Chapter 101: The Princess’ Nephrite Warmth and Fragrance

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Su Xing cried out because he was slightly disappointed. When Zhao Hanyan fell, she unexpectedly had a white silk cloak draped over her, covering her handsome and wonderful body. Zhao Hanyan cried out purely out of fear from landing onto a man’s chest.

In the narrow cavern, the man and woman were just like two clumps of cotton squeezed into a single piece. At this time, the advantages of a girl’s flat chest were embodied. That soft, plump and elastic chest of Princess Ling Yan pressed onto Su Xing’s stomach, both provoking and stifling him. As far as Zhao Hanyan was concerned, how could this not be a frightening affair. Since she had grown this big, this was still the very first time she was wrapped up with a man into a ball. Her pure and holy jade peaks simply were not held back and were openly offered, tightly pressing against her counterpart’s wide chest. The tips of the two’s noses intimately touched each other, and they could even feel the heat of their breath. A man’s masculine scent directly pounced on her, disturbing and confusing Zhao Hanyan’s state of mind, making her restless.

From outside the cavern came an eagle’s cry, the cave mouth screaming. The two did not dare say anything.

Princess Ling Yan was in complete regret. When she originally acted, she was too hasty and did not properly wear her clothes. Her current single cloak thin as a cicada’s wing at best covered the young girl’s erotic shyness, but the close touch of her skin did not decrease one bit, seemingly as if her own body was being toyed with.

Zhao Hanyan abruptly felt a hard object between her legs suddenly stick at her ideal place.1 Her tender body shivered, and she screeched in a low voice: “Shameless pervert, what things are you doing to This Princess?!”

Zhao Hanyan glared with her two eyes, her face crimson. Twisting her hips, a stiff thing currently slowly raised itself, pointing upwards towards her chest as it pressed between her legs. However, when she moved, that hard thing was then even harder, like steel, and through the cloth, there was a faint trace of fiery heat. Her leg was quickly becoming limp: “Hurry and take away that damned thing of yours.”

“Making a fuss out of nothing, this is the normal reaction of a man, that’s all.” Su Xing ponderously smiled. With a nephrite warmth and fragrance2 while also being intimate and not wearing a single thread, it was impossible for a man to be honest and upright.3 If he had been a bit more worse than a beast, Zhao Hanyan would have already executed him on the spot.

“If you provoke me once more, I certainly would not blame myself for being rude.” Su Xing deliberately made his tone a bit more vile. Although the Absolute Sincerity Soul Technique he used could suppress involuntary lust, using it like this all the time, wondering whether or not it would make him impotent, he might as well let things take their course.

Princess Ling Yan’s face was both red and white as she was scared stiff by Su Xing’s words. Currently, the two had practically completely lost their Star Energies, and she was also trapped in a narrow cavern that made her incapable of fully using her hands and feet. If Su Xing wanted to do a bit of something, she really could do nothing about it. “If you dare to take advantage of This Princess, This Princess would rather be eaten by that Demon Bird and take you down with her.”4 Zhao Hanyan tightly bit her pearly white teeth, setting her determination.

Su Xing rolled his eyes as he moved his body, each other’s skin rubbing, stirring up a sort of indescribable pleasure in Zhao Hanyan. She could not help recall Dong Junqing’s mutual rubbing, and she immediately was somewhat moist.5

“This damned lecher.”6

Zhao Hanyan’s heart hatefully scolded.

Ages afterward, Zhao Hanyan was somewhat tired; being limited by this space, her body unable to turn, she was even somewhat numb to an even stronger lust. “How should we get out?” She raised her head and asked.

The cavern’s depth was a kilometer. Incapable of raising a sword, they were simply unable to climb out.

“Perhaps pinch apart the Purple Rose Pearl?” Su Xing also did not think of a solution. Coming up with a rotten idea, pinching the Purple Rose Pearl to dust would let them escape Void Liangshan in a flash, but the problem was that he did not know if Star Generals would also follow them out. In addition, there was only one opportunity to obtain the Liangshan Outlaw Writ Plate. Su Xing was not resigned to giving up like this.

