Chapter 467: The Star Master That Ruan Jin’er Is Unable To Understand

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The Nine Dragons Sea’s edge had a black sea. This sea had neither wind nor waves, a frightening deathly stillness. At first glance, it was like a deep black abyss.

Thus, this sea was named the “Endless Abyss.”1 On the Endless Abyss was an islet, and there was a narrow mountain range. This chain had a giant ravine that emitted a fiendish qi. Its name was Nine Hells. 

At this time, there was a man and woman in the sky above the Nine Hells.

Great Saint Starkiller’s worried brows were deeply locked. He stared at the boundless everywhere, at this Nine Hells Island that was quieter than a tomb. He did not know why his heart had an indescribable discomfort. This irritated Great Saint Starkiller to no end because ever since he realized that Guan Ying had ran away to remove the Nine Nether Devil Star, they had arrived even more quickly from Devil Star Palace’s Taboo Hall via teleportation array to wait for their rabbit. Everything seemed to have been anticipated. 

The other woman wore a black palace dress. A Nether World Death Butterfly fluttered on her finger. Seeing Great Saint Starkiller’s worry, a mocking grin flashed across her face. “Great Saint Starkiller, your relationship with Guan Ying is normally so good, I never thought that at the most critical time that she would surprisingly betray you!”

“Ying’er is only temporarily confused.” Great Saint Starkiller’s expression was not at all sightly.

“I sure hope so.” Ming Die sneered. Her finger pointed, and a black banner flew out.

Seeing that black banner, Great Saint Starkiller’s expression became gloomy.

“If Guan Sheng has betrayed you, then you should know what to do.”

“Back to our other topic, I am still honestly curious as to how you and the Brave Star signed a contract.” Ming Die thoughtfully asked.

“Guan Ying, how did you sign a contract with Great Saint Starkiller?”

Su Xing curiously asked.

To narrate the story of Guan Ying and Great Saint Starkiller’s contract was a bit long. To summarize, her reply perhaps would be best left with this disappointing sentence. “He had sufficient ability to become This General’s Star Master.”2

On this point, Su Xing actually had the same feeling. Great Saint Starkiller was at Supercluster Peak. Across all of Liangshan Continent, he was generally considered the best. Su Xing himself had contracted ten Star Generals and was only Supercluster Middle Stage.

“By sufficient ability, you must mean the Nine Nether Devil Star Stone?” Hu Niangzi’s knuckles were white.

Guan Ying lowered her head, not uttering a word.

“However, now that you’ve gone and touched the Devil Star Stone, what’s the explanation you’ll give after you go back?” Su Xing asked her.

“Your Highness3 naturally will have to make allowances for This General’s kindness.” Guan Ying calmly said.4

Since this was the case, Su Xing said nothing more.

Just as they caught sight of the Endless Abyss, at this time, their three escape lights halted. Two Demon Beasts appeared on the ocean, and on the Demon Beasts stood two women.

They were Sword Star Ruan Jin’er and Defeat Star Ruan Mei’er.

The two had waited for a long time, and seeing Su Xing and Guan Ying appear, Ruan Jin’er sneered. Ruan Mei’er put down the picture book in her hand, and then a Dragon King Dagger appeared.

“Guan Ying, you would unexpectedly elope with a man? This is the famous and renowned Brave Star Great Blade Guan Sheng of unmatched loyalty? The chief of the Five Tiger Generals?” Ruan Jin’er laughed aloud. She pointed her unstably drifting green rainbow. She then looked at Su Xing: “You truly have good tricks as a man, to surprisingly be able to fool around with Guan Ying. Could it because you two took a married couple’s bath together last time?”

“Ruan Xiao’er, quiet.” Hu Niangzi coldly rebuked.

“Fort Master Ruan, we are helping Guan Ying this time to go help her destroy the Devil Star, to set your Little Sister’s soul free and return it to Maiden Mountain. Don’t tell me you’d stop us?” Su Xing’s tone sunk.

“Do you think I am like Guan Ying, that I would believe the words of a Star Master?” Ruan Jin’er disdainfully sneered.

“Ruan Jin’er, This Niangzi wants to kill Guan Sheng even more than you do, but for the sake of Wang Ying, This Niangzi can guarantee that Dear Husband’s words are absolutely true.” Hu Niangzi showed grief.

Ruan Jin’er smiled, “And so what if they are true. Now that Guan Ying is weak is precisely a good opportunity. Why would I miss this chance.”

“Don’t tell me you’d rather allow your own Little Sister become a Devil Star forged into that weapon?” Su Xing asked.

