Chapter 608: The Fragrance Fades Away, Lingering Wisp In The Heart

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The originally sneering Ghost Cavalry King immediately fell into despair when he saw the Devil Suppressing Stele.

The Devil Suppressing Stele was originally created for use against him by Emperor Liang using Mount Ya’s xirang1 and other extremely rare materials. For the sake of this stele, he had even specifically invited the Buddha Kingdom’s Six Ancestors of the time to bless it. They used forty-nine days to imbue it with devil suppressing Buddhist seals, and then it was bolstered with Emperor Liang’s own Imperial True Dragon blood for control, forging this unparalleled magic weapon for suppressing the world’s evils.

Compared to Ten Thousand Year Evil Suppressing Gem Bamboo, it was that much more impressive.

Su Xing chanted, and the twelve Langya spun. Evil Suppressing Clear Light wove into a net, and then, the Devil Suppressing Stele pushed towards the Ghost Cavalry King like Five Finger Mountain. The Ghost Cavalry King’s ghost body fled in terror, but following the Evil Suppressing Stele bearing down upon him, he could only howl in despair.

Just as the Ghost Cavalry King was about to be sealed into the Devil Suppressing Stele, Su Xing formed a hand seal. The Devil Suppressing Stele halted.

“Ghost Cavalry King, if you don’t want to die, then tell me the technique to refine this Ghost’s Godsbane.” Su Xing sneered. The Ghost’s Godsbane appeared out of thin air. This blade’s Ghost Qi was chilling, its ghosts not scattering. It appeared extremely frightening.

“Ha, ha, this Ghost’s Godsbane is the Ghoul Clan’s sacred treasure…It is not simple for you to cultivate it. The Ghost’s Godsbane records the Supreme Ghost Body secret technique. So long as you can hold this sword for eighty-one days, so long as you endure ten thousand ghosts gnawing at your mind, then you will have the qualifications to take up this blade.” The Ghost Cavalry King unexpectedly cooperated.

“Fuck, so disgusting.” Su Xing wrinkled his brow.

The Ghost’s Godsbane unexpectedly had recorded the secrets to this Ghost Path Supreme Ghost Body inside of it. No wonder he could not even bear to touch it. However, to have Su Xing cultivate the Supreme Ghost Body was simply a dream. Seeing that the Ghost Cavalry King was a completely incorporeal existence, a gathering of evil spirits, Su Xing certainly did not value this kind of supreme cultivation method.

“With the Supreme Ghost Body, you can possess an immortal body. You have the Ten Thousand Year Evil Suppressing Gem Bamboo, and you also have the Devil Suppressing Stele. In this Liangshan Continent, who could oppose you. If you are willing to cultivate the Supreme Ghost Body, how about This King shall transfer all of his cultivation to you, aid you in the Star Duels?” The Ghost Cavalry King sinisterly enticed Su Xing.

“This thing is nothing compared to the Longevity Art. The so-called immortal body is nothing more than a lie you deceive yourself with.” Su Xing scoffed.

“Stupid.” The Ghost Cavalry King restrained his anger. Shadows once again gathered on his body. He raised the Demonic Blade to cut the Devil Suppressing Stele. A black light knocked into the Devil Suppressing Stele, shaking it. “Ghost Cavalry Divine Generals!!!” The Ghost Cavalry King cried out. His body scattered, transforming into ninety-nine shadows. These shadows were not like the ghosts from before. Their bodies were seemingly substantive, clad in armor and helmets, brandishing weapons. Their eyes flickered with ghostly flames, and there were sixty-six shadows gripping long staffs and wearing feathered caps, draped in cloaks. A black wind stirred.

The thirty-three ghost cavalry and sixty-six divine generals were more powerful and even more chilling compared to when he originally saw them at Stone Tablet City. It was only with the twelve Langya radiating their Evil Suppressing Clear Light even more brilliantly and the Devil Supressing Stele’s pressure that he finally held them back, but how could the Ghost Cavalry King ever be resigned to this. He endlessly battered against the array, attempting to waste Su Xing’s Star Energy.

