Chapter 115: The Matchless Realm, Ghost’s Godsbane

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“You’ve only just been released and you’re already saying this sort of big talk. That’s not too good, is it?” Su Xing sneered, the Heaven Sword and Earth Shield suddenly swelling several times in size, setting off hostilities. On the other hand, his Divine Intent held onto the Intertwined Branch Sword. This Divine Sword of a Thousand Year Contract perhaps could hardly harm him.

“Hmph!” The Ghost Cavalry King’s devil mask seemingly laughed, a ghost’s cold ridicule.

Wu Xinjie initiated Think Then Act. The Ghost Cavalry King’s cultivation made Wu Xinjie very astonished. His cultivation was only at Supercluster Middle Stage, but his martial arts actually were unfathomably extreme. Speaking in terms of the realms of Star Generals, he unexpectedly reached a frightening realm – Matchless Realm. The current Lin Chong and Yan Qing were at realms that fell far behind.1

The grim thing was that the Ghost Cavalry King’s cultivation still continued to rise. She was very clear, that for him to be able to fight against Emperor Liang, at that time, Emperor Liang’s cultivation had already stepped into Supervoid Grade. That Ghost Cavalry King also was at least this rank. Although he had just been released from the Devil Suppressing Stele, if they let him recover to his peak state, the chance of victory for the presently not at all complete Star Generals was close to unclear.


The Knowledge Star raised this thought, but she saw the dark clouds sealing the city. This clearly would not work. To make a prompt choice, only when he had reached Galaxy Stage could they defeat him. Otherwise, they were powerless to reverse the rotation of the sky. Thinking to here, she immediately Sound Transmitted to everyone.

The current Ghost Cavalry King was not at all invulnerable. Due to his excellent military skills, the opposite was that his magic energy was shallow; this was his weak point. The Knowledge Star began to ponder over methods to deal with the Ghost Cavalry King.

At this time, Yan Qing and Lin Yingmei advanced forward with quick steps, without the slightest bit of fear.

The Ghost Cavalry King laughed gloomily, suddenly bursting out. His speed was even more transient. That was a thing that happened in a split second. Lin Yingmei and Yan Qing were still maintaining their attack stances when the Ghost Cavalry King suddenly appeared between the two.

In the wake of a swing of the Demon Saber Ghost’s Godsbane, saber light and a shadow tore at them, a whistling emission.

If the shadows of the Ghost Cavalry King’s twisting body were all sent out as devils, a terrible pressure would scatter and launch into all directions in the surroundings, and the Lin Yingmei who had been approaching in this way immediately became his first victim. An explosion of black light flashed, and Lin Yingmei’s horizontal spear looped out a cold light. However, there still was a part of the saber light that went through a nearly nonexistent gap and tore Lin Yingmei.

The girl tightly bit her teeth, collapsing onto the ground. When the spear swept towards the shadow, more than a dozen black wounds had already appeared on her body.

The Yan Qing on the other side faced him with her fist, her fists making a rush. The Ghost Cavalry King continuously endured for a bit,2 then he flung his sword. Another violently shot ray lifted a frightening pressure that firmly pressed Yan Qing into the ground.

But the Ghost Cavalry King’s attack was far from finished. Within the intense black shadow, the strange Demon Blade pulsed. Several arcs of sword qi appeared momentarily, continuously attacking the place where Yan Qing fell, in a flash, digging out an immense pit. Wailing impacts continuously erupted, and the sand and stone and other debris launched by the saber qi filled the sky.

The earth had been torn apart as if it were falling snowflakes, and smoke filled the air. Merely relying on a Ghost’s Godsbane, the Ghost Cavalry King’s tyrannical destructive power was displayed without doubt. Behind the saber qi launched everywhere, cold light suddenly shot out of the Ghost Cavalry King’s eyes. Abruptly, his two hands gripped this strange weapon. He spread apart his ghostly figure as he instantly concentrated on the weapon in his hands. The Ghost’s Godsbane absorbed ghosts by the greedy mouthful, black and black fusing together, twisting together, and a strange harmonious mix came into being, emitting an aura of death intimidated people.

“Careful, it’s a sword maneuver!” Wu Xinjie raised the Heaven Concealing Star Fan, blowing Speed is a Crucial Asset in War onto everyone present.

At the same time a long cry sounded out, the Ghost’s Godsbane seemingly swept over like a shooting star. It carried a tyrannical might that hacked towards the hole with Yan Qing.

