Chapter 614: Attacked On All Sides

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“Did you hear, a cultivator had an outburst just now at the White Horse Restaurant.”

“Oh, is this not very normal?”

“But that cultivator surprisingly uttered some grand words. He wants to unify the Alliance of Ten, vie for the ‘One Path’ position. And he wants us to watch. Right, that cultivator seemed to come from the Yue Dragon School.”

“The Yue Dragon School. Never heard of it.”

“Me neither. Afterwards, I asked around, and it seems to come from Senior Nine Dragons’ Great Sect. They have a powerful Double Star Star Master.

“An arrogant little sect. They are always like this. Brother, is there any real need to concern yourself with them, ha, ha.”

“The Yue Dragon School? I know of them. That sect’s Headmaster originally was a fool, wasting all of his power to raise a Star Master. When the time came for the Star Masters to ascend Maiden Mountain, it was viewed poorly by other sects and subsequently annihilated. This kind of sect is surprisingly still around, huh. Let him come out then. I, the Leisurer Dark Birth, want to taste the flavor of such a destroyed sect.”

“Ha, ha, ha, me, too.”

At some point in time, the Alliance of Ten Conference already was quietly relaying the information the Yue Dragon School disciple had hooted to Emperor Liang and the Ten Great Sects. Originally, this kind of matter would not amount to much, maybe a topic people would chat about after lunch, but that belligerent Yue Dragon School disciple surprisingly declared something about vying for the head of the Azure Dragon, the One Path. Furthermore, he also said something about the sects that originally encircled and annihilated the Yue Dragon School ought to wash their necks in preparation for beheading.

These words were unpleasant. Liangshan Continent’s cultivators that had a bit of knowledge were all aware of what had happened to Senior Nine Dragons. Naturally, they also knew the course of their destruction, especially the Yue Dragon School that had been well-known. It was because of this that the sect that had been able to raise a Star Master capable of ascending Maiden Mountain had collapsed in just a few short years. They could even be said to be an object of ridicule, thus, he gave many sects a warning. 

These rumors were increasingly unpleasant to the ear, and eventually, countless cultivators in the conference already showed expressions of contempt, saying something that if he was to dare take the stage, they would first take him down.

Old Pig was calm when he heard this, but he said something to the Yue Dragon Headmaster.

The Yue Dragon Headmaster inquired the other disciples, but the disciples each looking at one another and not one of them admitting they were the ones behind this made the Yue Dragon Headmaster fume and curse that disciple’s stupidity, that he did not know his own strength, to have surprisingly said these things. Afterwards, he timidly glanced at Old Pig.

The latter said nothing. On the contrary, he showed displeasure towards the discussions of those sects.

“These Azure Dragon Cultivators truly are repulsive, to surprisingly insult us like this. Big Brother, teach them a lesson.” Tao Fenghu indignantly said.

Yue Qingshang also coldly clanged around: “Old Pig, there is no need for sympathy towards them.”

“There is no need to mind them.” Old Pig slightly grinned as he waved his hand. His calm demeanor made the Yue Dragon Headmaster feel afraid.

At this time, the competition on the stage was increasingly intense. Flying Swords flew about, very noisy. The Yue Dragon Headmaster whispered: “Senior, are we about to take the stage and contest for the Four Great Sword Sects?”

Due to the Alliance of Ten Conference’s rule of “One Path, Two Halls, Three Palaces, Four Sword Sects,” a Four Sword Sect required at least one Supervoid Cultivator as a guardian. Currently, the Yue Dragon Sect had only Old Pig as their sole Supervoid Late Stage senior; there was no one else.

Old Pig narrowed his eyes and calmly said: “Change of plans. I, Old Pig, am determined to fight for this One Path and make This Sect shock the world.”

The Yue Dragon Headmaster’s mouth hung open. Although he felt Old Pig was very strong, the contests towards the end would practically all be battles between Supervoid Cultivators. The Yue Dragon School did not have this strength.

“Old Pig has his own position.” Old Pig said.

Tao Fenghu and Yue Qingshang were slightly confused as to why Old Pig changed his view.

“The Purple Thunder Monster is currently not in this place. Since that is the case, then I shall let these clowns be pleased with themselves just a little while longer.” Old Pig said. They had descended from Maiden Mountain and were somewhat sensitive to the presence of the Purple Thunder Monster himself. Currently, Old Pig was already sensing that the Purple Thunder Monster would not appear at this Azure Dragon Territory Alliance of Ten Conference, that he was somewhere several thousand li away, and that he had met with a bit of trouble.

