Chapter 542: I Will Never Pay You Back

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Next, Su Xing stuck behind Wu Xinjie, instructing her with his hands. On the other hand, this satisfied the Knowledge Star’s slight charm, provoking Wu Xinjie’s coquettish glances that were smooth as silk. Of course, using Su Xing’s words, this was to train her willpower.

Wu Xinjie’s progress was lightning-fast. Her shooting movements were increasingly fast and precise. 

Su Xing was very clear that if they were to use Silver Blade to take a dominant position in battle against Liangshan Continent’s cultivators, other than a surprise attack and cartridge quality, it was quite important that the gunner herself have clear sight. Su Xing suddenly recalled that Earth had sniper rifles that had a range reaching several miles. Even in Liangshan Continent, that was an invisible method to kill someone, and sniping was more formidable than some magic weapons. Could Silver Blade develop in this aspect? 

Although handguns and sniper rifles were worlds apart. However, based on Su Xing’s tool refinement experience, this was not impossible.

Just as Su Xing was inwardly pondering, there was suddenly a clamor outside the hall. The voices rose and fell in succession, very excited.

“That woman’s bow and arrow are so powerful, to surprisingly kill a Supercluster Puppet in one strike.”

“Quickly go look. That is a true genius.”

“A Star General?”

Su Xing paused. He looked at Lin Yingmei and Wu Xinjie. “Let’s go take a look.”

Hua Wanyue stood in the Crystal Arrow Pavilion’s center floating hall. In front of her was a floating plaza with wisps of white smoke. The vapor obscured the plaza, and from time to time, several hundred puppets would appear in the plaza. These puppets were varied in size and charged at her in a flock. 

The next instant, Hua Wanyue pulled her bow and loosed an arrow.

It flit by swift as a meteor.

A hundred puppets were eliminated in succession. Some were even pierced together into a clump by the arrow.

Her archery was breathtaking.

“Truly worthy of being an Elder Sister. Your archery is incomparable to have killed a hundred puppets in just several seconds.” A woman wearing a sinister mask was to the side. Her figure was quite charming, like a developing flower bud. If she was to be judged on figure alone, men would go wild for her, but when some cultivators continued to raise their gaze from her legs up to her face, they would inevitable find an expression – that was frightening.

That ugly mask that spoiled everything was full of ferocity.

By Su Xing’s word, he indeed recognized her.

Prominence Star Ugly Prince Consort Xuan Yunshang

Hua Wanyue lowered her arms and took a deep breath. She gracefully brushed away her hair and haughtily said: “Whether it be gold or dirt, bring it out and let Wanyue experience it.” In terms of archery, it was obvious that Hero Star Hua Rong had absolute pride and the qualifications to be arrogant. In arrow or spear, she could not be underestimated by even top-notch martial generals. Against the provocation of the woman in front of her, Hua Wanyue scoffed.

“Tsk, tsk. Too much conceit will bring trouble.” Xuan Yunshang smiled somewhat induced shivers. “Yunshang will be very eager to see those beautiful and graceful lips of Elder Sister’s to kiss an ugly beast’s.”

The cultivators watching from the side were dumbstruck, and they grew restless.

“Star Generals making a bet.”

“The Hero Star???”

“That is the legendary Hero Star. Wow, such a graceful woman. Not even a princess could compare.”

“Star Generals are truly beautiful. And who is this? So ugly?”

“Eh, a bet??? No way.”

Su Xing at this time walked over and witnessed this scene. The surroundings were full of cultivators. They were unable to practice archery, and they completely crammed to general hall. Su Xing was not at all surprised to see Hua Wanyue in the Crystal Arrow Pavilion. Seeing that Ugly Prince Consort was not surprising either, but the strange thing was that the two woman appeared quite at odds, incompatible as fire and water. There was a faint scent of gunpowder in the air.1 

But this was not a Star Duel either. The Crystal Dragon Palace was very strict about fighting.

“Young Lord.” Wu Xinjie came over.

“What’s happening.” Su Xing asked her.

“Young Lord, you absolutely are not able to remember what you did to Hua Wanyue?” Wu XInjie covered her smile. There was a sort of craftiness as if she had gotten payback. Su Xing seemed to see a fox tail sprouting from Wu Xinjie’s butt.

Su Xing then asked her what was going on.

Wu Xinjie answered, saying that the Crystal Arrow Pavilion had a custom. Without using any Flying Swords, magic weapons, or magic, if a cultivator could kill the most number of puppets in one second, they could spend one day free of charge in the Crystal Arrow Pavilion, free to expense as they wished. Hua Wanyue felt this challenge was practically custom made for her. Therefore, the proud Hero Star naturally did not place it in her eyes.

