Chapter 628: A Pity It Isn’t You (Latter)

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The next day.

When he awoke from his deep sleep, the time was already midday. The tight embrace of last night was more than frantic, and add on the absolute security of the Bright Moon Longevity Palace, all of the wives had seldom relaxed and let down their guard.

Without disturbing their rest, Su Xing left the bedroom by himself.

He walked to a lakeside pervaded by immortal mist. Su Xing spotted Gongsun Huang using the immortal lakewater to brush her teeth. Leisure Star Dragon in the Clouds hovered in the air, her little hand gently brushing. That toothbrushing seemed innocent for the loli. Her brushing posture was very elegant.

Liangshan Continent’s toothbrushes were mostly a bamboo strip or a willow branch. For the rich, perhaps they used a “toothbrush” fashioned from ivory or gems. However, the toothbrushes the wives used in the Longevity Palace had been duplicated exactly from Su Xing’s memory by Tang Lianxin.

Even toothpaste had been created using An Suwen’s medicine, which could be considered very extravagant.

“Your Highness.”

Gongsun Huang blinked when she saw Su Xing and very quickly finished brushing her teeth.

Su Xing smiled to her and also began brushing his teeth.

Gongsun Huang was light as a feather, floating to Su Xing’s shoulder and quietly sitting down.

After freshening up, Su Xing then went to the kitchen in search of something to eat. To be frank, for a Supervoid CUltivator like Su Xing, Star Energy filled every pore of his body. He was completely without a sense of hunger, as if he was an ascetic. However, Su Xing would still eat when he had the leisure, feeling that this was what made for a normal person’s livelihood.

Receiving his influence, the Bright Moon Longevity Palace’s kitchen prepared foodstuffs, and some of the wives also tasted the delicacies.

As a matter of fact, Wu Siyou was in the kitchen drinking a keg of fine wine and eating a large pile of beef.

“Wifey, you’re up so early.” Su Xing greeted her.

Wu Siyou grunted.

Su Xing made himself breakfast and then gorged himself.

“Lord Husband, was there really no abnormality after you and Wanyue visited the Double Sevens?” WU Siyou wiped her red lips, suddenly asking.

“En, it’s too pitiful. I wasted your good intentions.” Su Xing shook his head.

“What?” Su Xing noticed Wu Siyou had something to say.

At this moment, Hua Wanyue also walked in.

“Wanyue, what happened to you last night?” Su XIng noticed that Hua Wanyue’s spirit was a little haggard, her pace a bit preoccupied, completely unlike the normal Hua Wanyue. Normally, the Hero Star’s each and every step was as resolute as a boulder. 

Hua Wanyue looked at Su Xing, and a slight blush immediately appeared on her pale palce. She hatefully glared at Su Xing, saying in a low voice: “You lecher!”

Su Xing thought Hua Wanyue was referring to that inseperable intimacy he had with Lin Yingmei, Wu Xinjie, and HU Niangzi last night. He helplessly said: “Wanyue, you’re still not used to it?”

Hua Wanyue’s body quivered when she heard this. That weak blush immediately flared like a flame. She grabbed a cup of water before leaving with a harrumph, leaving only her beautiful figure.

“Lord Husband, Wanyue may be one in body with you.” Wu Siyou pondered for a while before deciding to inform Su Xing of what happened last night.

It could be imagined that this Lord Husband of hers would have many more unbelievable nights, and WU Siyou did not want to see these two continue their misunderstandings.

“What one in body?” Su Xing perspired.

Wu Siyou summarized what happened last night. When she saw Hua Wanyue looked ill, she went to check, only to find the Hero Star’s extremely “moist” state. Wu Siyou was no fool. She would never concede that Hua Wanyue’s behavior was due to the sounds of Su Xing making love to his wives, so she thought that this was probably the effect of the Double Sevens.

As a treasure that could allow a Star Master to have a third Star General, it was not possible for the Double Sevens to be useless. It was possible that Hua Wanyue and Su Xing’s consciousnesses were one.

After hearing her theory, Su Xing’s brow tightly wrinkled. “But I don’t sense anything.”

“That is strange.” Wu Siyou shook her head, unable to think this through.

Su Xing’s eyes turned. He slyly smiled: “Wifey, can we test if Wanyue really is one with my consciousness?”

Wu Siyou was pulled into Su Xing’s embrace.

The cool and elegant Pilgrim did not know whether it was the drink or not, but she had a bit of a tipsy charm. “Lord Husband, how do you wish to test this? Your Servant shall oblige you.”