Princess Ling Yan had the same thinking as he. Until after the third phase, “Evil Smiting Hall,” commenced, the future Star Energy cultivation of Star Masters was a crucial point of the Star Duels. Losing the opportunity to become an Outlaw also signified they fell a step behind others. Let alone obtaining the Outlaw Writ of Purple Rose Grade, that undoubtedly was receiving formidable support.

The two did not have a solution, and they could only wait for the Star Generals to come calling for them. Having signed contracts, they were not afraid of that the girls would not find them.

“Why would you think of participating in the Star Duels?” Unoccupied and bored, Su Xing curiously asked about gossip of the Great Liang’s Imperial Palace.

“And why would you participate?!” Zhao Hanyan disdained to reply. Who in Liangshan would not know, that the Star Duels’ victor would get one wish. And who would not want to, for this reason, wish for the cherished dream of immortality?


Su Xing’s embarrassment was brought about by himself. And again, he gossiped about the Great Liang’s Imperial Palace’s secret rumors with Zhao Hanyan. For example, something like the True Immortals Hall, the several Star Masters her siblings had, what Stars they signed, and what kind of person Liang Huizong was, and other things. The Great Liang’s royal family had influence in the Azure Dragon Territory, in brief, it seemed as if it was their family property. Princess Ling Yan’s heart said this Purple Thunder Monster truly was abnormal. Not long before, they were even irreconcilable adversaries. Now, he was beginning to intimately inquire the daily life of her family, and impatiently. Afterwards, in a curious coincidence, she replied. She also unavoidably asked Su Xing questions in response regarding the matters of the Purple Thunder Monster, the Majestic Star Lin Chong, and the other Star Maidens around him.

Inside these fragmentary words of gossip, the two forgot about their embarrassing situation for the time being.

Unaware of how much time passed, Su Xing and Zhao Hanyan both closed their eyes, somewhat tired. Not long after, they suddenly heard a hu-hu sound drop down from above.

The two lifted their heads to see a ball of a shadow cover downwards. Su Xing at once called out his flying sword, breaking it.

A tearing sound.

The flying sword penetrated through the shadow, and that shadow was all split up and in pieces as it fell downwards with a whoosh, and they looked as if mud covered their entire bodies.

“That really stinks, what damnable thing is this.” Zhao Hanyan grabbed the sticky, disgusting thing in her hair.

“Guano.” Su Xing looked, his brows creasing.

Zhao Hanyan retched, even having a thought of dying. Having her body blasphemed by a man was enough, but surprisingly, a stupid bird even dared to behave atrociously against her body, “This Princess afterwards must cleanly behead this Demon Beast!”

Su Xing only took her to be venting her depression. At this moment, there was another lump of a black shadow falling down.

Knowing that was guano, Zhao Hanyan’s complexion greatly changed, unexpectedly resting her head in Su Xing’s chest, wanting to avoid a fate of being “nasty.” Su Xing remained silent. Smiling slyly, he reached out his hand to grab Zhao Hanyan’s cloak, suddenly tossing it, throwing off the cloak concealing her body.  

“Shameless lecher. This Princess and you are not finished.” The girl shrieked. This time, she was thoroughly exposed.

However, Su Xing actually did not suddenly want to brutalize her. Throwing the cape, it screened off the place above them, and they only heard the cloak sink as it caught a great amount of guano. Zhao Hanyan understood his intentions, but she nevertheless hatefully gnashed her teeth. The magnificent First Princess of the Great Liang unexpectedly fell into this sort of plight where she had been peeled naked by a man. Her sole source of joy was that the darkness had become leeway, a final protective screen.

The heavy sounds falling from overhead were greater and greater. The Demon Beast was actually gleefully scattering its excrement.

A jade light like a stage light suddenly flashed, and in a split second, illuminated the cavern.

“What are you doing!” Zhao Hanyan handsome, clever, sweet and graceful figure was clearly revealed. She wanted to cover but had no way to cover, and she could only allow the man before her attentively take a look.

“Quiet down, I found a way out.” Su Xing inwardly praised Zhao Hanyan’s pretty good build. On the surface, he still maintained a solemn appearance, and then pointing his outstretched hand, a flying sword rushed towards the ground, executing an attack.

Zhao Hanyan stared blankly, even forgetting her feelings of shame: “How could that be?”

