Chapter 615: I Do Not Love You, I Hate You

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“Master, Your Servant…” Mu Qingying prepared to watch for a chance at assassination.

“Do not move for the time being.” Bing Qingxuan eyed Su Xing, intrigued as he promptly stopped Mu Qingying.

Bing Qingxuan had his own shrewdness. He immediately thought that since the Purple Thunder Monster dared to intrude into the Most High Path, he naturally would have come prepared. And the Purple Thunder Monster knew of his identity. Naturally, he would constantly be on guard for the Investigative Star. If this was the case, the odds of an assassination was too remote. And now was before the Three Heavenly Books. Mu Qingying’s Earth Rank had not been comprehended yet. The risks of an assassination were too great, and if they failed, they would instead fall into the Purple Thunder Monster’s snare and be caught all in one go.

Bing Qingxuan had exchanged blows with Su Xing. Among all the Star Masters, he was the one who most understood the Purple Thunder Monster. He was very lucid that this Purple Thunder Monster was equal parts terrifying in both astuteness and composure. Perhaps the Most High Path had pulled a snake from its hole, allowing him entry.

The more he thought of this, the more Bing Qingxuan thought this was very likely, and he could not help but break into a cold sweat.

“Great plans can be ruined with just a touch of impatience. After the Heavenly Books, the Purple Thunder Monster will inevitably become the eradication target of all Star Masters. When that time comes, we only need to wait for him to die. There is no need to take such a risk right now.” Bing Qingxuan said in a low voice, his eyes gazing at the chilling aura Xie Zhenyuan was emitting.

Especially right now, he could not allow him to find out his identity.

“But the Ancestral Master?” Mu Qingying said.

Northern Darkness Has Fish had already ordered Bing Qingxuan to seek an opportunity for an assassination to settle this. This was perhaps not easy to handle.

Bing Qingxuan disdained this as beneath contempt. He showed a sneer: “Northern Darkness is already in his death throes. Why is there any need for us to obey the commands of a dead man. Hmph, even if the Purple Thunder Monster does not kill him, we will get rid of him sooner or later.”

Mu Qingying kept silent. She retracted her killing intent, solemnly assenting to her contractor’s idea.

Bing Qingxuan did not know that this idea actually saved his life because Su Xing indeed had such a plan.

While Su Xing and Northern Darkness Has Fish battled, Darkness Has Fish had already fought in the Crystal Dragon Palace against three Great Supervoids and had his doppelgangers slain by Konghou. His cultivation was greatly debilitated, having fallen into a trough. Su Xing, on the other hand, relied on that breathtaking thousand year contract he made in the end with Wu Siyou, contrarily reaching a peak state, His cultivation had reached directly to Supervoid Middle Stage.

The two were opposites, their levels clear. Northern Darkness Has Fish’s Flying Swords and Extreme Clarity Immortal Light could only match against Su Xing’s Immemorial Sword Chant and Purple Mansion Immortal Thunder. 

Northern Darkness Has Fish continuously relied upon the Most High Path’s THree Clarities sect-protecting seal, but it was a pity that Su Xing also had Wu Siyou’s Pilgrim’s Array Innate Skill, which eased most of the pressure. Add on that Wu Siyou was supporting him from nearby, Northern Darkness Has Fish’s resolve began to waver.

And what made Northern Darkness Has Fish furious was that brat, Bing Qingxuan.

Because he knew of Bing Qingxuan’s identity, Northern Darkness Has Fish had even ordered him beforehand to find a chance to assassinate the Purple Thunder Monster, but after so long, there was surprisingly still no sign of activity, which made Northern Darkness Has Fish endlessly irritated.

While Su Xing battled Northern Darkness Has Fish, he locked his Divine Intent on Hua Wanyue’s vicinity, waiting for the Most High Path’s assassin, but not seeing the assassin after several obvious opportunities made Su Xing quite glum.

Suddenly at this moment.

An ear-piercing whistle entered his ears.

A heavenly rainbow beam fired, the colors enshrouding the Three Clarities Field in multi-colored radiance. This arrow pierced through Su Xing’s heart, but there was no injury at all. On the contrary, the array inhibiting Su Xing vanished.

Sun Piercing Heavenly Rainbow!

Hua Wanyue could not stand to watch anymore. She used her Earth Rank, easily leveling the Most High Path’s threat. “Just how long are will you dillydally.” The Hero Star unhappily asked.

Then, Hua Wanyue coldly pulled and aimed her bow at Northern Darkness Has Fish.

Her killing intent swelled.

