Chapter 51: Spring Dream With No Traces ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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The Blooming Water Dragon had also been pushed to desperation, in the end suddenly unleashing an aphrodisiac sex fluid from when it would be in heat.1 Right after, this ancient Demon Beast incapable of holding itself up anymore dangled its head with a thud. Laying on the ground, it seemed that it was so exhausted that it died.

“This goddamned beast!” Gong Caiwei’s whole body trembled, her face completely white.

The pink fluid had sprayed onto her body. Immediately, an intense lust surged like a tide throughout her mind. Su Xing only felt that the blood in his body at that moment was burning, and he could not stop the impulse gathering in his lower half that seemed to want to break out of his body.

“If you dare to do something beastly to me, I definitely will not forgive you!” Gong Caiwei clung obstinately to her will, using a decisive gaze to stare at Su Xing, as if looking at a man with the heart of a beast.

The incorruptible and refined Immortal Hero Princess was an utter mess right now. She could barely use Tracing Snow to prop herself up and prevent herself from falling over. Her legs clamped tightly, her flesh already appearing to flush a bright red, and her breathing was gradually growing rapid and labored.

The liquid trickled down along Gong Caiwei’s thigh. Her beautiful eyes contained passion, a lustful tide rippling again and again through her body bubbled forth.

Gong Caiwei tightly clenched her teeth, but her body already no longer obeyed her will, for the ancient Demon Beast’s aphrodisiac carried its ferocity. Even though the world’s first-rate aphrodisiac pill was merely so, if these two people still had some remaining Star Energy, then there would have been something to be said. However, fighting a great battle with the Blooming Water Dragon had already made each other completely spent. Resigned to their fate, their energies had already reached their minimums. She had been bitterly guarding her will for not even a few minutes, but Gong Caiwei was almost already at her limit.


Her white hands covered below her crotch as she at last sank down, incapable of enduring anymore. With both hands, she tore open her own long skirt, those snow white undergarments sticking to the girl’s most secret places. She panted again and again, as if complaining, as if sobbing.

On the other side, Su Xing fared somewhat better than she. The training of the Chaotic Tail Escape let his willpower gain superhuman levels of valiance. If it had only been this dragon’s sex fluid by itself, that would have been fine, but upon seeing a sweet, great beauty before his eyes lying down on her side full of desire, it was as if a pitiful man had suddenly glimpsed an erotic picture of something intimate. That sort of provocation was fatal, like adding oil into the middle of a fire, making Su Xing’s willpower immediately collapse. All of his reason crumbled away, and all of his lust was released.

Su Xing pressed himself onto Gong Caiwei’s body. Feeling the burning passion of a male’s chest, as if she was grabbing onto a life-saving branch, Gong Caiwei embraced Su Xing, their red lips sticking to one another in a fervent, unbridled kiss.

The overlapping collar of Gong Caiwei’s clothing was torn open. A cute, immaculately white bodice2 was lifted up, and two towering, perfectly round mounds broke free from their restraints, bouncing out from within. Those two fresh, tender, and solid points of beauty being in the air was stunning. With one hand, Su Xing ruthlessly ravaged that plumpness, using his lips to suck away at them while his other hand grabbed her well-rounded, supple butt and kneaded it wantonly between his fingers. From time to time, he would use more strength to sample Gong Caiwei’s sweet, beautiful moans.

Clothes flew away as if they were snowflakes. Just as Su Xing’s other hand3 was about to erase the girl’s secret flower path, he suddenly heard the sound of sobbing resound. This sobbing that could not be heard in the midst of the girl’s moans even added a different sort of flavor. The already completely burning with desire Su Xing did not care for it either, but his lips finally kissed a salty, moist liquid.

Su Xing stared blankly, only seeing that the Gong Caiwei without a thread covering her body had her whole face completely streaked with tears. As she frantically kissed, she also despairingly sobbed…

Heavenly River Mountain Cliffs, night had already fallen.

The Water and Land Assembly was already approaching its end. The Flower Dragon Cave whirlpools were currently gradually becoming weak, as this magnificent scene in both the skies and the ground was disappearing.

Lin Yingmei suddenly felt flustered, as if her stomach was being pressed down upon by a large rock, leaving her somewhat unbearably fidgety.

“Little Sis Yingmei, relax, Young Master is very clever. When there really is a danger, there will be a resolution. We mustn’t worry too much.” Wu Xinjie comforted her.

Lin Yingmei furrowed her brow. There was some sort of external matter causing her heart to be tightened to the point she could not breathe.4 

“Zhu Sha, the Immortal Hero Princess was never here for the Blooming Water Divine Thunder this time around, was she? Just what is she planning?” Wu Xinjie’s heart was somewhat bored, so she asked the towering, statuesque Zhu Sha on her other side a question.

