Chapter 609: Charming Siyou ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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Koito sat upon a chair, bouncing her foot up and down, several sakura buns still in her hands as she nibbled. She had an easygoing, innocent, and cute expression. Anybody who saw her would feel she was adorable and knowingly smile – But that would be before it was noted that what she sat upon was the imperial throne of the Falling Blossom Ghost Kingdom.

“Empress Highness, this is where matters stand.” Dragon of Echigo Uesugi Musou gathered the hair draped over her back, standing beside Koito and reporting on the matters that happened moments ago at the bakufu.

“Oh, the Fulfillment Star has Starfallen?” Koito’s face was full of regret. It was rare for a Star Master to appear in the Ghost Kingdom, so the bakufu certainly gave an enormous helping hand in the dark to upgrade her Star Weapon. She never thought the Fulfillment Star would Starfall before the Three Heavenly Books.

Too pitiful.

Koito very much cherished the pampering that billowing chest provided. 

“The Tokugawa Clan’s old fart wants a regime change. For the next step, allow Kenshin to lead a subjugation force to destroy him? Everything will be as Empress Highness arranges.” The young girl reverently bowed.

“Forget about it. If he wants this bakufu, he can have it.” Koito bit into her meat bun with satisfaction.

Uesugi Musou asked: “Is that it?”

“It seems there is a ninja who has seen My face. The Star Duels are about to end anyways, so we ought to get going as well.” Koito licked her oily lips, “Musou, you have one.” She raised a meat bun.

Uesugi Musou bluntly grabbed it and took a small bite: “That ninja did not do anything to Your Highness?” The young girl immediately smiled wryly, feeling as if she had asked a very superfluous question. Let alone that Koito appeared innocent and young, Liangshan Continent’s cultivators and martial artists were perhaps even more puerile.

“Koito’s meat buns are unmatched in the world desuyo.” Koito bashfully answered.

Uesugi Kenshin played with a strand of hair and said disdainfully: “That is truly letting them off.”

“Take Koito,1 Uesugi Kenshin, you have unexpectedly appeared in this world. This One wants to know what designs you have for the Star Duels?”

A chilling and stern voice entered the main hall. A pervasive misty pressure simultaneously bubbled in. Powerful might froze time and space in the main hall.

The golden armored Chao Gai strode into the hall, expressionlessly looking down at them.

“Thousand Buddha Star Chao Gai, if we truly wanted to take action, then we would have already done so. There was no need to wait until today.” Uesugi Musou’s shoulders shook. Her invisible haughtiness melted the frozen atmosphere.

Chao Gai’s aggression lessened. She solemnly asked: “Why did you two leave Star World without permission?”

“I was curious and wanted to see why our future Little Sister does not have the Seven Stars Assembly. Koito knows she is very strong.” Koito sweetly smiled. She extended a hand to offer Chao Gai a meat bun.

“You two had best not leak matters of the Star Duels to them.” Chao Gai seriously said.

Uesugi Kenshin disdained this as beneath contempt.

“Also, you have not answered me, why were you able to leave Star World?”

“This question, huh. A certain person will definitely ask as well, so Kenshin shall wait until then to answer all at once.” Uesugi Musou’s expression was leisurely.

“However, Kenshin actually has a question to ask you…” Uesugi Musou concentrated intently on Chao Gai: “Just what sort of person is this man, Su Xing? Why would he feel such sorrow for the death of a Star General? Is it not too bizarre for someone to have such an expression in the Star Duels?”

“This One would like to know as well.” Chao Gai indifferently said.

Koito nibbled on her meat bun, gazing in the direction of the hot spring at the back garden, her bright eyes blinking.

Warm mist billowed out from the onsen, obscuring the entire hot spring.

A magnificent blade hovered in the air, five stars flowing around it as if alive. Su Xing stared at this Star Weapon, lost in thought. It seemed as though that full plumpness still lingered beside his ears.

