Chapter 118: Star Duels’ Secret Rumors

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One month after the opening of the Birth Outline.

Southern Yue Kingdom.1 North Earth County2 outskirts, below Whistling Wind Mountain.3

Several hundred people had assembled at this ordinarily not at all eye-catching and small kingdom’s mountain range at this time. Several pavilion tea clubs sat down, many men and women of all ages wearing robes from every which sect. Breaking them down, there unexpectedly were fifteen sects, however, these sects were not that popular in the Azure Dragon Territory, nor could they stack up against those with good reputations. They talked and laughed, joyous and harmonious, but among the laughter was a vaguely exposed trace of murderous intent.   

At this time, a wooden boat flew into the sky. When they saw that wooden boat, everyone’s eyes carried a thread of unhappiness; the wooden raft descended, and a man and five women walked down. All of the cultivators stared blankly. They saw five young women with the countenance of flowers, faces like the moon, their temperaments each with their own merits. Seeing that youngster among them move unhurriedly, one look at the five girls crowding around him was enough to show they served this youth.


Whistling Wind Mountain’s hundred cultivators clamored for a moment, each showing bewilderment. The man and five women did not wear robes, and they did not know either if this was some small sect’s or some aristocratic family’s child. They soon after did not think of this any further. After the Birth Outline commenced, small gangs that ordinarily would not show their faces all revealing their talents were not at all strange.

“Surprisingly, there’s this many people here.” The youth was speechless looking at the people everywhere on this mountain.

“Hee-hee. Young Master, the Birth Outline happens once every hundred years, who would miss it.” A girl carrying a lovely expression lightly laughed.

“Is there a sister here?” Another girl curiously scanned looked all over the surroundings.

“Yuan’er, do not attract attention. The result will become apparent when the Birth Outline arrives.”


This group naturally was Su Xing and his five Star Maidens.

“Master,4 please take a seat!” The Skilful Star that was still accustomed to her maid skirt found a seat at the tea stand.

“Little Yi, you don’t need to be this way. Just treat me as a big brother or something like that, alright.” Su Xing looked at Yan Qing’s reverent and respectful service as something he was somewhat not used to.

Wu Xinjie rolled her eyes. This Young Master of hers really was fond of little sisters.5

“This is Servant’s duty!” Little Yi said very seriously.

Su Xing looked at the girl’s meticulous manner, her distracted expression. It seemed as if she had once again returned to how she was initially.

In the miserable battle that day in Stone Tablet City, there was not a single piece of good flesh in Su Xing’s whole body. He originally thought that he would need several months to recover, but who would have imagined when he opened his eyes the next day, his body was already fully recovered. After he rose, the Skilful Star Yan Qing stood guard at his side. After she used the Three Arrows Lethal Crossbow, she was very much off. Her complexion was also very wrong, yet she was resolute and firm. Only after he heard from Wu Xinjie did he understand that, during the time he was unconscious, Yan Qing and he already signed a Star Duel Covenant. The contract possessed an unexpected recovery effect, thus, his serious injuries could heal so quickly.

It was just that what Wu Xinjie did not foresee was that the Skilful Star Yan Yizhen6 was not only cold on the outside and warm on the inside, but also that she actually was too dedicated to her work. She was determined to stay close to Su Xing during the time he had not yet awakened. Even Lin Yingmei shivered when she saw those cold vermilion pupils. In the end, it was only when Su Xing gave the order that she entered the Star Nest to self-cultivate.

When he saw that Yan Yizhen was still standing to the side, Su Xing shook his head, and pulled her hand to make her sit down.

At this moment, Wu Xinjie already finished examining the hundred cultivators. She did not find any of the Ten Great Sects. Southern Yue Kingdom was located in a remote area, so it could be assumed that was very difficult to arouse the attention of a great sect in this sort of place.

“I heard a month ago, the Great Liang Dynasty’s Stone Table City was blockaded by dark clouds. The rumor is that the Ghost Cavalry King appeared in the flesh. Would you say that’s true or not?”

Several chatting cultivators suddenly said this, their voices not loud, but sufficient enough to make everyone present hear them. Asking his question, the other hundred bored to death cultivators widely discussed.

“It is definitely true. Each of Liangshan Continent’s Great Sects have already gone insane.”

“Tsk, tsk. They say the Ghost Cavalry King possesses an Undying Evil Art.7 It seems everything under Heaven will be in a great upheaval.”

