Chapter 617: This Arrow Will Move Forward Without Looking Back

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Her firm breasts were pressed nearly flat against Su Xing’s chest by the pressure, and the feeling upon her chest felt just like an electric current, coursing over her whole body, making her almost moan. The Hero Star wanted to die from the humiliation. She had never been in such intimate contact with a man. For a time, her body was limp and powerless, but she lowered her head to avoid looking at Su Xing’s face.

However, Hua Wanyue did not know that Su Xing was not thinking about this lucky situation at all. A giant star hurtled towards them. It was practically like a mountain-sized magic weapon magnified by several millionfold in size. Su Xing completely lacked any room to evade.

He summoned Heavenly Abyss, and the large swords protected the pair like shields. Su Xing circulated his magic energy, bracing himself as he charged forth.


An enormous noise entered his ears.

Su Xing pierced into the giant. 

What appeared in front of him was a mountain of hard stone.

Heavenly Abyss protected them while Heaven Tearing tunneled through the mountain. Su Xing concentrated all of his magic energy into carving a passage through this earth planetoid.

The earth planetoid’s strong force pushed towards Su Xing at the same time, as if it wanted to flatten him into a meat patty. Countless boulders smashed endlessly against Heavenly Abyss. Each impact made Su Xing’s chest shudder. Heavenly Abyss was his Life-cast Flying Sword. The impacts they sustained were transmitted to the user himself.

Such a powerful force.

Su Xing shook.

Heavenly Abyss was categorized as Earth among the Five Elements Flying Swords. It was made for defense, forged from Black Turtle Divine Iron, incomparably sturdy. It was no exaggeration to say that Heavenly Abyss was Liangshan Continent’s most powerful defensive magic weapon. In previous battles, SU Xing had perceived the pressure that Heavenly Abyss transmitted, but never had it been so powerful.

It was like millions of Five Sacred Peaks endlessly pushing down upon him.

Its power was swift and flowing.

Any other magic weapon would be completely unable to bear the overwhelming power of this earth planetoid and would have long already been smithereens.

His Divine Intent was completely imbued into Heavenly Abyss. His fingers snapped, summoning purple qi that protected Heavenly Abyss.

The twelve Heavenly Abyss Swords were just like twelve gates.

Countless meteorites and boulders smashed, and Heavenly Abyss cracked slightly. Its defensive range began to slowly recede. The Purple Mansion Immortal Thunder surrounding Heavenly Abyss detonated to help lessen the pressure, and thus they spent several hours tunneling through the earth planetoid like this.

This boulder-like tenacity moved Hua Wanyue, and she could not help but secretly hate herself a bit for her cautiousness just now.

Finally, after some unknown amount of time, the pressure over Hua Wanyue’s whole body lessened. Her suffocating chest finally obtained air. The enormous planetoid was already getting farther and farther away behind her. Relying on Su Xing’s powerful determination, they unexpectedly bored through the entire celestial body.

“Are you alright?” Hua Wanyue softly asked, but being hugged by Su Xing allowed her to feel the same things. However, Hua Wanyue knew that Su Xing used Heavenly Abyss to divert the majority of the pressure, and she did not dare imagine how directly bearing all of that pressure would feel like.

“En, I’m fine.”

Su Xing panted heavily. His whole body felt like it was about to disintegrate, and he was nearly unable to keep holding Hua Wanyue.

“Do you realize the terror of the Double Sevens? There is still time to turn back.” Hua Wanyue saw that Su Xing was suffering, and her heart was suddenly somewhat pained. She forcefully said: “The Double Sevens is only a trial for Star Maidens. I do not wish to rely on you.”

“Hua Wanyue, if you really aren’t too embarrassed, then hold tight onto me. If I can feel your body, then I won’t feel the pressure one single but.” Su Xing chuckled.

After the disaster passed, Su XIng’s body now relaxed and hugged Hua Wanyue even tighter.