“Elder Sister.” Ruan Mei’er softly said.

Ruan Jin’er nodded. She shouted: “Stupid, the Devil Star Palace has long already been waiting for you at the Nine Hells. You think you can violate the orders of your Great Saint Starkiller? That a Star Master like you does not seize the chance to kill Guan Ying, yet would actually help her remove the Devil Star, is truly ridiculous to the extreme.

“Enough of the chatter. Guan Sheng, give your life!!” Ruan Jin’er furiously shouted.

A thousand Flying Swords chaotically descended without another word.

Her Star Beast Blue Waves Underworld Quail held a shield and sword in its hands, standing on the water.

When Ruan Mei’er saw her elder sister take action, she could no longer hesitate. Her figure swayed, and then she leapt a hundred chi, a Dragon King’s Thundering Roar emerging screaming from the Dragon King Dagger.

The sea waters parted.

Hu Niangzi’s double sabers intercepted. Five Stars swirled on the Golden Wind and Morning Dew, flickering miserably.

Sparks flew everywhere.

The Dragon King’s Thundering Roar tore everything to shreds.

Hu Niangzi counterattacked.

The Bright Star that had barely entered the Matchless Realm was like a snake, suddenly flying of the Blood Sweat Silver Hair Horse.

She then vanished.

Ruan Mei’er instinctively retreated backwards.

Ruan Mei’er saw Hu Niangzi standing at the place where she had been, nonchalantly waving her sabers. Blood from the blade wounds gouged into her shoulders gathered into droplets that fell onto the ground.

Rip…Ruan Mei’er’s chest split apart, revealing a wound that was neither deep nor shallow.

Ruan Mei’er pointed. The seas raised a stream of water, and at the same time, a ball of water gathered on her wound, instantly healing it.

“Ruan Mei’er, would you rather your own Sister be refined into a Devil Star?” Hu Niangzi asked, the droplets of blood evaporating. 

“Great Saint Starkiller will not allow Guan Sheng to renounce the Devil Star.” Ruan Mei’er flung the Dragon King Dagger.

A water dragon rolled over.

It firmly entangled Hu Niangzi.

Even more water dragons wrapped around her. Hu Niangzi’s figure rushed out, swift beyond compare. Light Smoke Dance Steps circled around to behind Ruan Mei’er, and the Defeat Star stabbed backwards, catching her weapon.

Without any sloppy movements, Ruan Mei’er’s line of sight was not even on Hu Niangzi’s body when the Dragon King Dagger suddenly attacked with an Azure Dragon, riding the wind and breaking through the seas, the blade qi tyrannical!


Without choice of advancing, Hu Niangzi’s double sabers blocked, facing her head-on. Several strands of her hair were severed.

Golden Wind crumbled.

Hu Niangzi leaned her body, and the Azure Dragon wind blew straight over, shredding the seas as if it was tofu.

“So it turned out to be this.” Hu Niangzi panted.

Hu Niangzi’s double sabers barely blocked this Dark Technique “Azure Dragon Breaking Eastern Wind.” Her whole body had been shaken numb, as if her four limbs were already paralyzed.

After drinking Bai Yutang’s Worry-free Without A Care, Hu Niangzi temporarily could not feel the pain, yet she felt her body was stiff.

So powerful.

Defeat Star Living King Yama made Hu Niangzi not dare lower her guard.

Bright Star Ten Feet of Blue’s double sabers trembled, and she was finally able to move.

Ruan Mei’er could only watch, neither sad nor happy, “If you and your master do not want to work with us to kill Guan Sheng, then today, you will be buried here along with your foe. Are you truly resigned to this?”

“Dear Husband’s decision, Niangzi does not have any complaints. But…Ruan Xiaoqi, you can leave your big talk until after you kill Niangzi.”

Hu Niangzi smiled and abruptly vanished.

… “Guan Ying, you go to the Nine Hells yourself. I will help you stall them here.” Su Xing used the Immemorial Flying Swords to entangle the thousand Flying Swords, turning his head to shout to Guan Ying.

Guan Ying straddled the Guanghan Red Hare. She struggled for a moment, not saying a word, about to crash her way through the two Ruans.

“Thinking of running??”

Ruan Jin’er did not hesitate at all to use Curtain Flower Canopy Shadow Reversed.

The seas manifested hundreds of duckweed. Under Ruan Jin’er’s Divine Intent, they simultaneously slammed towards Guan Ying.

The edged green rainbow was like a hurricane.

The green rainbow shattered, and a horse whinnied.

Guanghan Red Hare charged out of the green duckweed, its hooves thundering. Surprisingly, she completely blocked Ruan Jin’er’s Dark Techniques.