It was a pity there already were no longer living spectators that could witness this stupefying drama. A black cloud was seemingly sucked into the sword, chopping heavily together with the weapon. It seemed as if the heavens were for his use.

Time stopped, and a split second was like an eternity.

Everything in the surroundings seemed to have been frozen in their time and place.

This was the Sword Maneuver of the Matchless Realm Ghost’s Godsbane!

Countless black clouds chomped at Yan Qing. Even the formidable imposing air was unable to elicit a change from the detached girl. They saw Yan Qing stamp her leg, bend her body backwards, her two fists open-handed. Water flowing from her palms slowly made a controlled change, and a Taiji3 appeared in Yan Qing’s hand. The Pisces on her hand circulated around as if they had come to life.

A kind of indescribable softness immediately soothed the berserk black light, the ghost controlled to being meek in her hand.


Yan Qing stepped, pushing it into the Void.

The ghost promptly vanished like smoke into thin air.

“Star General, you are very interesting!” The Ghost Cavalry King was not angry when he saw his own frightening maneuver be played down. He smiled, his fatal attack was starting only just now.

However, a spear suddenly appeared at the center portion of the Ghost Cavalry King’s Ghost’s Godsbane, rigidly blocking him.

The white air mass flowing out from the speartip counteracted the black baleful aura densely covering the Ghost Cavalry King’s Demon Saber. Despite the mad chop of power like a violent wave of the Ghost Cavalry King, this spear’s shaft blocked it. Unexpectedly, it could not move the slightest bit, rigidly fixed in midair.

“Hmph.” Lin Yingmei coldly lifted one corner of her mouth. The Majestic Star’s weapon was sufficient to match against Ghost’s Godsbane. Then, with a swing of the spear, Long Blizzard Nights swept out.

Yan Qing nodded her head, immediately flashing to within Long Blizzard Nights. Boosted with Speed is a Crucial Asset in War, this speed was violently swift.

The cold and warm lights within the snowstorm leapt around, banging sounds continuously sounding out.

Shockingly, it was Swallowflash Samsara!

“Su Xing. Quickly resonate with Yingmei.” Wu XInjie urged at this time.

Su Xing nodded, immediately setting hand signals. They saw a Star Array simultaneously flicker, and the blizzard turned even larger, the storm even fiercer. After a Star Master and a Star General signed a contract, the Star General would contribute a portion of her own Star Energy to her contractor. From the surface, it seemed the Star General had gains that did not make up for the losses, but there actually was an additional benefit.

This was resonance!

The so-called resonance let the contractor urge on each other’s Star Crest Contract Array to shift their own Star Energy and thoughts to the Star Maiden. With things like this, the Star Maiden’s realm would, for a set time, be greatly promoted. If an Earthly Star Military General wanted to defeat a Heavenly Star Military General, even with a top-notch Heavenly Star Military General or such, this kind of “Contract Resonance” was the only way.

Of course, this resonance had a fatal flaw.

At the time the Star Master began to shift his own strength, then he would be trapped motionless where he was. During this time, unless the Star General severed the resonance, in the case he moved, there would be backlash. In addition, after the resonance started, the Star Master really was like fish meat on a chopping board about to be slaughtered.

Within a Star Duel of Star Masters, unless they had protection magics protecting their bodies, this kind of resonance was very difficult to achieve, after all, both sides were controlling the counterpart’s resonance. However, if they confronted a Star General that was alone, there was an enormous advantage. In past generations of Star Duels, the Strength Star Jade Qilin, publicly known as the one with the strongest military force, died many times under the resonance of a contractor and Star General.

“Let’s help master with protection magic.”

Wu Xinjie and the others stood guard next to him, Star Energy skyrocketing.


Lin Yingmei’s Star Crest rotated like flowing water, her eyes suddenly pure white. Under resonance, in an instant, she entered “Ten Thousand Techniques” Realm. Her spear’s power piled up like tides, instantly penetrating the Ghost Cavalry King’s body with holes.

Bang bang bang!

Sixty-six Ghost Cavalry and Thirty-three Divine Generals abruptly separated from his body.

The Ghost Cavalry King that could take things lying down and fool Zhao Cheng into undoing all the seals was not stupid. Immediately, he dispersed his body to separate from the pressure Lin Yingmei brought. Seeing the peculiarity of Su Xing and the others to the side, he vaguely realized something, angrily moving over for the kill.

