Chapter 627: A Pity It Isn’t You (Former) ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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“You were all too stupid, did you want to infuriate This Lord Husband to death?”

Bright Moon Longevity Palace, Su Xing hugged Bai Yutang, and on his shoulder sat Little Huang. Wu Siyou and Hua Wanyue were behind him, deathly silent.

The Wu Xinjiue who was being lectured knelt to the side, a clearly pitiful appearance. Hua Wanyue at the side felt this scene was somehow quite pleasing, however, she also felt that this time, the Knowledge Star’s schemes were somewhat too wild.

After all, when she knew about the five Star Maidens, Su Xing’s face was unsightly to the point of murder. Even Hua Wanyue was incessantly fearful. But she was shocked that Su Xing would use the Liangshan Jade Pendant to rush back, honestly believing some universally shocking abnormality had occurred. When she saw those eyes, Hua Wanyue truly felt that Liangshan Continent was very apt to name this man a monster.

When he found out that Wu XInjie, Lin Yingmei, Hu Niangzi and the others were unhurt and learned of the course of events, Su Xing finally sighed in relief. However, this still made Su Xing endlessly gloomy. This simply made him feel as if he as unable to protect his wives.

Wu Xinjie also felt this was inappropriate upon reflection, but at the time, she had wanted to lessen the pressure on Su Xing and was not pondering too much at all.

“Papa, don’t be angry with Big Sisters.” Bai Yutang blinked her big eyes. The little loli sat against Su Xing’s chest, weakly tugging at Papa’s clothes.

Su XIng pet Tangtang’s head. Although he was angry, he could not possibly truly be enraged at his wives. He was not a person who was devoid of sense. He knew they did this for his sake. “In the future, it’s better that you don’t do something so reckless. Yingmei, Xinjie, Niangzi, you all don’t have Star Nests.” Su Xing said. Their experience battling the first overlord Lu Youyou was still vivid on his mind. If they encountered another powerful martial general, dividing their strength would be even more dangerous.

The farther they were from this danger, the better.

“It looks like a Star Nest is still very important.” Su Xing muttered to himself.

When the Shi Yuan recovering in the Star Nest head this, she was even more depressed. “It’s over, Xinjie has turned This Young Lady into a spinster.”1

“Sir, drink tea. Xinjie has already considered this.” Xi Yue considerately offered a cup.

“Yes.” Wu Xinjie nodded. The reason why they chose the fourth overlord was because Old Pig did not have martial force Star Generals. As long as they could force him into using his Heaven Rank, they completely could confront him with enough room to spare. If they had faced him directly together along with Su Xing, things would have been even more dangerous, on the contrary. But Wu Xinjie had never considered that the Heaven Earth Dark Yellow Skill “Reminiscing The Xiao Players At Fenghuang Terrace” between Old Pig, Yue Qingshang, and Tao Fenghua would be so tyrannical.

To fell several Sisters in succession.

This was a painful lesson.

Although Tangtang’s Soul Pulling Dream Winding enabled instant return to the Star Nest, ignoring space and distance, the Star General would be locked in the Star Nest for a full fifteen days afterwards.

“That Reminiscing The Xiao Players At Fenghuang Terrace was so incredible. Those phoenixes were truly too magnificent. Young Lord, want a sample?” Wu Xinjie giggled, very ambiguous.

“Sample of what?” Su Xing was not clear what she meant for a moment.

“Tonight, Xinjie, Yingmei, and Niangzi will practice playing the flute on Young Lord…There are also Xi Yue and Feiyu…” Wu Xinjie tone was very soft.

Su Xing quivered and glared at her. “Don’t pull other people down with you…” He subconsciously glanced at Xi Yue. The latter had naturally heard these quiet whispers. Let alone Wu Xinjie’s willingness, her face was suddenly red, and she bashfully averted Su Xing’s gaze.

“Do you need Little Huang to help?”

The Little Huang on his shoulder cocked her head. She blinked – Reminsicing the Xiao Players At Fenghuang Terrace. With the name of Huang, she should be able to do something.

“Yes, yes.” Wu Xinjie said in delight.

“Yes, my ass.” Su Xing scolded her.

“Little Huang, don’t listen to her blabbering.”

As luck would have it, Little Huang was currently licking a lollipop. Those cherry lips opened and closed, and Su Xing’s mind immediately formed a wicked image. This greatly aroused Su Xing, so he immediately slapped himself in the face to calm himself down.

