Chapter 111: Military Slays Six Generals

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“A general achieves renown over the dead bodies of ten thousand soldiers?”

Zhao Cheng heard Jiang Yundao’s report. He showed disdain: “This King not wanting to raise even more of an issue does not mean This King fears him. Unexpectedly daring to say some ‘a general achieves renown over the dead bodies of ten thousand soldiers’ to This King. Hmph, does he wish to rebel?”

“I hear the object shrinking art that person used was a stove fire that turned bright green,1 so I fear he is not simple. The womenfolk beside him also are deep and immeasurable.” Jiang Yundao cautiously said.

Zhao Cheng smiled: “What ‘deep and immeasurable’ could those women have, they could not all be Star Generals…Upon This King’s first Star Duel victory, This King shall use him as a blood sacrifice…” Zhao Cheng was not someone who looked impressive but was worthless. He pondered, but to guard against the unexpected, he nevertheless needed to be careful. He instructed Jiang Yundao: “We will personally arrange the location of this Military Slays Six Generals. Just say that it will be changed to be convened under this Devil Suppressing Stele. You must quickly arrange for this.”

Jiang Yundao’s expression slowly changed, puzzled: “Your Highness, why must it be arranged to be under the Devil Suppressing Stele?”

“Could it be Head Guard Jiang does not feel witnessing This King’s glory under the Devil Suppressing Stele Father Emperor erected is an event that would be a satisfaction to everyone?” Zhao Cheng laughed aloud.

Jiang Yundao said no more.

In accordance with the token’s instruction, Su Xing rushed to the Heavenly Prosperity Establishment’s Red Winding Apricot. Seeing Li Shishi, she was the same as before. Li Shishi’s graceful charm displayed her beauty, and the two maids with the completely contrasting appearances – Little Jia with her long hair trailing over her shoulders and her evenly trimmed bangs as well as the refined, short-haired Little Yi waited on either side. Other than this, the Red Winding Apricot had the other six young men and women. Each was dressed in brocades and silk, their appearance out of the common run.

It was just that Su Xing noticed that five among them had absent-minded appearances, their eyes somewhat unhappy and preoccupied, as if they were not taking the Military Slays Six Generals seriously. Su Xing inwardly smiled, understanding what was happening.

“Fellow Yun, you have arrived.” Li Shishi greeted him. Little Jia stepped forward to serve wine and a snack.

The other Star Cultivators were endlessly bewildered as they looked at Su Xing. They saw his cultivation unexpectedly had reached Nebula Late Stage, and they were inwardly fearful. The so-called Star Master was a title born after the Star Duels began and was together with a Star Maiden. Currently, no more than three years had passed, and a cultivation had unexpectedly reached Nebula Late Stage. This speed showed the resources of Heaven were outstanding, and it seemed certain that he was a Star Master nurtured by some sect. Only through this way could his cultivation be so rapid.

The five preoccupied Star Cultivators nodded their heads in a friendly manner at Su Xing. Only one man like cold iron showed disapproval. His cultivation had reached Nebula Middle Stage, so he did not need to be like the others.

Another moment passed, and a sound came from outside the door.

They saw a red-lipped, white-toothed youth putting on airs walk in. He wore an imperial brocade and had an impressive appearance. He was precisely the Great Liang’s Fourth Prince, Zhao Cheng.

“His cultivation surprisingly reached Nebula Late Stage.” Su Xing raised his brow. He watched this Zhao Cheng’s steady footsteps, how his eyes dispersed an evil ruthlessness when he walked in. The air in the room seemingly froze solid.

“Li Shishi, you have finally found the final Star Cultivator? This King was almost impatient. Could it be that Heavenly Star is unaware this was very wasteful of time? Wanting to win the Star Duels, this Master Recruitment simply is a very laughable waste of time.” Zhao Cheng made unrestrained reprimands the moment he walked into the room.

Li Shishi’s face wore a slight smile, not taking offense. “The Star General herself has her own thinking. I, your servant, am merely an intermediary, nothing more.”

“Hmph, This King wishes that Star General not make This King disappointed.” Zhao Cheng oddly chuckled.

“Since everyone is present, I, your servant will announce the final rules of the Military Slays Six Generals.

