Niangzi’s character arc, which is to find new love. The next part is to resolve her vengeance.

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