In fact, the Crystal Arrow Pavilion indeed did not have any cultivator that had any qualifications to contest the Hero Star. Logically, Hua Wanyue created the record number of kills on the puppets, but at this time, that black-clothed, demon-masked woman appeared. Anyways, it was not known what she said, probably a provocation or the like, but the two suddenly made a bet for a competition.

If Hua Wanyue lost, she would kiss Xuan Yunshang’s Star Beast, Flower Tribute.

Hua Wanyue did not even ask what would happen if she won. She just began firing her bow and arrows, thus, Su Xing saw what had just happened.

“This truly is nonsense!!” Lin Yingmei furrowed her brow. She gazed at the Xuan Yunshang who made this preposterous request with some disdain.

“It is not strange at all for the Ugly Prince Consort to make such a request.” Wu Xinjie thought this was inevitable. Ugly Prince Consort loved to assail countesses, princesses and the like with obscenities whenever she saw one, and it would be odd for the Ugly Prince Consort to not make such a request in the face of the Hero Star’s graceful temperament.

“Will Wanyue lose?” Su Xing said in a low voice.

“She absolutely will.” Wu Xinjie did not hesitate to answer.

“Will Wanyue’s archery lose to the Ugly Prince Consort?” Lin Yingmei was skeptical.

Wu Xinjie shook her head, “Of course she will not lose in archery, but she will absolutely lose this contest.” Why? The reason was very simple. This was a competition to see who could make the puppets not cross a threshold in a certain amount of time in addition to who could kill the most. Hua Wanyue’s archery was unmatched under Heaven. Hitting one hundred out of one hundred shots was inevitable, but she had forgotten that the Ugly Prince Consort’s archery was similarly unparalleled. Her continuous volleys with one hand far outclassed Hua Wanyue’s fire with ease.

In the same amount of time, under similar conditions, in a contest of kill count, Hua Wanyue not losing would perhaps be mercy on the Ugly Prince Consort’s part.

As expected.

The cultivators erupted into a hubbub.

From the window, they saw Xuan Yunshang’s hand hold a black as ink concealed bow and arrow. The atmosphere stagnated. Suddenly, several dozen puppets flew out. The girl was calm and unhurried. Her hands raised the bow, and with practically lightning speed, bang, she continuously pierced them. Several dozen puppets were cleanly and quickly done away the moment they appeared. Immediately, there was another dozen puppets.

This was the first time Su Xing had seen Xuan Yunshang’s archery, and he was quite impressed.

Her archery movements were smooth and easy. Puppets appeared from every direction and were accurately struck, no misses. In the process of shooting, her bow and arrow speed was natural and unforced. Her timing was incomparably perfect, and the arrows that flew out dispersed. Occasionally, multiple arrows fluttered out, occasionally, there was a continuous barrage.

But in the blink of an eye, nearly a hundred puppets were destroyed.

Hua Wanyue saw Xuan Yunshang’s archery that reached perfection, and her complexion instantly became unsightly.

As Wu Xinjie expected, in the end, Xuan Yunshang’s kill count far surpassed Hua Wanyue’s by more than a hundred.

“Elder Sister Wanyue, should you not kiss my baby?” Xuan Yunshang’s hand gestured and summoned Flower Tribute. That grotesque Star Beast made everyone who looked at it retch. Those men wrung their heads and merely felt this was a waste. Of course, a few mentally dark cultivators were very pleased to see a beauty like Wanyue humiliated.

Hua Wanyue was expressionless. No one could see what she was thinking of.

“Ugly Prince Consort, I have erred in my judgment.” Hua Wanyue nodded and conceded defeat.

“Elder Sister Wanyue has magnanimity, as expected, Yunshang is impressed.” Xuan Yunshang said. 

Hua Wanyue walked in front of that ugly Star Beast, her brows slightly wrinkled. Fortunately, such an embarrassing thing was not seen by that man, which was to her luck. Hua Wanyue wondered what she was doing still thinking of these trifles. She took a deep breath, when just at this moment, a chillingly familiar voice made Hua Wanyue’s body shudder.

“Wait a sec!!!”

Everyone was somewhat displeased that such a good atmosphere was broken, and just as they were about to curse, they saw Su Xing. Everyone’s faces completely changed, completely losing color.

Supervoid Cultivator.

Every cultivator subconsciously took a step back.

“Eh?” Xuan Yunshang wrinkled her brow, feeling this man was a bit familiar. Then, she spotted Gongsun Huang and immediately recognized this was Wu Song’s man. “You again!!”

