Chapter 598: Faint For A Millennium And Twelve Beauties Serving A Master

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Star Crests were engraved on Su Xing and Wu Siyou’s respective foreheads, and a Crimson Star twinkled in the sky.

The Crystal Dragon Palace fell into an unprecedented shock this instant. Nobody had ever imagined that they would see an unforgettable scene at the end of the Crystal Dragon Palace’s Treasure Banquet.

“Harm Star Wu Song has unexpectedly signed a contract.”

“This is the legendary Kiss Contract of the Star Duel Covenants???”

“Just who is he, to surprisingly receive Wu Song. In nine Star Duels, nearly a thousand years, she has never signed a contract?”

“I do not see Lin Chong, are they all the Purple Thunder Monster’s Star Generals? Wu Song definitely would follow him, but I never expected she would surprisingly sign a contract now. And to be a Kiss Contract…”

“This is too abnormal.”

Countless shuddering voices endlessly echoed in the Crystal Dragon Palace. Not a single person was able to maintain their calm. Even top-notch cultivators like Emperor Liang felt nearly suffocated.

Wu Song.

Harm Star Pilgrim Wu Song!

Surprisingly signed a thousand year contract right before their eyes!!

Not a single person remained calm, and no one was not envious.

Emperor Liang’s first reaction was to look at Chao Gai. Thousand Buddha Star Chao Gai showed an odd expression, as if her face was submerged in water. “How can these Star Duels still be fought. That Purple Thunder Monster is already treating the Star Generals as his harem.”

“And they are all top-notch Star Generals.”

“This is too strange.”

Amidst the countless discussions, Chao Gai still was as calm as water. The sole other person who maintained calm, Konghou, raised her brow when she saw this scene, pursing her lips into a smile as she muttered, “Faint for a millennium must be this…”

Noble Star Little Whirlwind Chai Ling used her feather fan to hide her disdainful expression as she gently bit her red lips, “To surprisingly sign a contract in front of everyone under Heaven. Hmph. This honestly was the style of contract that This Palace most wanted.”

“Noble Star, you?” Gu Tong thought that she had misheard. The Noble Star’s implication clearly said she was willing to sign a contract with Su Xing.

“Do you not wish to sign a contract with him?” Chai Ling teased.

Gu Tong shook her head.

Chai Ling’s smile was even wider. How could she not know what she was worried about. If she truly did not have any yearning for Su Xing, she would have already joined Qingci’s Uprising. “Gu Tong, do you want to return with This Palace. This Palace does not wish to watch this any longer! Hmph.”


“Master!” Mu Qingying gripped her double daggers, emerging from the shadows and walked to Bing Qingxuan’s side.

Bing Qingxuan gazed at that sight that was rare to see in a thousand years. Although he strained his hardest to feign an expression of coldness, the fury in his eyes nevertheless betrayed his envy. “Dammit, why can this Purple Thunder Monster contract Wu Song!!!”

“Master, do we need to take action?” Mu Qingying monotonously asked.

“There is no chance now.” Bing Qingxuan’s gaze once again fell on Mu Duiying. He coldly said: “Qingying, your Little Sister truly is braindead. She surprisingly went to help the Purple Thunder Monster. Perhaps she will fall into this Monster’s clutches sooner or later.”

“Master, what do you want to do?” Mu Qingying followed obediently.

“Let us go. By the time of the Three Heavenly Books, we should make the world recognize our might.”

“As you bid.”

Mu Qingying vanished.

“Purple Thunder Monster…Hmph…”

This moment lasted as long as a century, yet it also passed as quickly as a second, an instant. When Su Xing finished this passionate kiss, Wu Siyou had not returned to her senses. She stared at the Star Crest on Su Xing’s forehead, and all sorts of feelings welled up in Wu Siyou’s heart.

Breaking the Harm Star’s thousand year oath to not sign a contract, Wu Siyou’s heart suddenly had a kind of unprecedented gentleness.

As it turned out, breaking that oath was not so severe at all.

“Lord Husband, you have wasted a chance!” Wu Siyou softly said.

“Your Lord Husband has never thought of using that kind of chance.” Su Xing smiled and said.

Wu Siyou was very fond of Su Xing’s self-confidence and could not help but nod her head.