The rules of Military Slays Six Generals actually were straightforward and direct, which was extraordinarily outside of their expectations, and they were not that complex as Language Passes Three Checkpoints. It was only on a specific ring, and the seven chosen would fight in a chaotic melee. As long as only one Star Cultivator was left in the end, then the Star General would sign a Star Duel Covenant with them. This was “Slays Six Generals.” Seemingly simple, but it made the seven Star Cultivators finally rise above others in a brawl. This Star General’s plan was very astute.

Not a single one them had an objection.

Zhao Cheng said: “This King has a suggestion.”

“What does Your Highness wish to say?”

“Since the time period of this Master Recruitment was half a year long, place the final Slays Six Generals arena at the Devil Suppressing Stele. Heh, heh, on one hand it will permit the people to witness a Heavenly Star’s methods. So as to avoid having people think Li Shishi is a swindler, secondly, because it is at the Devil Suppressing Stele, there would be no need to fear other people using treacherous tricks. How do you feel?”

Su Xing wrinkled his brow. He felt this Zhao Cheng secretly had some plan, but what he said had sentiment and reason, making it difficult to reject for the time being.

Li Shishi looked around, then nodded her head in agreement.

Several meters outside the Devil Suppressing Stele’s, a four to five meter wide, more than a dozen zhang tall arena had already been built. Mahogany was used as beams, and embroidered banners floated in exhibition. The entire surroundings had soldiers grasping sharp blades standing guard. Jiang Yundao and Li Shishi sat under the Devil Sealing Stele. As Galaxy Middle Stage Cultivators, he could be counted as the sole great one in Stone Table City, and they assumed the role as witnesses to this Master Recruitment.

In a restaurant not far from the public square, Wu Xinjie and the girls sat on seats near the window as they distantly watched the arena, their lips tasting tea, their expressions rlaxed. This was the Heavenly Star’s Master Recruitment’s final Military Slays Six Generals. Each of the girls felt completely reassured about Su Xing, especially when they glanced at the six Star Cultivators on the courtyard. Besides the Great Liang’s Fourth Prince Zhao Cheng that could compare to Su Xing, the other five would collapse at the first blow.

Wu Xinjie was already looking forward to the things that would happen after he signed with the Heavenly Star.

“This sister of ours certainly has been troublesome, creating something this complex to find a contractor.” Shi Yuan propped up her chin, muttering to herself.

“Sister Xinjie, which sister is she and is she here? An Suwen asked curiously.

“She should be hidden somewhere taking note of this battle.” Wu Xinjie replied. Because she feared exposing her identity, Wu Xinje did not use Think Then Act. Naturally, she could not know who in the several thousands surrounding the courtyard was the Star General. However, there was a person that made Wu Xinjie pay careful attention to. The Knowledge Star stared at someone beside Li Shishi, at a maid with an apathetic face whose eyes held a glimmer.

The seven chosen very quickly stepped onto the stage, each spreading out.

Li Shishi glanced at the maid Little Yi. The cold and detached girl picked up a cup and smashed it to bits where she stood, officially declaring the start of Military Slays Six Generals.

Many of the populace and Star Cultivators thought they would immediately see an incomparably intense battle since the dawn of time to now. Who would have thought that for a long time after the cup was shattered, the seven Star Cultivators all did not move, did not act.

Wu Xinjie scoffed with a, “Pfft.” The seven person melee could only have one victor, and perhaps they did not dare rashly act out.

Su Xing shook his head, indifferently sweeping his eyes over everyone present: “Those who wish to give up, just quickly give up, don’t waste time. Being vain and trying to snatch up whatever convenience there may be, those lack the qualifications to be favored by the Heavenly Star.”

The plaza clamored, saying this youth was very arrogant. The battle had not started, yet he wanted others to retreat.

“Big Brother Su Xing indeed is truly daring, does he not fear being surrounded and attacked?” An Suwen blinked.

“Peace.” Wu Xinjie smiled: “Young Master already saw through the surface of this battle.”  


