Chapter 602: “Fulfillment Star” Zhu Manxiang

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“Houzouin In’ei-ryu spearmanship is here. Ignorant whelp, take this!!”

“Yagyu Shinkage-ryu, Muto Dori! Iai Slash!”

“I am Yoshioka Seijuro, I have nothing to fear from the greed of someone with a false reputation, watch this!”

“Sword Saint Nobutsuna! Give me your life!”

“Tsubame Gaeshi!!”1

“I am Miyamoto Musashi of the ‘Niten Ichi-ryu,’ you shall become a stepping stone upon my path to becoming strong…Hah…”


The cultured Kyoto seemed especially lively these past few days. The several dozen ghost martial paths entrenched in Kyoto had all encountered challenges from a young man. This young man prattled on about finding the Ghost Path Sword Saint who had refined the Ghost Path to its pinnacle. Beside the man was a beautiful woman, stunning the entire city of Kyoto, inciting the envy of countless. The swordmasters of each of these training fields each declared bold words, yet the conclusions were total defeats in duels. And immediately afterwards, the publicly recognized strongest ghost martial cultivator in Kyoto, the Sword Saint possessing the name Kamiizumi Nobutsuna, was defeated.

The name “Ghost Buddha” spread throughout the sakura of Kyoto.

“Ghost Buddha?” Wu Siyou could not help but feel that such a name was ridiculous when she heard of it. “What an honestly cultured reverence they have.”

The Su Xing who had spent the last few days turning Kyoto on it head shrugged. To be honest, Kyoto’s ghost martial cultivators were indeed very strong, but the difference in cultivation was too great. Even if he did not use Supervoid spiritual pressure to restrain them, just by relying on his combat abilities alone, Su Xing was able to easily emerge victorious. Of course, due to using the Meditative Mind Lotus Flower in battle, and also not striking the killing blow agaisnt those so-called ghost martial swordmasters, this “Ghost Buddha” title spread like wildfire, known throughout Kyoto.

“However, none of them could reach the pinnacle of the ghost path.” Afterwards, Su Xing consulted with these ghost martial cultivators on the sword chants they trained in, but none of them could match with Ghost’s Godsbane.

“Does Lord Husband truly wish to refine the Ghost’s Godsbane?” Wu Siyou stopped her footsteps, turning her head back to stare intently.

“I wouldn’t mind if I could try it, but it’s not something I have to do.” Su Xing smiled. In actuality, he did this because of Li Taisui. His Good Fortune Prayer Mat really was invincible. Even his own Five Elements Flying Swords cultivated to the limit would be unable to face it. Since any spiritual power magic weapon would be destroyed by the Good Fortune Prayer Mat, Su Xing remembered the Ghost’s Godsbane.

When the time came, he would at least have some room to fight.

“Actually, Lord Husband need not exhaust himself like this. If we Sisters work together, no one will be able to harm Lord Husband.” Wu Siyou’s gentle tone made Su Xing’s heart bubble with warmth.

“I know, but in any case, I can’t not do anything.” He absolutely could not let his hands be tied. This was not Su Xing’s style.

Wu Siyou grunted. She asked this only to let Su Xing know that the Harm Star was capable of protecting her man.

“Selling steamed buns desu!!”

A delicate voice floated down the street.

Su Xing and Wu Siyou walked over. Like usual, they found a place to sit down and ordered several steamed buns. After coming to Kyoto, this Koito’s steamed bun booth had become the place Su Xing frequently rested at. On one hand, he enjoyed Kyoto’s culture, and on the other, he could listen for surrounding intelligence.

“Koito specially made this for you two. Fresh out of the steamer desuyo.” The girl’s adorably large eyes brimmed with anticipation. 

Speaking with her a little while, Su Xing took a bite. The little loli’s handiwork was extremely good. He wondered how this steamed bun trap was made. It immediately dissolved upon entering his mouth, and a warmth flowed into his heart, as if he had been reborn. 

As he ate, Su Xing saw that Wu Siyou was a bit preoccupied, “Siyou, what’s the matter?”

“Nothing.” Wu Siyou put away her gaze.

Su Xing glanced at Koito, and then back at Siyou: “These past couple days, I’ve noticed you seem to dislike Koito?”

“No, and Your Servant cannot put it into words either. Your Servant feels that she is not very simple at all.” Wu Siyou’s brow locked tight. No one had ever made the Pilgrim feel uncomfortable, and ever since they encountered this seemingly innocuous Koito in Kyoto, her heart always had a sort of unshakable unease.

Su Xing recalled the powerful presence that was lurked hidden from that day. Afterwards, Su Xing had tried to tail Koito, but he always lost track of her, making Su Xing considerably depressed. In the end, seeing that this little loli truly only had interest in selling steamed buns and baked cakes, he gave up his pursuit.

Speaking of Koito, Su Xing also remembered another little loli.

That ranked twenty-seventh Fulfullment Star, the buxom Zhu Manxiang. He wondered how that little loli she contracted with in the Falling Blossom Ghost Kingdom was doing now.

Just as Su Xing and Wu Siyou were appreciating the sakura.