“Elder Sister Siyou, you should have signed a contract long ago.” Shi Yuan giggled. “You and Su Xing have called each other husband and wife for so long, yet we haven’t.”

Wu Siyou gazed at Lin Yingmei. Lin Yingmei showed a sincere smile, a kind of expression that had long looked forward to this.

“Wanyue, hopefully, you can also come together with us and finally end this situation of mutual slaughter between Sisters!” Wu Xinjie took this chance to entice the nearby dumbfounded Hua Wanyue.

Hua Wanyue did not know how to reply. To personally see Wu Siyou sign a contract, this sort of blow was even more sudden and left her at an even greater loss than she had imagined.

“These cultivators are truly noisy.”

Wu Siyou wrinkled her brow, completely recovering her normal Harm Star domineering aura. Her cold and elegant killing intent spread in all directions, and all conversations immediately froze and faded.

“Let us talk at some other place.” Zhao Hanyan said.

“I have a place.” Su Xing slightly smiled and extended a hand.

A bright, full moon’s radiance appeared above the Crystal Dragon Palace. Then, a magnificent palace that was hidden in mist vaguely appeared. There was a multitude of halls, piled up with white jade, palaces of cassia trees, bejeweled buildings, flowing waters and wafting mists. When this palace appeared, the Crystal Dragon Palace’s remaining originally grandiose and splendid crystal halls immediately paled by comparison, overshadowed. 

“The Bright Moon Longevity Palace?!”

Waves of shock made the cultivators present unable to process this scene.

“This is the legendary Longevity Palace? You actually obtained it. This Princess actually wants to take a look.” Zhao Hanyan’s eyes lit up. Without any politeness, she grabbed Dong Junqing and flew into the Longevity Palace.

Afterwards, the other girls entered the palace in succession. Su Xing had originally wanted to call Chai Ling, but at this time, Chai Ling and Chao Gai were nowhere to be seen, “Do you want to come in?” Su Xing asked the dumbstruck Hu Mi and Long Nü. In any case, they worked together to face Li Taisui. In the future, they perhaps would need to ally again.

“Are you not afraid that Hu Mi will cultivate the Longevity Chant from the Longevity Palace?” Hu Mi asked.

“Your choice.” Su Xing was not very concerned. To cultivate the Longevity Palace’s Longevity Chant would need more than a few days, and there was no threat at all.

Hu Mi’s eyes rolled, and she thinly smiled: “No wonder the Ling Yan Princess and Immortal Hero Princess would be so moved by you. As expected, you are generous. Then Hu Mi shall not be modest.” Her figure leapt and entered the palace as a purple light. 

Long Nü initially wanted to decline, however, at this time, her mother’s voice entered her mind. Hesitating a moment, she also could not help but have a girl’s curiosity and entered the Longevity Palace.

By the time Su Xing went into the Palace, the Bright Moon Longevity Palace’s spiritual power burst, then it immediately vanished from this place.

“Fortunately, this Purple Thunder Monster wants to ascend Maiden Mountain. With him here, we have no foothold in this place at all.” Immortal Outside Heaven said in displeasure.

“We also wanted to look at this Longevity Palace. What a pity that he unexpectedly forgot about Us, his father-in-law.” Emperor Liang laughed and said.1

“Did you not see the Purple Thunder Monster bribe the Purple Firmament Immortal Palace’s Star Master? He is but a meticulous schemer. You had best not be swindled by him.”

“Since he is participating in the Star Duels, what need is there for Us to go worry about him…” Emperor Liang paused. He said profoundly to the two of them: “So long as they can obtain the Heavenly Book, do you honestly care just who the overlord of the Star Duels is?”

Immortal Outside Heaven and Long Wanxin were silent.

“To be frank, we have also wracked our brains for schemes.”

Continuous and unending spiritual power covered the entire palace. Even if they did not circulate their qi, they could clearly sense the pulsations in their bodies. Zhao Hanyan and Gong Caiwei did not hesitate to begin harmonizing themselves.

Hu Mi and Long Nü were slightly hesitant. This place was the Purple Thunder Monster’s domain. If while they were harmonizing he suddenly acted against them, they would not be able to run.

Hu Mi arrived in front of an immense stone slab. Its surface was covered in tadpole-sized characters, emitting a golden luster. Upon careful inspection, this was astonishingly the Bright Moon Longevity Chant. However, this cultivation method’s contents were too massive. She tried to practice it, but it was endless. It would perhaps take many years to be able to memorize it. Hu Mi also tried to record it onto a jade strip, but there was no response at all.

