Chapter 603: She Came From Star World?

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Ever since Su Xing had gone to the Falling Blossom Ghost Kingdom, Thief Star Shi Yuan felt a bit bored, and she was even absent-minded as she refined her puppets. In times before, the Thief Star had always been alone and never had this sort of feeling. She did not know when it happened, but Shi Yuan had already grown accustomed to Su Xing’s company. “If I had known, even being in the Star Nest would have been great.” Shi Yuan grumbled to herself.

Tangtang’s Yearning Day And Night wine could allow for instant return to the Star Nest, but after entering the Star Nest, she would be unable to leave for a certain amount of time. However, since this was the situation, Shi Yuan still preferred to be together with Su Xing.

Shi Yuan sorted through the bounty they gained from the Crystal Dragon Palace, a plethora of dazzling treasures. The Crystal Dragon Palace had met with a great disaster at the very end, and countless shops suffered great calamity. As a professional, the Flea On A Drum naturally was obligated to not stand idly by and waste precious resources. Therefore, the White Treasure Monkey emerged to remarkably complete a round of looting.

Shi Yuan counted. These items could upgrade the Star Weapons of the Elder Sisters by several levels, however, it was regretful that she could not help Lin Yingmei upgrade to Six Star. In the records of the Star Duels, the strongest level before the Three Heavenly Books was the Six Star Destined Weapon of the previous Wu Song. Shi Yuan had wanted to help Lin Yingmei reach the same level as history’s strongest, to make the other Sister give her a whole new level of respect. 

“Sister Yingmei’s Six Star Arctic Star Serpent Spear needs 64 ‘Extreme Night Ice Star Stones.’ This thing seems to only be found in polar regions. Maybe I should talk with Sister Xinjie.” Shi Yuan muttered.

She felt this was a good idea. Shi Yuan set down the work in her hands and left her temporary station. However, after searching all day, she could not find the Knowledge Star. “Suwen, where is Sister Xinjie?”

The Efficacious Star An Suwen currently meticulously raising the Essence Swallowing Dragons replied: “She has gone to the Great Circle Castle to seek Sister Chai Ling’s help in gathering information on the Fourth Overlord for Big Brother.”

“So this, huh.” Shi Yuan gazed outside of the Immortal’s Abode.

“Yuan’er, what is the matter?”

“I wanted to do something to help Sister Yingmei and the others. But Yingmei and Wanyue are already gone.” Shi Yuan helplessly said.

An Suwen gently smiled. “The Alliance of Ten Conference is about to begin. The Elder Sisters have gone to gather information.”

Shi Yuan was a bit dispirited to hear this. This originally should have been something she ought to be doing, “This is unacceptable. This Young Lady must quickly comprehend her Earth Rank. Suwen, I shall leave first.” After taking a step, Shi Yuan remembered something and turned her head back to ask: “Suwen, have you comprehended your Earth Rank?”

An Suwen wore a gentle smile and nodded.

Great Circle Castle.

Chai Ling hugged Xing’er as she walked leisurely behind Wu Xinjie, indolently asking: “What have you found?

“Something interesting.” Wu Xinjie muttered mysteriously.

“Where is interesting?” Chai Ling had already looked through some documents on the past Star Duels. What gave her the deepest impression in the fourth Star Duels was that three Star Masters appeared that had contracted two Stars each. That era circulated a legend of “Double Heavenly, Double Earthly.” One had contracted the Prestige Star “Double Clubs” Huyan Zhuo and Agile Star “Featherless Arrow” Zhang Qing. The other had two Earthly Stars. Although their rankings were extremely low and were without martial force, they had shocked everyone at the end during the Seven Stars Assembly by utilizing a Heaven Earth Dark Yellow Skill.

“The Double Earthly Stars are fine. But for a Double Heavenly Star Overlord, this will be very troublesome.” Chai Ling pursed her lips, worry written all over her face. One was a Five Tigers General, and the other was a master of concealed weapons. This formation was perfect to the extreme, undefeatable. Although Su Xing currently had Lin Chong, Wu Song, Gongsun Sheng and other top-notch Star Generals, facing the concealed weapons Star General Featherless Arrow was completely not the issue.

It was well-known that in the Fifth Star Duels, the Zhang Qing then killed eight in a single battle before the Three Heavenly Books and repelled Five Star Masters in a magnificent feat. This was something that a top-notch martial force Star General would be unable to achieve.

“Xinjie feels that the Yue Dragon Hall is interesting. They wasted the strength of an entire sect to raise a Star Master, but afterwards, the sect immediately declined. A sect obviously wants to expand their own influence by using the Star Duels. Is this opposite reaction not very interesting?”