Wu Siyou could not watch any longer. She sneered at the Ghao Gai who had suddenly appeared: “Chao Gai, you are practically always at Lord Husband’s side, just what are you planning!”

“This One merely came in response to sensing someone who has surprisingly broken a Star Duel Covenant. Wu Song, you must not misunderstand. Although This One indeed holds a bit of interest towards your man, that interest is merely purely out of a desire to understand just how far he can bring you all.” Chao Gai indifferently smiled.

Broke a contract?

Wu Siyou was taken aback, and she subonsciously glanced at Zhu Manxiang.

Chao Gai was beyond Liangshan Continent. To be able to instantly appear anywhere out of nowhere was not surprising at all to Wu Siyou, but she was slightly disdainful of her answer, “Then you will not interfere with this man disturbing the Star Duels?”

Chao Gai was unconcerned. That she did not interfere, the answer was very clear. 

Although the Ghost Cavalry King had refined a so-called indestructible ghost body, this type of indestructibility would still be annihilated if met with an even stronger force. It was possible for Su Xing to thoroughly destroy the Ghost Cavalry King using the two items Langya and Devil Suppressing Stele which were defiant of the natural order.

Originally wanting to obtain the method to refine the GHost’s Godsbane, but now with his hopes dashed, Su Xing quickly brainstormed. He suddenly had an evil idea.

“Ghost Cavalry King, you have this Supreme Ghost Body, yet you have not cultivated to Transforming Star of Annihilation. That is truly pitiful.”

These words touched upon a sore spot for the Ghost Cavalry King.

“Why not allow Your Servant to give you an opportunity. Do you want to go explore Star World?” Su Xing narrowed his eyes.

“What are you saying?”

“Your Servant is a bit troubled in scaling Maiden Mountain. Do you want to employ yourself for my uses.”

Uesugi Kenshin and the others were each taken by surprise. They looked at Su Xing somewhat in astonishment and a bit of derision. Sakakibara Yasumasa felt this Purple Thunder Monster appeared somewhat naive. Did he really think he could manage the grand Ghost Cavalry King?

“Very well, This King shall employ himself under you.” The Ghost Cavalry King answered evilly.

Yet Su Xing did not take him. Instead, he formed a hand seal, and from his Astral Bag, a black qi poured out.

When this black qi dispersed, a bizarre and grotesque monster seemingly assembled from every sort of body part appeared, with its body emitting a fog as black as ink and emitting a sort of disgusting stench.

Uesugi Kenshin wrinkled her brow. “What sort of monster is this.”

Wu Siyou had nearly forgotten about this Ten Thousand Year Gu Demon.

“Enter it.” Su Xing’s Divine Intent moved.

The Ten Thousand Year Gu Demon involuntarily let out an unpleasant noise. The twelve Langya spun around together. The Evil Suppressing Clear Light were like blades, and the Devil Suppressing Stele was like Mount Tai, bringing an enormous weight onto the Ghost Cavalry King. The Ghost Cavalry King immediately understood Su Xing’s meaning. A sneer flashed past his mind. The Ghost Cavalry King completely assembled his body and then rushed towards the Ten Thousand Year Gu Demon, using “One Spirit Soul Taking.”

This Ten Thousand Year Gu Demon could not be a better vessel for the Ghost Cavalry King. 

The Ghost Cavalry King could sense that the Ten Thousand Year Gu Demon was an unfathomable Gu Art. If he used it, he definitely could make Su Xing suffer endlessly. Just as he formulated this plan, Su Xing sneered. After the Ghost Cavalry King possessed its body, twelve green lights fired, sticking into the Gu Demon’s limbs. The Ghost Cavalry King cried out in pain. Before he could break free, he was already unable to budge.

Then, the Devil Suppressing Stele immediately shrank and shot into the Gu Demon’s forehead.

Suddenly, the Devil Suppressing magic energy immediately made the Ghost Cavalry King choke.

“You…” The Ghost Cavalry King grit his teeth. He knew he had been fooled.