“Great upheaval, my ass. This Ghost Cavalry King was already no longer brave as he was in those days. Reportedly, Emperor Liang personally appeared and eliminated him with a sword, dammit.8 Truly useless.” A Buddhist monk with a shiny cranium drank wine from his bottle gourd, his drunken face red. He wore a somewhat tattered blue kasaya, carrying a string of Buddhist beads he flicked through. A Vajra staff leaned against his chair, and watching him drink wine and consume meat, he actually was a monk of wine and meat.

His cultivation of Galaxy Early Stage was considered very high, and to speak of it, he was quite powerful.

“A priest of the Blue-jewel Temple.”9 Wu Xinjie whispered.

Blue-jewel Temple?

The central plains of the Azure Dragon Territory were dominated by the Ten Great Sects, long without soil that “attained enlightenment.” Actually, it was said that the Dharma flourished in the Azure Dragon Territory’s western regions, the burning incense luxuriant. It was just that the western regions were too far, so running away to hear was very rare.

Su Xing nodded, secretly sizing him up. This wine and meat monk’s face was rough, his brows like swords, rather a bit somewhat venting his anger.

“What inside story has Great Master Wine and Meat heard of?” A Star Cultivator curiously asked. It seemed that this monk was very well-known here.

“Right? Emperor Liang originally could only suppress him, so how did he manage to kill him this time?

Great Master Wine and Meat’s nostrils blew out air,  and he proudly said: “This Great Master heard that the Ghost Cavalry King was really out of luck this time. He was deliberately released by someone, and I heard that person wanted to kill him purely because he felt irked by the sight of the Ghost Cavalry King.”

“Nonsense.” An elderly man coldly said; “With how powerful Ghost Cavalry King is, who would be this unafraid of death. Let’s see you say it.”

“Heh, heh. Need I say it? Of course it was the Purple Thunder Monster.” Monk Wine and Meat laughed.

Purple Thunder Monster.

An uproar appeared inside the tea club. Shi Yuan went “Pfft,” and she winked at Su Xing. Su Xing was helpless. He had never thought that the Purple Thunder Monster title would unexpectedly diffuse to the Southern Yue Kingdom. However, this Monk Wine and Meat’s words attracted Su Xing’s interest.

The Birth Outline began after that day in Stone Tablet City, and Su Xing never paid attention as all his thoughts were on cultivation.

“The Purple Thunder Monster? The Purple Monster that signed Lin Chong, you say?” The old man was shocked.

“Who else could it be. Really, this Ghost Cavalry King. It is said that his Divine Soul was nearly entirely extinguished by the Monster before he finally fled. Emperor Liang then eliminated him. I hear that Emperor Liang even invited him to enter the palace for a commendation as appreciation. What a pity he continually receives no reply. However, according to what This Great Master knows, this ‘invitation’ perhaps harbors evil intentions. That Devil Suppressing Stele has already been snatched away by the Purple Thunder Monster, and I fear the people searching for him are not few.” Monk Wine and Meat laughed heartily.

Inside the stand was the sound of people sucking in cold air.

This kind of rare Buddhist treasure that was the Devil Suppressing Stele had unexpectedly been taken away, and for Emperor Liang to not have slaughtered him was strange.

“Just what is the background of this Purple Thunder Monster. Contracting the legendary Lin Chong and even daring to commit offenses against the Great Liang’s Great Sects, he is too unbridled.”

“Since it’s the Monster, what’s strange about that.”

“They say that the Ghost Cavalry King has a Devil Weapon, the ‘Ghost’s Godsbane.’ Emperor Liang would have taken it away when he died.”

“This, who knows. It cannot be said for sure that the Purple Thunder Monster took away Ghost’s Godsbane, and only then letting the Ghost Cavalry King go afterwards.” Monk Wine and Meat was somewhat intoxicated.

“Good gracious, if the Purple Thunder Monster suppressed him to obtain this Devil Cult Divine Weapon, it seems he is the second Demonic Head.”

“Ha, ha. The Birth Outline has started, so we had better be careful. Heaven knows whether or not the Purple Thunder Monster will find us.”

“So true.”

The “Purple Thunder Monster” Su Xing who heard these rumors really did not know whether he should laugh or cry. Wu Xinjie moved close to him, her chest pushing against his arm. Her lilac tongue licked the entrance to his ear, her charming voice whispering. “Right now, Young Lord10 truly is someone that will scare people on sight.

Su Xing patted Wu Xinjie’s savory butt, hinting her to be a bit more decent.

Wu Xinjie’s face turned red, and she flirtatiously stared at him.

Yan Yizhen was vaguely indifferent towards these two: “That monk has taken note us several times. It is somewhat ill in intent.”

“If he seeks death, then we shall help him.” Shi Yuan coldly said.

