Chapter 50: Dragon’s Obscenity

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The Blooming Water Dragon let out a heart-rending cry, its entire body under attack by lightning-fire and icy frost. Finally, it could bear no more and fell right where it was, and the icy fog that shrouded the atmosphere diffused away.

The atmosphere surrounding the two was so tense that they did not dare breathe, did not dare relax in even the slightest, fixing their gaze on the dragon’s each and every move. Su Xing panted heavily, for this Firebolt Sword was truly not easy to use. This Heavenly Lightning Art nearly exhausted his Star Energy.

The deep and low “Hou–” sobbing of the dragon reverberated throughout the hall, a sound that moved the heart. After the cold mist covering the place dispersed, the  Blooming Water Dragon raised its slender and long body, its mouth spewing a savage breath, a pair of dragon eyes fixed completely upon them.

Gong Caiwei’s expression changed, and Su Xing silently cursed. This ancient Demon Beast simply crawled back up under the combined attacks of two people. The dragon took to the air, opening its mouth to spit out another Water Thunder.

“Go!” Gong Caiwei dodged, flying away. With a subtle hand seal, the Five Styles Burning Phoenix Hairpins shot towards the Blooming Water Dragon with a whoosh. This High Grade Artifact nailed into the dragon’s body, igniting a dark flame. However, this was already considered nothing to the Blooming Water Dragon. The dragon hissed, and with a splash, the Water Thunder forced the two to flee with great difficulty.

The Blooming Water Dragon was thoroughly infuriated. Its body coiled in the air, launching a high speed assault.

The dragon’s powerful pressure pressed towards them from head-on, its dragon tail sweeping away. A powerful force whipped upon the two’s bodies, slamming them heavily into the hall’s walls. Subsequently, the Blooming Water Dragon turned into a cold light, rushing directly at Gong Caiwei.

Gong Caiwei had been rendered dazed and unseeing by this toss from the dragon. When she returned to her senses, the dragon had already appeared in front of her. The color drained from the Immortal Hero Princess’ face. A cold light crossed the room, and the flying sword Tracing Snow acted as a barrier.

Hè!!” 1

Gong Caiwei violently spat out a great amount of fresh blood, her internal organs seemingly about to split open. The dark red blood dyed her purer than snow clothes a deep crimson. The Blooming Water Dragon’s sharp claws tore towards Gong Caiwei, and the Immortal Hero Princess’ pupils shrunk, as if she had given up all hope.2

Just at this moment, a claw hook entangled the Blooming Water Dragon’s talons. In a moment of peril, the one who acted was none other than Su Xing.

Su Xing tugged hard on the “Shark Claw Hook,” instilling his remaining Star Energy into the hook. It was just that this Nebula Intermediate Stage Artifact was simply a decoration to the wrathful Blooming Water Dragon. The Blooming Water Dragon hissed, and its sharp claws tore ferociously. Unexpectedly Su Xing was pulled together with the Shark Claw Hook and sent flying, slamming heavily into the wall.

However, Su Xing’s intervention gave Gong Caiwei time to react. The girl’s double-edged sword rose, a cold light that pierced snow stabbing into the dragon’s pupil. Then narrowly escaping with her body arts, she became like an approaching smoke.

The Blooming Water Dragon cried an even louder screech that even the main hall could not bear.

Water Thunders filled the sky in Flower Dragon Hall, stirring a violent storm of water.

Su Xing only felt that all the bones in his body were nearly broken. It was unbearably painful, and seeing this landscape only brought new waves of pain.3 Sure enough, this ancient Demon Beast could not be rashly challenged, for how could they ever get past its imposing air.

Gong Caiwei landed beside him, expressing gratitude to him, “Quickly block this Blooming Water Thunder, otherwise we both will die here!”4 She tapped an Astral Bag and more than a hundred talismans came screaming out, but without waiting for the talisman’s spells and techniques to activate, the Blooming Water Dragon’s Water Thunder cleanly destroyed a great portion of the talismans.

Su Xing did not have enough time to tend to the pain in his body. At this time, he did not expect that the several hundred Ice Break Talismans he obtained from the Heavenly River Sword School’s blue-clothed youth would have a pivotal role. Along with Gong Caiwei, Su Xing threw out every single Ice Break and Splashing Fire Talisman he had.

As the Blooming Water Divine Thunder swept past, it wiped out half of the talismans, but there was still the other half that activated. Immediately, countless icicles and fireballs under the control of Su Xing’s Divine Intent covered the sky and earth as they overflowed towards the Blooming Water Dragon.

Gong Caiwei waved her white hand, and at the same time, threw out several hundred talismans. The talismans turned into a twisting wind, entangling the Blooming Water Dragon. This woman truly was rich, for these hundred talismans unexpectedly were “Wind Kill,” making this toss cost several tens of thousands of liang of gold.5

Under the consecutive attacks of icicles, fireballs and twisting wind, the already heavily injured Blooming Water Dragon constantly bellowed in suffering.