A long while after, Su Xing sighed.

Zhu Manxiang’s Starfall was an outcome no one could have anticipated. Although it could be said that he had met her several times, their relationship was not particularly deep. But the woman’s plump and tender allure left Su Xing with a deep impression.

“If only we really can meet again at Maiden Mountain.”

Su Xing put away the Dragon Sparrow Dew Long Saber. He looked up and very quickly settled the grief in his heart.

“Does Lord Husband wish for this?”

A gentle voice penetrated the mist. A fair and beautiful figure walked into Su XIng’s line of sight.

Wu Siyou’s exquisite figure was wrapped in a white bath towel. A pair of slender jade white legs stepped delicately. She had already let down her hair, making her originally beautiful hair become more lustrous than flowing water.

“Siyou, don’t tell me you want to take a married couple’s bath?” Su Xing blinked and swallowed back his saliva.

The Wu Siyou before his eyes was extremely sexy. Her skin looked delicated enough to break if he was so much as to blow on it. An extra layer of charm was added in the hot spring’s warm steam. Wu Siyou’s cheeks slightly blushed, her glistening eyes appeared cold and detached, yet they hid a slight bashfulness.

“Is Lord Husband unwilling?” Wu Siyou asked, feigning nonchalance.

“I’m willing, of course I’m willing.” Su Xing smiled.

Wu Siyou first used her toe to test the hot spring’s water. Only afterwards did she cautiously enter the hot spring. She looked at Su Xing’s lecherous, squinting eyes and pursed her lips. She then undid the bath towel, revealing her absolutely beautiful body.

“Wifey, come here.” Su XIng spread his arms to hug her.

Wu Siyou turned away, ignoring him.

Su Xing helplessly swam over to Wu Siyou’s side.

“Is your injury any better?” Wu Siyou whispered.

“What Uesugi Kenshin said was right. This hot spring is quite helpful for treating wounds.” Su Xing looked at that frightening wound on his body. This slash was left by Zhu Manxiang. The Five Star Destined Weapon’s Dark Rank was completely on the mark. If it was anyone else, he did not dare believe they would have lived through it.

Su Xing was self-derisive: “In the future, I’ll be more careful. I can’t be presumptuous.”

Wu Siyou grunted. She traced that wound and leaned her head against Su Xing’s shoulder; about Zhu Manxiang’s Starfall, Wu Siyou could sense that Su Xing’s heart was not at all happy or glad like other Star Masters would be. On the contrary, there was some grief. Therefore, she borrowed the hot spring’s healing to properly assume the role of a wife and comfort Su Xing. Now it seemed that she had completely overdone things.

This man in front of her, her husband, appeared to have a logic about the Star Duels that was bizarre to others, but from another perspective, he possessed an unimaginable openmindedness.

Just like this hot spring’s steam, the more remote he was, the more mysterious he became.

“Lord Husband, to achieve our Sisters’ wish to end the Star Duels, you can only become the overlord. Lord Husband, are you prepared??” Wu Siyou reminded Su Xing that the Star Duels were not a stroll in the spring, and they were not a song to be enjoyed upon the guqin. It was a cruel struggle, and the last wish inevitably would need to pay an extremely heavy price.

Seeing Su Xing take risks and even nearly die for Zhu Manxiang, Wu Siyou in that instant had intentions to be angry.

“Siyou, I know what you are worried about.” Su Xing smiled. He could not possibly take action against ZHao Hanyan, Gong Caiwei or Xi Yue. This also meant that even in the Seven Stars Assembly, he would be unable to become the overlord. Then the so-called wish would be unable to be achieved. “Since I’ve already broken the rules, I may as well break everything until nothing is left.”

Su Xing did not know just what Maiden Mountain and Star World had in store for him.

But regardless of the dangers awaiting him, he would not be deterred.

“It’s just that I don’t know if you will blame me for being too responsible.” Su XIng feigned vexation.

Wu Siyou’s smile had a bit of charm.

