Chapter 463: Guan Ying Elopes

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A decorated boat floated on the river with a swaying lantern.

On the sea outside of Devil Star City, a remote and fragrant pleasure boat floated on the ocean. The maids on the boat were like clouds, their hands holding swords, their clothes fluttering about. Standing against the wind, they made all cultivators who looked turn dumbstruck, however, not one of these Devil Cults or Devil Sects dared to be impudent. The boat had a banner upon which was written the two words “Great Circle.”

A cultivator with only even the slightest amount of experience knew who the master of this boat was – the master of the Great Circle Castle, Noble Star Little Whirlwind Chai Jin.

The Star General who inherited nine generations of Noble Star wealth and power possessed influence and riches that Liangshan Continent’s sects would all drool over.

However, the Great Circle Castle was hidden in a secret place. Up until now, no one was able to guess just how many cultivators stood watch over it.

“Chai Ling, just how many cultivators does the Great Circle Castle have?”

Inside the boat, there were beautiful decorations, scarlet rugs, furniture of every kind, all  made from superior mahogany, sandalwood, and eaglewood. There was the faint and pleasant smell of wood permeating the entire boat. The four walls hung several ink paintings of landscapes,with grandeur and majesty, with elegance and brilliance. The image stood out on the paper, and a glance showed each of these originated from the hand of a renowned artist, their values priceless.

Jinzhi and Yuye stood nearby. They steeped Cloud and Mountain White Robe, Creek Well Dragon Eye, and Phoenix Firmiana Bay Leaf teas, three of Liangshan’s Supreme Grade tea leaves. Each leaf was worth a thousand gold.

The entire interior of the boat was full of the teas’ fragrance.

Su Xing sighed that the wealth of Chai Ling’s Great Circle Castle could reach Heaven, and he was unable to help but be curious how great the influence of the Great Circle Castle was.

“Other than the state of the Great Circle Castle, This Palace does not know.”

“Elder Sister does not know?” The Hu Niangzi sitting nearby was skeptical.

“The Great Circle Castle has one hundred and eight leaders under its banner. This Palace has no interest at all and does not pay attention.”1 Chai Ling lay atop her sofa, charmingly rolling out her arm. The curves of those smooth and round peaks were highlighted under her milk-white bodice. The Three-eyed Wealth Inviting Beast mewed atop her bosom.

This generation’s Noble Star Chai Ling had a lack of interest in managing operations. She treated wealth as nothing more than a number. To Little Whirlwind Chai Ling, this was honestly very tedious, thus she did not exhaust energy wishing to participate in the Star Duel.

To become the first Noble Star to scale Maiden Mountain was interesting enough.

The queen gave Su Xing a lovely glance: “Why would you care about This Palace’s influence?”

“I’m very curious as to how it’s lasted for a thousand years.” Su Xing smiled.

“Xing’er’s question makes This Palace feel very curious.” CHai Ling gently fanned her Golden Thread Feather Fan.

Her snow-white legs poked out from within her skirt. That was enticing.

Su Xing recalled Hu Niangzi’s jade legs from last night. His heart somewhat stirred, and he continuously drank a mouthful of the Cloud and Mountain White Robe to calm his mood.

This Cloud and Mountain White Robe had a mind-calming and a qi-nurturing effect. As far as cultivators were concerned, this was a great supplement.

Chai Ling’s fan covered her red lips: “Last night, Xing’er certainly was truly romantic.”

“Cough, do you like to eavesdrop?” Su Xing was speechless.

“A coincidence.” Last night, Chai Ling heard Su Xing’s song and felt very refreshed and specially want to listen to more, but when she walked to his door, she contrarily heard the mellow intercourse of a man and woman. At that time, Chai Ling was thoroughly red and embarrassed. What a pity Su Xing did not see her spiteful appearance.

“This Palace wonders how many of the Sisters have given their virginities to Su Xing?” Chai Ling stroked the cat in her bosom. Her words made Jinzhi and Yuye unable to help but stare at Su Xing in shock.

Su Xing dryly laughed, only sipped his tea.

Chai Ling’s charming gaze carried a smile, as if she was saying “you honestly were pretending to be pure to This Palace’s face.”

Suddenly, the boat gently rocked a moment later.

Su Xing set down his cup. Even if he did not see, he could sense that someone had boarded, and this person’s leg strength was powerful, for a light step to rock the boat.

