Chapter 618: Intimacy Between Fire And Ice, The Beauty Lays Down

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The interior of the fireball was a raging inferno, rolling foehn winds. Each flame was like a serpent that covered the sky, accompanied by rolling thunderclaps as it approached Su Xing and Hua Wanyue. The heavenly fire rolled, scorching the two debilitatingly; Su Xing’s Heavenly Abyss was forged from Liangshan Continent’s sturdiest Black Turtle Divine Iron. Even when Tang Lianxin’s superb forging methods refined the Divine Iron, she spent several months of time to do so. Now, Su Xing had entered the stove. The surrounding terrifying flames were beyond description. In just barely a moment, Su Xing immediately sensed Heavenly Abyss was entirely beginning to melt. This indeed also made Su Xing burn anxiously.

After a long time in the center of the fireball, Heavenly Abyss was already unable to bear the encroachment of the heavenly fire. With the endless assault of the flames, Su Xing formed hand seals. His fingers snapped in succession, and a ray of purple qi contended against a flame in midair.

Contesting for such a long time also made Su Xing feel fatigued. Even that purple robe he donned that was reputed to be impervious to both fire and water would burn to ash in an instant if it was touched by these flames. This kind of unique high temperature tested the two of them. Although she was being protected by Su Xing’s Heavenly Abyss, magic weapons and other defensive measures, Hua Wanyue could still feel as if her skin was being burned by the fire, but compared to this, Hua Wanyue’s heart was more worried about what came after they passed through the center of the fireball.

If this continued, when the next wave of flames attacked, even if they could pass through safely, their clothes undoubtedly would be completely destroyed. The thought that her naked body would be in this man’s embrace made Hua Wanyue want to die. And she could not blame Su Xing, after all, this was her own choice to enter the Double Sevens. No one could have imagined that the trial inside the Double Sevens would be so abnormal.

Hua Wanyue shut her eyes and bit her lip. She understood she could only suffer through this silently and hide it. 

At this moment, the broiling high temperatures and the endlessly pouncing flames made the two of them too occupied to speak. Very quickly, a wave of even stronger flames flowed towards them like a flood released from a dam.

Su Xing felt Hua Wanyue hug him even tighter. He was completely aware of her thinking, and he inwardly laughed. His finger pointed, and Heavenly Abyss advanced. The twelve Heavenly Abyss stood like mountains, forming an impenetrable defense. Their energetic roar shook back the flames. When even more flames slammed over, they immediately brought Heavenly Abyss to the verge of collapse. There was also an unstoppable foehn wind slicing through all of his defenses, making a beeline for Su Xing and Hua Wanyue. There was a feeling this would probably burn these two clean away.

Su Xing’s wrist flipped, and a book of yellow dust formed in the flames.

Empress Tu’s True Spirit emerged from the book. Her sleeves gently waved, and yellow Earth Qi immediately enshrouded Su Xing and Hua Wanyue. Su Xing continuously poured magic energy into the book. The Earth Book’s yellow dust qi was also endlessly burned away and then reproduced, a cycle of recovery, persisting a hundred times. The Earth Book was not completely recovered yet. To bear the continuous assault of fire at this time, the yellow dust grew more and more frail. When Su Xing saw this, he did not hesitate at all to allow Empress Tu to withdraw. The remaining yellow dust qi was completely wrapped around Hua Wanyue.

Following the Earth Book’s yellow qi wrapping her, the scorching hot temperatures instantly abated. Hua Wanyue opened her eyes to look, only then discovering that the man before her was currently using all his power to protect her.

Hua Wanyue wanted to say something, but under these stifling temperatures, her chapped lips could only slightly part but make no noise whatsoever.

In this way, they finally burst out from the terrifying fireball.

Su Xing breathed deeply, only then finding that his whole body was not only nearly suffering heat exhaustion, his skin was singed painfully.

“Su Xing, why did you waste the Earth Book just then?” Hua Wanyue asked, deadpan. Her confused yet grateful gaze made Su Xing very hurt.

“Hua Wanyue, don’t tell me that I look like the kind of person who likes seeing you naked?” Su Xing helplessly asked.

Hua Wanyue instantly nodded.

