Chapter 597: Su Xing And Wu Siyou’s Kiss Settles A Millennium

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“Mu Duiying?!” Su Xing thought he was seeing things. That airheaded assassin that he remembered surprisingly appeared suddenly to end the Investigative Star’s Heaven Rank Assassination.

Mu Zhiyu had actually already sensed that Mu Duiying was nearby, but her deeply conservative thinking made Mu Zhiyu feel that Mu Duiying was perhaps thinking of finding an opportunity to assassinate the Purple Thunder Monster. It was not incorrect for her to think this. The Purple Thunder Monster’s strength was immense. Any Star Master or Star General could be considered an overlord if they killed him. 

From the perspective of Mu Duiying’s contract-less power, there was not time to wait. So Mu Zhiyu allowed Mu Duiying to draw near, even use her voice to distract Su Xing, but the Investigative Star never imagined this dimwitted assassin’s objective was actually herself.

Hearing Su Xing’s shout, Mu Zhiyu suddenly had the realization – this Purple Thunder Monster truly was abnormal. It turned out that he had all along even bewitched the Guardian Star.

“Very good, this is what a true assassination is.” Mu Zhiyu’s killing intent dispersed. She dropped her daggers and wore a satisfied expression.

As a top-notch assassin, she had to maintain absolute vigilance at all times.

This was the final lesson she could teach.

“Ah, sorry, Elder Sister Zhiyu.” Mu Duiying seemed as if she had awakened from a dream. Her grim pupils recovered their normal dimwittedness. Upon seeing her own daggers poking out of this overlord elder sister, Little Restrained was startled.

She hastily drew out the daggers. This action brought a burst of pain, making Mu Zhiyu’s attempt at a counterattack also finally end. Then, the Heaven Rank crumbled. Lin Yingmei and Wu Siyou gave her no chance. With one in front and the other in back, their weapons each pierced through Mu Zhiyu, and Hua Wanyue’s arrow also punched through Mu Zhiyu’s throat.

“This truly is unsightly, huh…Xuanle, Zhiyu is unable to help you anymore…”

Harboring one last thought, Mu Zhiyu’s head drooped, and her True Spirit vanished.

The third generation overlords, the two great assassins, immediately ended their quest for revival.

“Darling Su Xing, you truly flirt everywhere, to have even seduced a Guardian Star.” The limp and powerless Dong Junqing lay on Su Xing’s back, her tone frivolous. She sized up Mu Duiying. To be honest, the figure of the girl in front of her was not bad, just a bit young. A pair of large eyes with a sort of dull blankness gave her the impression she was airheaded. 

It was to be expected if she had truly been enticed by Su Xing.

Wu Siyou raised her brows when she saw her intimate manner, “Dong Junqing, you should be waiting obediently aboard the dragon boat.” Su Xing said bluntly. As a Five Tigers General, she was the target of an unknown number of people. Without any energy, she was practically courting death. She was nearly killed by Mu Zhiyu just now.

Dong Junqing ambiguously smiled.

“Duiying, truly, thank you.”

“No need.” Mu Duiying showed vexation, “This Lady did not expect that Elder Sister Zhiyu would be killed. Originally, This Lady only wanted to make Elder Sister not use her Heaven Rank, but Elder Sister seemed unguarded. This Lady truly did not intend for that to happen.”

Wu Siyou was speechless. In her mind, she said, You are both assassins, she naturally thought you were helping her. Anyone else would have thought the same, especially when Mu Duiying had been very obediently receiving Zhiyu’s assassin lessions before this. Heaven knew this airheaded assassin would commit such a universally shocking act. Perhaps it was only Mu Duiying who did not care for pure benefit that would do such a thing. 

Lin Yingmei and Wu Siyou stared at each other. They could not help but greatly increase their favorability towards this little sister in front of them.

“There is also one Xuanle Feifei. Let’s go.” Su Xing said.

“Play upon Mount Yao, phoenix returns to nest.”

Flying Swords circled around in the air, like tens of thousands of birds returning to the forest, chirping. Ascending and descending, countless Flying Swords flocked about.

The Knowledge Star Resourceful Star Wu Xinji blinked, waving her Heaven Concealing Stars Fan.

Up until now, Wu Xinjie had not used her Earth Rank. It was for this moment now that she used her Earth Rank The Stars Have Moved. Bright starlight swirled in the sky, knocking back all of the Flying Swords, making Xuanle Feifei cut an exceptionally sorry figure. Hua Xue used Dazzling Light Mind Image, its two eyes glowing with white light as it moved towards Xuanle Feifei.