Suddenly, the sound of hoofbeats came from outside the city gates. Several chariots swiftly sped by along the main avenue, and the surrounding commoners fled like birds. The chariots approached directly in this direction, and the man aboard shouted: “Move aside, move aside.”

Just as the chariot was about to knock into Koito’s setup, Su Xing’s Divine Intent moved, and his spiritual power diffused. 

The bellowing steeds immediately became timid under his spiritual power, turning more docile than rabbits. The samurai on the chariot had been about to angrily curse when he suddenly spotted Su Xing. His complexion changed, and he stared blankly at Su Xing, and even his breathing became extremely cautios.

Large beads of sweat slid down his forehead, and surprisingly, not one of the several samurai dared to say a word. A Supervoid Cultivator’s spiritual might was very powerful. A thought alone was enough to make these unruly samurai perish here.

Su Xing retracted his gaze and restrained his presence. He did not plan on doing anything else.

The samurai of the bakufu returned to their senses but were terrified. They rushed in endless panic towards Kyoto’s imperial city. Only after they were several hundred meters away did they turn their heads back for a glance.

“Eh, I heard the Tokugawa Clan this time is preparing to enter Kyoto to replace the Empress.”2 

“The bakufu has already issued several statements of emergency. It seems war is inevitable again.”

“The Empress has that Lord Dragon of Echigo,3 does she not? Was the Tokugawa army not defeated several times?”

“I heard the situation is different this time around.”

“In short, Kyoto is no longer safe, huh.”

By the time the chariots were gone, the surrounding peasants crowded over, beginning to enter spirited discussion. Su Xing knew that several dozen years ago, a high-ranking officer nicknamed the Dragon of Echigo appeared in the Falling Blossom Ghost Kingdom who defeated every single feudal lord and prince, establishing the bakufu and stifling the Ghost Kingdom’s year-long flames of war. Now, it seemed that the Ghost Kingdom was apparently not so safe again.

Su Xing wondered if perhaps that bakufu empress that was making Master4 worry about the Ghost Path Sword Saint?

Just as Su Xing was pondering about going to the bakufu to meet the Empress that was treated as a legend by the Ghost Kingdom, at this time, Koito dashed to Su Xing. She cutely said: “Koito has other things and must go now.”

Koito nodded and then pushed her small cart like the wind towards a small alley, running far away.

“Let’s leave, too.” Su Xing said.

Wu Siyou followed Koito with her eyes. Only when she heard Su Xing’s words did she turn back. The two of them returned to their inn, sakura petals floating down along the way. The fluff of the willows fluttered, and the scent of the cassia wafted, a pleasure with distinct parts. Su Xing missed Lin Yingmei and the others very much, “Tomorrow, we’d better go back. The Ghost Kingdom isn’t too stable right now. The Four Styles School should be safe.”

“Does Lord Husband not want that sword chant?”

“I searched Kyoto for several days, and I even have the Ghost Buddha appellation now. And yet that Ghost Path Sword Saint has not come out. I don’t want it anymore.” Su Xing shrugged.

“It turned out the purpose in Lord Husband challenging those dojos was to draw out that Sword Saint.”

All of Kyoto’s ghost martial cultivator dojos had been overturned. This was undoubtedly a plain disgrace. Anyone else would not possibly remain aloof, let alone that he made a beeline for his duels against the Ghost Path Sword Cultivators; since his opponent was unwilling to show himself, Su Xing could only give up for the time being. He would have to return to the sect first.

Just as the two of them were leaving.

Suddenly, the surrounding fluttering sakura were blown by a breeze and fragmented. Su Xing was taken aback, and a fragrance struck him in the face.

Wu Siyou’s reactions were extremely quick. She spun around and blocked, her weapon in hand. She faced the baleful aura head-on without even blinking. She did everything can to slash, warding off the sneak attacker’s lightning-quick blade.

The opponent’s strike was unsuccessful. Following Wu Siyou vigorously wielding her blade, the attacker struck back with clean sword technique, surprisingly slashing upwards along Wu Siyou’s back.

The saber-qi became a dragon sparrow that swooped on Wu Siyou’s back.

Flowing smoothly, naturally and unforced.

Yellow Rank Technique: Dragonblood Frontline!5

Wu Siyou was too late to block. Her retreated with nimble body techniques, several strands of her beautiful black hair rolled and severed by the saber-qi. They intertwined with the sakura petals, and the Pilgrim decisively pulled a certain distance away. A faint line of blood simultaneously appeared on her back, soaking the air with its scent.

Before she had a time to think clearly.

Th second slash was already before her eyes.

“Hmph, can you only hide around?” Wu Siyou sneered, yet her hand nevertheless did not dare be careless.

With just two cuts, her whole body’s blood was fully pumping.

The person’s figure attacked extremely quickly, not answering. The weapon in her hand was hidden in wind, making the speed she wielded even more fierce. However, relying on her superb battle talents, Wu Siyou still could sense that the weapon in the wind was a saber.6 Ice-cold killing intent poured out of the blade’s body.