There was no doubt in Hua Wanyue’s heart that Su Xing could be considered the Star Master who was the most profligate and devoid of principles in all of Liangshan Continent. What Star Master in the world would surprisingly make love to a Star General, and not only to one, and not only to average Star Generals

“You really do?” Su Xing curiously asked.

Hua Wanyue grunted.

“-You really do want to get naked with me?” Su Xing added on one last phrase.

“Can you not be just a bit more decent?” Hua Wanyue’s fist slammed against Su Xing’s chest. At this moment, Hua Wanyue then noticed Su Xing was currently slippery, his clothes contrarily all burned away. However, there was no helping this. Under that kind of fire, to be able to allow Hua Wanyue to preserve her clothes with all his effort, Su Xing was in no mood to mind his own threadbare body.

Hua Wanyue’s face reddened, and she broke away from Su Xing.

Fortunately, the treasures in his Astral Bag were not burned. Su Xing used his divine intent to summon a new robe, and then he grabbed one of the pills An Suwen had specially refined to replenish his magic energy as he sighed: “This Double Sevens honestly is worthy of being called a Star World relic. This Metal Wood Water Fire Earth Five Elements Formation completely is not something an ordinary person can overcome.”

“And that is why I said, there was no need for you to come along. These Double Sevens Ruins do not concern you at all.” Hua Wanyue was stern.

“If it concerns you, then it naturally also concerns me.” Su Xing opposed.

Hua Wanyue snorted: “Do not say pleasant things. Do not forget that I am the enemy who wants to take your life.”

Su Xing smiled: “I know, so that’s why before this, your matters are my matters, and you can also interfere in my matters. What I said is right, right.”

Hua Wanyue’s brows wrinkled, feeling that something was wrong.

“Let’s quickly get going. Of Metal, Wood, Water, Fire and Earth, only the Water one is left.” Su Xing spread his arms.

When Hua Wanyue saw this man wanted to embrace her, her shoulders slightly shrunk back. Not allowing her to refuse, Su Xing already took Hua Wanyue up into his arms against his chest. A large garment wrapped around her. From an outsider’s perspective, this position was undoubtedly the intimacy of a husband and wife.

“Wanyue, I think you aren’t the fainthearted type.” Su Xing hugged Hua Wanyue tight, on one hand sighing at her skin’s silky texture, and flying relentlessly on the other.

“I will definitely kill you.” Hua Wanyue said very powerlessly.

The final Water Star was as expected. Originally, Su Xing thought that the Water Star would be frozen over, that it was probably a trial of a frigid world, but the final Water Planet was indeed as its name suggested. It was completely made of water, and upon entering the ocean, it did not have an ice-cold temperature like others, and it had no other aspect that was unsuitable. On the contrary, the water was gentle, warm beyond compare.

A current of warmth coursed through all of his meridians. His previously burned and cracked wounds very quickly recovered.

By the time the two left the Water Star, their whole bodies were already drenched, especially Hua Wanyue’s muslin. Su Xing could already glimpse an embroidered pink bodice. Although he did not see Hua Wanyue’s naked body from the fireball, this vaguely visible sight was even more enticing.

However, Hua Wanyue was contrarily accustomed.

After passing by countless stars, some unknown time later, Su Xing finally caught sight of the galaxy that Hua Wanyue had spoken of.

A vast galaxy hung in front of them. How should that feeling be described.

It was like countless shining stars were piled together in no particular form. Silvery light scuttled among each other, becoming a giant river of stars in the cosmos. That glittering light was so beautiful it left them speechless. When Su Xing and Hua Wanyue saw the galaxy in front of them, they were shocked again.

Above the galaxy, countless magpies flew about. These birds were graceful from head to tail, their plumage glossy. They glistened like stars, and their eyes were like gems. These were the the Evening Magpies1 that were recorded only in Liangshan Continent’s history. They were also called Galaxy Magpies.

These magpies would never sing. In the boundless galaxy, they flew about, adding a sense of desolation to this vast world.

“Starry river’s countless fish, the silent Evening Magpies. Even the most talented poets of Liangshan Continent would be speechless.” The naturally elegant and romantic Hua Wanyue could not help but sigh.