“Hurry and use your flying sword. Break open a path.” Su Xing was grave, controlling his flying sword to continuously penetrate.

“Have you gone mad? How could a flying sword dig a hole.”

“This tunnel should be the drainage for those Demon Beasts’ excrement. It seems it’s accumulated much for years on end, and now it’s blocked. We have to hurry and remove the blockage now, and we should be able to get out.” Su Xing’s expression was severe.

“You are certain?” Zhao Hanyan hesitated.

“If you’re any slower, in a moment, you’ll be drowned by excrement.” Su Xing sneered.

Zhao Hanyan’s face was pale. She had never thought over that there would be this sort of sullen way to die. But to leave through a passage stopped up with guano made her very nauseous. Seeing the cloak overhead was about to cave in, and knowing Su Xing’s words were not a joke, several tons of excrement pushing down really would be being buried alive.

“This Princess indeed was born under an ill star.” Princess Ling Yan moaned, once again rolling out clothes from the Astral Chain Bracelet. The multicolored hairpin effused a faint multicolored light that protected her body, so as to avoid suffering the encroachment of guano. Only afterwards did she use the bit of magic energy she just recovered and and brandished her sword together with Su Xing.

They did not know either how long these guano deposits had been accumulating. Hard as stone, it was hard to imagine the flying swords could pierce through.

In a moment, they would be buried alive. Suddenly, Zhao Hanyan thought of something, gnashing her teeth. Raising two jasper flying swords, the flying swords intertwined like vines. Trapped together, Zhao Hanyan anxiously spoke. “Hurry, spit out Essence Blood onto a sword.”


Her words spoken, Zhao Hanyan bit open her fingertip,7 and a drop of dark red blood fell onto one of her swords. Su Xing did not know what she wanted to do, and he briefly hesitated. Seeing the nervous look in Zhao Hanyan’s eyes, he also dripped Essence Blood onto the other, Divine Intent pouring the blood.

They saw the two flying swords radiate a penetrating jade light, coming to life like a willow vine, and a type of fantastic feeling entered his ocean of consciousness.


The two simultaneously ordered.

The jasper flying swords again twisted together, the jade light penetrating and drilling. The earth split open, and in a flash, ran through a large hole.

SFX: Rumble

The guano above their heads fell down at this time. The two people one after the other hastily flashed into the hole, moving quickly and falling.

The two green swords were like a terrifying drilling machine, boring out a path without any obstructions.

Falling for several hours, the sword lights suddenly sparkled. A fresh and clean air hit them in the face. As Su Xing expected, there was an exit. Zhao Hanyan was delighted, and she quickly scuttled out of the cave.

Outside of the cave mouth was an immense pool. The two immersed themselves in the deep water, and seeing the mild pond water, Zhao Hanyan never had been moved like this. The extremely excited Princess Ling Yan did not forget that there was an additional man to the side. Lightly skimming the water with her toe, she slid behind a large stone, simultaneously warning: “Don’t you come over!!”

She had already been completely seen anyways. Su Xing did not know what she had to be reserved about, however, he did not have a hobby of peeping. Without telling her, he headed for the other end of the clean pool, washing away the stinking filth off his body.

That pair of green swords that carried them inconceivably beyond the heavens just floated in the center of the pool, glistening with bluish-green light. Unexpectedly shooting out two green lights to the left and right that covered his and Zhao Hanyan’s bodies, the two were seemingly connected together like an arch bridge, a scene of extreme aesthetic beauty.

Su Xing lifted his head, looking at this apparently not-so-ordinary artifact. Moving his Divine Intent, the just a little bit bigger sword flew before him. That a flying sword of such strong penetrative power was unexpectedly forged out of a tree went against Su Xing’s expectations. The willow on the sword extended, curling and twisting, resembling an additional flying sword that was reluctant to part.

Su Xing, baffled, asked: “Zhao Hanyan, what is the background of this sword?”

That head in the pool extraordinarily fell into silence.

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  1. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  2. 軟玉溫香, describes the warmth and scent of the flesh of a beauty
  3. 坐懷不亂, for a man to be honest and upright, especially in relationships between men and women.
  4. 同歸於盡
  5.  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  6. 登徒子 Dengtu Zi, a very famous lecher.
  7. Did she wash them first?


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