A reply was unnecessary. With their perfect harmony, their linked hearts, everything happened tacitly. Su Xing lowered his head and kissed those red lips. They passionately embraced. Su Xing wantonly kissed WU Siyou’s small lips, extending his tongue into Wu Siyou’s mouth and writhing about. From time to time, he sucked on her glossy and supple tongue. Wu Siyou obediently followed her Lord Husband, their tongues rolling around each other. Hos body seemed to be on fire, and lust immediately surged from his dantian, gradually dribbling out.

Little Huang floated off of Su Xing’s shoulder, blinking her bright eyes. Using the wind as a chair, she watched this lively scene.

“En…” Wu Siyou’s body trembled. Su Xing nibbled on her pearl-like ears, gently kissing them. A fire spread throughout her body, immediately making her feel incomparably hot.

Wu Siyou had never been kissed by a man like this. She was tempoarily limp, allowing Su Xing to do as he pleased.

Then, Su Xing again kissed her snow-white neck. His hands continuously wandered over her well-developed body. Her snow-white silk palace dress highlighted her shapely curves, still feeling incomparably supple through the clothes separating them.

His hand could not help but reach into her clothes, fondling her proud twin peaks under her bodice. He kneaded her round and soft breasts in one hand. The softness in the palm of his hand made Su Xing unable to help but knead it for a while.

“Lord Husband…” Wu Siyou gently softly moaned. Early morning drink and love made her eyes unfocused.

Her breasts felt a burst of cold as her bodice was gently pushed aide. Her plump white breasts spilled forth. The abrupt rising motion made Wu Siyou’s brain fry. An intense impulse arose in her heart. The Harm Star tightly bit her lips, reaching her arms behind her to brace against the corner of the table. Her breasts were already drawn into her Lord Husband’s mouth. His hands also claimed the surrounding suppleness, fondling them endlessly in his hands.

That strange feeling made Wu Siyou unable to help but let out moans endlessly, “Nnhaa…Ahnn…” Although she did her utmost to inhibit this voice, she wanted to let it out.

Su Xing had originally only wanted to flirt with Wu Siyou to test whether or not Hua Wanyue actually felt pleasure, but when he kissed Wu Siyou, Su Xing was easily drawn in.

Whatever goal he had was already thoroughly renounced. Listening to Wu Siyou’s soft moans, his heart only wanted to reach the climax with this beauty.

The moment that Wu Siyou called addressed Su Xing as Lord Husband, her body already belonged only to this one man. Now, she allowed Su Xing’s hands to do whatever he pleased with her spotlessly white body, as if she was a docile wife.

Su Xing’s evil claws forcefully rubbed her plump and elastic breasts. He sucked incessantly on her lips, kissing her, reducing Wu Siyou to heavy panting. Her towering breasts undulated endlessly like hills.

Last night, when Su Xing was being rowdy with Lin Yingmei and the others, although Wu Siyou was indifferent, she was still somewhat frustrated at heart. And when she heard Hua Wanyue’s strange behavior, she was even more lonesome. The desire she originally suppressed was continuously aroused under Su Xing’s provocations. She could not help but stick out her chest, wish that she could fit her entire breast into her Lord Husband’s mouth. At this time, her thoughts similarly consisted only of perfect harmony with Su Xing, to reach the peak with him.

“Last night, Yingmei must have attended to Lord Husband like this?” Wu Siyou’s clothes were half undone. She pushed aside her bangs, fully revealing her charm.1

Su Xing quivered, and his whole body jolted.

He had completely forgotten about Gongsun Huang, who was hovering above, observing Su Xing and Wu Siyou. Already accustomed to this, Gongsun Huang very indifferently pointed with her hand, levitating a tanghulu into her hand. Then, her little mouth opened. She licked and sucked the tanghulu in boredom.

When she finished eating the tanghulu, the action below her reached the end.

“Wifey, Siyou…” Su Xing shouted in excitement, his whole body quivering.

Immediately afterwards, he was unable to hold back.

It flowed like a tide.

(Omitting the details…)2 Wu Siyou stood up and swallowed, her appearance alluring.

Half-undone underwear, an ample and well-developed figure, an alluring expression, and that tongue seductively licking the corner of her lips. Su Xing could not hold back against the enticement of the cool and elegant beauty in front of him.

However, all of a sudden at this moment.

The wind whooshed.

“Your Highness.” Gongsun Huang gently called out.


The window shattered.

An arrow flew shot between them with the speed of a thunderbolt. The intense Star Energy was like a bucket of ice water, completely dousing the mood.

