Chapter 543: Long Nü’s Heart

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“Ming’er.” When the Holy Lord of Draconic Demon saw that Fan Ming had been injured by Zhang Qing’s hidden weapons, his heart was furious. The Nine Phantasms Ten Banes Capital Demon Sword became demonic shadows that pounced down with howls, obstructing Yan Wudao’s Flying Swords.

Featherless Arrow Zhang Qing pursed her lips. She raised her white hand, and the hidden weapons then whooshed over. Zhang Qing recognized herself as the king of concealed weapons. Among all of Maiden Mountains’ Sisters, she alone was the champion, and even the Five Tigers Generals needed to be vigilant. Against Demon King of Chaos, Zhang Biluo was completely unafraid.

Demon King of Chaos Fan Rui continuously suffered through several Underworld Stones, and her injuries became even more severe. Fan Ming’s eyes were a through red, and a baleful aura erupted from her black armor, “Do not look down on Your Servant, Zhang Qing!!” Fan Ming roared. She opened her arms, and her Star Beast, “Demonic Heavenly Bat,”1 was a giant black-winged monster bird that appeared similar to a bat. This beast opened its long, blade-like wings and attached itself to Demon King of Chaos’ back. The Demonic Heavenly Bat let out a shrill screech, releasing a black cloud. Then, wisps of black qi gathered on the Five Chief Demons Infernal Devil Claws. The thin claw tips appeared, and the black qi became a demon. Myriad wisps of cold smoke and thousands of wisps of black qi flew about behind Fan Ming, covering a hundred li of the expansive East Sea in a dark cloud.

Zhang Biluo paused and she hastily called forth the Asking Directions To The Underworld Stones.

A devilish sneer.

Fan Ming’s hands clapped together. That cloud of smoke and black qi instantly launched as ten thousand arrows covering the worlds as it attacked Zhang Biluo. The East Sea’s skies instantly plunged into absolute darkness.

The dense black qi thoroughly sealed Zhang Qing’s escape routes.

This was the Earth Rank Technique that Fan Ming comprehended amidst her dire straits.

Soul Flying Sword Dispersal!!!2

The black smoke was a sword midway in a transformation into a demon. It was like something that flew out of hell, and each strand of black qi brimmed with consciousness as they roared towards Zhang Biluo. 

How could Zhang Qing evade this.


Yan Qudao flipped open a talisman. Immediately, the ninety-nine Coping With Undergoing Rebirth Swords drew a protective sword array. Eighty-eight of the Flying Swords gathered in a circle, blocking the black qi. The confinement formed a powerful sword array. A dark bridge appeared, and Zhang Bilou did not hesitate to move backwards, sitting upon the Green Bird.   

There was the sound of the sky seemingly be ripped apart by a giant hand, startling all the cultivators in a hundred li into sheer fright.

The Soul Flying Sword Dispersal’s countless explosions broke with sky devastating tidal waves.

The Holy Lord of Draconic Demon was delighted. He had never thought that Ming’er would comprehend her Earth Rank at this time. Just as he was about to shout his joy, thinking that killing Yan Wudao would be a cinch. How could he have expected that when the black smoke faded, that Yan Wudao’s hand held the Six Paths Plate, unexpectedly withstanding the dark sword array with its protection. Furthermore, they had lost track of Zhang Biluo.

Not good.

The Holy Lord of Draconic Demon’s heart was astonished. He heard Li Xiangfei yell, “Holy Lord, be careful.” The River Dragon swapped to the White Night Dragon Carving Sword, and a white dragon blocked a hidden weapon.

In the air, a green shadow hovered. Zhang Biluo had already reappeared.

Featherless Arrow snorted. She spread her fingers, the Asking Directions To The Underworld Stones flowing.

Fan Ming lowered her head to look at the wound that a hidden weapon had punched through her chest. She was powerless to reverse the situation and returned to the Star Nest.

“To have surprisingly injured Wudao, watch this hidden weapon.” ZHang Biluo was enraged.

The Holy Lord of Draconic Demon did not expect Featherless Arrow to be so powerful. His two Star Generals had been suppressed into somewhat sorry figures. He was vexed, and he currently hesitated. Just at this moment, a loud shout came from the horizon. “Stop!!”

Four figures flew over in succession.

They were the four Great Law Protectors of the Devil Star Palace.

“Wudao, stop for now.” Ancestor Longevity said.

Only then did Zhang Biluo begrudgingly stow her hidden weapons.

“Elder Dried Bone, True Lord Heavenly Commandment, Corpse Devil Ruthlessness, this is…” Let alone that Ancestor Longevity was only Supercluster Peak, he was very experienced. In succession, he called out the names of the Devil Star Palace’s Four Great Law Protectors.

