Chapter 11: Breaking Open

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Without going to any other places at all, Bai Jing directly returned to the hotel. Pingshan County was a small town, and he had exposed his face in the farmers market; going there again to buy something would be inconvenient. And other than food, the little towns had nothing to buy. He was going to tell Wang Xuebing and Cao Lei to depart today, and just as he walked by Wang Xuebing’s door, he suddenly paused – 

Bai Jing’s face instantly became livid! 

He only heard Wang Xuebing’s righteous words, saying: “No, I won’t agree. What if the young master found out?” 

“Rest assured, he won’t know. Ignore him, you just need to listen to me.” 

“That still won’t do, young master will be back soon.” 

“He won’t be that fast. He’s always sneaking around and will come back at night.” 

“Let me think about it, I’m afraid the young master will find out.” 

“We have done this lots of times, yet the young master never found out. Dallying, really…” 

“Bang!” Bai Jing kicked the door open. He did not realize he used so much strength, feeling only monstrous anger. He did not expect that even Wang Xuebing would betray him. Cao Lei was a scourge; if it was not by his strong psychic power hearing their conversation, until when would he continue to be cheated.

It was just that when he angrily stepped through the door, his body stiffened. His expression wen blank, dumbfounded, as were the two people in the room. 

Six eyes stared at one another. The two men with dangling clothes in the room, their two bodies very suspisciously holding each other. Stunned for a moment, Wang Xuebing quickly rearranged his clothes, his face very red, opening and closing his mouth. Looking hesitant, he did not seem to know what to say. 

Cao Lei kept a cold face, standing in front of Wang Xuebing. If Bai Jing attacked, he would return the favor even greater.  

“You two continue.” Bai Jing was shocked, dropped those words, and ran out of the room in a panic, as if something behind him was catching up. To face these two, the visual impact was too great. Back in his room, Bai Jing also felt his heart thumping. He blushed, not knowing whether it was annoyance or shame. 

He never thought that those two had turned out to be in that kind of relationship, but this was the case, and a lot of things were seen to be clear. No wonder he never met Wang Xuebing’s lover, for this lover was a he not a she. No wonder in his previous life when Wang Xuebing alone intercepted the zombie, Cao Lei left him alone coldly. He must have been going back to find his lover. Back then, he was only panicking with fear, so how did he not find that Cao Lei’s eyes were full of pain and denial.

In fact, Cao Lei was also considered a good man. At least he left him in a safe place then left. It was a shame when at that time he was full of complaints that Cao Lei decided to leave. It should heave been the death of it! 

Otherwise, about Cao Lei’s skill alone, they were unknown in the apocalypse.  If he remembered correctly, Cao Lei seemed to have developed a fire mutation. Cao Lei definitely hated him because if it was not for he and Zhu Ting’s struggle, Wang Xuebing would not have been scratched by zombies. But even if he hated him, because of his lover’s command, he guarded him and left first. 

They two lovers went through thick and thin together. With the arrival of the apocalypse, lovers who could die together, were in fact, a blessing. He also had such a person, but he was lost. 

Bai Jing faintly showed a bit of envy, and also longed for Xiao Sa more and more. He was silly in his last life, not being able to tell who was good to him, who was bad for him. He treated Xiao Sa’s kindness like it was nothing, and even with such an obvious pair of lovers in front of him, he actually still did not notice. And today was also a big shame when he thoughtlessly barged in.

Bai Jing actually had some complaints. Who let the two’s conversation be so easy for him to misunderstand. It sounded like a conspiracy behind his back, as if fearing that he would know, but also concealing it. Though it really needed to be concealed, he just came back a bit earlier today, and he happened to hear those words, so how could he not think of it?

Before long, there came a knock on the door from outside. 

Bai Jing looked in the mirror, and seeing his face was not so red, he calmly opened the door. Wang Xuebing and Cao Lei were standing outside the door. Bai Jing gave them a glance,  and turned back to his room as if nothing had happened.

In the room, the Wang Xuebing sitting on the sofa had been silent, and Cao Lei, because of his silence, was also silent. Bai Jing was impatient. How could they still not speak, they were gay, weren’t they? It was no big deal. He found out that he, too, seemed to be bent.  

“Has the door been compensated?” Seeing them maintain silence, Bai Jing asked.

Wang Xuebing hastily nodded, his dark eyes lit up, flashing a trace of hope. 

Cao Lei was quietly watching his lover, his eyes never moving away, as if everything around him had nothing to do with him. He did not have his usual slovenly temperament, giving a similar feel to a biting edge, sharp and revealing, bold and uninhibited. Only his eyes revealed a bit emotion, his soft eyes on the verge of giving up. A focused and serious appearance, that heart, those eyes, all from one person.

“Oh!” Bai Jing answered. His impression of Cao Lei had changed a lot, and he could not help but think if Cao Lei had seen Xiao Sa once? He had to have, right? Bai Jing gave a self-deprecating smile, for he seemed to be really clueless about the past. How could he be concerned even a little about Xiao Sa. If he had not caused a commotion, that Xiao Sa’s gang of brothers would have thanked God for it.