The killing intent in the arrow was chilling and savage.

This was none other than.

Ten Thousand Li God Killing Arrow!

“It seems someone is angry.” Wu Siyou rearranged her bodice, tidying her clothes.

“Don’t mind her, wifey, let’s go to the bedroom…” Su Xing grabbed Wu Siyou’s hand.

“Does Lord Husband truly want Your Servant?” Wu Siyou’s brow rose.

“Not yet.” Su Xing scolded himself. Not too long ago, he had felt the Star Nest was important, and he nearly indulged his desires just now.

“Wifey, wait until after the Overlord trials are done, and then we can consummate.” Su Xing held Wu Siyou’s slim waist.

Wu Siyou’s heart bubbled with warmth. She obediently grunted. “Lord Husband, you had better console Wanyue first for now.”

“Oh…That she and I are of one body is really troublesome…” Su Xing was vexed.

Hua Wanyue glared at Su Xing. This man was honestly too devoid of morals. Last night, he had romped with Yingmei for so long, and he was still able to continue first thing in the morning. He made her nearly unable to practice her morning archery. 

“Su Xing, are you willing to act as Your Servant’s lord or not!” Hua Wanyue’s words surprised everyone.

“Not willing.” Su Xing’s answer was even more shocking.

“Huh?” Hua Wanyue blanked out.

Su Xing said: “I feel it would be more fair for you to be my wife.”

Hua Wanyue’s face blushed, and she said: “Hmph, if you cannot even be Your Servant’s lord, then how can you be Your Servant’s husband!”

Oh, that was logical.

“Then I can only try my hardest.” Su Xing smiled.

Could Hua Wanyue’s brazen confession be caused by the Double Sevens?

Hua Wanyue said: “Then good. Since your are Your Servant’s lord, Your Subordinate naturally has the responsibility of regulating Milord’s behavior. Regarding conduct outside of battle, there is no need for any actions that waste energy. Your Servant shall prohibit any of this.”

Damn, I was fooled.

This was Hua Wanyue’s true aim.

Wu Siyou chuckled from the side.

Just as Su Xing was about to take advantage of Hua Wanyue’s declaration to sign a contract with her, the Bright Moon Longevity Palace abruptly jolted. Space warped, and a figure suddenly entered.

Everyone immediately became guarded.

“My darling Wuhui, can’t you knock on the door before coming in?” Su XIng helplessly looked at the guest.

Other than Thousand Buddha Star Chao Gai, no one else could come and go so freely from an Immortal’s Abode.

Thousand Buddha Star Chao Wuhui’s expression was very stern. She was in no mood to kid around. She opened the door and seriously said: “This One has come today to bring you two pieces of information.”

“What’s the bad news this time?” Su Xing wrinkled his brow.

Every time Chao Wuhui showed up, there was nothing good.

“So long as thee knoweth.” Chao Wuhui said: “Maiden Mountain has decided in advance of the Three Heavenly Books, the remaining Overlords shall renounce their trials for you.”


Although this was good news, Su XIng somehow felt this was quite regretful. He actually was quite eager to meet the previous overlords. To be frank, the first generation’s Lu Youyou, the second’s Gongsun Zhuqing, and the third’s Twin Xie Sisters gave him deep impressions.

“No need to feel regret because Xuan Nü of the Nine Firmaments orders that after the Three Heavenly Books, three generations of Overlords shall unite to besiege you.” Chao Gai laughed.

“What, three overlords together?”

Su Xing and the others were shocked.

“Maiden Mountain is too shameless doing this.” Hua Wanyue said angrily.

“You should not have passed the Double Sevens with the Hero Star.” Chao Gai shook her head.

“Is Maiden Mountain so fearful of me?” Su Xing had a relaxed smile on the contrary.

Chao Wuhui sighed. She had an unclear regret and pity.

“In the Ninth Star Duels, one person must scale Maiden Mountain…”

“But it is a pity…That person is not you…”3

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  1. 1. [Little Huang floated off of Su Xing’s shoulder, blinking her bright eyes. Using the wind as a chair, she watched this lively scene.]
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    That, and he has quite a long history with her… from being stalked, then saved, then saved, then martied, then fondled, and then made into his unspoken voyeur while Su Xing is basicalky her favorite chair, lord husband, and fapping device.
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        – This legend speaks of thee
        – Draw thy sword(typically preceding a word beginning with a consonant)
        – Open thine eyes(tupically preceding a word beginning qith a vowel)

        Now, the use of ‘ye, you, your, yours’ equal the the modern plural/possessive ‘you/yours’
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