Chapter 103: Take Possession of A Decisive Opportunity

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The light of the Intertwined Branch Swords shot directly. This Divine Sword of Thousand Year Contract was weak and powerless, not a bit imposing. Wu Xinjie saw the two simply could not achieve a genuine connection of their hearts, and she did not know whether or not she should be glad.

The One-eyed Dragon sprayed a ball of acid and stopped the Intertwined Branch Swords. Its body flashed by, opening up its claws as it bit towards Su Xing and Zhao Hanyan, a lump of a sticky, sulfuric smell spouting out.

Su Xing controlled his sword to dodge out of the way, and the One-eyed Dragon chased and bit after him. Its simply enormous body that ordered this Demon Beast’s speed actually was not very quick. The experience Su Xing had acting as the most accomplished top-notch air-force trump card was now exhibited. Controlling the sword as if he was piloting a fighter, from time to time, he made rapid and steep dives. From time to time, he changed direction. From time to time, he rolled. The girls who saw this were all dumbstruck. This style of Riding Sword Flight of Su Xing’s overturned their conceptions about it.1

“Since the Intertwined Branches are useless, we had better join hands then.” The fifteenth seat Steadfast Star Dong Ping giggled.

Watching the Su Xing being chased everywhere, Wu Xinjie and the rest did not oppose. Using the Heaven Concealing Star Fan to add the Dark Rank Magic Speed is a Crucial Asset in War as support to Su Xing, his speed increased. Su Xing was even more of a swimming blade flying around the One-eyed Dragon’s whole body.

“The Knowledge Star’s magic is indeed not bad.” Dong Junqing’s eyes released light.

“Don’t think that I will help support you.” Wu Xinjie sneered.

The Steadfast Star harrumphed, not thinking that she would support was only natural. Clenching the Dragon and Phoenix Yin Yang Spear, she rushed up.

Su Xing’s fingers kept Thunder in containment, now and then shooting several Blooming Water Divine Thunders. It was just that given his present actions, the Blooming Water Divine Thunder was not enough to harm the One-eyed Dragon.

“You animal, don’t run!”

Lin Yingmei shouted, soaring into the air. A spear stabbed towards the One-eyed Dragon, its sharp scales obstructing the speartip. The One-eyed Dragon’s tail whipped around, striking at Lin Yingmei from the front. The girl drew back her spear to block, her body sinking. Then, when it sprayed a rain of acid, Lin Yingmei did not withdraw. On the contrary, the Arctic Star Spear’s cold light shot and rolled out a Cold Mist Cloud Soul that blocked the acid.


Zhao Hanyan at this time also used the Seventy-two Outer Void Flying Deities Sword. Eight golden flying swords formed a sword array. The golden swords turned into lines, rushing and twisting towards the One-eyed Dragon for the kill. Just like a golden sword net, they crisscrossed and trapped the One-eyed Dragon. The sword light that became golden threads repeatedly twisted and cut, the dragon scales and flying swords giving rise to a fierce noise.

Su Xing was impressed. As expected, this sword art was not something a few artifacts could compare to. Princess Ling Yan’s Outer Void Deities Flying Sword practice had just begun, and it was this powerful. If he tried something, she would use this sword array on him, and he would be forced out of the Void Liangshan by her, without exception.

The Great Liang Royal Family’s Star Master could not be underestimated.

Su Xing saw her really put out energy this way, and he himself was not idle. Using his own greatest ability, Purple Rose Blooming Water Divine Thunder,2 thunder-light assembled, and a purple flower followed Star Energy, condensing slowly and becoming large. In the blink of an eye, it was several meters in size. Despite Su Xing controlling such a large Divine Thunder, it was somewhat strenuous. Su Xing pointed an outstretched hand and announced, “Go!” The Purple Divine Thunder exploded on the One-eyed Dragon’s body, purple thunder taken in and emitted in great quantities. The Thunder vigorously roared, and the One-eyed Dragon let loose a loud howl.

“Purple Thunder Monster, just what is this ability of yours?” Princess Ling Yan said, astonished. Inside the Great Liang Dynasty’s Celestial Library, she had seen many of every type of the Astonishing and Divine Thunders of Liangshan Continent. The purple Divine Thunders she knew of included “Purple Thunder Heavenly Calamity,” “Soul Transforming Underworld Thunder,3 “Overwhelming Purple Thunder,”4 but the purple Divine Thunder Su Xing used appeared to be water yet not water. Showing a magic purple cloud, it quite had the air of an immortal.

“Purple Palace Magic Cloud Immortal’s Thunder.5 If you don’t know it, you’re short-sighted.” Su Xing arbitrarily made up a story.