“Wanyue, what you said was very apt.” Su Xing said.

Hua Wanyue cast Su Xing a sidelong glance, dully saying: “I heard Yingmei once say that you are very talented. Presumably, the man that Skilful Star Wanderer Yan Qing follows would not be too shabby. Perhaps you can give Me a pleasant surprise?”

Su Xing shook his head and said, “What talent do I have. Poetry is not something from the same era I’m from.” 

“But I actually have heard of a poem that is a very fitting match for this scene in front of us.”

“And what poem in the world could match this scene?” A grin flit across Hua Wanyue’s lips. Clearly, she felt Su Xing was modest.

Su Xing actually was not trully modest. In fact, when he saw this galaxy, a frequently heard poem popped out of his mind. Now that he saw Hua Wanyue was somewhat interested, he recited.

To be able to match flawlessly with that galaxy, the magpies, and the Qixi, there was naturally that poem circulated since ancient times, “Meeting Across the Milky Way.”2

Through the fleeting shapes of delicate clouds, the regret of the shooting stars, a silent journey across the Milky Way.

When autumn’s golden wind embraces jade dew, the meeting of the Cowherd and Weaver Girl eclipses all other encounters in the mundane world.

Their feelings soft as water, that ecstatic moment as unreal as a dream, how can one have the heart to go back over the bridge of magpies.

If two hearts are united forever, what need is there for the two to remain together, day and night!

Hua Wanyue had been listening for amusement out of boredom, not at all convinced Su Xing actually could make any poem. Even Yan Yizhen could not possibly compose one at first sight of such a scene. But when she heard the first stanza, “Through the fleeting shapes of delicate clouds,” Hua Wanyue was immediately astonished.

“When autumn’s golden wind embraces jade dew, the meeting of the Cowherd and Weaver Girl eclipses all other encounters in the mundane world,” could be described as wonderful, and the final “If two hearts are united forever, what need is there for the two to remain together, day and night,” were even more divine. Rather than when she had seen this beautiful galaxy, Hua Wanyue was once again shaken by this Meeting Across the Milky Way.

Only after a long while did Hua Wanyue finally recollect herself from her second shock.

“It’s very suitable for this scene, right? However, you ought to have heard of this before. The name of Niangzi’s Heaven Earth Dark Yellow is When Autumn’s Golden Wind Embraces Jade Dew.” Su Xing stroked his chin.

“You really are a sentimental man…I somewhat understand now…” Hua Wanyue’s expression was complex.

Su Xing felt that Hua Wanyue was misunderstanding something.

The two flew over the galaxy. Since this was the Double Sevens Ruins, Su Xing did not forget to search for materials of any kind. Seeing this galaxy was somewhat out of the ordinary, he used his Astral Bag to siphon the galaxy. However, to absorb this galaxy was truly taxing for him. It required wasting enormous Divine Intent to finally barely take just a little bit.

After a long while, Su Xing did not see the bridge that Hua Wanyue spoke of. He thoughtfully said: “Don’t tell me we actually need to use the Evening Magpies to form a bridge.” 

Hua Wanyue froze and recalled something. She raised the Double Sevens Token in her hand, and it flashed.

Releasing light.

The fluttering Evening Magpies reacted. They all suddenly gathered together, instantly forming a bridge over the galaxy. At the end of the bridge was a white light.

Su Xing and Hua Wanyue flew towards the bridge of magpies. Just at this moment, a gentle voice echoed in the desolate world.

“If two hearts are united forever, what need is there for the two to remain together, day and night. Your Servant has not heard such pleasant, sweet words in a very long time.” A graceful woman had shown up at some point in time on the bridge of magpies.

She was draped in only a piece of thin muslin. Inside were a faintly visible large red tube top and underwear. Her skin was white as jade, as if it could break from blowing upon it, turning into a broken jade body. She was a wonderful beauty that had walked out from a portrait.

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  1. 夕鵲, the first part of their name directly references 七夕, which I have been translating as Double Sevens.
  2. 鵲橋仙, I’ve adapted the following translation from the wikipedia page on The Cowherd and the Weaver Girl.


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