Chapter 468: The Brave Star’s Thousand Year Warrior Spirit

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The color of blood blossomed. The sound of a breaking dragon thundered. This small island was split into many cracks by the blood-light. The ocean’s waters surged, churning with rolling, bloody waves.

Everything revolved around a theme of “blood.”

“Blood Dragon Edge Dance!!”1

A refined young woman raised the Dragon Breaking Bloody Slaughter Saber, displaying her own most beautiful and most powerful aggression.

But the opponent did not stagger even a step. 

That body was extraordinarily heroic, like a god of war descended.


Was Brave Star Great Blade Guan Ying.

“Xinzi!”2 A seventeen or eighteen year old youth powerlessly knelt on the ground. He could only watch helplessly as the girl futilely struggled.

“Ranked ninety-fourth Level Star Iron Arm Cai Fu, you are too reckless.”

Guan Ying had a tone of voice that seemed as if she was chiding her Little Sister. Her footsteps slightly swayed, and she avoided that bloody saber technique. 

As that man hung between life and death, the ranked ninety-fourth Little Sister Level Star’s imposing aura was full. Guan Ying was somewhat impressed.

“Blood Dragon Edge Dance!”

Level Star Cai Xinzi was not to be outdone. The Dragon Breaking Bloody Slaughter Saber in her hand shrieked. Large shards of saber-light were like red needles.

Guan Ying’s hand gripped her great blade, and she suddenly attacked.

The surprise attack’s power crushed towards her as it carried the force of ten thousand catties. Its unstoppable power destroyed the Yellow Technique she thought had been grand.


Cai Xinzi’s face turned pale, and she looked helplessly at the great blade’s light.

Just at this moment, a shadow intercepted in front of her, acting as a shield. Even Guan Ying did not expect this sudden change. That too weak to even struggle youth had surprisingly charged over.

This young man was not a Star Master. Guan Ying’s brow wrinkled, and she promptly stopped. However, the Purple Brilliant Moon Slashing Blade’s edge and qi were tyrannical. The remaining burst of destruction was sufficient to leave a Stardust Stage cultivator an inevitable corpse.

“Zhu Jing!!!”13

Cai Xinzi screamed, feeling more frightened of this than her own death.


The blade-qi scattered.

The youth’s whole body was full of injuries, yet he unbelievably survived.

“Are you mad, why would you shield me.” Cai Xinzi lost all of her keenness and fierceness.

Guan Ying sheathed her blade.

“What is your relationship?” She asked.

“He has nothing to do with me.” Cai Xinzi ground her teeth.

Guan Ying pursed her lips. Her expression was heavy as iron, capable of sinking one’s mood into the powerful pressure of a depth of ten thousand zhang. After a long while, Guan Ying faintly smiled, “He is a good master.” She turned and left.

“You will not kill me?” Level Star Cai Xinzi was astonished.

Guan Ying did not even look back. She walked very leisurely, leaving behind a sentence. 

“Grow alongside your master. This General will naturally uprighteously experience Little Sister’s strength in the Star Duels.”

Cai Xinzi was at a loss for words.

Walking past this island, Guan Ying came to the beachside. She raised her head, and a Crimson Star already appeared in the sky.

“Come out then.”

Guan Ying spoke.

A slightly smiling man descended from the sky. He wore a black shirt and black armor, casual and at ease.

“Supercluster Star Master?”

Guan Ying looked at the newcomer, and her eyebrows rose. Hardly a year of the Star Duels had passed, but there was unexpectedly a Star Master with this kind of cultivation, unmatched by anyone. 

“Guan Sheng, as expected, your name is not in vain, righteous and majestic.” The man smiled and cupped hist.

“Have you come to die, or have you come to die. Or perhaps you have come to die?” Guan Ying’s hands cupped some seawater, washing her face.

“I wish to sign a contract with you.” The man said.

“Why would This General want to sign a contract with you?” Guan Ying moistened her throat,4 staring neither sad nor happy at this man.