“Purple Palace Magic Cloud Immortal’s Thunder?” Zhao Hanyan did not mind about Su Xing’s rude words. Hearing this name, she actually did not doubt it.

“Hmph. What Purple Palace Magic Cloud Immortal’s Thunder. Can it stop This General’s Dragon and Phoenix Yin Yang?” Dong Junqing coldly grinned.

“Quickly use your unique skills!”

Wu Xinjie admonished.

Su Xing’s “Purple Palace Magic Cloud Immortal’s Thunder” and Zhao Hanyan’s Outer Void Immortal Flying Deities Sword Array trapped the One-eyed Dragon, but the two’s cultivations were too lacking. At best, they could delay it and bring about a few injuries, but they were inadequate in taking its like. The final thing they relied on nevertheless was the Heavenly Star Generals’ military might and unique skills.

Dong Junqing soared into the air. Jumping into the air, the Dragon and Phoenix Yin Yang Spear’s light sharply increased. Crossing the double spears, a wide crescent moon flowed out like mercury. They saw that the space had been torn asunder by the two spear lights.

How could Su Xing and Zhao Hanyan dare to stand at the side. Hastily, they recalled their Star Energy and flew off.

The Yin Yang Cross Slash’s innumerable spear lights were like a rainstorm that entirely exploded on the One-eyed Dragon. Its severed sounds made their hair stand on end. Dragon scales spattered, flesh sprayed, and on the other side, Majestic Star Lin Yingmei also tightly clenched double spears,6 using Long Blizzard Nights.

The One-eyed Dragon roared, unexpectedly breaking the Yin Yang Cross Slash’s attack, and then it pounced on Dong Junqing.

Just at this moment, Lin Yingmei’s figure flashed, dropping beside the One-Eyed Dragon in the blink of an eye. Shouting, the Arctic Star Spear cleaved towards the One-Eyed Dragon. The spear’s power was continuous and unending, one attack followed by another. The blizzard on the spear’s tip suddenly permeated the whole place, awe-inspiringly penetrating the bone and piercing the scales. In a moment, the One-Eyed Dragon had been trapped in the spear’s blizzard by Lin Yingmei’s Long Blizzard Nights, pitifully crying over and over.

By the time Long Blizzard Nights subsided, the One-Eyed Dragon was covered in cuts and bruises. Its body retained the wounds cut out by the thousand blades of the Yin Yang Cross Slash. These wounds went through a spear tip’s awe-inspiring ruin. Completely frozen, the One-Eyed Dragon’s entire body shivered, unexpectedly resisting two Heavenly Star’s great attacks. Its sturdy foreclaws swept one after the other at Lin Yingmei and Don Junqing, repelling the two women.

Shi Yuan at this time raised a Puppet Banner. Copper Man Puppets like giants firmly grasped the One-Eyed Dragon’s wings. Having just received the Yin Yang Cross Slash and Long Blizzard Nights, the One-Eyed Dragon for a time could only bellow and struggle. An Suwen’s Child and Mother Linked Hearts Needles at this moment exhibited an odd effect. The silver needles spun rapidly, each stabbing into the weak points of the One-eyed Dragon’s wings, which was matched by the Copper Man Puppet’s dragging that tore clean off the two wings.

The One-eyed Dragon sprayed towards the sky, and acid rain fell in a radius of a hundred meters.

The group hastily evaded.

Before Princess Ling Yan, there was a flash, and she suddenly shouted: “Demon Beast, accept death!” Zhao Hanyan’s hand grasped the Purple Rose Pearl, imbuing it with Star Energy. It was as if the Purple Rose Pearl had turned into a shining sun. A magic seal like a totem amulet flew out from the Purple Rose Pearl, and the pearl rose dramatically as it smashed downwards.

Not good!

Su Xing changed.

But he was a step too late. In the middle of the Purple Rose Pearl’s flash, it smashed into the One-Eyed Dragon’s opening and closing maw. Then, a clump of sharp purple light burst out from within the One-eyed Dragon’s body. The One-eyed Dragon struggled briefly on its deathbed, and then its breath completely disappeared.

The group was stunned by this abrupt change.

“Su Xing, truly many thanks to you. This Princess will take her leave first.” Zhao Hanyan craftily smiled. Hooking with her finger, the Purple Rose Pearl broke apart. The pearl swallowed the One-eyed Dragon’s internal alchemy and unexpectedly disintegrated into a purple colored Star Mark Jade Pendant.7

Astonishingly, this was the Liangshan Outlaw Jade Pendant.8

“Don’t think of leaving!”

Lin Yingmei clenched her teeth, her cold spear chopping.