“As expected, Little Huang has enormous sex appeal.” Wu Xinjie was very sharp.2

“As long as you are unhurt, I’ll let you off just this once.” Su Xing fake coughed, restoring the serious atmosphere.

“I know.”

“However, why did that Old Pig leave behind the Yellow Gown of Coronation for Lord Husband?” Wu Siyou said.

“Perhaps he truly is thinking of Young Master. Back then, did Lin Yingmei not say something to him?”

“En. The Yue Dragon School was destroyed by his actions. Perhaps he wanted to make Young Master leave behind one final bit of the sect’s glory?” Lin Yingmei said.

This was reasonable and fair. That Old Pig’s first thought was to spare no effort in resurrecting the Yue Dragon School using his overlord title, even if he had to destroy all other sects. Su Xing did not know whether to say he had an obsession or he was too sentimental for his sect.

Then, Wu Xinjie asked about the Double Sevens matter.

Learning of Heavenly Scholar Star Scholar in a White Robe made all of the girls very flabbergasted. When asked if they had any recollection of such a thing, they practically were unaware. In the end, they inevitably asked if the Double Sevens had changed anything about Hua Wanyue and Su Xing.

To be able to cross the galaxy and magpie bridge together made Wu Xinjie and the others very jealous. They thought there should have been some change.

“None? No changes whatsoever?” Wu Xinjie was depressed: “For even Scholar in a White Robe Wang Lun to emerge, it is too wretched for this Double Sevens to have nothing at all. Since it is the Double Sevens, what about those Tears of Vega? None either…”

“Sir’s Four Symbols Seal was even destroyed, ai.” Xi Yue sighed.

“En. Even the Life-cast Flying Swords Heavenly Abyss were completely ruined.”

All of the girls were speechless. This trip to the Double Sevens not only failed to form a contract with Hua Wanyue, the Life-cast Flying Swords and powerful magic weapons had been destroyed by Wang Lun’s hand, “That Wang Lengji is truly abnormal.”

“Sir, you ought to take this Dual Modes Ruler.”

“It’s okay, it’s okay. To be able to get away safe and sound, losing a few magic weapons is nothing.” Su Xing smiled.

When she heard this, Wu Xinjie said to herself that their Young Lord was attentive. That complaining just now from the girls clearly was on behalf of Su Xing feeling that the Double Sevens was not worth it. The Knowledge Star also said a piece.

Despite the kind words, the destruction of the Life-cast Earth Element Flying Swords gave Su Xing a headache. His primary defensive Flying Swords were much more useful than normal Flying Swords, and Su Xing wanted to reforge them as quickly as possible.

Wu Xinjie said, “Everyone is tired today, rest well tonight. Let us begin planning tomorrow.”

Night fell.

Su Xing returned to his bedroom. He opened the door and was greeted by a serene scent.

He saw Lin Yingmei, Hu Niangzi, and Wu Xinjie wearing slightly shy expressions, sprawled over the bed.

Her long hair spilling over her shoulders, Lin Yingmei wore only the snow-white Snow Winged Cicada Bodice, offset only by her skin that surpassed snow, dazzling to the eyes. Lin Yingmei stared at Su Xing. She was not bashful at all. As the first wife, Lin Yingmei would not be outdone. Even on the bed, her fair, jade legs retained a charm that drew out a man’s wildest fantasies.

Hu Niangzi was sexy and alluring. Her black hair flowed, and her magnificent, water-blue bodice hardly covered her. Although the girl’s breasts were not as well developed as Lin Yingmei’s nor as towering as Wu Xinjie’s, they nevertheless were firm as spring shoots, enough to make people drool, to unable to help but want to suck on them. As the most beautiful of the maidens, Hu Niangzi’s delicate, naked beauty was completely flawless.

Her golden eyes carried a grief that was eternally obscured by mist. Her downcast eyes did not dare look at Su Xing. This feebleness and compliance made Su Xing flare with the urge to love her.

Finally, Wu Xinjie was also not to be outdone. Her see-through silk underwear revealed every last detail of her ample chest that was so plump they seemed about to rip open her clothes. Her underwear had a small slit, revealing the deep cleavage in between. Wu Xinjie’s underwear adopted an original approach. According to Su Xing’s understanding, this was full of appeal.  As for her lower underwear, her thong covered exactly that spot between the girl’s legs. Following the slight movements of Wu Xinjie’s jade legs, black underbrush could be occasionally glanced.3

To speak of alluring, this was a trick Wu Xinjie was an expert in.