Looking at her now, she discovered the always expressionless Leader Star had also exposed a rare look of anxiety.

Seeing Zhu Sha did not reply, Wu Xinjie changed her question: “Then can you always tell me she has self-confidence?”

Zhu Sha grunted in confirmation.

Wu Xinjie twitched her lips.

Suddenly, the middle of the sky issued a crimson light. The three Star Maidens lifted their heads in succession, and in the galactic chessboard above, one star emitted a crimson light, just as if another new Star General had been born.

“This is bad. So soon and already we are almost exceeding half the number of Crimson Stars required. Looks like the ‘Birth Outline’ is about to start, and it seems that we must accelerate the advancements in the Young Master’s cultivation to make this work.” The Knowledge Star muttered to herself, not knowing why her heart was somewhat apprehensive.

Inside the Flower Dragon Hall.

Gong Caiwei’s tears were just like a bowl of cold water dumped right on top of Su Xing’s head. The two faced each other. That humiliation, resentment and grief in her expression was like a needle stabbing into his heart. Seeing that girl’s hurt appearance, Su Xing’s heart shivered.

Just what was he doing???5

As a soldier of the Republic, just what was he hoping for???

Seeing Gong Caiwei like this, just what was he looking forward to???

Resisting his exploding desire, Su Xing grabbed her shoulders with both his hands, kissing once more Gong Caiwei’s supple lips. The girl’s emotions immediately flared up, only this time, Su Xing was not indulging himself. He bitterly guarded his willpower so as to absolutely not humiliate the Republic’s soldiers, but how could he believe that he could break free from the dragon’s sex fluid. Su Xing’s mind flashed by, and he immediately used the Heart Like Mirrors Absolute Sincerity Soul Technique.

His consciousness momentarily entered an unprecedented lucid state, and quite a few refreshing streams of air flowed past his entire body’s meridians. His surging impulses and desires unexpectedly had an indication of ebbing. Su Xing saw that there was hope, and then he continued to completely throw himself into the middle of the Soul Technique of the Heart Like Mirrors.

“Appearances are empty, empty are appearances, no appearance and no emptiness, the heart has not greed by its side…”

Reading the Mirror’s incantation silently in his mind, he began to return, and Su Xing slowly felt his own body was increasingly tranquil. A pink mist spouted from his pores as Su Xing’s flushed skin also slowly returned to its normal color, and by his kiss, Su Xing’s mental state was passed on to Gong Caiwei.

The despairing Immortal Hero Princess also felt a sort of peace passing through her with kisses one after the other pacifying her whole body.

Her pink, tender and moist flesh began to subside.

Although it was still a kiss, Gong Caiwei was no longer feeling filled with humiliation like before. Even more came from the tranquility of her own heart, and the girl’s kisses became softer.

The two were kissing and embracing just like this, connecting their feelings exactly like lovers.6

A cloud of peach flower fog swirled about, and the two finally lost all their strength as well as their consciousness.

An erotic dream with no traces!7

When Su Xing finally woke up again, Gong Caiwei was dressed tidily by his side deep in thought. Her torn long skirt had already been exchanged for a new one, and her white clothes purer than snow were quite free from vulgarity. Imagining an untainted fairy’s suave and placating style, Su Xing really felt he was in a dream. Finishing inspecting his lower half, it was quite clear that that sort of out of date Wuxia plot did not occur.

Su Xing pretended to be disappointed as he sighed.

“Why!!” Gong Caiwei abruptly asked coldly.8

Su Xing was blank. What do you mean why?

“Why?!” Gong Caiwei gritted her teeth.

Seeing her expression carrying a quantum of resentment, Su Xing immediately understood in a flash.

“Don’t think only your chastity is important? I’m still looking forward to giving my virginity to the woman I love, when both sides consent. I don’t want my first time doing this sort of thing to be weeping endlessly and disappointed. I’d be impotent afterwards…”

Gong Caiwei subconsciously wanted to slap some sense into this man’s unsealable mouth. Her hand stopped midway, watching Su Xing’s not in the least concerned expression as an indescribable feeling of being touched arose from the bottom of her heart.

“Thank you.”

She whispered softly.

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  1. The censors were crazy, so I decided to give up in favor of good taste.
  2. 肚兜, Chinese bodice, an undergarment that covers the stomach and breasts.
  3. Not actually a hand, if you know what I mean ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  4. The first wife always knows!
  5. Ravishing a young lady!
  6.  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) The flag has been raised.
  7.  春夢了無痕, Spring Dream also means “Erotic Dream” ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  8.  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) So she wanted to be ravished by Su Xing…Not!


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