Su Xing seized the opportunity to quaff down a Return Spirit Liquid without leaving a single drop. If this damned animal still did not die, then he would really be powerless. Even if he were to use the Blaze Refining Saber right now, he still did not have any extra Star Energy.

Su Xing cursed, tossing out a dark red fragrant handkerchief, and the fragrant handkerchief multiplied several times in size without warning, turning from a small handkerchief into the size of a rug. Under Su Xing’s control, the fragrant handkerchief spiraled around the top of the Blooming Water Dragon’s head, rotating clockwise.

Su Xing spat out an incantation, his hand seals shooting out a red light that struck upon the fragrant handkerchief.

The fragrant handkerchief went faster and faster, until finally, it was already indistinct, becoming a dark red cloud of miasma.

“Magical Fire Cloud Fragrant Handkerchief?”

Gong Caiwei went blank, looking at Su Xing in amazement. This guy really had too much Star Energy. He was at Nebula Early Stage yet he could use several artifacts in succession. This was really unfathomable, but Gong Caiwei had not much time to think, for at this moment, the most important thing for Su Xing was that the more favorable his position to take action, the better. Recognizing this, Gong Caiwei also replenished some magic energy and used, with great difficulty, an artifact to help out.

The hundred talismans were nearly all depleted, and the Blooming Water Dragon was as it was before, suspended in midair. Completely covered in cuts and bruises, these low level talismans barely posed a threat to the ancient Demon Beast.

Su Xing seized the opportunity to chant, “fall.”

The red cloud above the dragon immediately shot down with a crash, thoroughly wrapping the Blooming Water Dragon in a surging and turbulent dark fire cloud.

“Not good!!”

Su Xing’s expression changed greatly. This Magical Fire Cloud Fragrant Handkerchief seemed to be just like a leech, unceasingly absorbing Su Xing’s Star Energy. All of his Star Energy that was not under his direct control was sucked away. How could he have not anticipated that this Nebula Stage Artifact would unexpectedly be more fearsome than the Firebolt Sword and the like. Not only was his Star Energy being rapidly absorbed, his physical energy was also being chipped away, and it was too late to stop even if he wanted to.

Once the Blooming Water Dragon was trapped, it was rolled up.

Until Su Xing’s Star Energy was completely depleted, only then did the Magical Fire Cloud Handkerchief seemingly reluctantly recall its fire cloud, becoming a red light that shot into Su Xing’s Astral Bag.

The Blooming Water Dragon was indeed unreasonably vicious enough to make their hair stand on end. It unexpectedly still had not fallen, however, the Blooming Water Dragon fortunately could no longer spout out any more Blooming Water Divine Thunder. Its haggard and bruised body’s movements had also begun to slow down. The Blooming Water Dragon snarled, scratching towards the Su Xing that already completely did not have any defensive strength left.6

Currently, Su Xing did not even have the strength to stand. His eyes stared hopelessly at the rushing Blooming Water Dragon, silently shouting miserably.

“Su Xing!” Gong Caiwei shouted.

A graceful and delicate figure drew him into her embrace. With a tap of her toe, Gong Caiwei avoided the Blooming Water Dragon’s attack and then flew to the ledges and walls of the great hall.

“Hold tightly onto me!!”

His head was covered by Gong Caiwei’s full and elastic bosom, and Su Xing subconsciously hugged Gong Caiwei’s upraised butt.7

Red clouds flew across Gong Caiwei’s face. Gritting her silvery teeth, it was too late for misgivings. She exhausted all her strength to fully use her light movements to avoid the Blooming Water Dragon’s snapping jaws. Fortunately, this ancient Demon Beast had been repeatedly pounded to the point it already had no strength left to spit out Blooming Water Divine Thunder, otherwise, these two would have been done for a long time ago. That this ancient Demon Beast at its dusk would be so difficult to deal with had been far from being considered by Gong Caiwei.8

The maiden’s snow lotus body scent made Su Xing slightly open his eyes, regaining just a bit of strength with great difficulty. However, the positions of Su Xing’s head and hands did not change.9 Gong Caiwei’s tender body was indeed soft and comfortable such that he could not bear to part from it.

“Caiwei, we better escape quickly.” Su Xing panted heavily. At present, the two were arrows at the end of their path.10

“No!” Gong Caiwei was resolute.

“Then whatever other artifact you have, you’d better use it quickly.” Su Xing thought she still had some finishing blow left.