Elder Dried Bone was an extremely aged old man, True Lord Heavenly Commandment was a refined and elegant youth, and Corpse Devil Ruthlessness was a cold, sinister man. However, Ancestor Longevity was nevertheless startled to see the last Law Protector.

Ancestor Longevity was already aware of Ming Die’s death, but the Supervoid Early Stage Law Protector in front of him wore a black robe over their whole body. There was practically no breath, as if this was a dead person.

“He is This Palace’s newest Law Protector – Fiend Star.”3 Elder Dried Bone narrowed his eyes as he smirked.

That Fiend Star still had no presence at all.

“The Devil Star Palace truly is the Black Turtle Territory’s number one Great Sect, to have a succession of Supervoid Cultivators.” Ancestor Longevity was inwardly shaking in fear.

“Ancestor Longevity, you truly are long-lived. We hear that those in the Azure Dragon Territory’s encirclement of the Purple Thunder Monster have all died, yet you still escaped.” Elder Dried Bone mocked as he stroked his thin mustache.

Ancestor Longevity’s face was thicker than a fortress wall, otherwise how could he have lived this long. “Heaven has shown great care for This Ancestor, nothing more.”

“Is that so? Then this Treasure Banquet is yours?” Elder Dried Bone coldly sneered: “That Path of Life and Death has not come? This Old Man had even wanted to take this chance to seek a fight from him.”

“Ancestral Master Life and Death will arrive afterwards. At that time, Elder Dried Bone naturally can find a duel with him then, but be careful later on.” Ancestor Longevity retorted.

Both sides were a powder keg ready to explode.

“Ancestral Master?” Yan Wudao wrinkled his brow.

“Wudao, this Treasure Banquet is not a Star Duel. Leave things at this. Elder Dried Bone, what say you?”

“Fine, the Lifeless Hall truly has an outstanding spine. Five Star Featherless Arrow, even This Old Man would have to run away. Ha, ha.” Elder Dried Bone declined to comment, his words softened.

Although Holy Lord of Draconic Demon was indignant that Zhang Qing killed Ming’er, he knew that this place was the domain of the Azure Dragon Territory. At any time, the Azure Dragon Territory’s Star Master could take action, and besides, that Five Star Featherless Arrow was a thorny existence. Without breaking through to Supervoid Stage, the Holy Lord of Draconic Demon did not have the confidence. Besides, Fan Ming’s unintended comprehension of her Earth Rank Technique actually was not considered a total loss. His heart cleared, and his face still had a sneer, maintaining a bit of poise.

Li Xiangfei retracted her Star Weapon with an ice-cold expression.

Zhang Biluo pursed her lips. Featherless Arrow had not a single misgiving about these sect cultivators, but Yan Wudao was already without the heart for battle. She could only stand down.

Both sides parted on bad terms, making those who had waited expectantly for the spectacular scene of two top-notch Star Masters from Great Sects greatly disappointed.

Su Xing was currently a bit embarrassed. He had forgotten his agreement about the THousand Year Gem Bamboo for the Dragon Clan, and all of them had been exchanged for Hu Niangzi’s Five Star materials. Now, there was not even the slightest residue.

“Ha, ha, Fellow, you are not about to tell Your Servant that you do not have your things? This will make things somewhat difficult for the Crystal Dragon Palace.” Long Nü’s elder sister put on a fake smile. Although their counterpart was a Supervoid Cultivator, this was the Crystal Dragon Palace’s domain. If there actually was someone who bluffed the Crystal Dragon Palace, then they would pay a heavy price.”

“Your Servant was not careful and sold the Thousand Year Evil Suppressing Gem Bamboo.” Su Xing confessed.

The smile of Long Nü’s elder sister froze. “Is Fellow jesting?”

“This Thousand Year Your Servant does not have, but Your Servant still has a chunk of Ten Thousand Year. Your Servant wonders if this would suffice?”

Long Nü’s elder sister was shaken. The whole body of the apathetic Long Nü quivered.

Ten Thousand Year Evil Suppressing Gem Bamboo!!!!

Long Nü’s elder sister nearly screamed. She looked at Su Xing’s nonchalant expression as he pulled out that bamboo, and she nearly went mad. This was but the Ten Thousand Year Evil Suppressing Gem Bamboo that was extinct in Liangshan Continent. Even the Crystal Dragon Palace had never auctioned this before in several centuries.

“Are you truly willing to bring out the Ten Thousand Year Evil Suppressing Gem Bamboo?” The tone of Long Nü’s elder sister shook, not daring to believe in such a good thing.