“Documents record that ‘Old Pig’ was the heir to the Yue Dragon Hall’s headmaster.” Chai Ling said.

“En. If he was able to become overlord, that would be even more interesting.”

Chai Ling saw that Wu Xinjie’s eyes were emitting a crafty luster. This sort of expression had a hint that someone was about to have bad luck. Is the stark contrast between becoming overlord and the sect declining so interesting? The Noble Star pondered.

“Hua Xue, Xinjie wants you to go take care of something.” Wu XInjie ordered in a low voice.

“Slave understands.” The Nine Tailed Fox nodded, becoming a ray of white light that scuttled out of the main hall.

“This Palace knows that XIng’er has gone to the Ghost Kingdom. What has he gone to the Ghost Kingdom for at this time?” Chai Ling stroked the Three Eyed Wealth Inviting Beast sitting in her bosom, nonchalantly speaking.

“Young Lord wanted to search for a way to refine the Ghost’s Godsbane.” Towards this arrogant queen who was unwilling to show her true motives, Wu XInjie had nothing to hide. “Is there a problem with the Ghost Kingdom?”

“It is not a big problem. This Palace is aware that the Ghost Kingdom’s Tokugawa Clan intends to overthrow the bakufu and replace the Empress. Several dozen black warships are already anchored off Kyoto’s coast.”

Indeed, this was no problem at all. With Su Xing’s current cultivation, even if he was to cause a disturbance in the Great Liang Dynasty, no one would want to go provoke the fury of a Supervoid Cultivator, “Never expected that Ghost Kingdom would unexpectedly unite.” WU Xinjie smiled. She knew that the Ghost Kingdom practiced evil paths of the sword. The evil qi was very heavy, and the ambitions of the feudal lords were recklessly large. To unite the Ghost Kingdom would require considerably powerful methods and force in order to work.

“You honestly are relaxed about Xing’er. This Palace knows that the Falling Blossom Kingdom has an exceptionally fiery Heavenly Star little sister. This Palace wonders if Xing’er will be able to bring her back. This Palace is truly eager.” Chai Ling covered her mouth, her smile charming.

“Just I wonder if Siyou will agree to allowing someone ot interrupt her honeymoon with Young Lord.” Wu Xinjie giggled to herself.


The sakura fell like flowers.

“Manxiang, I trust you have been well.” Su Xing slightly smiled.

Wu Siyou and Zhu Manxiang each were taken aback, “Lord Husband? You recognize her?”

Su Xing could not forget this sexy and buxom beauty even if he wanted to.

Zhu Manxiang’s gaze turned even sharper, as if she was a sharp blade trying to stab through Su Xing, “Who are you? Why do you know my True Name…” When they had first met, Su Xing had used the Change Appearance Pill. Zhu Manxiang could not recognize the man before her as the same person who helped her once.

“Is Chise Sakura alright? Before, Yingmei and Little Yi had greeted you.”

Zhu Manxiang’s eyebrows rose and immediately recalled a certain person. “Do you not feel that your lies have a flaw?”

“You must mean that Yingmei and Little Yi aren’t accompanying me?” Su Xing asked.

“No…” Zhu Manxiang took a step forward.

Her fragrance struck him in the face.

Her killing intent descended upon him.

Clang-clang, clear ringing. Wu Siyou’s sword stopped her. She stepped forward,  her arrogance pushing down, “No matter what your relationship is with Lord Husband, if you are not respectful to Lord Husband, Your Servant will not be merciful.”

Sword-light blossomed into several beautiful lotus flowers that shot over.

The Dragon Sparrow Dew Long Saber was raised, ripping apart the lotus flowers, but Wu Siyou’s swift and severe attack already was fully charged for a long while. Her wonderful figure danced amidst the falling sakura. Although Zhu Manxiang’s Five Star Destined Weapon was formidable, her Star Master was the completely incapable Chise Sakura, whose cultivation was honestly too low. She was simply unable to bring any Star Energy support.

After being defeated in several bouts with Wu Song’s master previously, Zhu Manxiang already knew what her probabilities of victory were.

“Wifey, please wait a moment.” Su XIng shouted.

When Wu Siyou heard this, she withdrew to Su Xing’s side.

Zhu Manxiang also landed atop a sakura tree, her breasts bouncing about, already beginning to heave.

“In short, this is a misunderstanding. I came to the Ghost Kingdom this time not to find you for a Star Duel, Manxiang.” Su Xing raised his hand to hint. To be honest, he really did not want to take action, after all, Zhu Manxiang appeared to not want a Star Duel either. Otherwise, how could she have Chise Sakura.

Su Xing conjectured correctly.