“Su Xing.” Hua Wanyue was caught in an awkward situation and really wished to first kill Su Xing then go die herself.

“Su Xing? What are you thinking of doing, is the hero saving the beauty?” Xuan Yunshang coldly said.

“I do not need him to…” Hua Wanyue’s words were immediately interrupted by Wu Xinjie.

The Knowledge Star smiled cunningly: “Wanyue is but my Young Lord’s wife. If she makes a bet like this, as her Lord Husband, how can he sit by and watch. Does the world have this logic? Everyone, please speak.”

Those cultivators could only nod in agreement. Please, even if the Supervoid Cultivator reneged and reversed black and white, they could only agree with him.

“What are you babbling about?” Xuan Yunshang was stunned.

At the current stage, Wu Xinjie was not worried that Su Xing’s identity would be exposed. As for any of those opportunities that could pull Hua Wanyue and Su Xing closer, the Knowledge Star would not miss them. Hua Wanyue was unable to tolerate the Knowledge Star’s nonsense, but Wu Xinjie was smart to make Lin Yingmei go bring Hua Wanyue over. Seeing Lin Yingmei, Hua Wanyue’s weak spot was instantly hit, and she was unable to speak out.

If she saw her sorry appearance, Hua Wanyue felt it was better to pretend to be Su Xing’s wife.

“How is this possible!!” Xuan Yunshang’s tone was grave, but she she appropriately laughed: “Your man has good tricks, to be able to have Wu Song, Lin Chong and even obtain Hua Rong. But today, I will have his wife kiss Your Servant’s Flower Tribute. Could it be that you are prepared to renounce your honor, to go back on your word, Hero Star?”

Hua Wanyue grit her teeth.

“Who said anything about reneging.” Su Xing at this time knew to stand out. He coldly looked at Xuan Yunshang and said: “Your Servant can always take the place of my wife, correct?”

“Are you saying you can break Your Servant’s record?” Xuan Yunshang jeered.

“Exactly.” Su Xing was cold.

“Ha, ha, ha, ha.” Xuang Yunshang laughed out loud, honestly not understanding him. The other cultivators felt that Su Xing was mad. The continuous fire archery that Xuan Yunshang exhibited just now was absolutely astonishing. Even a blind person could tell the Ugly Prince Consort’s status.

“Afraid?” Su Xing smiled.

That malevolent mask appeared even more evil. “Fine, if you lose, I want all your wives present to deep kiss Your Servant’s Flower Tribute, do you dare?”

“How do you girls feel?” Su Xing turned his head back and grinned.

Wu Xinjie was a bit dumbstruck. To be frank, her heart was still perturbed. That was the Ugly Prince Consort, an adept at rapid fire arrows. She did not feel that Su Xing could win.

“You are mad, there is no need to do such a thing for Me.” Hua Wanyue did not wish to allow Lin Yingmei to suffer humiliation, and she immediately shouted.

“Your Servant agrees.” Lin Yingmei bluntly answered, not saying another word.

Gongsun Huang also nodded.

The two girls were very strong in their belief of Su Xing.

“Then Xinjie shall also agree.” Wu Xinjie said to Xuan Yunshang: “However, if we win, what shall be the price you pay.”


“No need for a whatever. You shall take off your mask and deep kiss our Young Lord.”

“What??” Xuan Yunshang’s pupils shrunk.

“Scared?” Wu Xinjie giggled, like a cunning fox.

“Xinjie, no need for that.” Su Xing shook his head.

“Young Lord, she has insulted your wives, making her direct kiss is letting her off.” Wu Xinjie pouted. “What, Xuan Yunshang, do you only dare talk big?”

“Fine!!!” Xuan Yunshang spat out the one word. Her eyes were full of sharpness, like a cold knife, but regardless, her pride was similar to Hero Star Hua Rong’s. The Ugly Prince Consort was very confident in her archery, and she did not believe that a Star Master could outdo her. 

“This is a matter between Star Generals. If you do not wish to be destroyed, then you had best leave.” Wu Xinjie giggled. She suddenly waved her hand.

The Nine Tailed Spirit Fox Hua Xue released Dazzling Light Mind Image to make everyone leave. The place instantly was quiet.

“If you have the ability, then let Your Servant see. If you actually win, Xuan Yunshang shall honor her word.” Xuan Yunshang’s voice was cold.

“I will not use a bow and arrow. This should suffice?” Su Xing flashed Silver Blade.

A firearm??

Xuan Yunshang softly snorted. The Crystal Arrow Pavilion’s rules indeed allowed firearms, but although this firearm was quick, because one was unable to touch the projectile, the sense of touch was greatly lost and accuracy greatly reduced. Liangshan Continent’s firearms were practically extinct. She never thought that this man would play with this.