A beautiful figure whose whole body was obscured with a cloak walked into the boat. Taking off her cloak, she was a dignified and mighty woman. Her stature was tall, and she brimmed with power.

She was Brave Star Great Blade Guan Sheng.

Upon seeing Guan Sheng, the hatred in Hu Niangzi’s eyes was full. Her hands clenched tightly, nearly pouncing. Su Xing tenderly held her hand. When Hu Niangzi saw her Dear Husband’s concern, she kept silent, her anger calming enormously.

Guan Ying glanced at Hu Niangzi. She naturally had full view of her anger. The Brave Star was silent, and then she glanced at Su Xing, particularly at their holding hands. Then, she walked over and sat down on a mahogany chair.

“Elder Sister Guan Ying, are you well?” Chai Ling lifted herself from laying on the sofa.

“The previous matter at Evil Smiting Hall…”

“Insignificant. This is very common in the Star Duels. Who let Guan Ying also have her own  contractor.” Chai Ling was actually very open-minded.

Guan Ying was silent.

This time, Guan Ying had come alone, with Great Saint Starkiller nowhere in sight.

“You haven’t recovered yet?” Su Xing saw Guan Ying show slight fatigue.

It was no wonder. Although the Huaqing Pool could extremely accelerate recovery, fighting two battle consecutively in such a short time, Guan Ying’s recovery was difficult.

“That is not important. Can this Devil Star truly be broken?” Guan Ying cared about this. Ever since she learned from Su Xing that the power of the Crimson Star fell outside of the killer when the Nine Nether Devil Star Stone Weapon killed a Sister, that a different kind of power did not fall into Maiden Mountain and instead became a Devil Star, Guan Ying now felt disgust when saw her divine weapon that had once shook the world.

The Brave Star already was impatient to get rid of the Devil Star.

“It can. The Black Turtle Territory’s Endless Depths has an island named Nine Hells. That place can dispel the Devil Star.” Chai Ling answered.

“Endless Depths, Nine Hells?” Guan Ying nodded.

The Endless Depths was the Black Turtle Territory’s most terrifying sea area. It passed through the Nine Dragons Sea, and the Nine Hells was an even more dangerous place in the Endless Depths. THat place purportedly had a bottomless trench. Legend said that this lead directly into a Yin World known as Nine Hells. Although it was not too likely it actually led to the Yin World, it was possible for the Nine Nether Devil Star Stone to be removed at the Nine Hells.

“Guan Ying, have you considered this carefully?” Chai Ling asked. “Before completely recovering from inside the Star Nest, to go now to a place as dangerous as the Nine Hells, a Starfall is possible.” The queen warned her.

“So long as we can return the Sisters’ souls to Maiden Mountain, even if This General must cross a mountain of daggers and a sea of fire, This General will not hesitate to jump in.” Guan Ying righteously said.

Hu Niangzi sneered.

“However, the Nine Hells will take a long time to reach. What about Great Saint Starkiller?” Su Xing asked her.

“Devil Ancestor Dark Nether has most recently been instructing Great Saint Starkiller in an ability. He is currently cultivating. This General has made it known she is recovering at the Huaqing Pool and made other people unable to disturb. Four or five days is not a problem.” Guan Ying had finished her considerations.

After all, any way this was looked at, she had a hint of eloping with Su Xing behind her own Star Master’s back. This made the uprighteous Brave Star somewhat awkward. Thus, she snuck out. Su Xing though, “No wonder Guan Ying had even concealed her appearance just now.”

“This Palace will take you to Nine Dragons Sea, but afterwards, This Palace cannot participate in the Star Duels and will be unable to lend her strength.” Chai Ling said.

“This General thanks you.”

“No need to mind.” Chai Ling smiled. Her queenly finger poked the Three-eyed Wealth Inviting Beast.

“Hu Sanniang, if you want to kill This General for revenge right now, what complaints could This General have.” Guan Ying saw that deep hatred in Hu Niangzi’s eyes, aloof.

“How can Niangzi and you be the same. Only after you return the Sisters’ souls to Maiden Mountain will This Wife and you have a Star Duel, to settle life and death.” Hu Niangzi’s tone was resolute.


Guan Ying was stern.

“How is White Stripe in the Waves now?” Guan Ying asked.

“Her Elder Sister is looking after her. She’ll be better in a few these days.” Su Xing calmly answered.