Ever since she heard from Chai Ling that a top-notch Star Master had appeared in the Black Turtle Territory, Guan Ying had come here. This man was clingy and persistent, following her like a shadow.

His cultivation was indeed unmatched, but this was not at all able to interest the proud chief of the Fiver Tigers Generals.

Time after time they clashed.

Time after time, she made this man wander the edge of life and death without him cowering back at all.

Pretty good determination, it appeared that perhaps he knew in front of the Brave Star, any timidity or cowardice would naturally be a shameful self-destruct.

Today, this farce ought to end.

“The Star Duels do no care for good or evil, only life and death. Regardless of good or evil, there is only means of survival.” The man slightly smiled.

“By fair or foul means, this statement only baffles This General.” Guan Ying disdainfully curled her lips.

“Ha, ha.” The man smiled: “As you say. I also feel that regarding the Brave Star’s words, unscrupulous means are honestly disgraceful. So…”


“So sign a contract with me. Let us work together, grand and successful, use the Brave Star’s strongest power to crush all of the opponents in these Star Duels and become an unmatched overlord.” The man opened his hand, beckoning as if this generation of Star Duels was completely in his palm.

Guan Ying pensively smiled: “Why did you save him just now?” Against her blade qi from before, if it was not for this man’s intervention, that Zhu Jing would have inevitably died. She was very perplexed. Why would this man save another Star Master.

Was this from his sincerity? Or did he have some other plan? 

“He can sign a contract with the Level Star. Since this is the case, give them a chance. Being upright and frank without regret is even better.” The man smiled.

Guan Ying nodded, impressed.

“How about it, Great Blade, are you willing to sign a contract with me? Let us be strong together, to smile proudly in today’s Liangshan.”

“Yes, if it is this time, you can live under This General’s blade. This General will recognize you as Your Highness.”

Guan Ying gripped her blade in one hand, leisurely and freely, yet also exuding a bit of pressure.

The man did not dare be careless. Flying Swords of Starlight emerged.

“Right, This General true name is Ying, just the one word. What is your name?” Guan Ying raised her blade and asked.

“No name, the Devil Star Palace has previously conferred the title – Great Saint Starkiller!”

She was dizzy, as if she had fallen into a dream.

When she saw Great Saint Starkiller and Ming Die appear in front of her, Guan Ying reminisced about the scene of that time she signed her contract with Great Saint Starkiller.

It was vivid in her mind, meticulously etched in.

Powerful teamwork that crushed all opponents.

But everything had suddenly began to transform into something very illusionary, illusionary to the point she thought that was merely a dream.

“Ying’er.” Great Saint Starkiller tenderly said.

“Guan Sheng, you have truly made us wait for a while. Since you want the Nine Hells, just say so. We wanted to bring you to this place where the Devil Star is born, more urgently than you thought.” Ming Die mockingly enjoyed Guan Ying’s seemingly forever unbeatable mask. Today, the Brave Star would finally fall.

Maiden Mountain, can you see this?

You are no more than this, the Devil Star Palace can control your Star Maiden as it pleases.

Guan Ying’s brows twisted. 

“Ying’er, come back with me.” Great Saint Starkiller. “I know that everything has been difficult to bear for you, but the Star Duels are just this way, disregarding good or evil. There is only life and death, did you forget?”

“Your Highness, could it be you have forgotten, those words from that time when we said we would be upright and frank?” Guan Ying coldly said.

“Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha.” Ming Die laughed maniacally. “This is too ridiculous. Is the Brave Star so funny?”

“Upright and frank?” Ming Die calmed down. Her sidesplitting laughter was immediately followed by an extreme gloom, “Brave Star that has been uprighteously and frankly defeated, are you overdoing your honor? What qualifications do you still have to be upright and frank. As Ming Die sees it, your appearance is best to be a thousand year Devil Star to sweep across Liangshan.”

“Lady Ming Die.” Great Saint Starkiller was annoyed, his expression respectfully stopping her.