“So long as you use normal Fire Thunder Rounds.”


Xuan Yunshang showed a mocking smile. She waited to see a joke.

Su Xing stood in the air and shut his eyes, recalling that long distant sensation.

At high speeds to make even faster decisions!

To give the illusion that time had stopped!

Following a boom, the array activated.

When Su Xing opened his eyes, his pupils were clear as springwater, his seriousness very intriguing.

Xuan Yunshang could not believe that a Star Master was capable of surpassing her. Even the Hero Star could not compare to her archery. This man was no more powerful than the Hero Star, and Prominence Star Ugly Prince Consort firmly believed that Su Xing was no more than a bastard who wanted to enter the limelight.

“Hua Wanyue, you really found an arrogant man!”

“Shut up!” Hua Wanyue shouted. This was the first time her gaze had been drawn by Su Xing.

“You do not actually believe your man can win, do you. Ha, ha.” Seeing her so concerned, Xuan Yunshang mocked her.

But Hua Wanyue’s expression began to become astonished. In the end, she was more and more shocked.

At the same time, Xuan Yunshang heard shocking explosions. The sound was unordinary, and each explosion would destroy several dozen puppets.

What was happening.

“Impossible!” Xuan Yunshang shouted in astonishment.

The scene that appeared before her made the Ugly Prince Consort overwhelmed. Su Xing did not stand outside the hall like she did. Rather, he had put himself in the middle of the array. To a marksman, this was a fatal and stupid distance. Xuan Yunshang felt that Su Xing was basically bluffing, and she waited for him to flee with his tail between his legs. At this time more than two dozen puppets appeared. Su Xing raised his gun, and with one leg as his axis, rotated three hundred and sixty degrees. Then, each puppet emitted a series of explosive noises as he perfectly fired at practically the same level. Xuan Yunshang’s body shook.2

What sort of otherworldly gun technique was this.

She had never seen a marksman dare to be so bold.

Impossibleimpossibleimpossibleimpossibleimpossibleimpossibleimpossibleimpossible…Xuan Yunshang had practically shouted herself hoarse in her heart, but the result was obvious.

Su Xing exploited this method to enormously increase his shooting efficiency, and his three hundred sixty degree spins could also make the bullets save time leaving the barrel, a so-called two birds with one stone. Just as how Prominence Star Ugly Prince Consort had the advantage over the Hero Star’s archery, Su Xing’s handgun naturally held an advantage over her.

Xuan Yunshang was dumb as a wooden chicken. There had never been a firearm so effective.

This man’s firearm was very formidable.

Xuan Yunshang drew in a breath.

“Young Lord, you truly are a genius.” Wu Xinjie sent him a kiss. “Right, a certain Little Sister, have you finished preparing?”

She looked at Ugly Prince Consort Xuan Yunshang.

Flower Tribute snorted from nearby, fighting for justice for its mistress, stomping its four hooves. “Flower Tribute.” Xuan Yunshang stopped her Star Beast’s impulse. She coldly looked at Su Xing. “No wonder Hua Wanyue would fancy you. It appears you are not an idiot.”

“Little Sister, are you still unwilling right now?”


Xuan Yunshang grabbed her mask. She hesitated for an instant but still took it off in the end.

“You are first person to see Your Servant’s true visage…” Xuan Yunshang lowered her head, somewhat resentful.

Su Xing felt perhaps she was this way because she was disfigured. He shook his head to stop this farce.

Xuang Yunshang already raised her head.

The Ugly Prince Consort was not ugly as he had imagined. In fact, each Star Maiden was a beauty that could ruin a country. Su Xing was not surprised. The girl’s lips were red and her teeth white, and her cheeks a gentle rouge. Her complexion was picturesque with a shapely face. This beauty combined with that alluring figure made for a breathtaking belle.

“Why would you wear that kind of mask when you are so pretty. Is it only because of the Ugly Prince Consort nickname?” Su Xing instinctively asked. He naturally was immune to charm.

Xuan Yunshang never thought Su Xing would ask this question, “You men naturally judge by appearances. Looking at you makes me feel disgusted.”

“…” Su Xing.

“You really are incorrigible.” Wu Xinjie was somewhat unhappy at the Ugly Prince Consort’s unkind words.

Xuan Yunshang fanned her sleeve and walked over, biting her lip.

Hua Wanyue inwardly wrinkled her brow, her heart opposing what was about to happen next. She did not like this sort of coercion. How was that kind of person any different from a man who made threats?? Her heart inwardly sighed until she heard Su Xing’s refusal. “Forget it. Something like a kiss is better left to the person you like…”

“Eh? Young Lord?” She had but created such a good opportunity.