The Blue Waves Underworld Quail let out an ear-splitting scream. It gripped its large sword and swung downwards. Endless seawater gathered around the Blue Waves Underworld Quail to form an unblockable fury overflowing the heavens that pounced on the Guanghan Red Hare.  

Guan Ying’s figure flew out. She glanced at the Red Hare that battled the Blue Waves Underworld Quail, biting her lip.

A green light twisted over.


Su Xing intercepted in front of Guan Ying. His hands twisted, flung outwards, and a bowl-sized Purple Mansion Immortal Thunder flew out from his palm. After flying directly downwards a hundred chi, it abruptly exploded. Millions upon millions of tiny Purple Thunder meteors soared into the sea. Immediately afterwards, they reflected as a chain. From beneath the sea, the millions of thunderbolts broadsided. The Purple Qi unexpectedly surged upwards, the power several tens of times greater than before, shocking to anyone else watching.

A Heavenly Spirit Astral Treasure “Star Opposing Mirror” 5 flew around Ruan Jin’er’s surroundings. The mirror released a thousand zhang light, unexpectedly suppressing Su XIng’s full-power Purple Mansion Immortal Thunder.

“Go.” Su Xing spread his Divine Intent. On one hand, he blocked the Thousand Flying Swords, and on the other, he stalled Ruan Jin’er, which was very taxing.

“Many thanks.” Two words burst from the cracks of Guan Ying’s teeth. She grabbed the Purple Brilliant Moon Slashing Blade and cut her own way through, sweeping away all of Ruan Jin’er’s obstructions. The Azure Sea Green Duckweed was futile and powerless to the Five Star Destined Weapon.

In the blink of an eye, Guan Ying’s figure turned smaller and smaller.

Ruan Jin’er wanted to give chase, but suddenly, a hurricane paused.

Then, she heard a phoenix cry.

A roaring flame surged. Gongsun Huang had already emerged, standing atop the Di Nü Heavenly Phoenix.

Gongsun Huang cocked her head, her extraordinarily refined eyes sweeping across everything. The Pinebrand Ancient Sword again released several Star Magics to attack Ruan Mei’er.

Ruan Mei’er was forced back.

Hu Niangzi ducked and swooped down, her double sabers dancing. 

Bloody wounds quickly bloomed on Ruan Mei’er’s underdeveloped chest, but before there could be eneve bigger wounds, Ruan Mei’er already healed completely.

Both sides were seemingly at the peak of confrontation.

The Two Ruans were unable to break through Su Xing’s group of three. Ruan Jin’er’s face was unsightly.

“Star Master, do you not realize you are digging your own grave?” The Sword Star looked at Su Xing, itching to pull him apart and grind his bones. She had never seen such a stupid Star Master, to unexpectedly let go of a chance in front of him to help a Star General.

“Could it be you are so resolved to do this to your Little Sister?” Su Xing was very disappointed.

“Are you serious?” Ruan Jin’er was shocked, feeling disbelief.

“Who would joke about his own wife’s matter?” Su Xing was deadpan, the twenty-four Flying Swords revolving about.

Ruan Jin’er’s thousand Flying Swords swayed with the wind. The Sword Star hesitated indefinitely. “Hu Sanniang, is this your thinking?”

“Niangzi is not like you, who would ignore their own sister’s soul being smelt into a Devil Star.” Hu Sanniang answered. The feelings of sadness and tenderness in her eyes stared. The hurt came from how despicably her Sisters had died, the tenderness from the gratitude that Su Xing could help her.


Truly insane.

This Star Master truly was fucking bullshit.

“The Nine Hells can remove the Devil Star, but it can also corrupt Guan Ying even more thoroughly. Do you actually believe this Guan Sheng is still that supreme martial general unmatched in loyalty? Ever since she contracted with the Devil Star Palace, she had already fell onto the path of depravity. You surprisingly have faith in her, and Hu Sanniang, you unexpectedly even support your master.”

Corrupt even more thoroughly.

Su Xing wrinkled his brow. Just at this moment, an enormous black cloud surged up from the Endless Abyss’s Nine Hells, as if it was covering the heavens.

Ruan Jin’er’s face suddenly paled, and her eyes showed unreconciliation. She stowed all of her killing intent, and she very fiercely glared at Su XIng, “Now, I will let Great Blade Guan Sheng trample over your ridiculous naivete.”

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  1. 無盡淵
  2. The same answer as any Star General and Star Master.
  3. 主公
  4. Basically telling him to mind his own business, I think.
  5. 逆星鏡


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