The purple jade pendant released a multicolored light that enveloped Zhao Hanyan and Dong Junqing, the space warping.

“Lin Chong, next time, let us again fight earnestly one more time.” Dong Junqing sneered.

“Su Xing, in consideration of you aiding This Princess in obtaining this jade pendant, This Princess will let you off for the matter that transpired here.” Zhao Hanyan brows widened. “This Demon Beast also will be given to you.”

Su Xing suddenly laughed out loud.

“Zhao Hanyan. You indeed have big boobs but no brain.”

“What did you say?” Zhao Hanyan and Dong Junqing stared blankly, not understanding why Su Xing would smile so smugly. He should be very clear that a single person absolutely could not obtain the Liangshan Pendant.

“Zhao Hanyan, next time, I will properly give you my respects. Until then, definitely do not forget to fulfill the duties you have in the capacity of a wife.” Su Xing chuckled.

“Shameless lecher!” Zhao Hanyan’s face was red, spitting and cursing.

And without letting her curse another sentence more, in the blink of an eye, she was separated from the Void Liangshan.

By the time she left, the world immediately sunk into a nonstop deathly stillness.

“This Princess Ling Yan is truly too vile, unexpectedly exploiting us.” Shi Yuan was furious. Waving the puppet banner, she stored away the Copper Man Puppets.

“We were careless.” Wu Xinjie was vexed. Not only could the Purple Rose Pearl detect the Outlaw Writ Plate, it finally also could act as a fatal blow, letting Zhao Hanyan pick up a great convenience.

“Forget it, there was no way around this. The Great Liang’s Princess understand this Purple Rose Pearl’s secrets far more than we do.” Su Xing shook his head. Zhao Hanyan doing this was not unanticipated. If it were him, he would have done the same. Even if there was the Intertwined Branches, the two always would still return to being enemies.9 First of all, it constrained the counterpart’s superiority; dying in the Void Liangshan, it could not be said that the Intertwined Branches would not suffer from a rescindment. Even if Su Xing did not perish, if it was he alone, it would be very difficult to obtain the jade pendant. This way also could be considered in the Star Duels as taking possession of a decisive opportunity.

It could even be said that Zhao Hanyan played this killing two birds with one stone shrewdly.

However, just who had taken possession of the decisive opportunity still was not apparent. Su XIng took out the pearl and sunk into contemplation. Turning his head, he said: “Shi Yuan, store this Demon Beast Soul. Using a Sixth Rank Demon Beast is sufficient enough material to make a ‘Galaxy Grade’ Mechanism.”

Shi Yuan nodded. Opening the Soul Sealing Bottle, the soul was put away. Although receiving a Sixth Rank Soul was a happy thing, recalling that Zhao Hanyan had taken away the all-important Purple Rose Outlaw Writ, the Thief Star just could not get into high spirits.

“Big Brother Su Xing, are we going?” An Suwen helplessly asked.

“Go, of course we’re going.” Su Xing nodded, not a bit of dejection on his face. On the contrary, he showed a crafty smile: “But, it’s only natural that we cannot return empty-handed.

“Master, do you have some sort of plan?” Lin Yingmei put away her spear and resumed her calm.

“What do you all think of this Void Liangshan?” Su Xing asked in reply.

“Very magical. Refining pills is much more successful compared to before.” In her capacity as the Divine Physician, An Suwen’s body had the benefits of learning spiritual power from experience. These spiritual influences of vigorous pure essence not only were the Essence Swallowing Dragon’s delicacies, pills that were often unable to be refined in the Azure Dragon Territory had a chance to be refined here.

“That’s why I said Zhao Hanyan really is too stupid. Such a difficult to get advantage and she does not properly exploit it.” Su Xing stored the Purple Rose Pearl.

Wu Xinjie quickly understood Su Xing’s plan. “Young Master, your intent is for us to stay here and train?”

“En. When I had been snatched away by the Demon Eagle, I discovered a place. It’s very suitable for An Suwen to breed the Essence Swallowing Dragons, so let’s go there first. The Void Liangshan is such a happy paradise, not using it in full, that is just too pitiful.” When Zhao Hanyan was in the middle of leaving, Su Xing thought of this. Doing things like this, he would not need to worry about a few secrets being found out.

“Taking advantage of several days, we first need to firmly grasp our training. Xinjie just does not believe that only relying us that we cannot take the Outlaw Writ.” The Knowledge Star’s eyes flashed a cold light.

“We must make that damned Princess regret this.” Shi Yuan nodded.

The Su Xing watching them smiled. His sword light spun a whirlwind, and he did not enter the sea of clouds.

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  2. 紫微癸水神雷
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  5. 紫府祥雲仙雷
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