The Eight Gates Black Gold Chains slithered like snakes in the air. The Dark Technique Bind Silk Before Rain immediately followed.

Everything was within Wu Xinjie’s calculations.

Xuanle Feifei who had her Flying Swords repelled was bound by the Eight Gates Black Gold Chains, like a delicate butterfly ensnared by a giant web.

“Knowledge Star!! How is it that you discovered us.” Their loss already determined, Xuanle Feifei instead calmed down. The woman coldly stared at the slightly coquettish Wu Xinjie, indignant.

Because she had the Mu Sister assassins, Xuanle Feifei was always accustomed to using assassinations when they were least expected, and this maneuver was time-tested. In the past Star Duels, Xuanle Feifei often would strike at the moment the enemy was most careless. Even top-notch martial generals were unable to put up a defense. Even Long Fei1 had died to this, and his Five Tiger General Fiery Thunderbolt Qin Wenjun,2 the strongest Star General in that era’s Star Duels had died.

The Xuanle Feifei who was accustomed to being the hunter had never imagined she would have a day like this.

“This is honestly very simple.” Wu Xinjie replied matter-of-factly: “The Taiyi Spherical Heaven Form Array exposed all Star Generals, so Xinjie formulated a plan back then.”

Xuanle Feifei suddenly understood. When the enemy was an assassin, the greatest threat was not her overlord status. Rather, it was the lack of any sign of the assassin, their ability to appear and disappear to execute their assassination, and it was a great taboo for an assassin to be exposed before the assassination.

“You unexpectedly exploited this array.” Xuanle Feifei sighed.

All of the Star Generals had bitterly resisted under the array. While they were seeking a chance to live, this Knowledge Star was surprisingly thinking of a way to exploit this array to find her whereabouts.

“Actually, even without this array, Xinjie had planned to take action against you during the banquet.” Wu Xinjie softly chuckled. In front of Xuanle Feifei’s skepticism, the Knowledge Star explained: “The Treasure Banquet is Liangshan Continent’s premier banquet. Three generations of overlords had revived in Liangshan. It was inevitable they would not miss such a thing. With the exceptional air of their Star Generals, only a little bit of detailed investigation was needed to reveal them.” In other words, when Xuanle Feifei was still planning to kill other, stronger people, her final act had already been decided at this place by the Knowledge Star.

Fairy Xuanle snickered at herself.

“The Knowledge Star is truly gracious with her assessment. Fortunately, the third Knowledge Star was not you, otherwise, This Fairy would truly have had no chance.”

“Sister Xinjie, don’t waste your breath on her.”

Shi Yuan waved the Puppet Banner, summoning the Five Poisons Puppet.

Xuanle Feifei renounced resistance. She lifted her head to smile at Chao Gai: “It seems Maiden Mountain has very big troubles.”


Fairy Xuanle left the stage.

When Su Xing rushed over, he just happened to catch sight of Wu Xinjie already cleaning up. That Su Xing was unhurt, Wu Xinjie breathed a sigh of relief. Things seemed as she had anticipated. Although she had planned to face the assassin, twin Star General assassins were honestly too powerful. Little Huang had killed one at the most, and the remaining one would inevitably be infuriated. However, because of Lin Yingmei, Wu Siyou, and Hua Wanyue’s coordination, things were under control.

And the Heaven Rank problem that Wu Xinjie had worried about most appeared to not have manifested.

“Now it seems that the Purple Thunder Monster apparently has enormous troubles.” When other people caught sight of this scene, low level cultivators could not see the reason why, but high level cultivators like Emperor Liang could see clearly.

Just a little bit of pondering was needed to understand what was happening.

Long Wanxin sighed, feeling this was logical: “The Purple Thunder Monster is too mysterious. Up until now, no one has discovered which sect he hails from. To surprisingly contract so many Star Generals, Maiden Mountain naturally will not let him go.”

“Emperor Liang, you had better remind your daughter to not walk too close to him.” Immortal Outside Heaven indifferently said: “Maiden Mountain will not let the Purple Thunder Monster go. If they are involved, your daughter perhaps will draw fire to herself.”

Emperor Liang seemed to ponder. Compared to her earlier warning, this time, Emperor Liang appeared to be not so forthright to allow his daughter to go make her own decisions.

“Just why these Star Duels would be so different, We actually are somewhat curious”

“We should actually investigate clearly just what the Purple Thunder Monster’s identity is. If…” Long Wanxin’s tone showed a bit of detachment. The Crystal Dragon Palace had sustained an absurd level of loss and destruction. This master of the Dragon Palace was somewhat contemplating killing the Purple Thunder Monster for emergency relief. However, this was only a thought. She currently felt that she ought to thank the heavens that the Purple Thunder Monster was not demanding her Bright Moon Ring.