“This isn’t a loss for you, to have made Your Servant use Langya and the Devil Suppressing Stele. Alright then, you just wait obediently in there. I’ll call you when I need you.” Su Xing chuckled. His Astral Bag released a spirit-light, and the Ten Thousand Year Gu Demon, or rather, the Ghost Cavalry King now, struggled a few moments before being sucked into the bag.

Su Xing nodded his head in satisfaction. Although he did not obtain the refinement method for the Ghost’s Godsbane, to capture the Ghost Cavalry King could be considered a success. Su Xing was not capable of Gu Arts, so he never used the Ten Thousand Year Gu Demon. Now that he used it to capture the Ghost Cavalry King, he killed two birds with one stone.

The Ghost Kingdom’s martial cultivators were already dumbstruck, not daring to believe their own eyes. The Ghost Cavalry King was surprisingly captured just like that.

“Monster, he really is a monster.”

Sakakibara Yasumasa’s whole body shook.

“Hurry and roll away, all of you.” Uesugi Kenshin shouted.

Sakakibara Yasumasa seemed to have received a pardon. He fled in a panic, leaving without a trace, no longer daring to delay in the slightest. Originally, he had been eager for Hattori Hanzo to capture the Empress and threaten the Dragon of Echigo, but now it seemed there was no need. With this Purple Thunder Monster, this was the best he could ask.

Zhu Manxiang dearly stroked Chise Sakura’s ashen face, her doting expression a bit sad. She gently set Chise Sakura down and rose to stare at Su Xing. She gripped her saber, her expression immediately changing into a resolution different from her usual self.

Her shadow swelled, and Zhu Manxiang slashed at Su Xing.

Once Su Xing captured the Ghost Cavalry King, he had relaxed in his satisfaction. He had even forgot about the injury that Zhu Manxiang’s attack had brought. When he remembered this betrayal, Su Xing only then remembered about Zhu Manxiang. All of a sudden, thousands of flower petals bloomed around Su Xing. An odd scent assailed him, covering the entire space. Multi-colored flowered released light, and in the midst of them, a picture appeared.

This scent was intoxicating, and Su Xing felt his whole body lose strength. The injuries on his body no longer hurt, but this instead made Su Xing suck in a breath. Among the myriad flowers, Su Xing surprisingly found himself unable to break out. He turned his head, and as he anticipated, he saw Fulfillment Star Zhu Manxiang already daintily approaching.

That Dragon Sparrow Dew Long Saber’s Five Stars danced. Among the million flowers, the fragrance drew out the beauty of the dancing Dragon Sparrow.

Zhu Manxiang’s eyes were stern, saber-light flowing.

Earth Rank Saber Technique.

“Clothes Full Of Flower Fragrance!!”2

Su Xing knew that Zhu Manxiang’s Dark Rank attack not killing him was only because she wanted to use him as a trade for Chise Sakura. This was understandable, but he did not expect that even now, Zhu Manxiang would surprisingly still be unwilling to let the matter rest. This time, she was using her Earth Rank Technique, as if he must die.

Su Xing’s expression chilled, and his killing intent moved.

“You are courting death!” Wu Siyou was infuriated.

A beautiful figure instantly blocked in front of Su XIng, facing Zhu Manxiang’s Earth Rank without a shred of fear. The Noble Frost Demonic Lotus stabbed without mercy. Just when Clothes Full Of Flower Fragrance attacked, without any warning, the surrounding flowers fragmented away like an illusion. The strange scent faded, and the Earth Rank vanished.

Nobody would have thought that Zhu Manxiang would forcefully cancel her Earth Rank at the last moment. If a Star General used a technique, to forcefully stop it would bring backlash. This retraction split Zhu Manxiang’s internal organs, and the woman vomited blood.

Her pace stopped.

The cold Noble Frost Demonic Lotus burst out Zhu Manxiang’s back, piercing through her heart. This stab was easy, so much so that Wu Siyou did not feel any resistance, as if Zhu Manxiang had been seeking death.

“You.” Wu Siyou subconsciously withdrew her sword.

Zhu Manxiang stumbled towards Su Xing. This time, the cool and elegant Pilgrim did not stop her, merely turning her head back in silence to watch Zhu Manxiang’s behavior.