Guan Ying nodded. Knowing the situation about her own status was awkward, she said nothing more.

Valley of Empress Wa.

Wu Siyou, An Suwen, and Yan Yizhen’s appearance in the valley made the thousand cultivators of the Ten Great Sects astonished. Particularly when she saw Harm Star Pilgrim Wu Song, Nangong Xing was even more unable to restrain her anger.

Without another word, she let loose her Flying Swords.

Wu Siyou elegantly stepped forward, her figure weaving her way through, shaking apart the Flying Swords. Instantly she arrived next to Nangong Xing. The Noble Frost Demonic Lotus Sword’s light flit by. Nangong Xing continually retreated, only finding a chance to breathe after tossing a magic weapon.

The Most High Path’s other disciples attempted to provide support, but they were easily broken into disarray by Yan Yizhen’s boxing. Even if some Flying Swords and magic weapons could luckily pass through, they could not escape the jaws of An Suwen’s green hurricane.

When Nangong Xing saw her side was completely not an opponent, she was immediately unsightly. Although she had Supervoid Cultivation, she did not have the confidence to contend against the Four Star Wu Siyou, let alone there were unexpectedly two great Heavenly Stars.

“Fellows, what are you still waiting for. This Yan Qing and An Daoquan are perhaps the Purple Thunder Monster’s Star Generals.” Nangong Xing shouted.

The other sects’ Ancestral Masters continually had spectating appearances. No one moved a finger.

After all, Wu Song and the Most High Path had the greatest enmity. That they themselves offended the Harm Star honestly was not too smart. No one was stupid enough to go do anything to a Four Star Wu Song. On the contrary, they watched Nangong Xing and Wu Song battle, their hearts watching her fire burn from across the river. They were eager for Nangong Xing to die in the process against a Star General, becoming more and more excited. By the time next year’s Alliance of Ten Conference convened, they could pull the Most High Path down from its high horse.

“Ancestor Longevity, Xuan Zhenzi, Lady Ice, Fire Dragon Boy…” Nangong Xing said each of the Ancestors’ names, her tone even colder. It appeared she was preparing to threaten them. “Your Sects all have Star Masters. If you wish to seize the key moment in the Star Duels, is it fine to let them go like this?”

The Ancestors of the Ten Great Sects looked at each other.

These words attacked their weak spot directly.

Golden light fell. A qilin appeared in the middle of everyone, and a powerful force made all the cultivators change expressions at seeing this qilin.

“You Star Masters wish to work together to bully Xiao’er’s Little Sisters? Xiao’er will play with you.”

Strength Star Jade Qilin Lu Xiao brandished her Golden Qilin Lance, slightly blinking, pointing directly at Nangong Xing.

“Lu Junyi.” Nangong Xing gnashed her teeth. “You also wish to interfere with my sect’s personal grudge?”

“Xiao’er does not care for your grudge, but if you want to bully Xiao’er’s Maiden Mountain Sisters, then you will have to pass through Xiao’er first.” Xiao’er’s figure moved. The qilin radiated golden light.

“What a Maiden Mountain Sister, truly not placing us in her eyes.” Nangong Xing grinned evilly.

“Fairy Nangong, it is better to leave things be. The Purple Thunder Monster is not present this time. Do not involve third parties in settling your personal disputes. Why not wait for the Purple Thunder Monster until then.” Ancestor Longevity advised.

“Very much so.”

Xuan Zhenzi and the others echoed.

Nangong Xing knew that relying on these trash Supercluster Cultivators to face three great Heavenly Stars was completely a dream. With Lu Junyi’s meddling, the original fifty-fifty situation was gone, and Nangong Xing had no chance of victory.

“Wu Song, tell that Purple Thunder Monster, the Ten Great Sects will never let him go.”

Nangong Xing left merciless words and immediately escaped.

The Most High Path’s people immediately followed. The other Sect Ancestors smiled in embarrassment and promptly left as well.

Facing these scattering cultivators, Wu Siyou and the others were in total lack of interest to pursue.

“Su Xing’s troubles truly are big.” Lu Xiao laughed.

“Not worth a mention.”

Wu Siyou pursed her lips, an ice-cold reply.

Author’s Note:

My blind date wasted my time, and my inspiration has been broken…Writer’s block for Guan Ying’s plot has appeared, still it’s about to be finished.

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