Chapter 114: The “Skilful Star” Wanderer Yan Qing

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“You are the Skilful Star, Wanderer Yan Qing??” Zhao Cheng’s whole body was trembling in excitement.

Little Yi clenched her fists. Assuming a wrestling stance, that pair of red and blue clenched fists was rather dazzling, the two Pisces designs on her fists making swimming motions.

Yin Yang Pisces Fists!1

These were exactly the Destined Star Weapons of the Skilful Star Yan Qing.

Su Xing gulped, internally shouting. The cold and detached docile maid before his eyes unexpectedly was a Heavenly Star. This was far too outside of his expectations.

“Yan Qing, ha, ha, ha, ha. This is too good, the legendary Yan Qing is a master of pen and sword not just in name only, but also in reality!” Zhao Cheng laughed loudly: “Come quickly, sign a contract with This King. We shall ascend Maiden Mountain together.”

“You do not have the qualifications to become my master.” Yan QIng’s expression was unsympathetic. “Quickly stop!”

Hearing Yan Qing’s refusal, Zhao Cheng’s expression sunk, his tone unhappy: “If This King wants wind, he gets wind. If he wants rain, he gets rain. How could This King not fit with you. Quickly sign a contract with This King. At that time, regardless of whether it is the exceptional genius Xie Zhenyuan of the Most High Path or the Lifeless Hall’s monster Yan Wudao, they will all obediently pledge allegiance underneath our feet!!”

To see with his own eyes the Heavenly Star he yearned for in his dreams here, Zhao Cheng already was becoming feverish.

Do not look at the Skilful Star Wanderer Yan Qing as only the Heavenly Star’s end.2 In the Heavenly Stars, she was a brilliant and famous person. Not only could she play many instruments and was proficient in speech, verse, dance and arts of all kinds, in terms of military strength, she was explosively awesome. Her close quarters battle unarmed wrestling arts practically were hard to strive for. Her long-range additionally had the legendary and famous color-changing “Three Arrows Lethal Crossbow.”3 Even her service to others was at an outstanding standard.

This kind of smooth and slick Heavenly Star that could handle everything was certainly more incredible than the Five Tiger Generals.

“Reseal him!” Yan Qing was expressionless.

The Heavenly Star that Zhao Cheng had at last found was not joking around. He unbelievably shouted: “Are you mad? I have the Ghost Cavalry King Law Protector, just who could be our opponent.”

Yan Qing raised her right hand, her five fingers clenched tight. A warm flame burned on her hand, and adopting an offensive stance, a powerful pressure shook. Seeing this posture of hers, Su Xing could not help but be moved.

Zhao Cheng retreated several steps in fear, hysterical: “You have gone mad, This King is but the majestic Great Liang’s Fourth Prince. How many Star Generals implored This King, yet this King thought them beneath him.”


Short hair rose.

A warm flame drifted.

The Skilful Star was equivalently severe, executing an attack the next second.

This fist directly exploded onto Zhao Cheng’s stomach, and even he did not have time to react. Violently spitting out a mouthful of blood, he continuously stumbled backwards a hundred steps. His lapel had been shook open, revealing a golden and glistening treasure armor. It seemed that it was not inferior to the Golden Thread Fish Scale Armor…Ka-ca, the top-notch treasure armor split open a crack. The might of Yan Qing’s fist could clearly be seen.

“Ah…Ghost Cavalry King, quickly come protect This King!!” The Zhao Cheng that survived by the skin of his teeth shouted, frightened.

The Ghost Cavalry King heard Zhao Cheng’s words and slightly wrinkled his brow, very displeased at this fellow. Still, he did not have much to say. Lin Yingmei’s spear powerfully pierced by, the Arctic Star Spear flickering, its silver light lustrous. The Demon Saber cleaved away Lin Yingmei’s attack, the saber light’s brightness forcing Lin Yingmei to retreat.

Her figure like smoke ducked away, and the Demon Saber stopped Yan Qing’s second fist, The girl’s fists swung in a circle, her wrists shaking and trembling, and got rid of the Ghost Cavalry King’s saber light. An eight trigrams footwork wound towards the Ghost Cavalry King, and leaping upwards, the left fist of a cold flame attacked downwards. The Ghost Cavalry King’s saber made contact, taking in and emitting black light as it went to devour Yan Qing. The girl’s right hand intercepted it, and a powerful force shook Yan Qing back a hundred steps.

Seeing the Ghost Cavalry King handle Yan Qing and take the upper hand, Zhao Cheng’s endlessly alarmed expression gradually calmed. He laughed heartily: “Yan Qing, since you are not willing to sign a contract, then This King will forcibly make you submit!”


The up until now apathetic girl swung her hand, shaking apart the remaining black qi.

Lin Yingmei and the rest stood to the left and right.

“This Ghost King is not easy to handle. Joining hands will be better.” Wu Xinjie said.

Yan Qing calmly glanced at them, not saying a word.

“The legendary Star Generals. It seems you have real skill.” The Ghost Cavalry King’s voice dropped.