Xuan Yunshang was taken aback. She had never thought this man would answer like this. She looked at his expression. It was completely serious, and in his eyes, she probably basically did not enter his gaze? Suddenly, the Ugly Prince Consort had an unstoppable fury, “You dare look down on me?”

You think that Xuan Yunshang will force a kiss?3

The Ugly Prince Consort suddenly withdrew and fired an arrow.

This arrow came very fast and very abrupt. Su Xing already had defenses, and when he gestured with his hand, at this moment, a beautiful figure flashed by. “Bang,” the arrow penetrated into her body, for she had stopped the arrow for Su Xing.

“Wanyue.” Su Xing shouted.

“Hmph.” Xuan Yunshang was stunned again. Originally, she still had doubts, but her heart already believed that the Hero Star had honestly found this man to be husband and wife, “You dare disgrace Your Servant, in the future, I will definitely not forgive you.” She mounted Flower Tribute and left at high speed.

“Don’t chase.” Su Xing stopped Lin Yingmei.

Lin Yingmei put down her weapon and walked over.

“Wanyue, are you alright?”

“Why did you suddenly charge over? I already had a defense.” Su Xing chided her.

Laying against this man’s chest, Hua Wanyue forcibly propped herself up, “I do not want to owe you anything more!” She plucked out this arrow. Hua Wanyue’s face was pale, each word spoken with cold resolute. “I will never pay you back!!”

Although Ugly Prince Consort Xuan Yunshang’s arrow was sudden, it did not have too much power. Hua Wanyue’s life was not in danger.

“I actually owe you much more.” Su Xing’s sigh reached the bottom of Hua Wanyue’s heart.

The Hero Star’s delicate body shivered, and her heart became restless.

He wrapped the Hero Star’s wounds. Su Xing prepared to return to the Immortal’s Abode when at this time, a woman as exquisite as water walked daintily over. “Is Your Distinguished Self Su Xing?”

Long Nü?

Su Xing was startled.

“What is the meaning of this? Was there someone disturbing the Crystal Dragon Palace?” Long Nü’s tone was full of strictness.

“Nothing at all. Do you have some business with me?” Su Xing asked her. He did not remember what relation he had with Long Nü aside from that time she gave him a token.

“As expected, you are Su Xing.” Long Nü looked round at Su Xing’s beauties, her eyebrows raised. That astonishment was caught by Su Xing.

It appeared his identity had been deduced, but he did not have anything to worry about.


“The Banquet Token I gave you previously, Fellow Su Xing must still remember it?”

“And I must thank you for it.”

“This Banquet Token will react with any member of the Long Clan. If it is an important person, the Crystal Dragon Palace will know beforehand to receive them. Because Young Lord Su Xing’s was personally given by My Daughter,4 only I can come receive you. I am too unpresentable, please forgive me.”

“No need to mind.”

“The Crystal Dragon Palace has prepared a special palace for Young Lord Su to stay in, please follow me.” Long Nü posture was leisurely. Her silk fluttered, and her supple butt swayed, swinging beautiful tassels. Her agility carried a bit of charm.

Su Xing and the girls glanced inquisitively. They recalled that the Crystal Dragon Palace would not play any sort of tricks, so they followed behind her.

The Crystal Dragon Palace’s halls were numerous. This Treasure Banquet entertained the heroes of Liangshan Continent’s three territories. From the Vermilion Bird Territory’s Four Mountains to the Azure Dragon Territory’s powers and even the Black Turtle Territory’s Devil Cults, all of them were on a list of invitations. Furthermore, these invitations had many levels. For example, only valued guests could make the Crystal Dragon Palace auction off a high quality item.

Coral Palace.

This was the palace Su Xing was staying him. Besides him, the palace had other cultivators, but they were all female cultivators. Su Xing felt this sensation was very strange.

Regarding this, Long Nü’s explanation was that “Su Xing’s identity is comparatively special.” The “special” adjective referred to Su Xing being the Purple Thunder Monster. To stay in the same place as the Ten Great Sects, there would eventually be some awkwardness. Female cultivators instead were generally gentle and kind. They would not draw any sort of trouble.

“You know my identity, why do you still help me?” Su Xing asked.

Long Nü’s feet stopped. She turned her head back and thought for a moment: “Long Nü is one of the Crystal Dragon Palace. Although I am a Star Master, I must uphold the Long Clan’s family teachings at all times and give up my prejudices and maintain neutrality. Long Nü has engraved this into her mind. So long as one is a guest of the Crystal Dragon Palace, I will consider you as a close friend. If only Fellow Su could be Long Nü’s friend for the time being.”

