Chapter 105: The Hard-to-kill Prehistoric Demon Type

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The Crying Infant’s demonic noise poured into their ears, a sound that broke the soul. Fortunately, Su Xing already used the Absolute Sincerity Soul Technique’s ability “Mirror Without a Stand” in advance, so these demonic noises could not block Su Xing’s power. When the Crying Infant rushed out of the water, he continuously struck hand seals. The thunder and lightning suspended in the sky by a purple colored magic cloud formed into a flower and immediately smashed towards the face of the Crying Infant.

The Blooming Water Divine Thunder wrapped up the entire Crying Infant, and within a moment, the water’s surface reflected the light of lightning. A powerful Water Thunder made the seawater boil over, and a dazzling purple thunder forced them to withdraw a meter. The Crying Infant continuously wailed, wanting to struggle free out of the Blooming Water Divine Thunder.

How could Su Xing give it that chance. Pointing his hand seals, his Divine Intent rising, the Blooming Water Divine Thunder was without the slightest amount of restraint. The falling Blooming Water Divine Thunder twisted in a continuous stream at the Crying Infant. The sea seemingly changed into a boiling thunderbolt, the scene very terrifying, and the Crying Infant completely was incapable of budging.

Two Copper Man Puppets seized the chance to unceasingly smash their heavy fists onto the Crying Infant’s body. Several big holes were smashed out of that solid body, but this was not enough. Lin Yingmei leapt down, her fully charged Arctic Star Spear sweeping out a violent blizzard. The Spear Technique not only once again trapped the Crying Infant so that it was incapable of moving, but also Lin Yingmei slammed into the Crying Infant and stabbed into its open wounds. Every attack thrusted into its internal organs, and this could be said to be a genuine chill to the bone. The Crying Infant’s body had several dozen bloody holes the size of bowls stabbed out of it.

The Crying Infant, in the end, was a Sixth Rank Prehistoric Demon type. Its meandering body directly rose, and the Heaven Sword chopped downwards. A Copper Man Puppet, unable to withstand the blow, was chopped in half as if it were a sheet of paper. Shi Yuan did not have any sort of distress. Raising the Puppet Banner, the other Copper Man Puppet rigidly restrained the Crying Infant as if it were choking the thing to death.

Lin Yingmei at this time leapt onto that baby-like face of the Crying Infant, a final spear attack piercing through it.


The Crying Infant’s long tail swung, flinging the Copper Man Puppet a hundred meters away. This sort of Nebula Stage Puppet did not have any sort of exceptional material. Opposing a Sixth Rank Demon Type, it would collapse at the first blow. The Crying Infant spat out a black light, then it rushed and chopped at Lin Yingmei.

The Majestic Star’s figure flit by, and like it was brushing a phantom, she avoided the Crying Infant’s counterattack. Stepping onto this giant creature’s body, she stabbed her spear deeply into that face without a bit of mercy upon it.

The Crying Infant’s whole body shook, and a Spirit Energy gushed out and sent Lin Yingmei flying.

The Crying Infant was just about to prepare to slash when Wu Xinjie just at this exact moment threw out more than ten Middle Grade Talismans, “Sudden Thunderclap Talisman.”1 Each talisman turned into ten striking thunderbolts that were thick as arms. The more than a dozen talismans were just like more than a hundred thunderclaps that directly struck the Crying Infant. A booming thunderclap sound was immensely loud, and the seawater had been blown open by a hundred meter hole. Continuously receiving injuries under this, the Crying Infant finally appeared to be unable to bear anymore. After receiving the more than a dozen thunderclaps, the Crying Infant raised its Earth Shield, its body hiding underneath the shield. The remaining bolts of Sudden Thunderclap fell onto the Ancient Lost Treasure, completely losing their use.

“Shi Yuan!!” Wu Xinjie had already foreseen this, shouting loudly.

A shadow suddenly scuttled towards the Crying Infant. The Flea on a Drum Shi Qian fully exhibited the exceptional body techniques of a robber. She zipped around on the Crying Infant’s body at high speed, avoiding its attacks. The Crying Infant wanted to drive the Thief Star off its body, but the willy-nilly Shi Yuan simply did not fear its twisting motion. As if she were treading on level ground, in several steps, she had arrived onto the top of its head. The Hoodwinking Flying Claws sunk deeply into the wounds that Lin Yingmei carved out beforehand. Acting as mounting points, the Thief Star’s body moved downwards.

The Crying Infant opened its large maw, its canine teeth intertwined, its ferocious mouth biting towards the swinging Shi Qian.