Su Xing at this time struck seals. Several dozen flowers of Purple Rose Blooming Water Divine Thunder blossomed. Although these did not have one bit of use taking care of the Ghost Cavalry King, the magic purple cloud actually could restrain the Ghost Cavalry’s black qi.

The Ghost Cavalry King disdainfully swung his saber, and the several dozen Blooming Water Divine Thunders were extinguished in the blink of an eye.

However, this was only the beginning.

Two beautiful figures simultaneously fell before him. The Arctic Star Spear and the Yin Yang Pisces Fists enveloped the Ghost Cavalry King like a mirage, like a shadow.

The Ghost Cavalry King did not dare be careless. Drawing out another shadow from the saber that appeared in a flash, it covered all the empty space behind him, a mighty and formidable shadow that seemed to break down that space, and it fiercely tore open the earth.

For a moment, Stone Table City was completely covered with black clouds, dust clouds pervading the air.

In the pervading dust cloud, Lin Yingmei already broke through the defenses and arrived.

And at the same time, Yan Qing’s assault also attacked, a move that collapsed strength.

The flickering black Demon Saber of a shadow was brimming with killing qi. The Ghost Cavalry King used his weapon with one hand to block everything.

The sounds of weapons suddenly striking.

The aftereffect of the power of one of her fists was ample, and the Ghost Cavalry King unceasingly stepped backward. Just during the time he was sent reeling backwards, Yan Qing lowered her body and dived, her footwork nimble, launching another opportune attack in the blink of an eye.

The two fists gathered power.

Running Water Boxing.4

Raging Flame Boxing.5

From time to time, it was quiet as an ice pool. From time to time, it moved like the sound of thunder. Yan Qing’s boxing arts alternated their situation, continuous and unending, a Yin and a Yang Pisces occasionally converged then split apart, striking the black qi to pieces.

The power of Lin Yingmei’s spear also was not to be outdone. A nip in the air turned into wind, the freezing wind like a blade secretly sealed the Ghost Cavalry King’s insolent qi. Often, the Ghost Cavalry King had thought of relying on magic energy to struggle free, but he had been restrained by these two girls. If it was not for him already refining his body into a ghost, perhaps the bones of his body would have broken.

This was a Heavenly Star Military General’s military power?

That fierce toothy mask suddenly emitted black light, and the air sharply hissed. The Ghost Cavalry King in a flash increased his frightening speed. Stone Tablet City’s flying sand struck the rocks.

“Divine Ghost Mirage!!”6

The Ghost Cavalry King roared.

Suddenly, his figure seemed to disperse like smoke, and thirty-three Ghost Cavalry abruptly appeared. Each Ghost Cavalry’s hand raised a long fork, wore black armor, and were evil and gloomy.

Su XIng was startled. What cultivation method was this?

The Ghost Cavalry King split into thirty-three Ghost Cavalry units that pounced at everyone in the square, wanting to engulf flesh to replenish himself.

Su Xing threw out the Earth Shield to protect Wu Xinjie and the rest. Controlling an incantation, the Heaven Sword launched and grandly cut apart the surroundings.

Lin Yingmei’s spear light was like snow, a “Long Blizzard Nights” that completely lacked restraint, rolling up those more than a dozen Ghost Cavalry, the blizzard twisting them dead cleanly.

In the blink of an eye, the black wind once again aggregating into the Ghost Cavalry King’s original body, but it would appear that he was considerably terrible.

“How are you this useless?” Zhao Cheng did not dare believe this. The magnificent, able to oppose Father Emperor Ghost Cavalry King unexpectedly could not take down two Heavenly Stars

“This King’s Essence Blood has yet to be restored, and This King was under the Devil Suppression for a long time. This King can kill anything.” The Ghost Cavalry King said, inevitably and rightly.

Zhao Cheng hesitated, gnashing his teeth and again opening eleven Devil Suppressing Seals. This time, more than thirty black winds simultaneously gathered on the Ghost Cavalry King’s body, his imposing bearing increasing sharply. The Ghost Cavalry King coldly shouted, a pressure that shook Su Xing and the rest backwards.

The silhouette dashed.

Saber light sprung up everywhere.

“Star General, taste This King’s ‘Ghost’s Godsbane!’”7 The Ghost Cavalry King evilly smiled. The imposing manner of Lin Yingmei and the rest were chopped. Fully aroused protective Star Energy barely blocked it, but the Ghost Cavalry King’s Ghost’s Godsbane already hacked head-on towards Lin Yingmei.

A silver light flashed!

The Heaven Sword blocked this Ghost’s Godsbane, the sword edge splitting apart. Su XIng actually did not fall back. Opening his mouth, more than a dozen Rock Piercing Water Droplets immediately were spat out.

“Seeking death!”

The Ghost Cavalry King brandished his saber, sending Su Xing flying. The dozen Purple Cloud Rock Piercing Water Droplets struck upon his body. The Ghost Cavalry King did not expect this simply unworthy cultivator would even have this. He was forced back several steps by the Rock Piercing Water Droplets. Lin Yingmei coldly shouted, her spear persistent.

She directly penetrated the Ghost Cavalry King’s chest.

