Chapter 540: Thoughts

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The entrance of the Nine Dragon Palace onto the scene could be said to be gorgeous. An imperial cart drawn by nine dragons treading upon red lights rolled over. From a thousand li away, people could hear a wind that was like a dragon’s roar, making cultivators gasp in amazement even from afar. 

However, other than this Heavenly Spirit Astral Treasure “Nine Dragons Shifting Star Cart,”1 Shi Jinglun showed nothing ostentatious this time. 

Inside the cart.

Shi Jinglun sat upright and still, poised and elegant. Beside her similarly sat a young woman of classical and picturesque charm. Compared to Nine Tattooed Dragons Shi Jinglun’s nobility, the young woman’s simple elegance appeared even more admirable.“Qingci, what do you feel about the Double Sevens of this Treasure Banquet?”

“Qingci does not believe something like this that can break the rules would exist.” Qingci gently shook her head, pensive.

Shi Jinglun thought so as well, “From the information, apparently this is to counter the Purple Thunder Monster. However, regardless of fact or fiction, we still cannot lower our guard.”


“Perhaps only you and Young Lord Tianya can participate in Supervoid Banquet.” Shi Jinglun cast a sidelong glance at Qingci. She inwardly pondered that Qingci’s Uprising was truly formidable. Without training any Star Energy, she had already reached Supervoid. A Star Maiden’s innate Star Energy was unlike a cultivator’s that could determine rankings of martial force. Rather, it was used to maintain combat endurance, and this was the reason why Star Masters were important. However, Shi Jinglun did not care very much at all. Star General battles often were settled in several dozen bouts, or with a Heaven, Earth, Dark, Yellow, or with a fatal strike. Her current cultivation was sufficient to handle a hundred bouts. 

But to face against someone like the Purple Thunder Monster, that truly was a “full effort turn.”2 “That Su Xing Star Master, Qingci, just how do you plan to deal with him?” Shi Jinglun asked.

Qingci hesitated indefinitely. Her calm and graceful expression was a bit flustered upon hearing Su Xing’s name. Shi Jinglun had never seen Qingci show such loss of self-control before. 

“Qingci, I certainly feel you are somewhat irresolute. That man is a Star Master, you must not forget this.”

“Qingci understands, but Su Xing’s influence, Jinglun, you know as well that the Uprising far surpasses Your Servant. Even if Your Servant wanted to, she would be helpless against him.” Qingci softly said.

“So you just accept a compromise?” Shi Jinglun’s tone carried a trace of harshness: “Even so, Qingci, whether your Uprising can ascend in the Seven Stars Assembly is still an unknown variable. Even if there are no issues, he is a Star Master. Sooner or later, you will face each other as enemies. That man’s thoughts are cunning. How can you not know this.”

“Su Xing once said to Your Servant that his aim is to end the Star Duels, the same as Your Servant.” Qingci was not at all endorsing him. Since this was so, perhaps after ascending Maiden Mountain, they could make a stand against Maiden Mountain at the same time.

“I definitely do not believe that man.” Shi Jinglun tightly pursed her lips. She recalled that man had not only robbed her, he had even extorted her Yellow Dragon Pearls. Towards Su Xing, Shi Jinglun did not have a very favorable impression.

If it was not for Qingci hindering her own thinking, Shi Jinglun at that time in the Black Turtle Territory would have absolutely turned Su Xing to dust.

“Could it be that JInglun does not have faith in the eyesight of Lin Chong and Wu Song?” Qingci smiled.

These words made Shi Jinglun’s heart pained. The Majestic Star Lin Chong and Harm Star Wu Song who had never signed a contract in a thousand years surprisingly served the same Star Master. This was practically unprecedented. In the Eighth Star Duels, the pair had previously worked together to bring about a marvel where they killed all Star Masters.

Indeed, this was a mess of things.

Shi Jinglun assessed this. “This generation’s Lin Chong and Wu Song are merely so. I wonder where that Su Xing came from. If it was not for him, you inevitably would have changed these Star Duels. Now, that man is unfathomable. He is completely without background, as if he had dropped out of the sky.3 He truly is aggravating, to have completely signed Lin Chong and Wu Song away. Otherwise, with their aid, what have our Sisters’ great achievement to worry about.”

“Dropped out of the sky?” Qingci sweetly smiled.