“But what about Big Brother’s Devil Suppressing Stele and Ghost’s Godsbane. It seems it will draw a very big trouble.” An Suwen said quietly. For these two kinds of items, the former was a stone stele of the right path, and the latter was the Divine Weapon of a Devil Cult. One was right and the other evil, but both had unexpectedly fallen into Su Xing’s hands. Now, perhaps the Blooming Water Sword Sect would be laughing mad. Even if they did not need the Alliance of Ten Chase to Kill, it possessed the restlessness of a Great Sect.

“It may be trouble, but he isn’t lacking for this.” Wu Xinjie disapproved. These two treasures were indeed the spoils of war she made a narrow escape to obtain. Sending them back without good cause was simply a pipe dream.

The surrounding cultivators chatted all the more joyously, and they began to discuss who in the Star Duels could be dubbed outstanding heroes.

“Just look at how those Great Sects will show their strength in this Birth Outline.” Monk Wine and Meat played the profound thinker. “I see the Most High Path’s Xie Zhenyuan as fully deserving, without reservations.”

“Princess Ling Yan of the True Immortals Hall11 is also very promising, and she is even Emperor Liang’s daughter. She has imperial backing, and the Star Generals these two signed reportedly have exceedingly powerful military force.

“Isn’t Lifeless Hall’s Yan Wudao a monster? With cultivation even higher than Xie Zhenyuan’s, at Galaxy Late Stage. Dammit, we practiced how many decades and still haven’t reached as high as that child did in three years.”

“The way I see it, the victor is among these three.”

“It cannot be said for sure if the Vermilion Bird Territory or the Black Turtle Territory also have formidable Star Master.”

They chatted quite vigorously, and a displeased Shi Yuan interrupted them.

“Then what about Lin Chong’s young master?”

Seeing them this confident, Shi Yuan unhappily yelled: “He could sign a contract with Lin Chong, but could it be that he has no hope?”

Everyone stared blankly. Then they laughed uproariously.

“Although the Purple Thunder Monster has signed Lin Chong, it seems he definitely is not part of any sects. As a result, he handles his affairs in this way that pleases himself.”

“En, it’s only the second phase, yet he is showing off like this. This kind of Star Master often dies the quickest.”

Shi Yuan refused to accept that as final. “Yuan’er.” Su Xing shook his head. Shi Yuan harrumphed then sat down.

At this moment, a languid voice suddenly interjected. “The way I see it, maybe this Purple Thunder Monster just could obtain victory.” The one who spoke was a graceful young lady wearing a flax short skirt, boots, a cloak, and she had green hair. One hand grasped a stick, the other held wine. The skin of her thighs was a satiny snow white that would make others drool. As a result of the Star Duels’ beginning stages, young girls simply just became the most dangerous existences. At first glance, Su Xing even thought she was a Star General, but he saw her cultivation was also Nebula Middle Stage.

“Why do you say so?” Monk Wine and Meet asked.

“Truly stupid. The Purple Thunder Monster is very good at changing appearances. It is said he has more than a dozen faces. How could such a careful person be said to be a show-off. In addition, which of the matters he encountered would not make Yan Wudao, Xie Zhenyuan, Princess Ling Yan and the rest see only his dust without hope of catching up.

“Fighting alone cannot overcome every situation.” Monk Wine and Meet grunted.

“The more you all underestimate him, I12 will be even more full of confidence in him. It’s a pity that the Star Duels cannot be gambled upon, otherwise, I would suffocate.” The girl sweetly smiled. Because she was slightly tipsy and red in the cheeks, she was extremely cute.

Everyone stared blankly as they were left speechless by the girl.

Monk Wine and Meet chuckled, a radiance flashing in his eyes. He said: “This Great Master sees that you must be one of the legendary Star Generals?”

The green-haired girl put up her slender and beautiful legs. That faintly discernible sight made the blood vessels of the people watching spray open.

The girl blinked, and she lifted one corner of her mouth in a smile.

“I am a Star General. Do you have the ability to subdue me?”

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  1.  南越國
  2. 北地縣
  3.  嘯風山
  4. 主人 A formal form of “Master,” it can also mean “owner (of something).” Her 主人 has a different tone from 少主 that everyone else uses.
  5. So he is a siscon!
  6. 燕乙真
  7. 不死邪功
  8. As far as I can see from what I have read ahead, it seems the Ghost Cavalry King truly was killed off-screen. I don’t know if he may make a reappearance.
  9. 珈藍寺
  10. 公子, previously was Young Master.
  11. Welp, there you go. She is the apparent strongest child of the strongest emperor and is currently a disciple of the strongest institution in all the land. No wonder she is so haughty. Haughty, hottie, get it?
  12. 人家, generally means “people,” but is uncommonly used as “I”


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