“En.” Su Xing nodded. This Long Nü’s honesty and frankness actually made him somewhat surprised.

She wanted to say something else but hesitated. Long Nü then said nothing else.

The Coral Palace was constructed very beautifully. Coral was piled up and carps could be seen swimming outside the barrier in schools of multicolored fishes rolling about. A pond and moonlight could even be seen in the back flower garden. This could be said to be the work of the gods.

At this time, a charming, mature woman walked directly through the corridor.

“Long Nü.”

“Elder Sister.” Long Nü deferentially said.

“This is?” Long Nü’s elder sister looked at Su Xing with a bewildered expression.

“This is Fellow Su Xing, a guest I have invited. This time, he will auction Thousand Year Evil Suppressing Gem Bamboo.” Long Nü said.

“Evil Suppressing Gem Bamboo? Oh.” Long Nü’s elder sister nodded. With Evil Suppressing Gem Bamboo practically extinct these days, a thousand year type was not considered a first-rate rare ingredient, but it was considered top quality. To be able to receive such a client, the Crystal Dragon Palace would treat them as a valued guest. However, she was still a bit confused about Su Xing’s entrance into the Coral Palace. Although the Coral Palace was not explicitly a female cultivator’s palace, it was already commonly understood to be so after such a long time hosting mostly women.

Seeing that Su Xing was a Supervoid Cultivator, Long Nü’s elder sister did not dare show any expression.

“This Fellow has brought multiple wives. They are not suited for other palaces.” Long Nü thought, and she gently responded.

“So this is the case. The Coral Palace is mostly of female cultivators. We ask that Senior Su Xing not blame us, but if Senior Su Xing so wishes, we can prepare a palace for your own use.” Long Nü’s elder sister inquired.

“No need.” Su Xing shook his head.

“Then good.” A Supervoid Cultivator’s interests were odd, and Long Nü’s elder sister could not easily ask anything. “Right, this Senior Su Xing, the Crystal Dragon Palace is currently checking the inventory for this auction’s materials. In the case of tomorrow, there will be the first Crystal Banquet. If Senior is willing, you can turn over the Evil Suppressing Gem Bamboo to Your Servant, draw up a contract with the Dragon Clan, attend this auction and reap the profits…”

“Fine.” Su Xing thought this was alright. His Divine Intent probed into his Astral Bag, and his expression suddenly became very embarrassed.

“Fellow Su Xing, what is the matter?” Long Nü’s elder sister’s tone was a bit sour.

“Oh…” Su Xing remembered that he had already sold all of his Thousand Year Evil Suppressing Gem Bamboo. This was embarrassing.

Above the East Sea, a black chariot rolled out.

A wild laugh resounded in the sky. The cultivators below were each scared witless, showing expressions of fear. “Ha, ha, ha, ha, so this is the East Sea? Interesting, interesting. This place truly is This Hold Lord’s ideal ground. This sea is truly too fine. If we were to encounter the Purple Thunder Monster, he will certainly die without a burial site. Xiangfei, what say you.” The man wearing black armor laughed aloud. The Holy Lord of Draconic Demon had rushed over from the Black Turtle Territory. Upon seeing the legendary underwater city of the Crystal Dragon Palace, his heart was somewhat ecstatic.

Originally, he had been a bit apprehensive about the Treasure Banquet. Now it appeared to be a very good opportunity for him. With River Dragon Li Xiangfei’s ability to overturn the seas, he absolutely had a chance for victory.

Li Xiangfei was a bit powerless. The woman with a noble brow said nothing. She merely swept her gaze over the East Sea.

“Young Master, do not be careless.” Demon King of Chaos Fan Ming sternly reminded from the side. Ever since the Holy Lord of Draconic Demon entered the Devil Star Palace, the Holy Lord of Draconic Demon’s self-confidence inflated. This made the two girls inwardly shake their heads.

“This Holy Lord still knows. With the Purple Thunder Monster here, This Holy Lord is not his opponent.” The Holy Lord of Draconic Demon’s tone sunk. Fortunately, his mood deflated the moment the Purple Thunder Monster was mentioned. However, the moment the Holy Lord of Draconic Demon recalled he was now the Star Master of the Black Turtle Territory’s number one Devil Star Palace, his heart was ecstatic. It was especially difficult for him to not swell with pride when he saw the Great Saint Starkiller he formerly hated to the bone leave the stage.

