Chapter 12: Xiao Sa

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The entire trip was at high-speed, and very quickly, two days and one night had passed when the three arrived in N City. 

Cao Lei thought the young master would get revenge, change the way he tossed him around, but obviously he was wrong. Without time to even breathe, the three just settled at the hotel. Bai Jing did not even give him a look of charity, saying arrogantly to Want Xuebing: “You’re heading out with me.”

Cao Lei opened his mouth, revealing a rare, silly look: “How about me?” 

“You?” Bi Jing sneered: “Housekeeping -“ 

Cao Lei choked. This was a hotel. He finally knew why the young master on the road did not make a move. He was waiting for it here, and he retorted in a serious manner: “No, I have to follow. Protecting the young master is the bodyguard’s responsibility.”

Bai Jing smiled, did not look at him, and only looked at Wang Xuebing. The idea was “Figure it out yourself!”

Wang Xuebing was very embarrassed, and looked at his lover, then looked at the young master. Finally, he tugged Cao Lei ‘s clothes: “You stay in the hotel. The young master has me to protect him.” 

Cao Lei felt very miserable.He certainly knew the young master was all right, but the problem was that he wanted to be together with his lover. Bitterly staring at Bai Jing, the young master suddenly turned arrogant and became evil, upgraded to become a great fiend who forced them apart. Cao Lei looked helplessly as the young master and his lover leave. 

Wang Xuebing looked at him comfortingly before leaving. Although love was very important, his lover was his own. Their days ware long, so complaining about grievances was no problem; not to mention this was a small matter. Also, the young master was not the same. Now he was rebellious, so he felt a little worried, afraid of the young master going the wrong way. The young master did not discriminate, so he was very happy. So, my love, you be a little miserable for the time being!

Bai Jing felt very good, and sure enough, he based his own happiness on the pain of others. It was a very happy thing on the road get revenge on Cao Lei. He was not that silly; Cao Lei was driving, so what would they do if there was an accident. So thinking of his own life, Bai Jing felt there was no greater punishment greater than his pain being apart from his lover.

The good mood was only maintained to the door of the hotel. Unlike the purchase of the materials, there was a destination to go to. Bai Jing looked at the busy traffic coming and going, feeling at a loss, for suddenly, he did not know where to go. 

“Young master, where are we going?” Wang Xuebing asked excitedly, his eyes shining. He had long been curious as to why the young master went out every day. 

“Where to…” Bai Jing’s mood was a bit low. Looking up at the surrounding high-rise buildings, the hotel front’s beautiful square, the intersection of pedestrian crossings as well as the changing traffic lights, waiting cars, and myriad advertisement board and people rushing about, saying: “Go around!” 

“Ah…..”  Wang Xuebing with a wide-open mouth wondered if this could be the same as last time? Could this not be the same, please. Wang Xuebing’s expression suddenly collapsed.

Bai Jing did not bother with him as he aimlessly chose a noisy street. 

“We’re not driving?” Wang Xuebing followed in high spirits. 

Bai Jing shook his head: “I just want to walk around.” 

To have a look at Xiao Sa’s living place, in a huge crowd, he would not expect to find a person. Xiao Sa was not a bad person. With a strong, alert mind, there was nothing he could do when he finds Xiao Sa! Moreover, he has a lot of things not yet finished. About these matters, no matter who the person was, how could he explain to outsiders. If he dared announce that next year would be the apocalypse, he feared everyone would think he was crazy!

Wang Xuebing saw him in a bad mood. Immediately saying no more words, he quietly followed behind him, fulfilling a bodyguard’s duties. Looking at the indifferent attitude of the young man, aloof and cold as if isolating himself from the world, there was a moment that Wang Xuebing almost thought that the young master would ride away in the wind. 

His heart could not help but be thrown into some distress. He came to the young master around two years ago also knowing a bit about the master’s family background. Seemingly loved, he could not even see his father once a year. His bodyguards in addition to his servants were all he had, plus a big, empty house.  In fact, the young master was also very lonely, so he was arrogant, he showed off, and he liked to become the focus of attention, but because it was the only way he did not appear more lonely!

Bai Jing casually looked around. He did not know that while he was watching the scenery, at the same time, he had become the view of others. 

Blue Sky commercial building, second floor, a café’s luxury private room. By the window was sitting a man with an imposing, strong manner. His whole body seemed to send out a cold atmosphere, almost perfect and sculpture-like facial features, lips fixed in a thin, cold arc; his eyes fixed were on the window. His deep, dark icy eyes flashed a light fast as a cheetah. 

“Yo, Big Bro Sa, who is it you see, I can help you get that one.” said a gentle-looking man sitting across from him. Following his eyes, he looked: “Tut! A beauty, how? Don’t you miss your savior?”

Xiao Sa retracted his gaze, and lightly glanced at him: “How is that thing on your end?” 