Hua Wanyue’s brows rose, and she ground her teeth, an appearance of wanting to eat this person alive. The Hero Star endured, and a crafty glint flashed past her eyes. Instead, she said: “Does My body please you so much? Even if you died? Then Yingmei and the others truly have seen the wrong person.”

What eloquence. Su Xing was speechless.

Hua Wanyue smiled in satisfaction: “If you have any strength left to hug Me tight, then hug Me tight…”


Su Xing was still mystified why Hua Wanyue would suddenly be so understanding when he followed her gaze. His face immediately soured, for he saw yet another star flying towards them.

This celestial body was completely radiant, a conglomeration of gold.

But from a distance of a million li, he could sense his own insignificant powerlessness.

If the former earth planetoid could be said to be a small demonstration, then this glowing, golden star was a true display of feat.

“I’m going.” Su Xing cursed.

Hua Wanyue had wanted to say something, but she was only able to groan.

This man actually hugged her even tighter.

When Xuan Yunshang awoke, her head was splitting from pain. She circulated her Star Energy for a while to finally settle down. She recalled what happened before she lost consciousness. She seemed to have learned from Qingci’s Birth Treasure Outline of the existence of two strange Earthly Stars, and she had the thought to test them.

Afterwards…Afterwards, it seemed that the Thief Star went to attack the enemy, which truly made Xuan Yunshang nearly burst out laughing. For a low-ranked Star Maiden to go challenge an Earthly Star that comprehended Heaven Rank, this truly was laughable – courting death. However, that Earthly Star’s puppet coordination was indeed truly skillful, as expected of one of the Purple Thunder Monster’s Star Generals. As always, he exceeded expectations, toppling generations of understanding about the Star Generals.

Xuan Yunshang then recalled that in the end, she formed a plan when she saw Shi Yuan fall into danger. She decided to save her to join the Purple Thunder Monster’s inner circle. Because there had been an incident in the past, then providing help in a time of need was the best way to resolve that dispute; but she, Xuan Yunshang, had never imagined that she would make an error in judgment. The enemy was far more formidable than she had imagined. Not only was her Earth Rank “Death Ghosts” completely ineffective, her sneak attack had completely failed. In the end, she was the one routed instead.

But she was not dead?

Xuan Yunshang wrinkled her brow. Flower Tribute had sacrificed itself to save her, and the enemy could not possibly let her go like this. Furthermore, they had specially treated her injuries and set her upon a bed to recover. Xuan Yunshang recalled something and felt her face. When she realized her mask was still on, she breathed a sigh of relief.

A slight shuffle came from nearby.

Someone entered the room, and XUan Yunshang’s figure moved, directly attacking the figure.

An Suwen gasped in astonishment. Before Xuan Yunshang could make any moves, her hand was swatted away. An ice-cold figure quickly darted between her and An Suwen, her palm pushing Xuan Yunshang away.

“Is this how you repay someone?”

The woman who blocked her with super fast reactions was dressed in a black shirt and white skirt, her cold aura clearly distinct.

Xuan Yunshang’s eyebrows rose.

“Elder Sister Yingmei, Elder Sister Yunshang is simply acting in self-defense. Please do not blame her, Elder Sister.” The gentle An Suwen spoke up for Xuan Yunshang.

Lin Yingmei pursed her lips, not lowering her guard at all.

“Elder Sister, is there anywhere else still out of sorts?” An Suwen tenderly asked.

“You saved me?” Xuan Yunshang asked in astonishment.

“It was Yuan’er who saved you.” An Suwen summarized what happened. This made the Ugly Prince Consort clearly surprised. This sneaky Thief Star Flea On A Drum surprisingly returned to rescue her. If it was not for her personally witnessing this, she would not have believed it even in death.

“Xuan Yunshang, you have awakened.”

Xuan Yunshang came to the living room where WU Xinjie was currently speaking with a woman. That woman wore a lustrous short skirt and top. Her skin surpassed snow, and her pupils were clear, flowing with an expression of pity; there was no need for Xuan Yunshang to guess who this was. Such a beauty was inevitably the most beautiful of every generation, Bright Star Ten Feet of Blue.