Shi Yuan’s outstretched hand waved and threw out a pouch. Then, withdrawing the Hoodwinking Flying Claws, when her body fell downwards, the flying claws grabbed at that pouch, tearing it apart.

The Heaven Sword slashed horizontally at the falling Shi Yuan, but an even faster figure flit past and caught the dropping Shi Yuan, brushing past the sword tip,  

“Su Xing!” Shi Yuan giggled.

Su Xing controlled the sword to soar. At this moment, he saw the Crying Infant let out a mournful and miserable scream. A corrosive foam had appeared on the wounds all over the Crying Infant’s body, green smoke rolling out from its skin, from inside its mouth, from inside its eyes. The burning hisses made their hair stand on end. The bright pouch Shi Yuan threw out was the One-eyed Dragon’s sack that stored its acid. Possessing strong corrosive properties, even if it was a Sixth Rank Prehistoric Demon type, if this used, most probably it would be left half alive.

Handling this kind of formidable Demon Beast, Wu Xinjie’s plan was to absolutely not let the Crying Infant have a chance to act. In the case they let the Crying Infant recover its strength, the two Ancient Lost Treasures Heaven Sword and Earth Shield would give them extremely an extremely large inconvenience. If they wanted to again take possession of a convenience, that would be very difficult; until now, everything had progressed very smoothly. The group acted together, closely linked with each other, suppressing the Crying Infant. After being draw out of the water, the Prehistoric Demon type was not able to launch many menacing attacks.

But, this much still was not enough!

The Crying Infant that was filled with corroded wounds already felt the threat, preparing to abscond back to the sea.

Su Xing spat out a mouthful of Essence Blood. In the air, the Essence Blood formed a vortex. In the blink of an eye, it became entirely a blue jade in color, and a water dragon revolved around the three prongs. It was precisely the “Blue Water Turtle Dragon Trident.”2


Su Xing threw the Blue Water Turtle Dragon Spear, the three prongs cutting out a graceful arc, transforming into a Blue Water Dragon that pounced over. It bit onto the Crying Infant, and Su Xing hastily urged on the Blue Water Turtle Dragon Trident’s Star Energy Style, “Water Dragon Captures Heaven, Overflows the Sea.”

The Blue Water Turtle Dragon was like an iron nail, fastening the Crying Infant in the sea. Then the blue light of the three prongs wildly swelled, and they saw, with the Blue Water Turtle Dragon Spear as its center, a whirlpool emerge in the sea. The whirlpool accelerated at a great speed. Finally, it seemed to suck over the entire sea, and a massive waterspout soared. Then, like a terrifying crushing machine, it unceasingly twisted apart the Crying Infant. Blood swirled in the air, and the blue storm had been dyed a blood red color.

The Blue Water Turtle Dragon Trident originally was a water type item. In the sea, its might was even greater. Its power was even more formidable by several factors compared to that time when the River Churning Clam Tong Yao used its unique skill.

This capture kill truly was ocean flipping and wave overturning. The surrounding coast had been destroyed with practically nothing left.

A bleak and wretched wail came from the brightest that gradually became the dimmest. When the storm subsided, the Crying Infant was at its last gasp. This Demon Beast was valiant, having yet to topple over. Lin Yingmei at this time leapt to kill it, her vitality already restored by An Suwen, using once again “Long Blizzard Nights.” Generally speaking, a Heavenly Star’s first activation of their style in a battle was the state it was strongest. The later it was used, the weaker the result.

The snowstorm of the Long Blizzard Nights this time was far from comparison with the overwhelming shock just now, but even so, the Crying Infant that had already been killed by Su Xing and the rest to the point it completely lacked strength now had its escape sealed.

Su Xing saw an opportunity. The Purple Rose Pearl launched, and it shot into the Crying Infant.

A serene purple light broke out from the Crying Infant’s baby face. The pearl into a jade pendant that flew back to Su Xing’s hand, and a clump of purple mist already activated. Fortunately, Wu Xinjie had already been waiting for a long time. The “Heaven Sword and Earth Shield” in the hands of the Crying Infant were retrieved, then Shi Yuan’s Soul Sealing Bottle opened and took in the Crying Infant’s soul.

The four girls entered the Star Nest, and Su Xing took a final reluctant look around this Void Liangshan, the scenery before him resembling a fantasy.

The purple smoke dispersed, and when Su Xing took another look, the verdant forest and the boiling sea already turned into a luxurious palace.