Su Xing’s heart throbbed. He clasped Wu Siyou’s cheeks and lightly kissed her red lips. Wu Siyou did not resist. She closed her eyes and parted her lips, extending her tongue to welcome his intense domination. During their kiss, Su Xing’s hands could not help but wander over her chest and butt. Wu Siyou’s figure was extremely fine. Using words like hibiscus or sculpture did not appropriately describe her. When he fondled her jade breasts and butt, his desire instantly surged.

Not a moment later, Wu Siyou’s hair was already disheveled. Her bath towel already had floated to some other place.


Wu SIyou’s throat let out melodious moans. Her jade thighs could not help but writhe, taking the initiative to stick up her body to welcome Su XIng’s love.

“Lord Husband, if you want Your Servant, then want her.” Feeling Su XIng slowly kiss her secret place, Wu Siyou’s eyes were about to tear up, showing an endlessly coquettish expression.

The two of them had already been married for many days since coming to the Ghost Kingdom. Since she already treated SU Xing as her husband and even signed a contract with him, Wu Siyou naturally was not coy, no longer reserved. In fact, when they came to the Ghost Kingdom, Wu Siyou already had plans to give herself wholly to Su Xing. As for the Star Nest or whatever, the Harm Star had never thought of needing it, but Su Xing nevertheless valued this Star Nest. Although they trusted each other sincerely for a long time, even so far as that this man had already kissed every particular place on her body, when she was already burning with desire, at the last moment, it was not Wu Siyou using her hand to help Su Xing settle this. Rather, it was him using the Heart Like Mirror Absolute Sincerity Soul Technique to settle this.

For the first time, Wu Siyou hated this Soul Technique from the bottom of her heart.

How could Su Xing not want to truly become one with Wu Siyou, but he never could leave an uncertain element of danger for temporary ecstasy. Before when he did not know of Maiden Mountain’s trials, he could. Now that Maiden Mountain was overbearing, Su Xing even recklessly signed a contract with Wu Siyou t provide her a Star Nest, to give himself a sense of comfort.

“Wifey, there’s ample time in the future. We can consummate when we ascend Maiden Mountain.” Su Xing panted. He embraced her jade thighs and kissed upwards along her body. He began from those delicate toes, up her satiny bridge, to her graceful calves and finally reaching her well-shaped thighs, licking that secret valley of hers.2

“If Your Servant was to enter the Star Nest, then that would be the embarrassment of Your Servant’s life.” Wu Siyou groaned with a flushed face.

Suddenly, Wu Siyou tightly covered her mouth, locking an even more embarrassing voice in her throat. Her thighs clamped together tightly, and her whole body spasmed and twitched. Her beautiful body entirely arched.

After a while, she finally calmed down.

Su Xing raised his head to kiss Wu Siyou’s lips once more. Tenderly, he said: “Siyou, I will never let you enter the Star Nest. But for now, I don’t want your body. Yingmei and the others will worry about you.”

“Your Servant understands.” Wu Siyou muttered.

Wu Siyou rose and looked at the desire surging at Su Xing’s lower body. Her hand clasped around it, and her eyes grew unfocused as she whispered: “Lord Husband, this time, allow Your Servant to serve you…”3

Su Xing quivered.

The Wu Siyou intoxicated in charm was honestly too overwhelming!

Su Xing and Wu Siyou came to the bakufu’s imperial main hall. Uesugi Musou had already been waiting for a long time. The woman was in the middle of practicing her battoujutsu and stopped when she caught sight of Su Xing.

“Your married couples’ bath was honestly too long.” Uesugi Kenshin yawned, as if she was already tired of waiting. “How many times did you do it? A dozen?”

Even Wu Siyou  blushed crimson when she asked this brazen question.

Su Xing asked: “And Koito?”

“Empress Highness does not wish to see you.” Uesugi Musou said.

“Why?” Wu Siyou wrinkled her brow.