The Ghost Cavalry King spurted out an engulfing black light. At this time, yet another figure flashed. Although the Knowledge Star did not have any attack strength, how could the ranked third in Star Energy be a joke. A Star Crest appeared on her forehead, the Star Energy protecting her body like a shield. She crossed both arms, stiffly blocking this black light.

“Star General??”

The Ghost Cavalry King became a shadow, retreating several dozen meters away. Having never faced three Star Generals, he felt startled.

Suddenly, he sensed an approaching strict storming approaching on the attack. The Skilful Star Yan Qing attacked in the blink of an eye.


The Ghost Cavalry King’s long sword was about to chop at her.

Inconceivably, Yan Qing suddenly blinked to right in front of him. The distance between them seemed to not exist, and he only saw her two fists continuously wave. In the blink of an eye, she had already linked several dozen fists, a powerful air mass carried a swift and fierce sharp hissing towards the Ghost Cavalry King, attacking from the front.

Stop it? Escape it?

It seemingly changed into something extravagant.

Yan Qing’s fists were ferocious flames, moving with a fully invasive nature. The Yin Yang Pisces Fists showed off two kinds of cold and warm light. The bright light exploded on the Ghost Cavalry King, quickly dazzling. Su Xing and the rest were frightened frozen.

“This is Yan Qing’s Yellow Rank Style?” Su Xing mouthed. This invasively fierce boxing made people choke.

His guess was not incorrect.

This exactly was Yan Qing’s Yellow Rank Style.

Swallowflash Samsara!8


The air burst open, the final fist fiercely struck without a second. The Ghost Cavalry King’s body and soul were nearly extinguished.

“Hurry and completely undo the Devil Suppressing Seals!!” The Ghost Cavalry King thundered at Zhao Cheng.

Wu Xinjie stared blankly, hastily blocking: “Don’t!”

Seeing the Ghost Cavalry King unexpectedly almost struck dead and also roaring at him like this, Zhao Cheng subconsciously hastily undid the Devil Suppressing Stele’s final layer of Devil Suppressing Seals to help the Ghost Cavalry King some. Should he die, that was of no benefit to himself.

The final thirty-three Divine General souls flew out. A haze deep as a black cloud seemingly pulled Stone Tablet City into the underworld.

They saw the weak grandeur of the Ghost Cavalry King once again rejuvenate sharply, especially that Ghost’s Godsbane sharp and penetrating black light’s depth that made people unable to look at it straight.

“This blockhead is going to die. Shi Yuan, in a moment, go take the Devil Suppressing Stele…” Wu Xinjie lowly shouted, instructing Shi Yuan. The Thief Star nodded, retreating backwards and covertly entering the darkness.

Only when Zhao Cheng heard Wu Xinjie’s warning did he realize he committed a blunder. The ninety-nine Devil Suppressing Seals completely were undone, and the Ghost Cavalry King’s cultivation immediately reached an incomprehensible realm. The fierce and toothed mask was extremely malevolent. Zhao Cheng tightly clutched the jade ornament, his voice shaking: “Quickly kill them now. Leaving only Yan Qing is fine.”

The Ghost Cavalry King acknowledged, somewhat indifferent.

Zhao Cheng manufactured several tens of High Grade Talisman Beast Bows rise,

“That Yan Qing is who?” The Ghost Cavalry King turned his head, asking as he wished.

“That one that uses boxing.” Zhao Cheng replied.

In an instant, a strange change suddenly appeared.

Zhao Cheng abruptly discovered his right arm had no feeling. When he looked, his arm unexpectedly had been chopped off by a black light. Zhao Cheng screamed, and the Ghost Cavalry King solemnly arrived before him bringing a Black Fiend. Those Talisman Beasts simply did not even have a reaction. Black light cracked their bodies, turning them into ashes.

“You wish to control This King? Truly overestimating yourself.” The Ghost Cavalry King’s saber swung down.

Zhao Cheng could only throw out the Devil Suppressing Stele.

The Devil Suppressing Stele was a large treasure. Even if it was fiercely thrown down like this, the might was fierce. Besides, this Devil Suppressing Stele was the nemesis of the Ghost Cavalry King who had a ghost body. The Devil Suppressing Stele’s golden light flashed, forcing the Ghost Cavalry King to but only change to a spirit and disperse.

And the Zhao Cheng who picked up a life immediately threw out an Earth Escape Divine Talisman.

He disappeared into the ground he was at.

The Ghost Cavalry King’s void body again appeared before them in midair. They saw him open his mouth, and the black light he spat out devoured the flesh of the corpses of several dozen Star Cultivators to replenish the vital energy Yan Qing injured just now. This Demonic Technique made Su Xing feel disgusted and retch.

The Ghost Cavalry King did not chase after the fleeing Zhao Cheng. That man was not worth mentioning anyways. What he was even more excited about were the delicacies present below.

He evilly and sorrowfully laughed.

“You almost toyed This King to death just now. Now, it is This King’s turn to toy you to death.”

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  1. 陰陽雙魚拳
  2. She is ranked last.
  3. Three Arrows Lethal Crossbow
  4.  流水拳法
  5.  烈焰拳法
  6. 神鬼幻影
  7. 鬼斬神
  8.  燕閃輪迴


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