“Your Majesty is indeed a talented genius, also acquiring the Outlaw Writ Plate. Still, please use it properly.”

Yan Poxi’s aged voice sounded out from behind him.

Su Xing looked at the Purple Rose Marked Star Jade Pendant. The jade pendant was very light, forged of purple jade. Exploring with his Divine Intent, he felt this purple colored jade pendant engraving had several tens of mysterious and powerful magic circles. With the jade in his hand, seemingly for use by Heaven and Earth, it was worthy of being called the Purple Rose Grade Immortals’ Abode Writ Plate of legend.

“This Void Liangshan was very interesting. I wonder who it was that created this jade pendant and the Void Liangshan.” Su Xing ponderously asked.

“When Your Majesty sets foot on Maiden Mountain, all shall be known!”

Yan Poxi was detached, her reply tantamount to not replying.

“I definitely will pay a visit to this Maiden Mountain!”

Su Xing stepped out of the hall without the slightest hesitation.

On a hill three hundred li outside of the Divining Star Platform, at this moment, a desperate battle was being staged.

More than a hundred Star Cultivators clutched in their hands flying swords and artifacts. An indiscriminate bombing, every kind of sword light crisscrossed a flying rainbow.

“Ah, man of the Demonic Cults, die!”

“I did not expect you of the Demonic Cults to be able to contract a Star General. This Sect definitely shall enforce justice on the behalf of Heaven.”

“Kill him.”

The hundred Star Cultivators wearing white robes spoke righteous words, setting about their task ferociously and viciously. The one being besieged was a young man, his body lanky, wearing over his body a black changpao of Black Gold Armor. On his back was a gorgeous and flamboyant cloak, its high collar covering everything below his nose, seeming as if he was an assassin. However, his tall and straight neck, his demonic black eyes all actually brimmed with a sort of sinister charm.

“You pieces of trash dare come trouble This Holy Lord?” The man professing himself to be Holy Lord said disdainfully. Raising his hand, his entire body sputtered a black light. Several dozen pitch-black like ink flying swords floated in the air and formed a sword array.

“Use your living spirits to come feed This Holy Lord’s ‘Nine Phantasms Ten Banes Capital Demon Sword.’”3 The sword turned into demonic light, seemingly like an evil spirit, a baleful aura surging forward.

“Ah, it’s an Ancient Demon Sword!”

“Quickly run, ah!!!”

“Galaxy Cultivator!!”

When the man’s Demon Sword appeared, all the Star Cultivators present were scared pale, controlling their swords to escape. The specters overlapped like a black curtain pulled open and captured all the Star Cultivators, not a single one able to escape. In less than a moment, the flesh of the Star Cultivators had been eaten with nothing left, leaving only a white robes all over the ground.

“Holy Lord, you shall cause the other Great Sects to chase to kill like this.” A beautiful and colorful woman looked around, her good looks unexpectedly simultaneously possessed an alluring and noble temperament, the two kinds entirely different.

“Xiangfei,4 you really do love worrying about those trash cultivators.” Another silhouette emerged. Wearing a Black Dragon Armor Skirt, carrying a Black Star Demon Crown, her eyes like a deep black, her lips like red paint, a girl gloomily sneered.

The black robed man laughed out loud, walking upwards with great strides.

That Xiangfei‘s Carved Dragon Sword at this moment uprightly supported the bodies of a man and woman on it. The man’s face was already colorless, and the girl was silent, ice-cold and unbending.

“The Black Wind Beheading Wheel Saber.5 So it’s actually Little Sister Detective Star Green Eyed Tiger Li Yun.”6 The Black Dragon Armor Skirt girl smiled evilly.

“Just relying on you two, you unexpectedly had the idea to fight This Holy Lord?” The man clicked his tongue, the Demon Sword’s black shadow wrapping the two people.

“Didn’t expect to be able to run into a Star Master that signed two sisters. Li Yun dies contentedly.”7 The girl opened her mouth.

The man laughed aloud, raising his head to look at the heavens, a magnanimous appearance: “Count yourselves as having good fortune. This Holy Lord currently wants to go to the Divining Star Platform to inquire about the Outlaw Writ. En, if This Holy Lord killed you, the Birth Outline would then begin. This Holy Lord certainly does not want to have any missed opportunities. Today, you both shall be let off…”

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  1. 驚雷符
  2. Previously Jade Water Turtle Dragon Trident.
  3. 九幽十煞都天魔劍
  4. 湘妃
  5. 黑風斬輪刀
  6. 地察星青眼虎李雲
  7. Wait til you see the man with four.


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