“However, there is nothing to worry about. This Holy Lord will soon break through to Supervoid Stage. Now that Devil Ancestor Dark Underworld has already promised that if This Holy Lord will put forth full power in the Star Duels he will give This Holy Lord the highest ‘Devil Star Writ’ for this Treasure Banquet. This Holy Lord will definitely make that Purple Thunder Monster know This Holy Lord’s might this time.” The Holy Lord of Draconic Demon ground his teeth.

“Your Servant hears that the Azure Dragon Territory has the Double Sevens. Holy Lord, do not forget.”

“En. The Purple Thunder Monster has already cemented his infamy in both the Azure Dragon Territory and the Black Turtle Territory now. He has apparently also offended the Roc Demon King of the Vermilion Bird Territory. He has incurred the wrath of three territories, this is truly the joke of the world. This Purple Thunder Monster’s death is not far off. Although he has that many Star Generals, in the Seven Stars Assembly, can he continue to defy the natural order with the alliance of the three territories’ Star Masters?” The Holy Lord of Draconic Demon seemed to already see the scene of his second nemesis be destroyed to the satisfaction of everyone.

“Young Master must not forget that in the previous Star Duels, there was the matter of Wu Song and Lin Chong.” Fan Ming admonished him about the past Star Duels that Wu Song and Lin Chong worked together to overturn the entire Liangshan Continent’s Star Masters, let alone that that Purple Thunder Monster of this generation was even more abnormal.

“He has so many Star Generals, their Star Weapon upgrades will necessarily be very challenging. This Holy Lord does not believe that he can still be like the legend of Wu Song who created a Nine Star Destined Weapon.” This was also a reason for Holy Lord of Draconic Demon’s scoffing. To maintain a Star General’s contract needed lots of Star Energy, two even more so. Although someone like him could receive substantial Star Energy from two contracts, upholding those contracts was considerably strenuous. Otherwise, he would have already broke through to Supervoid Stage.

For someone like the Purple Thunder Monster who had contracted more than ten, the Holy Lord of Draconic Demon believed that would not be able to hop around for much longer.

“By the time the Purple Thunder Monster dies, there will be no one who can oppose This Holy Lord in these Star Duels.” The Holy Lord of Draconic Demon laughed.

“Where did this boisterous child come from. To be so arrogant, truly you overestimate your abilities.”

An ice-cold voice suddenly came from the sky.

The Holy Lord of Draconic Demon looked. What appeared before him was a grave and stern man dressed in a black robe. His elegance made the Holy Lord of Draconic Demon somewhat envious. Seeing that his cultivation had reached Supercluster Peak, with green-robed beautiful girl by his side, the Holy Lord of Draconic Demon saw his identity with just a glance.

“Young Master, that is the robe of the Lifeless Hall.” Li Xiangfei wrinkled her brow.

“So you are the Black Turtle Territory’s frog in the well.” Yan Wudao was expressionless.

The Holy Lord of Draconic Demon’s complexion changed. He disdainfully said: “The Azure Dragon Territory Star Master still does not even realize that his death is at hand.”

“The tiny bit player dares to be presumptuous. You are asking to be hit.” Featherless Arrow Zhang Biluo opened her hands. The Five Star Asking Directions To The Underworld Stones flew around her fingers, flickering with cold killing intent. She flicked her hand, and the Asking Directions To The Underworld Stones shot out.

Those stones were extremely fast. They flashed in the air, dazzling the Holy Lord of Draconic Demon’s eyes.


Fan Ming’s claws blocked. The thud of the Asking Directions To The Underworld Stones brushed past Holy Lord of Draconic Demon’s cheeks, drawing a line of blood.

“A lesson well taught.” Yan Wudao smiled.

“Bastard.” Holy Lord of Draconic Demon was furious: “Xiangfei, Ming’er, kill this man, make him realize the power of my Devil Star Palace.” The Nine Phantasms Ten Banes Capital Demon Swords manifested black clouds. Ghostly wailing on the seas raised a wretched cold wind.

The other cultivators on the ocean immediately fled, the color draining from their faces. From afar, it seemed that the Star Duel between two great Star Masters bode ill for them.

The Lifeless Hall could not easily interfere with a Star Duel and spectated from the side.

“Star Duel, in your company!”

How could Yan Wudao concede defeat. Ninety-nine Coping With Undergoing Rebirth Swords similarly whistled out. Their swordtips displayed black lights that rolled onwards to battle against Holy Lord of Draconic Demon’s Nine Phantasms Ten Banes Capital Demon Swords.

Longevity Star River Dragon Li Xiangfei and Correct Star Demon King of Chaos Fan Ming was inwardly indignant that they had to take action in the Azure Dragon Territory when they had just come for the Treasure Banquet. At this moment, they had no choice but to enter battle. Li Xiangfei brought out the White Night Dragon Carving Lance to roll the seas.