Earth Rank!

Northern Darkness Has Fish’s complexion changed.

“I’ve troubled you, Wanyue.”

Su Xing smiled. His gaze suddenly became stern. Following the Sun Piercing Heavenly Rainbow’s unrivalled rainbow luster, Su Xing leapt high up, his hand clenching. A broadsword with the circulating radiance of five stars suddenly manifested in his hand. An absolutely beautiful bird danced on the blade, and powerful killing intent wrapped around it. 

The entire Most High Path was shaken.

“That is…”

Xie Zhenyuan was astonished.

The Five Star Dragon Sparrow Dew Long Saber!

“The Fulfillment Star’s Five Star Star Weapon…” Bing Qingxuan cried out, not daring to believe this.

“How can this be…” Even the emotionless Mu Qingying was taken aback. To be capable of killing the Fulfillment Star wielding a Five Star Destined Weapon was not strange with Su Xing’s abnormal strength, but what made them shocked was the way that Destined Weapon appeared.

Star Masters could receive the Destined Star Weapon of a Star General they killed for their use in the Star Duels, so to be able to kill strong Star Generals meant that they would become even stronger. But for any Star Master to manifest the Destined Star Weapon, they were required to sacrifice an amount of Essence Blood in order to form the Star Weapon. This Essence Blood was not much, yet it was enough to make a Star Master suffer a decrease in strength.

But just now, Bing Qingxuan and the others clearly saw Su Xing paid no price at all to wield the Five Star Destined Weapon. This completely ran contrary to the rules of the Star Duels.

“Chao Gai truly should cut this man to bits!” Bing Qingxuan’s face warped.

Northern Darkness Has Fish was shocked.


Su Xing was incomparably cold. He slashed with the freezing saber-qi of “Sparrow Drinks Winter Spring,” the biting cold bursting forth and pouring into Northern Darkness Has Fish’s body. The ancestor’s protective Immortal Light magic weapon could not stand against the might of a Five Star Destined Weapon.

When Northern Darkness Has Fish screamed, the saber qi burst open over his whole body.

Northern Darkness Has Fish was worthy of being called the Azure Dragon Territory’s number one Supervoid Cultivator. His Divine Intent moved, and the Three Clarities Banner flapped over his chest. Boundless clear light blocked the Dragon Sparrow Dew Long Saber, but with this saber drawn, Su Xing was already as cold as a monster. A second and a third slash followed closely behind.

At this time, Wu Siyou’s black lotus flecked with snow and Hua Wanyue’s Ten Thousand Li God Killing Arrow arrived at the same time, determined to take his life.

This terrifying situation left the entire Most High Path’s disciples only able to helplessly look on.

With a crash.

The Three Clarities Banner finally could endure no further. The clear light broke, the banner ripped, and this famously supreme Prehistoric Spirit Treasure of the Spirit Sealing List broke apart with a bang. Northern Darkness Has Fish howled: “Double Sevens!!”

Hua Wanyue saw the Double Sevens Token emit rays of light. Countless galaxies poured out from the Double Sevens, and before Hua Wanyue could react, she was sucked in towards the Double Sevens Ruins at the highest point of the Three Clarities Field.

“Ha, ha, ha, This Old Man shall make you taste the feeling of losing your Star Generals.” Northern Darkness Has Fish was ecstatic when he saw this. Su Xing hacked off his right arm and was eyeing his heart when Northern Darkness Has Fish immediately used an already prepared array to escape.

“Wanyue.” Su Xing had no mood to concern himself with Northern Darkness Has Fish’s fate. He hastily flew up to grab Hua Wanyue.

Hearing Northern Darkness Has Fish’s words about the Double Sevens, his heart immediately had a feeling of foreboding.

Hua Wanyue was in a daze, only recovering her graceful expression after a long while. The river of stars rolled, taking Su Xing at the same time. In an instant, the both of them vanished together.

In the sky, a Crimson Star slowly dimmed.

“Lord Husband!”

Wu Siyou was stupefied.

But no matter what she did, the Double Sevens Ruins in the end still showed no signs of activity. At this point, Wu Siyou was a bit alarmed. Wu Siyou turned to gaze furiously at all of the Most High Path: “What is the meaning of this?!” Her enraged expression seemed to say that if the Most High Path did not release Su Xing, the Harm Star would turn this Azure Dragon Territory number one path into complete rubble.

Everyone was shaken under the Harm Star’s pressure. No one dared to reply. Let along that the Most High Disciples were even more depressed, their Path’s number one Ancestral Master had been forced to flee before their eyes again, and the enemy surprisingly still menaced them. But they had no heart to resist at all.