“What is the matter? Did I say something wrong?”

“Jinglun’s words truly are apt. Your Servant has always felt that she had seen Su Xing somewhere before, and now Jinglun’s words have reminded Your Servant. It seems there was that sort of drop from the sky, a fleeting acquaintance.”

Seeing Qingci’s smile. Shi JInglun was taken aback. In the end, she shook her head: “Qingci, it seems you have been bewitched by that Purple Thunder Monster. If Qingci is still unclear about that man, then I do not plan to join your Uprising in the end. Even if I have to destroy everything.”

“Your Servant has her own plan.” Qingci said.

Shi Jinglun nodded. Her expression still had a bit of trust.

“This Treasure Banquet will have an abundance of precious stones that the Black Turtle Territory does not have. This is perfect to allow Skilful Star Jade Armed Craftsman Jin Qiongyu refine jade as she pleases. After this, by the time our Sisters’ Star Weapons are upgraded to Five and Six Star, we will have a good chance against the Purple Thunder Monster. At that time, Qingci, you must make your decision.” SHi Jinglun indifferently said.

Qingci was silent.

“Back on topic, last time you went to find Dai Chao,4 I wonder if you were able to find her? I seem to have not seen that Little Sister.” Shi Jinglun curiously asked.

“She has her own movements in the Treasure Banquet, so as to avoid drawing attention. She must be playing around right now. This Little Sister’s personality is certainly a bit carefree and unrestrained.” Qingci smiled, a bit eager.

“Oh?” Shi Jinglun’s eyes glinted. Intrigued, she said: “Does it not appear very easy then for Qingci to convince her to join the Uprising?” Shi Jinglun was very clear that let alone that the “Uprising” could create a magnificent achievement never before seen in Liangshan Continent’s history, but in the nine cycles of the Star Duels, the majority of Star Maidens had all been seen. The words “end the Star Duels” sounded beautiful, but to make Star Maidens hand over their own honor rather than simply their belief, that was very difficult.

Of course, Shi Jinglun actually was very confident in Qingci. However, the only reason she did not sign a contract with Qingci was because she felt that one person in the light and one in the dark was far more advantageous in the Star Duels. Shi Jinglun had always like this sort of “willow trees make the shade, flowers give the light” strategy.

“To chase this Little Sister has indeed made Qingci waste must effort. Fortunately, Qingci anticipated her movements in advance. Qingci shall have the other Sisters wait along the way. In the end, we will convince her.” Qingci seemed to play things down, but the process was perhaps very complex. Speed Star Magic Traveller Dai Zong’s speed was absolute in Liangshan. One would break their legs before catching up to her.

However, there was still a Star Master in the past that persistently chased her and finally moved the Speed Star into signing a contract.

“Once you bring Dai Zong into the fold, our power will increase again. With Dai Zong’s speed, we will have nothing to fear of the Purple Thunder Monster’s escape technique.” Shi Jinglun sneered.

“By the time of the Treasure Banquet, we will go our own ways. If you encounter the Purple Thunder Monster, Qingci, you must not falter.” Shi Jinglun reminded.

Qingci grunted. This was considered her response.

“Elder Sister Siyou really is amazing. You beat the Magnificent Star into utter defeat, to the satisfaction of everyone.” Shi Yuan and Wu Siyou walked out of the training hall. The Thief Star was still reflecting on the battle just now. Shi Yuan was happier than Wu Siyou, who had won.

Wu Siyou was not as relaxed as her. As a top-notch martial general, she could sense Hao Bingxin’s keenness in battle, “The Magnificent Star has comprehended her Earth Rank Special Move. You must not be fooled by her.”

Shi Yuan was startled. “Earth Rank Special Move? Elder Sister is kidding.”

Although comprehending Earth Rank at the current stage was not strange at all, with Shi Yuan having seen Lin Yingmei and the other top-notch Star Generals comprehend Earth Ranks, those were forced out under the pressure of a True Phoenix martial general. Shi Yuan did not feel that apparently doll-like girl from just now would encounter an opponent like a True Phoenix Realm.

Wu Siyou glanced at Shi Yuan, her expression seemingly saying – Do you feel that Your Servant would kid around?

Shi Yuan was speechless.