No wonder the Purple Thunder Monster was so relaxed. This Longevity Stele was not simple at all.

A few years perhaps amounted to nothing for other cultivators, but to a Star Master, this was time they did not have. Now that the Three Heavenly Books was about to commence, there was already no time to cultivate it. Hu Mi clicked her tongue in regret and explored the other palaces. When she returned, she found that Long Nü had begun to meditate. Therefore, she also harmonized as well.

The two of them did not linger in the Longevity Palace for too long. Their relationships with Su Xing were not deep like Zhao Hanyan and Gong Caiwei’s were. To stay for too long would instead be a bit strange. The next day, they took their leave from the Longevity Palace.

On this day.

Just as Su Xing was sparring with Lin Yingmei and Wu Siyou in martial arts as usual.

Zhao Hanyan walked over and asked: “Su Xing, what are you preparing to do next?”

“I plan on returning to the Four Styles School.” Su Xing thought.

“The Most High Path has mutinied. The Azure Dragon Territory will need to reappoint the Alliance of Ten. Will you represent the Four Styles School in battle? If that is truly the case, the Four Styles School will become the Four Styles Path.” Zhao Hanyan smiled and said.2

“I’ll have to see what Master says.” Su Xing was indifferent.

“Master? Ha, ha, no one in the Four Styles School could exceed your cultivation.” To make a Supervoid Cultivator call a Supercluster Cultivator “senior,” who in the world would do such a thing.

“Once a teacher, always a teacher.” Su Xing was undisturbed.

“This Princess’ man is outstanding, as expected.”

After they chatted awhile, Gong Caiwei and Zhu Sha also approached, preparing to take their leave.

The coming Three Heavenly Books was about to begin. All Star Masters would begin to prepare for this last phase that they could bolster their strength in, and this stage was what all sects placed the most importance upon. Zhao Hanyan and Gong Caiwei would also need to prepare.

“Immortal Hero Princess, do you know where we can obtain Ten Thousand Year Black Ice?” Wu Xinjie suddenly recalled the matter of Su Xing’s Water Element Flying Swords. The Heavenly Ice Holy Palace was situated in the coldest place in the Azure Dragon Territory’s north. As the Extreme Ice Holy Palace’s disciple, she perhaps would know something.

“Are you forging the Water Element Flying Sword?” Gong Caiwei asked.

“En. Li Taisui is very strong, so I wanted to take this chance to completely forge the Five Elements Flying Swords as early as possible.” Su Xing calculated. By the time he forged the sword array of the Heavenly Spirit Earthly Fiend Purple Rose Five Elements Swords, he would somewhat have a chance facing Li Taisui.

“It seems you still lack the Fire Element?” Zhao Hanyan said.

“For the Fire Element, I have a Vermilion Jian Map. I’m preparing to go look in the White Tiger Territory. I should be able to find something.”

“You are honestly exceptional. The Heavenly Spirit Earthly Fiend Purple Rose Five Elements Flying Swords will be able to be truly forged.” Dong Junqing twitched her mouth. It was an Ancient Sword Chant, and he also had top-notch Star Generals. If it was not for Dong Junqing knowing Su Xing’s background, she would not believe such a Star Master would unexpectedly rely on his strength alone to do this, even if she was to die.

“I will ask Master on your behalf. However, with the Three Heavenly Books about to begin, we will be fighting for time.” Gong Caiwei said with misgivings.3 The White Tiger Territory and Azure Dragon’s extreme north were practically at opposite sides. Going to and from, the Three Heavenly Books would have already begun, leaving considerably little time.

“We’ll see later then.”

“When the time comes, Your Concubine can go help Lord Husband obtain the Ten Thousand Year Black Ice.” Wu Siyou calmly answered.

“Ten Thousand Year Black Ice. Perhaps even the Harm Star Pilgrim would not have such an easy time obtaining it.” Zhao Hanyan shook her head.

“Ask first, then we’ll see.” Su Xing also knew that the Ten Thousand Year Black Ice’s environment would be extremely vile, and he did not want to make Wu Siyou take risks.

“I know.”

Gong Caiwei was quiet.

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