The ocean water rolled, and a sea dragon rocketed into the sky and pounced directly on Zhang Biluo.

“Watch this.”

Fan Ming grimly attacked. A demonic qi whistled, rolling over.

The Holy Lord of Draconic Demon indeed had an arrogant advantage. Two great Star Generals facing one Star Master was an advantage, let alone that his Cultivation was not lower than Yan Wudao’s. His cultivated Demon Swords were also superb. Add on that he had the support of the Devil Star Palace behind him, his self-confidence was absolute.

But he had still underestimated Yan Wudao.

In the Birth Treasure Outline so long ago, Yan Wudao had once slain Demon Beasts by himself to train his martial arts. Ever since the Star Duels began, Yan Wudao had never been complacent. Because he knew his own Star General was the king of hidden weapons, as the Star Master, he necessarily had to receive talent in martial force to make up for her weaknesses. Yan Wudao was aware that against a sword cultivator of a similar level, he had a chance, but against a Star General, he still had none.

The next moment, Yan Wudao’s escape technique activated. He raised the Six Paths Plate to first trap Li Xiangfei, and then his silhouette flashed away. 

Instantly, an explosion burst in the air. Yan Wudao already vanished without a trace, launching a sneak attack.

Fan Ming’s brows rose, and she sneered.

Fan Ming did not hesitate to turn around and swing her claws. Demon King of Chaos clearly knew that regardless of how fast he was, his ultimate goal was only to injure, and to injure, he definitely would come to her side.

Demon King of Chaos Fan Ming’s judgment was indeed extraordinary. From nearly the first moment Yan Wudao took action, the girl had seen through Yan Wudao’s plan.

A whip-like shadow appeared from her claws instantly, covering all of the space behind her. A powerful shadow that seemed to break space fiercely tore at the surface, severing her defense.

Immediately, the surroundings between the two filled with black clouds, pervasive dust.

In the pervasive dust and smoke, Yan Wudao had already broke through her defensive perimeter.

At the same time, Demon King of Chaos Fan Ming’s attack also launched. The double claws of glittering black shadows were like the talons of a death god, full of a murderous aura. Without any misgivings about the attacking tip behind him, Yan Wudao put strength to his legs. Suddenly, the space he tread on once again shattered. Borrowing the force of this, he suddenly leapt high into the air, drawing a beautiful arc.

Immediately afterwards, he swung his sword directly at Fan Ming’s neck.

His movements were crisp and clean, swift as lightning.

Demon King of Chaos Fan Ming lifted her head, using one claw to act as an obstruction.

A metallic clang.

“Go!” Yan Wudao chanted. The ninety nine Coping With Undergoing Rebirth Swords launched. Powerful sword-qi flocked out. Demon King of Chaos Fan Ming’s pace could not help but step backwards. Just as she retreated, her footsteps turned, and she once again vanished into a black shadow.

Yan Wudao drew a sharp breath.

The girl’s disappearance did not cause Yan Wudao alarm at all. Yan Wudao’s figure moved. The Six Paths Plate raised a black light, and at this moment, Yan Wudao’s figure crouched low, once again suddenly pulling long and thin. The air filled with a sharp whistle. Yan Wudao instantly reached frightening speeds, suddenly raising a storm on the seas.

As the dust dispersed, Yan Wudao’s figure suddenly pierced through. He suddenly found where Demon King of Chaos Fan Ming was hiding and attacked.

A hand wearing a black glove already suddenly probed out, pushing towards the figure in front.

There was another terrifying clash.

If it could be said that the crack between the two was a confrontation of pure speed, then this one was a merciless battle. Power then became the most important, enough to settle the crux of life and death.

This was a matter that could not be judged with by relying on experience – because beforehand, Yan Wudao had practically never met with a chance to do battle against a Star General.

“Did you think you had contracted Lin Chong?” Fan Ming sneered and used her Yellow Technique.

“Your Servant has but contracted Featherless Arrow.” Yan Wudao’s Six Paths Plate blocked, and he spat blood.

Fan Ming froze. Suddenly, there was a shrill whistle.

Eight crystalline green stones appeared in the surroundings, fluctuating like an odd array.

Zhang Biluo was ready. She wrinkled her adorable nose, “If you hurt Wudao, die!!!”

Dark Rank Hidden Weapon.

Hell Has No Road!!

Fan Ming screamed. She was immediately heavily injured.

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  1. Figurative, as in something is about to be set off.
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  3. She thinks that Su Xing is insulting her honor by refusing her kiss.
  4. Again, this is a form of self-address, not referring to a third person


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