Wu Siyou’s ice queen aura had spread through Kyoto, already drawing Zhu Manxiang’s attention, and the Ghost Buddha title was even more alarming to the Fulfillment Star. She logically believed Su Xing’s challenges to the ghost martial cultivators of those dojos was merely to force out the Star Masters in those dojos.

Having seen Su XIng’s Supervoid Stage spiritual power, this was what made Zhu Manxiang stir her killing intent.

In actuality, Zhu Manxiang’s sneak attack was very successful, but she had never planned on the Ghost Buddha’s Star General surprisingly being the famous thousand year martial general, Wu Song. This made her sneak attack falter.

“Is that so?” Zhu Manxiang’s eyes were still wary, her killing intent fading intangibly away.

“Hmph, if Your Servant truly wanted to kill you, do you feel that Your Servant would trouble herself over you?” Wu Siyou disdainfully sneered.

Zhu Manxiang was unable deny this haughty reply and remained silent.

“If only you do not make Manxiang disappointed, Wu Song.” Zhu Manxiang was calm, glancing at Su Xing. Just as the Fulfillment Star was about to leave, Su Xing called out to her.

“Zhu Manxiang, wait a moment.”

Zhu Manxiang turned her head back, once again tightening her grip on the Dragon Sparrow Dew Long Saber.

Seeing her still so guarded, Su Xing forced a smile. There was no other way. Perhaps if Little Yi and Yingmei were present, otherwise, how could Zhu Manxiang believe in him. After all, Liangshan Continent’s contract limit was two Star Generals. Now, Zhu Manxiang had encountered three, not believing him was to be expected.

“Since you have lived in the Ghost Kingdom for quite a while, I wanted to ask you something.”

“Ask then.”

“Has a Ghost Path Sword Saint appeared in the Ghost Kingdom?”

Her amber pupils slightly narrowed. Zhu Manxiang’s hands folded across her enormous chest, and she pondered for a moment. “En, over the last few days, ghost qi has skyrocketed. This should be the limit of the Ghost Path.”

“I am currently searching for this person. Do you know who they are?” Su Xing asked in pleasant surprise.

“You challenged Kyoto’s dojos in search of this sword saint?” Zhu Manxiang showed a bit of astonishment.


“If this is the case, you should go search for the strongest person in Kyoto. If anyone one can practice the way of the sword to its utmost limit, there would be none other than she!” Zhu Manxiang calmly answered.

“She is?”

“The bakufu Empress’ great general – Dragon of Echigo Uesugi Kenshin!” Zhu Manxiang said.

Wu Siyou asked: “Is she very strong?”

“I have never traded blows with her, but I once met her…” She shut her eyes, and Zhu Manxiang seemingly was recalling that scene from back then. Her amber eyes were surprisingly leaked out slight trepidation. “Wu Song, once you see her you will know, you will be subdued by her…If it can be said that we truly descended from Star World…Then she, Uesugi Kenshin, came from Star World…”1

Her unhurried words drifted with the wind. After the sakura fell, Zhu Manxiang vanished from sight, leaving only a lingering fragrance.

Su Xing and Wu Siyou showed expressions of shock.

Came from Star World?

She could not possibly be so overexaggerated, right?

Kyoto, Imperial Palace of the bakufu.

In the empess’ court.

A beautiful woman that could not be described with words was currently closing her eyes in relaxation, standing quietly; her black hair was satiny, reaching down to her ankles like a waterfall. Her hair was extremely long, but it did not appear excessive. On the contrary, it was arranged absolutely beautifully.

At first glance, she appeared to be a beauty that did not belong to this world.

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  1. Implication is that while the 108 Star Generals had no control over their emergence into Liangshan Continent, Uesugi Kenshin got here by her own power, similar to the Liao Emperor so many years ago.


  1. Thanks for the chapter Schwarze_Kreuz! Wonder what about this place draws so many outside powers to descend.

    1. It usually happens in cultivation novels: MC starts in a lower realm and discovers there’s a higher real, where the strongest cultivators from the lower realm are trash-tier in terms of strenght; and it usually happens that MC’s world has something special that attracts (or repels) beings from higher realms until X event happens and things change. I wonder if this story will branch out like that, but there’s so few chapters left now that it’s ended. Maybe in the sequel?

    1. I loved that series! But this one’s not a hero of justice at all, I don’t think.

        1. Yeah, I think the current publisher didn’t take too kindly to fan translations and DMCA’d the translators. That’s why there haven’t been translations, but I haven’t seen an actual official English release either.

          1. So it is only partially translated? That is much worse than not being translated at all….
            Like the novel I read before this one, no wait, the one before the previous one, Grasping Evil. Latest uptade was late July I think. Damnit

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