Long Wanxin’s words received their tacit recognition.

“The Most High Path has mutinied. We must quickly convene an Alliance of Ten Conference to redesignate the Azure Dragon Territory’s Ten Sects, to reignite the morale of the Azure Dragon Territory’s cultivators. Emperor Liang, what do you feel?” Immortal Outside Heaven asked.

“Then set it for ten days afterwards.” Emperor Liang said.


As the Azure Dragon Territory’s top-notch cultivators were negotiating, suddenly at this moment, a scene that stunned countless cultivators occurred.

“Junqing, why have you come out.” Zhao Hanyan looked at Dong Junqing and scolded her.

“Princess Highness, if it was not for This General, our man would have died together in the name of love protecting the Immortal Hero Princess’ Zhu Sha.” Dong Junqing licked her chapped lips, embellishing her replies.

The Five Tigers General Dong Junqing’s phrase “our man” made Su Xing’s other wives stupefied.

“Dong Junqing, what is the meaning of this, huh? When was Su Xing your man, hmph.” Shi Yuan asked.

“Darling Su Xing, did you not feel good when This General and Princess served you together?” Dong Junqing said outright.

The Ling Yan Princess’ face turned red. These words honestly were too outrageous.

Wu Xinjie’s mouth hung open in shock, “Young Lord, could it be you, you…”

“It’s a long story, and there’s a reason.” Su Xing promptly explained.

“Yingmei, Suwen, did you already know?” Wu Xinjie blinked.

An Suwen’s face blushed as she lowered her head. Lin Yingmei grunted in affirmation.

Even Wu Xinjie had never imagined that Su Xing would unexpectedly initiate a husband and wife relationship with Dong Junqing. It seemed that she was still too conservative.


Wu Siyou’s heart was somewhat uncomfortable, and she turned to leave.

“Wifey.” Su Xing immediately ran after her.

“Hubby, is something the matter?” Wu Siyou expressionlessly said. It seemed she had returned to that coldness that rejected everyone from when they first met. However, for her to still call Su Xing by that “Hubby” they had agreed on earlier, there was still a chance.

Su Xing stared at Wu Siyou for a time, not knowing what to say. An apology would clearly hurt Dong Junqing’s heart, and not apologizing would generally be taking things too far.

If it was Su Xing with the other wives, Wu Siyou would not have minded, but to suddenly hear that he was surprisingly with another Star Master’s Star General, this sort of sudden shock made her a bit unable to accept this. 

“If there is nothing, Your Concubine has other matters to attend to. The other Sisters will have to look after Hubby.” Wu Siyou calmly replied.

“There is something.” Su Xing seriously said.

“What is that.” Wu Siyou was like a dry well.

“Siyou, marry me!” Su Xing was very serious.

“Huh??” Wu Siyou was taken aback.

“Marry me, for as long as you are willing.” Su Xing seized Wu Siyou’s shoulders, drawing the woman over. Wu Siyou gasped, but Su Xing already lowered his head and kissed her red lips.

What…Wu Siyou’s eyes widened.

Su Xing passionately kissed her red lips, sucking in her fragrant scent. His hands tightly embraced her, afraid she would leave. His endless feelings spread throughout Wu Siyou’s whole body like an electric current. Wu Siyou’s body went limp, and she moaned, firmly guarding the last bit of logic in her mind.

But Su Xing kissed even more intensely. With her saliva and soft lips, he could not help but extend his tongue into the beauty’s mouth, wantonly stirring about, unwilling to give up. Wu Siyou wanted to push him away, yet she found she was unable to resist his tenderness. In her mind, she was at a loss and helpless. For a while afterwards, she was trapped, and then she unwittingly kissed back.

It seemed as if she had forgotten the surrounding Sisters, the surrounding cultivators’ stupefied expressions, these two people seemed to be the only existences in the entire world.

Lord Husband…Wu Siyou’s heart was increasingly tender. Her slender, white fingers firmly grasped Su Xing’s sleeves, and Su Xing hugged even tighter. His intense male qi enveloped her whole body, and when her butt was nearly infringed upon by Su XIng’s large hand, her heart could not help but throb. Her jade arms wound like snakes around Su Xing’s neck, and her tongue writhed in his mouth like a serpent. Gradually, Wu Siyou’s eyes were increasingly unfocused yet increasingly clear.

Wu Siyou completely fell. Under Su Xing’s gentle kiss, she set aside all her burdens. She did not want to think about anything anymore, and her mind held only one thought.

Then Your Concubine shall oblige you…

The curtain fell on the banquet!

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