Killing intent rolled out from Wu Siyou, forming black lotuses in the surroundings.

The Most High Path clearly sensed the terrifying killing intent contained in the black lotuses. Their hearts shivered, and the Most High Headmaster barely preserved some influence, saying: “Pilgrim Wu Song, the grudge between This Path’s Ancestral Master and you does not concern us. Could it be you would raise your hand against us, do you actually wish to go against the world?”

Wu Siyou sent this Headmaster that was still bluffing an expression of ridicule.

A black demonic lotus flew towards the Most High Headmaster. The Most High Headmaster’s Flying Swords and magic weapons moved to intercept, but the demonic lotuses bloomed, directly blasting upon him. Killing intent poured out, and the Most High Headmaster immediately felt like a leaf upon stormy waves, nearly disintegrating.


The disciples were flabbergasted.

The Most High Path Headmaster stumbled backwards, vomiting blood, his eyes overwhelmed and afraid.

The Harm Star’s Earth Rank Technique!!

Countless black demonic lotuses slowly bloomed in the several li around Wu Siyou. Snow-white spiritual light emitted from her sword, submerging the Most High Path in an eerie atmosphere.

“Harm Star, the Double Sevens is completely due to the Ancestral Master, we really did not know.” Xie Zhenyuan stood out.

“Zhenyuan.” Hou Ruolan was frightened by Wu Siyou’s murderous aura, yet she still guarded at his side.

Wu Siyou disdainfully smiled.

“This Sect knows that the Double Sevens Token began when the Double Sevens Ruins were obtained from a Purple Rose Treasure Chest. Before this, This Sect had always treated it as the root of a leyline, nothing more. Whatever the Double Sevens is, we truly are not clear. Ancestral Master Northern Darkness deliberately spread the rumors that it was an item capable of annulling contracts solely to draw you in here.” Xie Zhenyuan explained.

“Elder Sister, could it be you cannot sense his Star Nest?” Hou Ruolan timidly said.

This was precisely what made Wu Siyou feel furious because she currently could not sense Su Xing’s whereabouts at all. He was just like that Crimson Star in the sky, completely vanished.

“Then do not blame Your Servant if she needs to destroy the Three Clarities Field to dig out Lord Husband.”

Wu Siyou shouted.

The hundred black demonic lotuses simultaneously slammed towards the peak of the Three Clarities Field. Wu Siyou’s sword technique simultaneously mobilized. After an enormous rumble, the Three Clarities Field was suddenly destroyed. The Most High Path disciples who looked on were furious but also helpless.

“This One never thought that the famous Harm Star Pilgrim would be lose her self-control over a single man.”

An indifferent voice descended from the heavens.

“You finally come.” Wu Siyou seemed to have already anticipated this.

Thousand Buddha Star Chao Wuhui smiled: “Siyou, your words sound like This One is apparently your Lord Husband’s nanny.”

“Enough bullshit. Just what the hell is this Double Sevens.”

“This Double Sevens is unable to harm your Lord Husband’s life, there is no need to worry.” Chao Gai slightly smiled, “The Double Sevens can allow a Star Master and an uncontracted Star General enter it. After undergoing a trial, they will sign a third contract, that is all. This is indeed a very good thing.”

“What? Sign a third contract?”

“Correct. Liangshan Continent’s Star Duels can only allow up to two contracted Stars. This Double Sevens is used to contract a third Star. Of course, it is not so perfect. If they fail the trial, then the Star Master and the Star General will be forever unable to sign a contract. Furthermore, they will become enemies, a situation where only one may live.” Chao Wuhui mockingly said: “This Double Sevens is a ruin that, if it does not love you, it hates you. This actually dispenses with many of the ambiguities.”

“Such a coercion on your1 part betrays the very ideal. What is the meaning of this.” Wu Siyou angrily said.

“This One can understand your feelings, after all, your Lord Husband has already broken the rules and has no need for the Double Sevens.” Chao Wuhui wrinkled her brow, “But coercion, these words are mistaken. The Double Sevens have never been used to coerce. If it is not for the Star General’s own willingness, this will be impossible to occur.”

“What you mean is.”

“This One means, the Hero Star wishes to break off her relationship with your Lord Husband…”

Hearing these words, two words suddenly leapt into Wu Siyou’s mind.

“Broken arrow!”

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  1. Wu Siyou means Chao Gai and Maiden Mountain, not just Chao Gai.


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