“En.” This little stalk of Evil Suppressing Gem Bamboo was of no use to Su Xing. The Evil Suppressing Clear Light of the Ten Thousand Year Evil Suppressing Gem Bamboo could restrain the Devil Cultivation of the Black Turtle Territory, and it was perfect to make the two sides of the Azure Dragon Territory and the Black Turtle Territory completely incompatible, with nothing to oppose it.

The attitude of Long Nü’s elder sister immediately became respectful, careful: “For Fellow Su Xing to believe in the Crystal Dragon Palace truly makes This Palace overwhelmed by your favor. We wonder what request Fellow may have for this auction?”

Su Xing indicated the items he wanted on the jade strip. As for how much he could exchange for, there was no need for him to mind.

Su Xing still had the Life Extending Flat Peach. Considering that this item was much more maddening than the Evil Suppressing Gem Bamboo, he did not take it out for the time being. He prepared to use it in the Treasure Banquet as a bargaining chip.

“This is Fellow’s palace.”

In front of a luxurious pavilion, Long Nü stopped.

“Many thanks.” Su Xing cupped his fist.

“This is something I ought to do. If there is anything you need, feel free to call. You entrusted to This Palace the Ten Thousand Year Evil Suppressing Gem Bamboo, so you are This Palace’s valued guest.” Long Nü believed that this was only right.


“Right, Fellow Su Xing, there was something else. I thought that I ought to warn you.” Long Nü hesitated for a moment and finally spoke.

Everyone looked at her.

“This Double Seven rumor has no relation with This Palace. If someone thought to use the Crystal Dragon Palace to lure you into a trap, then please be clear about this.” Long Nü said earnestly.

Su Xing’s party showed astonished expressions. What Long Nü said was very tactful, but the meaning within clearly said the Double Seven was a trap.

“Why would you tell us this? Is Your Distinguished Self not also a Star Master? Could it be that this is not a new trap?” Wu Xinjie smiled, somewhat unable to see through the girl before her.

A ray of light flashed, and Huang Mengrui emerged from the Star Nest.

“Long Nü has warned you out of the goodness of her heart, what are these words of yours…” Guardian of Three Mountains Huang Xin flapped her lips. Since her identity was already known, Huang Mengrui had no need to hide.

“Mengrui.” Long Nü stopped her grumbling. She calmly gazed at Su Xing. “Long Nü merely cannot bear to see my mother’s conduct. As a child of Long Clan, even in death, we absolutely will not go against the creed of our family.”

“I believe you.” Su Xing was honest. “Many thanks for your warning, but you can rest easy. As for the Double Sevens, I will seriously consider it.”


Long Nü knew that it would be very difficult to make Su Xing temporarily dispel his hesitations by saying this, and he might even think she was deliberately making Su Xing renounce the Double Sevens, to allow the Double Sevens to fall into someone else’s hands. However, Long Nü did not care at all what Su Xing was thinking. Anyways, she had warned him already about what she should have, and this could be considered a bit of compensation for her mother’s conduct and actions.

“Right, the Most HIgh Path’s Northern Darkness Has Fish has borrowed twelve Connecting Heaven Ocean Settling Pearls from mother in preparations to capture you. You must be careful.” Long Nü turned her head back for one final warning. Only then did she daintily excuse herself.

“The Connecting Heaven Ocean Settling Pearls? Hmph, the Crystal Dragon Palace has flaunted itself as neutral. It appears that was no more than talk.” Hua Wanyue showed slight disdain.

“Northern Darkness Has Fish and Long Wanxin have had a friendship, and to lend these Connecting HEaven Ocean Settling Pearls, it can be seen that the Most High Path is indeed at the end of the road. This actually is relieving.” Wu Xinjie muttered, not at all surprised that Northern Darkness Has Fish had borrowed the Connecting Heaven Ocean Settling Pearls. What made the Knowledge Star much more confused was Long Nü’s behavior just now. It truly was justice that went against a Star Master’s common sense.

“If Young Lord wants to end the Star Duels and resist Maiden Mountain, perhaps this Seventh Princess can be of aid…However, Xinjie wonders just whether she is sincere or false.” Wu Xinjie felt vexed for the first time at the person’s candidness.

Legend said that the Crystal Dragon Palace’s Long Clan would have a Leisureless Pearl Dragon Heart.4 If one could be born with this heart’s Long Clan blood and meridians, then they inevitably would be a stunning and unhindered genius character. It could not be her, could it?

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  1. 魑天蝠
  2. 魂飛劍散
  3. 煞星
  4. 暇珍珠龍心, don’t know what this actually means yet


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