“Why would you do such a thing?” Su Xing saw that Zhu Manxiang had deliberately sought her death, and he felt greatly confused. His arms supported the woman’s mature body.3

Zhu Manxiang rested her chin on Su Xing’s shoulder, her hands powerlessly hung, the Dragon Sparrow Dew Long Saber falling onto the ground, letting out a cry.

“Your Servant’s Dragon Sparrow Dew Long Saber is yours. Treat it as Your Servant’s compensation…” Zhu Manxiang panted, contrarily showing a smile.

“What did you say?” Su Xing was shocked.

“Lin Chong and Wu Song have found a Star Master that would make anyone jealous…Perhaps you truly can change these Star Duels…” Zhu Manxiang’s voice was becoming increasingly weak. “…To end the Star Duels like this…is…not bad…”

“Laying my head on this shoulder is very soothing…I truly wish to have done so once more…”

Zhu Manxiang slowly shut her eyes, exhausted. She lost all her strength and leaned against Su Xing’s shoulder, as if she had dozed off. But immediately afterwards, the Fullfillment Star’s body became illusionary particles, like butterflies falling from this mortal life. A crimson light immediately lost its radiance and fell onto Su Xing’s body.

Su Xing’s heart seemed to be beaten upon heavily. He sat there dumb as a wooden chicken, unable to process what just happened.

The Dragon Sparrow Dew Long Saber hovered in the air letting out a mournful wail.

In honor of the conclusion to its master’s Star Duels.

In tribute to the dead…Fulfillment Star.


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  1. 息壤, a mythic substance known as “Swelling Earth”
  2. 弄香花滿衣
  3. Suicide by Star General. I think she sought this because she was unable to protect Chise. And so long as Chise is involved in the Star Duels, she will always be in danger. But to break a contract and retreat is disgraceful, so the next best thing is suicide by Star General, preserving just a modicum of honor.


    1. Chise’s alive, but barely. As a Star Maiden, Zhu Manxiang has failed in her duties. Death is the only way out and for Manxiang to atone for her failure.

        1. It really is ambiguous. The author makes no explicit mention as to whether or not Chise is still alive, but I’m just gonna assume that she’s only barely alive.

          1. So it really will stay just like that? No clarification on her life or death?

  1. I really hoped that just once would Su Xing take in a “widowed” Star General. But how could Manxiang Starfall if her Star Master was alive?

    Thanks for chapter

    1. Chao Gai came because a Star Duel Covenant had been broken. It’s likely that the Ghost Cavalry King forced Zhu Manxiang to sever the contract as a condition for her safe return. Alternatively, if we use the information from the previous chapter as well, the Ghost Cavalry King had been siphoning Star Energy from Chise Sakura, putting her in a near death state that forced Zhu Manxiang to rescind the contract to prevent her life from falling into further danger.

    2. Yeah, I wish author got more creative with the contracts and he got widowed (Manxiang) and NTR’d (Guan Ying) Star Generals, but everything seems to have to be by the book. It’s almost like they’re treating Contracts like virginity (and power fantasy harems can’t have non-virgin heroines, lol) and they devote themselves to their masters, even if said master was a shithead.

  2. Thanks for the chapter Schwarze_Kreuz! I feel like if she wanted to atone she should have just stuck with Chise until the end instead. Su Xing didn’t want her powers or weapon and I feel like her death would weigh on him because of that.

  3. This sucks. Chise’s death sucks (or apparent death, dunno what to make of it since it looks like she might’ve barely made it), Manxiang’s death sucks, the Star Duels suck, but you know what sucks the most? The fact that Su Xing spared the ghost shithead for later use. I know it’s not out of mercy, but the fact is that the one who caused the death of this couple (I’m just gonna asume Chise died since the wiki says so) is still alive and well. I hope he’s suffering and I hope he dies a wretched, excruciating and humiliating death. I fucking hate him.

    And I thought the Gu Demon was useful just by existing, given how much trouble it took lots of Supervoids to wrangle it before Su Xing stole it, yet he never uses it, which sucks because he doesn’t even need to use it, he can just unleash the Gu onto others; the Crystal Dragon Palace debacle was the perfect situation to do so.

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