As expected, the previous five inattentive Star Cultivators looked at each other in dismay. They were all Nebula Early Stage, so naturally they knew they did not have a bit of a chance. Yet, they were not resigned. Zhao Cheng gave the five a look. The five cultivators all together stepped forward, and among them, a female cultivator sneered: “Fellow truly is arrogant, wanting to let us retreat. It would be better to have you retreat first!”

The five cultivators loudly shouted, simultaneously attacking.

Swords swept out. Every kind of artifact flew towards Su Xing with a whoosh, bright and multicolored, the luster moving brilliantly. Su Xing’s five fingers fought, and wooden sword appeared in his hand, confronting the approaching attacking artifacts. His figure rapidly flew backwards, his Star Energy imbued onto the sword. The ordinary and mediocre red wood immediately ignited into thunder and fire, lightning flashing and dancing

“It’s the Heavenly Lightning Earthly Fire Sword!”

Someone loudly shouted.

Su Xing subsequently waved the Firebolt Sword in accordance with the massive Star Energy inside his body. The Firebolt Sword’s lightning-fire blazed with an extremely rampant power. The blaze baring its fangs and brandishing its claws soared up. With a wave down, a huge clap of thunder directly split open the air.

When this attacked fell downwards, every artifact was shot down without the least bit of resistance.

Star Cultivators that dared to participate in the Star Duels naturally had some assets and haughtiness. Su Xing’s first attack with Heavenly Lightning Earthly Fire did not scare them, and the five immediately once again adjusted to uniformity, throwing whatever was in their bags with practice.

SFX: Shua shua shua!

Five hundred talismans flew out, and there was just like a great snowstorm in the air above the arena. When those people saw this spectacular scene, for a time, they could not move as if they were choked.  

The five hundred talismans seemed vicious as far as a Star Cultivator with Su Xing’s cultivation was concerned. Su Xing struck a hand seal, and the Firebolt sword slashed downwards through the air. Sword light emitted, and it transformed into five rolling waves of fire-lightning, rolling towards the sky. The blaze and lightning overflowed the heavens, and in a split second, the five hundred talismans were burned clean away.

Ten thousand liang of gold became scattered ashes and dispersed smoke in the blink of an eye.

The expressions of the five Star Cultivators changed. They were again about to call out every sort of method, but Su Xing would not give them a chance. Rushing forward, his body was like a fiery shadow, all of a sudden enveloping the five Star Cultivators within.

Those Star Cultivators did not expect Su Xing’s speed was surprisingly this quick; they were even too late to put up a defensive opportunity. Su Xing grabbed one of the opponents, his palm secretly holding a Blooming Water Divine Thunder. The counterpart screamed, then lost consciousness on the spot.

Two other Star Cultivators seized the chance to put out shields and barriers to defend, but Su Xing’s Firebolt Sword easily rushed. In such a close range as this, it cleaved apart the defenses as easily as blowing dust, and a fire snake swallowing the heavens also set the Star Cultivators down.

Within the blink of an eye, three comrades lost the ability to resist. The remaining man and woman’s faces were extremely unsightly. Seeing Su Xing unexpectedly fought this easily. The male cultivator bellowed, bringing out a large sword and cutting at Su Xing.

Because of the fighting ability of the seal he inherited from the Majestic Star, the male cultivator before him playing like this was digging his own grave. Su Xing flung his hand and staggered the man’s large sword. With a slap on his back, the wooden sword simultaneously beat the nape of the counterpart’s neck. He screamed, and the male cultivator fell over.

“Chopping Gold Talisman!2 Go!” The female cultivator finally seized a chance, chanting.

A Middle Grade Talisman became a golden sword light that exactly hit Su Xing’s stomach, and they heard the clanging of golden armor. The female cultivator was delighted, and she was just about to prepare a second attack when she suddenly saw Su Xing not the slightest bit wounded appear in front of her.

“Impossible.” The female cultivator had not figured out why her Middle Grade Talisman surprisingly did not have the slightest effect on Su Xing when he raised and lowered his sword, and the female cultivator lost her consciousness.

While the narration was long, in actuality, these movements were fast as lightning by the time Su Xing put away the Firebolt Sword.

The entire plaza was already absolutely silent.

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  1. 爐火純青, An allusion to Daoist alchemy, it means something brought to the point of perfection.
  2. 斬金符


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