The man twitched his mouth. How dull, but talking about business, he did not dare to delay. With a look of resentment: “Xiao Hong, that son of a bitch, when you were not here, he made agreements with some Big Brothers. Zhou Ji and I ran everywhere we could. Besides Elder Chen who has some reservations, the rest do not agree with us. Dammit, they’ve forgotten who brought them to make money before.” 

“How about Wang Cheng?” Xiao Sa faintly asked, a pair of icy eyes without any readable emotion 

“He? He avoided us. Everyday, he plays at the Wenruo Xiang, probably even doing a 3P. He even isn’t afraid boils on his dick.” Han Yan scoffed, a waste of his gentle, handsome face. Speaking these words made him more boorish than street thugs.

Xiao Sa frowned, for he was helpless here. Han Yan’s old man died early, and his mother ran away with another man. Pops pitied him, because Han’s father died for the sake of the gang, so they brought him to the company. At the time, Han Yan had been nine years old. His habits had already formed, and although he later changed his manners and behavior, that mouth still had no control. 

“Tonight, go to the Wenruo Xiang.” Xiao Sa expressionlessly said, his eyes sharp and ruthless, just as if the reaper had its sickle in hand; people could not help but shudder. 

“This is out of line -” Han Yan suddenly jumped up, turning a blind eye to Xiao Sa’s coldness. Anyways, he has long been accustomed to it. 

At this time a man entered and heard their dialogue. He disagreed: “No, you are now wanted by the police, and the gangs are looking for you. Wenruo Xiang is unsafe.” 

“I’m fine right now.” Xiao Sa’s tone was very light, but it was undoubtedly strong. Seeing that they still had things to say, he directly commanded: “You go and make the arrangements. I want to see Wang Cheng. N City is not as Xiao Hong says, and since Wang Cheng had courage the to sell me out, he should have the courage to bear the consequences. I had wanted to come clean and already have planned for this situation. 

“Zhou Ji- -” Han Yan felt helpless. He turned around and looked to the man in the door. 

Zhou Ji thought, as the saying goes, the most dangerous place is the safest place. Maybe no one would believe that Big Bro Sa would just drink coffee here, and the same would apply to going to the Wenruo Xiang. Although the Wenruo Xiang was Xiao Hong’s place, for him to arrange one or two hands was not a problem. Xiao Hong was not yet firmly secured in his position within the gang, dare not trespassing on him, or when Sa big-bro’s missing, if he too followed the accident, Sa big-bro’s brother gang, will afraid be The first to quit. 

At such a thought, Zhou Ji nodded: “I‘ll make the arrangements.” 

“Hey, how do you … …” Han Yan was anxious, fiercely staring at Zhou Ji : “Then I‘ll  go too.” 

Zhou Ji laughed: “You go, no one’s stopping you.” 

Xiao Sa was too lazy to see the two. Han Yan’s thoughts towards Zhou Ji were well-known, and it was not known if Zhou Ji was playing the fool or deliberately teasing Han Yan, pretending to not know, as if making Han Yan anger flare was his greatest pleasure. 

At this time, Xiao Sa turned to the window, but he already lost sight of the young figure. His heart faintly raised some regret, but he also was not too concerned about it. It was just a one time glance, and he had more important things to do now. 

Bai Jing aimlessly walked, as if covering as much as he could. First, starting from the commercial district, he went to the residential area. Then, he went from the residential area to the entertainment district. When he was tired, he got a cab. With a map of each street, every road, it seemed he wanted to patrol all of N City in one day. 

Wang Xuebing simply felt helpless, but he was more worried. He found that since they arrived the N City, the young master’s whole spirit seemed to be in a trance, who vaguely showed some sadness. There was a deathly silence of great sorrow then discouragement. He really did not understand when and what happen to the young master that he would become like this. And the attitude of the young master after seeing Nanny Chen also surprised him. If he was a bodyguard as a duty, then after getting along together for so long, he was really trying to protect the boy.

But the premise was he wanted to know what happened to the young master. How he could he not figure it out. The young master was clearly in their eyes, and it was as if he changed in one night. Do not make some supernatural nonsense; he did not believe in that at all. But thinking of the young master saying he was gay, Wang Xuebing thought it over. Today’s children were rebellious, so could the young master have some online friends who were suspicious? 

The street lights were on, the sky was getting dark, and N City’s lights gorgeously lit the night. The entertainment area was extravagant and flowing, everywhere revealing a kind of intoxicating temptation, absolutely dazzling. 

“Young master, let’s go back.” Wang Xuebing tensely looked around, afraid the young master would go play on a whim. Before, he would never care, and the young master was now 18 years old. It was the emergence period of his youth, so going out to play was understandable. But if young master was gay, that was not the same. He clearly remembered the young master liked women. In order to prevent the young master from messing around, he decided to stick to his posts, and put an end to any bad situation the young master may cause!

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