The Ghost Cavalry King holding Ghost’s Godsbane in his hand had only just broke through Lin Yingmei’s spear technique, but the Skilful Star Yan Qing cleverly pivoted backward, blocking in front of him.

However, the Ghost Cavalry King’s “Matchless Realm” indeed was invulnerable. Yan Qing’s boxing could not bring any damage at all, however, the girl’s objective was only to fight for time to give Su Xing and Lin Yingmei resonance.

As expected, the Ghost Cavalry King froze for a moment. After Lin Yingmei’s violent attack tore open more than a dozen Divine Generals, it suddenly invaded. The Ten Thousand Techniques Realm Majestic Star broke through the obstructions of the Ghost Cavalry King’s shadow. She seized the time she was in resonance to spare no effort in wanting to dispatch her enemy in a spurt of energy.

Resounding metal sparked in the air, ignited blood in an omen.


The Ghost Cavalry King’s expression changed. The two Heavenly Stars before his eyes were much more formidable than he imagined. Originally, he thought he could easily win, but his own Ghost’s Godsbane unexpectedly could not take any sort of advantage over the opponent’s weapon.

The Ghost Cavalry King raised an upturned hand, the shadows on the saber just like countless chains pounced all around, wishing to seal off the coordination of the two girls.


A cold laugh.

When Lin Yingmei attacked, her speed abruptly increased. Behind her was an illusory ghost. These clones were real and fake, passing off the fake as real. Each one’s attack was completely full of a murderous aura.

This exactly was the Ten Thousand Techniques Realm’s feature.

Ghost’s Godsbane breathed out a wait, and the ghosts broke the doppelgangers in less than half a second.

Lin Yingmei’s spear ran through, and an illusory shadow emerged from the spear. However, as far as the Ghost Cavalry King’s excellent military skills, it still was not enough to confuse him. His long sword deflected it, and Yan Qing’s attack again closed in.

Her right hand was covered in a warm light, the surroundings suddenly rolling out an intense whirlwind. A huge wind pressure made those terrifying shadows roll away. In the unbounded dazzling rays, the girl’s vermilion pupils was still solemn and detached. Her body bending backwards, and after she stopped briefly, she suddenly bounced back, her right fist swinging out all the strength her body was already carrying.

The instant she sent out her fist, time seemed to stand still, the surrounding air seemingly idle for a second.

“Hmph!!” The Ghost Cavalry King’s fist crashed into Yan Qing’s fist.

The powerful fist made the square shake and almost seemingly sink.

“Damned bastard!”

The shadow hacked down in a flash.

Yan Qing’s body flew out.

The Ghost Cavalry King was about to chop at her when a white figure abruptly descended in front of him, brimming with killing intent. A glaring light extended from the Ghost Cavalry King’s shoulder blade across his entire upper body, nearly cutting him in half. Red blood-light directly shout out from within.

A blood-curdling scream.

The Ghost Cavalry King twisted out a loud shout. The Ghost Cavalry Divine Generals that left his body all returned. If it was not for his training this odd soul body, the ordinary person would already have been done for. However, Lin Yingmei‘s at all costs spear attack was not at all ineffective. The Ghost Cavalry King’s Ghost Cavalry unexpectedly had a portion extinguished.

His cultivation instantly fell to Supercluster Early Stage.

Wu Xinjie’s eyes glowed, and she saw hope. However, this type of hope had not sustained for long when the Ghost Cavalry King exposed his natural malevolence.

“All of you, die!”

Ghost’s Godsbane was raised, at last no longer restrained, and the Demon Saber transformed into an immense Evil Dragon.

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  1. Lin Yingmei is behind by two realms. She needs to advance twice in order to be a match. See Chapter 63.
  3. 太極, the so-called “Yin Yang Symbol” in this context, I believe.


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    1. More of a consequence of style. I try to retain the entire meaning of the original sentence, but the problem with that is English sometimes does not have an easily relatable sentence structure. Sometimes, the original author will have three adjectives that each, in Chinese, describe multiple qualities all at once. The other issue is that the raws themselves suffer somewhat from bad sentence structure as well as vague nouns. Literally, sometimes there will be bare bones sentences that do not mesh well at all with the flow, and I do my best to adjust things to flow better. Thank you for your input!

      1. Like I’ve said, I think you’ve done a wonderful job, but yeah, it feels clunky at times and I’ve always thought it had to do with the original just not being that well written, lol. Man, Chinese must be an awkward language to translate, huh?

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