Uesugi Musou stared deeply at Wu Siyou, as if she had countless things to say, but in the end, the cool and elegant woman merely smiled. She did not answer.

“Then forget it. But I want to know, do you two truly come from Star World?” Su Xing was a bit hesitant to believe this.

“Could it be there are other worlds.” Uesugi Kenshin disapproved.

“But how did you two descend?” Su Xing could not understand.

Liangshan Continent had many legends about Star World, but the records were very unclear. Up until now, no one could say the reason. Even the Transforming Star of Annihilation Realm above Supervoid was a legendary existence. In so many historical records, he had never heard of a cultivator from Star World.

Uesugi Musou had a look that said she knew he would ask this, “This is not difficult. An old man calling himself an Immortal flew up to Star World, opening a passage. It was very coincidental that Musou and Her Highness Koito came down.” 

“Immortal?” Su Xing’s mouth hung agape. Could it be that legendary Transforming Star of Annihilation Immortal Extreme Clarity??4

The Most High Path’s, even the Azure Dragon Territory’s, number one cultivator.

Originally, Su Xing was still thinking of the Most High Path’s disaster. This Transforming Star of Annihilation old man would be a thorny problem if he was to show himself, but now he seemed already unnecessary to consider.

“Is it so simple?” Wu Siyou was not very convinced.

Uesugi Kenshin shrugged, as if it was this easy. However, Su Xing remembered that her status in the Birth Treasure Outline was “Debilitated.” The Ghost Kingdom should not have anything capable of harming the Heavenly Exceed Star. In that case, it would have to be leftover from when she was in Star World. It seemed that things were not so simple.

“Right, is everyone in Star World a woman?” Su Xing suddenly remembered something. Regardless of Liangshan’s 108 Star Maidens or Uesugi Kenshin, they all seemed to inherit some materials from characters on Earth. Connecting the so-called Star Name and True Name, Su Xing’s mind had a rough outline of Star World, but it was also somewhat unreal.

“Men love to care about this sort of topic.” Uesugi Musou did not hide her disgust at all. “Terribly sorry, but Musou does not wish to answer this question.”

“…” Su Xing.

Wu Siyou at this time interjected: “Since you are from Star World, then tell us. Just what is the true face of these Star Duels?”

“She would be far clearer on that than Musou, is that not true?!” The woman slightly smiled and pointed.

Su Xing and Wu Siyou turned.

Chao Gai walked over.

Su Xing’s brow furrowed, and he did not hesitate to flip open the Birth Treasure Outline.

Golden light flashed, and the book’s pages flipped.

Star Position: Heavenly Buddha Star

Star Name: Chao Gai

Nickname: Thousand Buddha Star

True Name: ???

Rank: ???

Star Weapon: ???

Star Beast: ???

Realm: ???

Innate Skill: ???

Five Elements: ???

Yellow Rank Special Technique: ???

Dark Rank Special Technique: ???

Earth Rank Special Technique: ???

Heaven Rank Special Technique: ???

Current Status: ???

Detailed Materials: ???

The pages full of question marks made Su XIng’s eyes go dizzy.

“Su XIng, you are very rude, to think of peeking at This One, your cultivation is still too shallow.” Chao Gai appeared stern.

Su Xing chuckled. As expected of the Star Duel’s guardian, the Birth Treasure Outline could not illuminate anything, as expected. “Your Servant merely wants to know your True Name, Chao Gai. Addressing you in the future is inevitable.”

“Is there any need to go through so much trouble. What harm is there in informing you of This One’s True Name.” Chao Gai mysteriously smiled.

“Remember well, This One’s True Name – Wuhui!”5

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  1. 武小娘, 武 is the same surname as Wu Siyou. “Take” isn’t really complete, but I’m not sure what the proper form would be.
  2. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  3. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  4. Which would explain why Hu Mi has the Supreme Ultimate Diagram that is supposed to be in his possession.
  5. 霧繪


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