“Young Lord, the Sisters have fallen into the Star Nest, and only we emerged safe and sound. We ask that Young Lord properly punish us tonight.” Wu Xinjie said pitifully.4

For such a beautiful scene, Su Xing could not resist at all. Just from a glance, his desire reared its head, unable to be stopped.

“Then proper punishment it is.”

Su Xing shut the door, and the soft moans of the girls immediately echoed.

“Young Master Su Xing, nnn-“

“Ah, Dear Husband, do not kiss that place…”

“I really want you all!!”

“Wait a moment, Young Lord, you are being too rough…Ah…Maybe we should have made the SIsters speak to you about that Reminiscing The Xiao Players At Fenghuang Palace…”


This night was one of embarrassment.

While Su Xing and the three girls made love, Hua Wanyue and Wu Siyou drank at a pavilion.

“He truly is profligate.” Hua Wanyue drank her wine. When she thought of the scene of Lin Yingmei and Su Xing tightly bound to each other, her heart was gloomy. Wu Xinjie’s loud voice seemed to not care that others would hear them.

Wu Siyou’s face slightly blushed, drinking wine silently.

“Will you not say anything of Yingmei?” Hua Wanyue asked.

“Why speak at all?” Wu Siyou answered matter-of-factly: “This is something a husband and wife should be doing, is there anything profligate about it?”

Hua Wanyue had actually forgotten that the Wu Siyou in front of her addressed Su Xing as Lord Husband. “Then, Siyou, you have done it with this man?”

“No, Lord Husband is concerned about Your Servant’s Star Nest.” Wu Siyou calmly replied.

Hua Wanyue was taken aback. Wu Siyou seemed to imply that if that man so wished, she would not oppose in the slightest. Was this still the legendary cool and elegant Pilgrim? The Hero Star continued to drink her sorrows away.

Suddenly, the Hero Star’s body quivered, and her throat could not help but let out a moan.

“Wanyue, is your body unwell?” Wu Siyou’s brows twisted.

Hua Wanyue widened her eyes in alarm. Her face was red enough to burst into a cold sweat. “I shall return to My room for now.” Saying this, she left the pavilion as if she was fleeing in terror, which made Wu Siyou’s brows tighten even more.

Can it be…This is bad.

Hua Wanyue bit into her own finger. She did her utmost to control a kind of strange voice that wanted to leave her throat. Her body’s sensitive places felt as if they were burning, as if a million ants were crawling over them. A kind of unprecedented pleasure came from her body’s sensitive spots that coursed through her entire body. Hua Wanyue tightly clamped her legs together. The strange sensation had came on without warning, and her lower body seemed to flow with a tide. Hua Wanyue’s eyes were about to shoot fire.

Su Xing and the girls’ lovemaking was unexpectedly being transmitted to her.

“Dammit…Ah…Goddammit…” Hua Wanyue panted. The intense pleasure made her subconsciously use her hand to gently rub, but that pleasure became even more intense.

Her moans were like a melody.

Yet it did not escape the eyes and ears of the attentive.

Outside her room, Wu Siyou leaned on the door, her hand holding a cup of wine that she faintly drank.

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  1. Like Miss Havisham.
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  4. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


  1. Thanks for the chapter Schwarze_Kreuz, Ethan C., and Chau N.! LOL the Double Sevens appear to have an effect, just not one that’s apparently useful.

    1. Well, it may have other effects that aren’t apparent yet, but this is an odd function, indeed. Useful for a wife trying to catch a cheating husband, but Su Xing’s harem is completely open.

  2. 1. [“Do you need Little Huang to help?”

    The Little Huang on his shoulder cocked her head. She blinked – Reminsicing the Xiao Players At Fenghuang Terrace. With the name of Huang, she should be able to do something.

    “Yes, yes.” Wu Xinjie said in delight.

    “Yes, my ass.” Su Xing scolded her.

    “Little Huang, don’t listen to her blabbering.”

    As luck would have it, Little Huang was currently licking a lollipop. Those cherry lips opened and closed, and Su Xing’s mind immediately formed a wicked image. This greatly aroused Su Xing, so he immediately slapped himself in the face to calm himself down.

    “As expected, Little Huang has enormous sex appeal.” Wu Xinjie was very sharp]
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