It was cold as a pool of springwater, pouring down over Wu Siyou’s head.

“Dark Rank Saber Technique: Sparrow Drinks Winter Spring!”7

Her voice came out, and it was astonishingly, a mature woman’s voice.

“Hè.” Wu Siyou’s Noble Frost Demonic Lotus was braced in front of her, blocking the Dark Rank Saber Technique, but the woman sneered. Her figure pounced, wobbled, and in the next instant, she had surprisingly circled around to Wu Siyou’s rear.

The Dark Rank Saber Technique was merely a means to delay Wu Siyou. Her true aim was to directly pick off Wu Siyou’s contractor – Su Xing.

“You came at the perfect time.” Su Xing had already wanted to interfere.

“Your Servant has not allowed you to leave.” Wu Siyou sneered, quickly slashing backwards with outstanding speed. Her figure suddenly vanished, and the Noble Frost Demonic Lotus’ baleful aura swing about, splitting left and right as it twisted towards the enemy.

Similarly, Dark Technique, Blood Splashing Mandarin Duck!!


The enemy was left with no choice but to dodge past the incorporeal killing intent. Several strands of her hair were cut, and the leftover killing intent plunged straight ahead, slicing through a statue down the street like a knife through butter.

Wu Siyou continuously slashed, finally repelling the sneak attacker.

The enemy landed a hundred meters away. When the sakura petals scattered, there an astonishingly mature and lovely woman.

She had purple hair, glinting pupils, red armor and a tube top exposing snow white skin, and breasts that rippled with plumpness capable of drowning a man. Even Wu Siyou could not help but be impressed when she saw this. 

The woman held a divine long saber in her hand. The wind concealing it had already dispersed under Wu Siyou’s attack, revealing the weapon’s original form – the saber’s blade was just like clear crystal, and the blade’s backplate was seemingly like a dragon while it was decorated with a seemingly phoenix-like motic. It glistened like blood, swirling with stars, making the starlight of the blade’s body very bright. In the twinkling light, five stars flowed like water along the blade.

A Five Star Destined Star Weapon!

“Never thought you would surprisingly be Wu Song!” The woman’s pupils were cold.

Seeing her, Su Xing instead did not have killing intent.

“How did you get lured out…”

No mistake.

The buxom and sinfully sexy woman was none other than Fulfillment Star Lord of the Beautiful Beard Zhu Manxiang!

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  2.   天皇, As in Emperor of Japan.
  3. I think most of you can see where this is going.
  4. Ju Yueke
  5. 龍血一線
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  1. 1. [“I am Miyamoto Musashi of the ‘Niten Ichi-ryu,’ you shall become a stepping stone upon my path to becoming strong…Hah…”]

    …You’d think such a renowned swordsman wouldn’t go down like such a chump…. but that’s cultural bias I guess? I mean… it wasn’t Miyamoto either… ugh.

    1. Come on, this is Su Xing we’re talking about. It doesn’t matter how good these people are when they’re up against a Supervoid Cultivator.

      1. But… you’d think they’d be at least comparable in Cultivation here given who they are, just saying.

        1. Yeah, but you know how much the Chinese hate the Japanese, so it’s no wonder. It’s even a surprise the Ghost Blossom Kingdom isn’t the most heinous, rapey, pillaging, barbaric country they could’ve depicted it as, lol. In that regard, the Buddha kingdom was way trashier xD

    2. *Of course* it’s cultural bias! Recall that when the Ghost Sakura Kingdom was first mentioned it was basically depicted as Nazi Zombie country, though eventually when Su Xing actually went there the first time around it had mellowed out a bit so that apparently not absolutely everyone there was a depraved eater of little children.

      It’s a characteristic of Chinese novelists that they are very nationalistic due to their education, and there’s the fact that even today a good deal of Chinese and Koreans still hate the Japanese for what they did in the first half of the 20th Century. With that, even if the author is trying to be more diplomatic due to the recent trend of Chinese novels get overseas editions, it’s difficult to resist at least some ribbing…

      1. That’s true.
        It sucks, but history and ppl have a way of keeping old grudges alive… even if the parties responsible are long since dead.

        Then again, America isn’t any better…

  2. Thanks for the chapter Schwarze_Kreuz! I had a feeling it was going to go like this. CN novels always make me nervous when they bring up other cultures, but this was at least reasonable given Su Xing’s extreme cultivation would let him body anybody outside Li Taisui level monsters at this point. Wish they didn’t talk down other cultures so much all the same though.

    1. I wish the author had written this differently, too. But this is what we get out of a CN novel, I guess. It’s got to be Party-approved somehow *shrugs* As long as we realize the cultural background, I’d say we can understand and still appreciate the story in spite of this.

      1. Yeah, tbh I haven’t read that many CN novels, but I already expect a certain level of negative bias towards other cultures and Japanese culture especially, so it’s not usually a problem, but I reckon there are some that are quite egregious. Not this one, though. I mocked it, but it’s not that bad, compared to others, I guess. At least it depicts in a positive way the admittedly beautiful scenery of it’s namesake and one of it’s culinary aspects.

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