“This Gong has nothing left…Do not randomly move your hands…” Gong Caiwei was indignant.11

The Blooming Water Dragon suddenly exerted some strength. Gong Caiwei narrowly avoided it, but Su Xing grasped her soft flesh so firmly she almost thought of throwing him down. However, recalling that Su Xing saved herself once, she endured it. She, Gong Caiwei, was not a fickle person.

“Your artifact just now already inflicted serious damage upon the dragon. Next, we only have to wait for it to exhaust its strength!” Gong Caiwei calmed her mind. Suddenly, the Blooming Water Dragon swung its dragon tail at them, throwing Gong Caiwei into the wall. Su Xing was not too concerned when he saw this. Holding her body tightly, he turned, becoming a human sandbag against the wall. He also knew that, right now, he could not let Gong Caiwei suffer injury, otherwise the two would inevitably die like lovers12 and become the Blooming Water Dragon’s lunch.

This violent impact stuck the two’s bodies even closer, with Gong Caiwei’s supple chest pasting itself directly onto Su Xing’s face.9 Liangshan Continent’s clothes generally covered less, so once Gong Caiwei’s white skirt was touched by water, her underwear became visible. Such a heavy impact also made Gong Caiwei’s lovable body shake. She almost let out a tender moan; this was still the very first time she had been close to a man in this way.

This bastard’s mouth definitely must be torn up in order for this to work.

Gong Caiwei cursed, and Tracing Snow flew over to disperse the Blooming Water Dragon’s speed.

And just like this, within the Flower Dragon Hall was staged the emulation of a farce. Whenever the ancient Demon Beast Blooming Water Dragon rose in defiance, Gong Caiwei would throw out a few talismans or use Tracing Snow to hold it back. Fortunately, that Tracing Snow was a God Weapon and trump card that had several times turned peril into safety.

Su Xing had his strength very cleanly removed by that monstrous Magical Fire Cloud Handkerchief. Though he wished to help, he was unable to. He could only hug Gong Caiwei’s side and point out a direction to avoid the Blooming Water Dragon.

Seeing this pair’s escape sequence, Su Xing did not know whether to laugh or cry. This outcome was only brought about by the two working together as one, and switching to Gong Caiwei doing things alone was simply a death sentence. This was also the first time Su Xing experienced the terror of an ancient Demon Beast, and even if he were to die, he could not despise it.

And so they chased each other lethally like this for some time, and even Gong Caiwei was gradually overdrawing her energy. Her movements became slow while the Blooming Water Dragon was about driven mad with resentment. It was an ancient Demon Beast, yet it unexpectedly seemed as if it was a cat or dog chasing them, which was indeed a great humiliation.

At this moment, the Blooming Water Dragon stopped, its entire body trembling incessantly. Things looked to be more or less as Gong Caiwei had anticipated. This dragon had used up most of its energy after its frenzy, for its age was old, after all. It was also beaten half to death by two people, and now, it had chased them for a very long time. The Blooming Water Dragon had reached its limit, and it thought of fleeing back into the lake water, only to discover that Gong Caiwei had frozen it over in advance. Right now, it had lost even the strength to shatter the ice.

“That dragon has stopped?” Su Xing said.

Gong Caiwei also stopped, her chest heaving up and down with a fatigue unbearable. Su Xing only saw her gaze turn upwards. At this time, the Blooming Water Dragon became increasingly strange, for it straightened its body as if to fight once more.

Its two cheeks swelled, rising and falling, clearly wanting again to spray out Blooming Water Divine Thunder.

This time, the two’s faces were extremely dejected.

If it really spouted out Blooming Water Divine Thunder, then they really were about to die as a couple.

“Could it be we are about to die like a happy couple?”14 Su Xing sighed. The Water Escape Divine Talisman was useless in the Flower Dragon Hall, otherwise they still could flee.

Gong Caiwei’s gaze was fixed on the dragon.

At this moment, Su Xing noticed the Blooming Water Dragon did not seem to be about to spit out Water Thunder, for its mouth did not have lightning.


The Blooming Water Dragon suddenly opened its mouth, and a pink liquid sprayed out.15

“Not good, what this animal sprayed was sex fluid!!!”16

Gong Caiwei was deathly pale, even more alarmed than when she had saw the Blooming Water Divine Thunder, or it could be said she would rather that be Blooming Water Divine Thunder.

SFX: Shua! (Rustling)17

The pink liquid rained down completely onto the pair’s bodies without the slightest bit of concern.

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  1.  喝, used before as an SFX to denote a shout, in this context, she’s coughing.
  2. No shit, bitch. This is the consequence of going in half-cocked.
  3. KAKYOIN!!
  4. It’s no use. I think my injuries are fatal.
  5. I am heavy weapons guy…
  6. The-O, ugoke!
  7.  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
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  10. 強弩之末
  11. So she prefers his hands on her ass and his face sandwiched between her breasts, after all!
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  16. 陰*液
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