“Do you feel this is wrong? Great Saint Starkiller? When you have the strength to do so, then you can be upright and frank, then you can be the proudest in the world, but when you are being trampled down, you must understand one fact…You must have stronger power, even if it is unscrupulous. This is the Devil Star Palace’s rule.” Ming Die coldly said.

“Even so, This General will not use the souls of other Sisters to forge into her own Strength. This General disdains to use this kind of method to differentiate life and death. Instead of this, This General would rather Starfall.” Guan Ying shouted.

Ming Die was taken aback, she laughed despicably.

If it was not for Great Saint Starkiller’s hindrance, Guan Ying long would have wanted to get rid of this arrogant woman.

Sensing the killing intent in Guan Ying’s heart, Great Saint Starkiller wrinkled his brow.

“Great Saint Starkiller, you should have heard Guan Ying’s words. She would rather Starfall than use the Devil Star. This truly is ridiculously upright. Do you know what to do?” Ming Die seemed to be watching a play. She fiddled with a black Death Butterfly.

“Guan Ying, could it be you truly want to be so stubbornly wrong? Even if you use the other Star Generals, so what. They were inherently the enemy. It is obvious that they should become a stepping stone for our ascent.” Great Saint Starkiller was indignant.

“A stepping stone, huh…” Guan Ying closed her eyes, mulling over these three words. When she opened her eyes again, they were already firm as boulder.

“Perhaps This General has been manipulated by the Devil Star?”

“How could such a thing happen.” Great Saint Starkiller spoke without much confidence. Just now, he already realized the power of the Nine Nether Devil Star Stone. That absolutely was the nightmare of all Star Maidens.

“This General understands, but this time, This General is unable to comply with this order, no matter what.”

Guan Ying was tranquil and calm. She eyed the entrance to the Nine Hells. Her figure flashed, and then he charged.

Great Saint Starkiller’s heart went limp. How could he not know Guan Ying’s personality. Even if she had been defeated by that Purple Thunder Monster, there were still enough chances to wrest back the overlordship in the Three Heavenly Books and the Seven Stars Assembly. It could be said that Great Saint Starkiller naturally did not want to separate with Guan Ying, but the Devil Star Palace nevertheless thought differently. As the number one Devil Palace of the Black Turtle Territory, having painstakingly nurtured Great Saint Starkiller, any defeat was shame.

What Devil Star Palace demanded was overwhelmingly tyrannical power, to not bat an eye even if Star Master and Star General were to become walking corpses.

“En?” Ming Die thoughtfully watched Great Saint Starkiller, her eyes somewhat warning him.

Great Saint Starkiller grit his teeth, “Ying’er, come back with me, we can take our time with a decision.” His hands formed a hand seal. A black cloud covered towards Guan Ying.

Guan Ying spared no effort to brandish her blade. The Five Star Destined Weapon shattered the black cloud.

“Guan Ying, you would become enemies with me?” Great Saint Starkiller’s heart chilled.

“This General wants only to get rid of the Devil Star. Afterwards, she will naturally follow Your Highness in the Star Duels.” Guan Ying replied.

“Could it be we cannot go back for now to ponder over this?”

“This General will not comply.”

“I can only force you back into the Star Nest then.” Great Saint Starkiller struck a hand seal. THe Heavenly Cycle Changing Holy Swords were urged forwards, becoming scattering Starlights to trap Guan Ying. Immediately afterwards, he raised a magic weapon, and a black canopy filled the sky.

Just when Guan Ying was about to be rolled in, without any warning, green light stirred, completely breaking this black qi. The clear light sprinkled down, making Great Saint Starkiller feel disgusted every time he saw it.

Evil Suppressing Clear Light!!

Great Saint Starkiller raised his head in disbelief. Clear light already shot towards him, and he could only dodge.

When he saw the owner of the clear light, Great Saint Starkiller’s face was furious.

“It is you!!! Purple Thunder Monster!!”

“Great Saint Starkiller.”

Su Xing growled.

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  1. Yes, Holy Lord of Draconic Demon eventually obtains this
  2. 心紫
  3. 朱敬
  4. Don’t actually drink seawater.


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