Old Pig had originally only wanted to make the Yue Dragon School show a bit of might, to at the very least return to the Alliance of Ten’s lineup. Now that he heard these rumors, Old Pig changed his idea. He might as well bring the Yue Dragon School to the top in a spurt of energy.1

“Fenghua will not oppose the decision Big Brother makes.” Tao Fenghua smiled.

Yue Qingshang nodded in agreement.

At this time, the one who started all the rumors watched in satisfaction at her scandalous masterpiece.

“Sister Xinjie, you’re so awesome. I feel that those people are so pitiful. Before they’ve taken the stage, they’re already being attacked on all sides.” Shi Yuan was speechless.

“This is Hua Xue’s work.” Wu Xinjie smiled slightly. Hua Xue scatched its neck, showing a fox’s natural charm.

“Against these cultivators, a tiny, little Dazzling Light Mind Image is enough.”

“But can this actually make the Fourth Overlord use their Heaven Ranks?” The warm as water Hu Niangzi gazed at a corner of the arena, suddenly turning her head to ask.

“Not yet. To make them use their Heaven Ranks, these cultivators do not have the qualifications.” WU Xinjie placed her gaze on the highest platform. Including Emperor Liang, Immortal Outside Heaven and the other Azure Dragon Territory top-notch Ancestors were still aloof.

All of the girls showed curious expressions.

A profound smile flit across Wu Xinjie’s lips. “Now should be the time we take the stage.”


“The Four Great Sword Sects are already split into three Sword Sects. The Huan Zhen School2 is worthy of being called an up-and-comer.. Now, the last Sword Sect, the Blooming Water Sword Sect, has already fallen behind, what other sects that would fight for this?”

A cultivator of the imperial court shouted with a voice like a bell, shaking everyone’s ears and blinding them.

The Huan Zhen School’s cultivators arrogantly glanced at everyone present. Their Huan Zhen Flying Sword abilities were considered at the peak of perfection, and sect leader’s Supervoid Early Stage cultivation was truly astonishing.

“There is also This Sect!”

Just when everyone had thought that the Huan Zhen Men had successfully become the Huan Zhen Sword Sect of the Four Great Sword Sects, at this moment, there was suddenly a voice that rolled through the arena like spring thunder. Even Emperor Liang and the others that sat high atop the arena showed interested expressions.

A row of people appeared in everyone’s view. They wore red robes that were not too eye-catching, led by an old man with an expression showing experience and skill, brimming with a halo as if he had been reborn. His profound magic energy spread, and the beautiful young woman beside him was eye-catching. Her cultivation was impressive, a seemingly water-like flame spinning around her.

Perhaps no one would recognize this old man, but this beauty was famous in the Azure Dragon Territory.

She was none other than a tool refinement sect master.

Ju Yueke!

“The Four Styles School has come to fight.”

Ju Yueke slightly smiled.

“Northern Darkness Has Fish, I’m somewhat exhausted waiting for you.” Su Xing laughed.

“Purple Thunder Monster, you truly are audacious, to surprisingly intrude into this sect, could it be you truly believe This Path will let you bully it?” Northern Darkness Has Fish’s expression was calm. Compared to the rage he had earlier when he saw Su Xing, the current him was much more hale and hearty, his expression radiant, as if everything was within the palm of his hand.

“Do you believe that you alone can destroy my Most High Path just by bringing a few Star Generals?” Northern Darkness Has Fish’s voice boomed like thunder, blasting the atmosphere. Several disciples felt dizzy.

Although he exerted his Supervoid Late Stage spiritual pressure, the current Su Xing had a dozen Star Generals’ contracts. Let alone Supervoid Late Stage spiritual pressure, if a mighty Transforming Star of Annihilation level cultivator actually came, he would not be frightened.

Although the Most High Path’s hundred disciples wanted to bluff for the ancestor, they were helpless against the might of a Supervoid Cultivator and the aggression of top-notch Star Generals.

“But my Wifey has the Pilgrim’s Array Innate Skill? Don’t tell me you think the Most High Formation can trap me?” Su Xing disapproved.

“What an arrogant Monster, we shall see how much longer you can be arrogant.” Northern Darkness Has Fish shouted furiously and abruptly formed a hand seal.