Recalling what he wanted to tell them, Bai Jing faintly said: “Go pack, we go to N City today.” 

Go to that place and have a look. Just a look, and then directly go to Huangshan. Improving his psychic power was imperative, so material collection could wait. However, large equipment had been bought, and the rest was food, groceries as well as weapons. Speaking if weapons, he had already pondered well upon this. It would have to wait until their return to D City, but using his father’s name, he believed that the private purchase of a number of arms should not be a problem. 

“You…have nothing you want to ask?” Wang Xuebing could not help it. 

Cao Lei immediately guarded against Bai Jing, his calm eyes hid a sharpness the likes of an eagle’s, as if bearing out the claws of a beast, waiting. 

“What do you want me to ask?” Bai Jing said cooly and gave a supercilious look. He decided even now he would not mind Cao Lei, but he still disliked him in the end, as if he was afraid he would eat Wang Xuebing alive. 

“We…” Wang Xuebing sat restlessly, his mind uneasy. His nervous palms were leaking a cold sweat, as if he was afraid to hear anything bad from Bai Jing’s mouth. 

“You? Aren’t you two gay? Did you want to show off with me?” Bai Jing looked at them coldly, proudly raising his head. His contemptuous eyes made Wang Xuebing incoherent. His sadness also revealed a faint bit of disappointment: ”No, I didn’t mean that. “

Cao Lei held tightly his lover to protect him, looking at Bai Jing with eyes even more hostile than before. 

“I know.” Bai Jing was silent for a moment. Thinking deeply, after a moment, he raised his head and very seriously said: “I seem to be one too.” 

Wang Xuebing felt like spewing blood and fell to the ground, almost choking on his breath. But watching Bai Jing’s expressionless appearance speaking out he was gay, his heart could not help but be relieved. In fact, he was fond of the young master. Besides being slightly headstrong, slightly arrogant, slightly temperamental, slightly picky, slightly eccentric with his ideas, slightly rude, slightly swaggering, and slightly memorable, in fact, the young master was really nice … …

With that said, with so many “slightly’s,” what good points did Bai Jing even have left? 

Most importantly, Wang Xuebing felt that he really liked this job being a bodyguard. Easy, without pressure, good pay, almost nothing to do, a hard to obtain leisurely ease, without any tension in his spirit, and without danger. It was such a good job, where else would he find something like this. He also thought to make money with Cao Lei for a pension. 

With this sort of thinking, if Bai Jing knew, he’d spit blood and make a substitution. 

“Master, that’s nonsense, this road can be bad to go down. You’d best not go down it.” Wang Xuebing frowned. No one was more clear on this than he was. Knowing the pains of being a gay, he clearly remembered that the young master liked women. Was this travel because he discovered an interest in men, so he just wanted to escape, not even wanting to go to school? No wonder the young master changed so much, Wang Xuebing quickly thought in his head… 

And he really did not want to see the young master repeat his mistakes. He and Cao Lei together in the past really was too hard. How well he knew the confusion of the world of gays. He and Cao Lei had an outcome that could be considered good; how many people die for the gaze of their one, how many people were ruined, and how many people felt empty. Inside this cycle, falling into bad company was poison to the mind, and he honestly did not want to see the young master has become like that. 

“Don’t you think any further.” Cao Lei held his hand, his gaze quite disdainful. The idea was: Using the young master’s identity, need they be worried? Cao Lei, as if in an instant, changed back to his former, thick-skinned, carefree manner.. 

“And you still say you aren’t showing off.” Bai Jing’s heart was very disdainful. When he finds Xiao Sa, he must also let them taste envy. 

What am I thinking? Bai Jing suddenly reacted and could not help but be upset. Was gayness really contagious? He made an oath, if he met Xiao Sa that he would treat him well, to always stay with him, to protect him and to support him. If he still liked him, they would be together. If not, he would guard him until Xiao Sa did not need him, and would then look at him from a distance. 

Why did first idea just now turn out to be together with Xiao. He definitely could not forget that Xiao Sa does not know him yet.1  

Wang Xuebing was immediately silent, with a “You are so unreasonable, young master, why!” He wanted to say something, but Cao Lei stopped him. Cao Lei blinked at him and whispered to his ear: “Master is in the mood, hush -“ 

Strong spiritual force was not good, Bai Jing suddenly had an upside down, blackened face, angrily saying: ” Pack up the things, and let’s go.” If he does not toss them until they cry, then his name was not Bai! 

Wang Xuebing tightened his spirits, quick to keep up. Cao Lei felt his nose with a thought that this was not a coincidence, being heard by the young master again. Could the young master have sharp hearing. Cao Lei was puzzled. He had just tried, and this hotel, although not a five-star, the soundproofing was not bad. He did not understand, and about their dialogue in the room, how could the young master hear it and step inside the room. This door had to be too flimsy!

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