Wu Xinjie spotted Ugly Prince Consort and hinted to drink tea.

“How do you know my True Name…He told you…”

“Young Lord does not hide anything from us.” Wu Xinjie giggled.1

“Yet you still saved me?” Ugly Prince Consort licked her chapped lips.

“Young Lord does not like for us to be vengeful.”

Ugly Prince Consort felt this Purple Thunder Monster’s Star Generals were indeed interesting, “So the Purple Thunder Monster has indeed come. The Harm Star and Hero Star are not present?” Xuan Yunshang looked carefully and noticed that the Sisters present were not as numerous as rumored.

For example, the number one Star General in magic energy, Gongsun Sheng, was nowhere to be seen.

“Is Little Sister Yunshang also concerned about Young Lord’s whereabouts?” Wu Xinjie asked.

“Is there anyone under Heaven who is not concerned with the Purple Thunder Monster’s location.” Xuan Yunshang deflected.

“Since you are here now, we have something to ask you.” Lin Yingmei interrupted their meaningless chat. Xuan Yunshang and Su Xing had a prior dispute, and they were slightly knowledgeable about it. He said that she was a Sister they could trust and consider. The reason they waited until she woke up was because they wanted to ask her for information about the Fourth Overlord.

As the Ugly Prince Consort who faced the Fourth Overlord head on, her level of martial arts was even sharper than what Shi Yuan possessed. Since they were to confront the Fourth Overlord, the information they could receive from her was naturally very valuable as a reference.

“When the Thief Star attacked that Earthly Star Little Sister, Yunshang felt it was very strange. As expected, you know something.” Ugly Prince Consort ruminated.

“Does Little Sister wish to know?” Wu Xinjie smiled: “Then sign a contract with Young Lord.”

“To see the elegance of the famous Elder Sister Majestic Star Yingmei, Yunshang truly is considering this.”

Xuan Yunshang made a show of nodding earnestly. Even the Knowledge Star could not see through what lay beneath that sinister mask, just what expression she had as she answered this question.

Su Xing currently could understand why it was that no Star Master had left the Double Sevens alive. This abnormal trial could be endured perhaps by only a few Star Masters. Even he complained endlessly.

With great difficulty, he had tunneled through the million layers of the earth planetoid and was faced with an approaching metal planetoid. This metal planetoid was substantially larger than the earth planet, its oppression even more heavy. Heavenly Abyss was pushed to the limit, making Su Xing and Hua Wanyue’s intimate contact reach the extreme. This was the so-called familiarity with every wonderful inch of her skin.

After the earth planet and the metal planet came a wood planet.

This planetoid was considered a bit more normal, full of luxuriant forests, verdant wood and vines, just like a paradise compared to the first two planetoids. This also allowed Su Xing to recover a bit of strength.

“If you cannot continue, then withdraw. I do not feel this is a disgrace for you.” Hua Wanyue was buried against Su Xing’s chest. Her body had lost all its strength, feeling every bit of power in this man’s taut muscles.

“En.” Su Xing grunted, continuing to tunnel through the obstructions of this planetoid.

They had traveled through this cosmos for an unknown amount of time. Su Xing suddenly felt his skin hurt from scorching heat. His movements instantly became slow, “Wanyue, you’d better make some mental preparations.” Su Xing took a deep breath.

Hua Wanyue raised her gaze.

A red fireball charged towards them. That fireball was enormous, to the extent that there was no gap for them to escape through. Raging flames burned, flashing orange, red, blue, purple, white and every kind of different color luster.

The flames raged, and even from faraway, they could feel the heat. A foehn wind blew across them, bringing a burst of discomfort.

“You really are not…” Before Hua Wanyue could finish.

Su Xing shouted, steering through the storm, charging straight for the searing and surging fireball. The completely red fire-light drummed against her ears, and her consciousness suddenly blanked. Hua Wanyue tightly shut her eyes, not even daring to look. For the first time, she felt some regret for entering the Double Sevens.

But once the arrow of fate was launched, it could never turn back.

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