Chapter 120: The “Inferior Star” Living Goddess of Lightning

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The Black Clothes School’s formed a Fatal Blow Great Array. Green swords shot into and filled the sky, and the fire birds were dispersed one after the other.

Su Xing’s Heaven Sword suffered an injury at Stone Tablet City. This Nebula Magic Treasure already split open, and although its aura steeply declined, its remaining strength still made Ancestor Qingyi and Monk Wine and Meat endlessly shocked.

The Scarlet Crane received the Heaven Sword’s slash, immediately crying out. The flames that it spared no effort to shoot out of its body transformed into an immense net of fire. This Demon Beast was of the Fifth Rank, and everyone did not dare to touch the fire net it controlled. The cultivators below were doomed, and in the hundred meters the net of fire covered, a few Star Cultivators that ran too late were immediately turned to ashes. Many of Black Clothes School’s disciples were among them.

Ancestor Qingyi grimaced in pain when he saw it. The Black Clothes School in Southern Yue Kingdom was only a small sect, and these casualties were hard to bear. Ancestor Qingyi’s sixteen flying swords then attacked the Scarlet Crane’s True Fire. Su Xing at this time did not dare be careless, for a Fifth Rank Demon Beast could not be neglected. Releasing the Earth Shield to stop the blaze, he also controlled the Heaven Sword to go slash.

Under the assault of a hundred cultivators, the Scarlet Crane’s blaze was increasingly weak. Just at this time, a fire cloud a hundred li away combusted and fell. Unexpectedly, it was another Heavenly Spirit Rank Birth Outline that just was transported from here. The attention of the cultivators that were robbing and killing the Scarlet Crane immediately were drawn to that fire cloud, and staring at it, it surprisingly was a Scarlet Dragon.1

The Scarlet Crane and Scarlet Dragon were fire-type Demon Beasts. The Scarlet Crane was killed from every direction, and when the fire-light exploded, it attracted the not-too-distant Scarlet Dragon.

Su Xing looked and could not help but sink.

Originally, he was unable to find a Heavenly Spirit Grade Birth Outline, and luckily this time, two have come.

“Fellows, immediately kill this Scarlet Crane first.” Ancestor Qingyi shouted loudly, throwing out a long ruler. The ruler rolled out a green light that went to strike down the Scarlet Crane. Su Xing knew how serious things were, and he released the Blood Rain Pot. Even if Monk Wine and Meat loudly read an incantation, he still tossed it at the same time.

“This is bad!” Lin Yingmei’s expression tightened.

“Let’s first go help Young Master stop the Scarlet Dragon.” Wu Xinjie immediately said.

Yan Yizhen and Lin Yingmei took the lead to go attack it. The Scarlet Dragon’s speed was exceedingly quick, leaping over in the blink of an eye. This place was a deep basin without cultivators. The two girls completely lacked restraint, and the Arctic Star Spear sallied forth.

Lin Yingmei and Yan Yizhen each forged ahead. The Majestic Star coldly shouted, and the Arctic Star Spear was brought down, its spearhead flickering with a cold light. A chilly wind immediately gusted up. When the Scarlet Dragon saw this, its eyes showed a fearful expression, but an ominous glint immediately flashed. Greatly releasing red light from its body, its mouth issued a severe hiss, spitting out a sea of flames.

The vicinity around Lin Yingmei’s whole body immediately was surrounded in a sea of fire. In the Fire Dragon’s hiss, flames rolled out incessantly. After that, it scraped out a more than ten zhang high immense sea of fire that aggressively approached from both sides to directly press down on Lin Yingmei.

Lin Yingmei disdainfully chuckled coldly. She raised the Arctic Star Spear with both hands, the spear’s power lightly splitting. During the cold light’s flash, a sparkling and translucent ice wall suddenly appeared. The cold light on it twinkled endlessly, all of a sudden rigidly blocking the Scarlet Dragon’s sea of fire. In addition, just at this time, the faraway Scarlet Dragon’s figure suddenly flashed, becoming a red light that made a beeline for Lin Yingmei. Its speed was quick, spanning a distance of more than twenty zhang in the blink of an eye, arriving nearby in front of Lin Yingmei. At the same time, its two claws were simultaneously raised, tearing towards the girl.