“That Star Master is Supercluster Late Stage, and the aura about him is very strange. He appears to have experienced a tribulation.” Wu Siyou’s eyesight was astute. A cheap trick that was as clumsy as a disguised hog eating a tiger was useless against the Harm Star. With just a glance, she could discern that Ye Futu’s aura was not at all like the mainstream of the Azure Dragon Territory. On the contrary, it was full of an ancient presence, as if he had come from the White Tiger Territory.

If this was the case, then it would be inevitable that the Magnificent Star would comprehend her Earth Rank.

“That Little Sister is truly sly, to have Earth Rank yet surprisingly not use it. Was she only probing Elder Sister Siyou?” Shi Yuan said indignantly.

Wu Siyou was expressionless.

“But, as if we should care about her. Yuan’er has memorized her, and the next time we see her, This Young Lady will definitely have her know Su Xing’s might.” Shi Yuan giggled.

“Yuan’er, this is the Crystal Dragon Palace, you had better pay attention. Do not cause trouble.” Wu Siyou’s tone carried a slight Elder Sister’s doting. “There are many adepts here, so let us avoid bringing trouble to Lord Husband.”

“Yuan’er wants to do something, too.” Shi Yuan scratched her head, “Yuan’er isn’t like Elder Sister, who can protect Su Xing with martial force. Even Su Xing is stronger than This Young Lady. There’s so much stuff in this Treasure Banquet, and Su Xing has to raise so many Elder SIsters is very tiring. Yuan’er wanted to help Su Xing ease the burden.”

“Oh, you. Your methods always were shameless.” Wu Siyou shook her head.

“Elder Sister Siyou, relax. As a very professional thief, This Young Lady will only steal from those that are most destructive and most loathsome, so as to avoid them hurting people.”

“Sophistry.” Wu Siyou poked Shi Yuan in gentle anger.

Shi Yuan’s eyes then straightened. “Elder Sister Siyou, you look pretty when you smile. You really should smile more. This way, Su Xing will definitely be head over heels for Elder Sister Siyou.”

“How did you learn Lord Husband’s glib tongue.” Wu Siyou glared at her.

“Hee, hee, Elder Sister Siyou has truly changed a lot. Before when we first met Elder Sister, Elder Sister had even wanted to kill Su Xing. At that time, Yuan’er was angry to death and really wanted to fight you to the death.” Shi Yuan giggled, “Now, Elder Sister Siyou is so warm, Yuan’er loves you to death.” She intimately hugged Wu Siyou’s arm.

“Have I?” Wu Siyou was astonished. The word “warm” was somewhat distant to her.

“Su Xing is truly fortunate to have an Elder Sister as warm as Siyou.” Shi Yuan nodded with certainty. She then eagerly asked: “However, Elder Sister, just when will you be willing to sign a contract with Su Xing? As long as you don’t sign a contract, Su Xing will always be somewhat uneasy. Elder Sister is already husband and wife with Su Xing, why do you not agree to sign a contract? Yuan’er really doesn’t understand.”

“Don’t tell me that in reality, Elder Sister Siyou’s heart still doesn’t want to give her life to Su Xing?” Shi Yuan earnestly asked.

Wu Siyou was calm, but from that tranquil expression, Shi Yuan clearly saw that the Harm Star’s heart had already given her life to Su Xing.

Seeing she could not glean an answer, Shi Yuan just gave up.

When the conditions were right, success would naturally follow. Perhaps Elder Sister Siyou needed a turning point like she herself did? Shi Yuan remembered the scene from before when she signed a contract with Su Xing, and her heart bubbled forth with warmth.

“Elder Sister Siyou, Yuan’er will go help Su Xing look for information first.” Shi Yuan said. Her black silken figure instantly vanished into the crowd.

Wu Siyou stared for a moment. Her white finger teased a lock of black hair that flowed in front of her bosom.

As she was thinking, she suddenly heard a warm laugh from beside her.

“Younger Sister Siyou??”

Wu Siyou turned her head and wrinkled her brow. She saw a tall woman wearing a red cap and flowery dress standing before her.

Holy Mother Qi Xia.

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  1. 九龍移星車
  2. 使勁輪, this is a pun on Shi Jinglun’s name.
  3. Oh, boy, she doesn’t know just how correct she is.
  4. 戴超, Speed Star Magic Traveller Dai Zong


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