A clear breeze suddenly gusted through the Three Clarities Field, blowing away the clouds and mist.

The first layer of clear light glowed, pushing towards Su Xing from all sides.

The Most High Path’s protective array immediately manifested.

“Lord Husband, be careful.” Just as Wu Siyou wanted to shield Su Xing.

Boundless clear qi and clear light rolled forth, instantly covering the surroundings completely. Everything else disappeared. Su Xing’s whole body billowed purple qi, not daring to be careless.

A Star Crest flashed on Su Xing’s forehead.

The Pilgrim’s Array Innate Skill activated, and Su Xing did not hesitate to take a quick step towards the center of the array.

A ray of clear light smashed towards him like a heavy, iron staff, as if it was Gonggong smashing Mount Buzhou, dropping the heavens and firmly locking Su Xing. He was unable to evade, and from this move, Su Xing comprehended the might of the Most High Path’s array. 

Su Xing used all his strength, shaking his purple qi. With a snapping sound, twelve rays of purple wi hovered around his body, flying out like arrows in succession. The purple qi was auspicious, surging forth without any weakness.

What lay above the purple clouds simultaneously attacked. The Most High Array spun all at once, breaking the purple clouds and swiftly thrusting for Su Xing’s forehead. This was a move that spared no effort. The Most High Path’s array was established using the Three Clarities, and with the limitless spiritual power of the surroundings as support, Su Xing felt as if several Prehistoric Spirit Treasures were smashing him at the same time. Now, he again used all his strength, relying on his purple qi to resist, worried that he would be split apart.

Just when the clear qi attacked, Northern Darkness Has Fish appeared at the same time, seizing the chance to kill in one stroke.

A Supreme Grade Sword Chant spun out, and the clear-light linked into a sharp line.

Northern Darkness Has Fish was aware that Su Xing’s powers and magic weapons were very strange, and he had Star Generals like Wu Song and Lin Chong for support. After the Crystal Dragon Palace, Northern Darkness Has Fish knew that any further mention of revenge could only be described as ridiculous. Because of this, Northern Darkness Has Fish staked everything on this. He used the Most High Path’s protective array to delay Su Xing’s Star Generals and then finish him off in a spurt of energy.

However, two of Northern Darkness Has Fish’s doppelgangers had been dispatched at the Crystal Dragon Palace by Konghou, and his vitality was greatly injured. Currently, his magic energy was far from peak state. He could barely use it to just barely bring any threat to Su Xing.

Su Xing’s Heaven Tearing clashed with Old Daoist Northern Darkness’ Flying Swords. In the gloom, mighty and vast magic energies collided. Immediately, there was a crash. The Most High Array was formidable as expected. The powers protecting Su Xing’s body and his Flying Swords were suppressed. Su XIng’s wrist was numb, and he nearly could not stand steadily. Under this mutual clash, Northern Darkness Has Fish’s sneak attack nearly succeeded.

“This Old Man shall destroy you today!” Northern Darkness Has Fish seized his chance. He suddenly struck, and the Extreme Clarity Immortal Light drew a canopy.

A sword-light struck at Su Xing and shredded the Extreme Clarity Immortal Light.

“Your Servant will take tooth for tooth!”

Wu Siyou walked out of the trapping array and arrived in front of Su Xing, coldly speaking.

The Most High Path’s protective array appeared, and the Three Clarities Field was in disorder.

Xie Zhenyuan took a deep breath. He then carried Hou Ruolan a certain distance away, his eyes shining as his Flying Swords flew out at the same time.

Somewhere else, Bing Qingxuan still spectated with a cold eye.

“Master? Do we take action?” Mu Qingying said coldly.

“The Purple Thunder Monster is not so easy to face. Actually that Hero Star is the current target.” Bing Qingxuan gazed at Hua Wanyue and showed a sinister expression.

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  1. Even if he is Supervoid Late Stage and a Star Master, no one’s going to recognize the victory of someone whose sect is basically on life support at this point
  2. 還真門


  1. Thanks for the chapter Schwarze_Kreuz! Wonder if Old Pig has considered that after winning the top spot his sect is just going to get sunk a second time right after he leaves, in the exact same scenario, since they don’t have the power to hold that position without him lol.

    1. Exactly. Old Pig is so blinded by regret and rage that he isn’t considering any of the consequences at all.

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