A silhouette then blocked in front of it; the Skilful Star closed the distance in a flash. The violently shot red light of her fists unexpectedly slammed against the Scarlet Dragon’s claws, and the flames soared into the sky. The Star Energy in Yan Yizhen’s whole body immediately became a self-protective barrier. With a step, she crossed over, already reaching the Scarlet Dragon’s upper part.

Her fists wildly danced.2

Yan Yizhen was just like a phantom, her silhouette all of a sudden indistinct, the next moment disappearing from sight.

A sharp whistle came through the surrounding air. The dust in the air were rolled up layer upon layer by this high-speed wind pressure that ripped apart the atmosphere. Revolving all around the Scarlet Dragon’s massive body, left and right fists endlessly pounded it, but it actually did not carry a trace of sound.

The Scarlet Dragon violently attacked incessantly, yet that did not have the slightest effect.

Suddenly, at this time, Lin Yingmei’s figure appeared before the Scarlet Dragon’s eyes. Slashing with her cold spear, she directly hit the Scarlet Dragon’s pupil. The spear light bit everything to dust as it entered the eye, and the Scarlet Dragon bellowed. Unexpectedly, a lump of flame burst out and completely shrouded the two where they stood. Wu Xinjie, Shi Yuan and An Suwen were startled, hastily rushing over to support.

Wu Xinjie tossed out talismans, and Shi Yuan quickly shot out her Hoodwinking Flying Claws.

An Suwen took out a golden pill, and the pill transformed into a watery liquid that went to press against the blaze.

On the other side, the Scarlet Crane was finally unable to support itself under the violent assault of everyone. Ancestor Qingyi’s Sword Art executed, and a green light turned into ten thousand swords that penetrated the Scarlet Crane. The Scarlet Crane made a mournful sound, the treasure chest on its body then was thrown off from its back and fell. After that, the Scarlet Crane’s body swelled into a tremendous fire that enveloped the entire Whistling Wind Mountain inside a conflagration. Soon afterwards, it was cut short, and not even its soul was left behind.

When every cultivator saw the treasure chest, they immediately squabbled for it. Flying sword abilities wildly smashed towards the treasure chest, and several of the nearest Star Cultivators had not even touched the treasure chest when they lost their lives. As far as plundering the Birth Outline was concerned, compared with the danger of killing and robbing the Demon Beast transporting the Birth Outline, the current danger had only just begun.

“All Fellows, calm!”

Ancestor Qingyi wielded his cultivation at the highest levels and shouted.

He pressured everyone present.

Who of the hundred cultivators would bother to oblige him. In case this treasure chest was swallowed by someone, they had to be willing to spit it back out.

Ancestor Qingyi sneered, “Then just do not blame Ancestor for being ruthless. Disciples, kill!”

The Black Clothes School disciples shouted orders, and sword lights danced in the breeze.

Every one of the Scattered Star Cultivators successively used their unique skills, filling Whistling WInd Mountain with countless sword slights in an instant.

Su Xing wrinkled his brow, and he flew his body to the side.

Upon seeing this, Monk Wine and Meat and Ancestor Qingyi hastily flew towards the treasure chest. Ancestor Qingyi wielded his cultivation at the highest, using a Sword Art to go kill at Su Xing, “Fellow, it is better to let Ancestor divide things!”

“En.” Monk Wine and Meat’s staff was also thrown over.

Su Xing controlled his Divine Intent, and the Heaven Sword and Earth Shield obstructed their attacks.

Just at this time, the chest’s treasure light suddenly disappeared from their sight. The currently battling cultivators one after another went blank, shouting in amazement. They saw a green-haired girl leisurely roll away the treasure chest with a roll of her hand. The girl’s body techniques were extremely strange, just like an illusion that unhurriedly disappeared from sight.

“I have received this thing.” The girl turned her head and made a crooked smile. More than a dozen flying swords shot towards her, but the girl disappeared in a flash, reappearing a hundred meters above and away.

Everyone was stunned.

“That is the Inferior Star Living Goddess of Lightning!!”3

“She sure enough is a Star General!” Monk Wine and Meat’s whole body trembled in anger.


Ancestor Qingyi chased after her. How could he be resigned to letting others pick up the treasure chest he spent so much blood for. He no longer paid attention to the other Heavenly Spirit chest a hundred li away. Su Xing also wanted to go chase, but seeing that side, he still could only give up.

The speed of the Inferior Star Living Goddess of Lightning when she moved in that instant was too quick, so chasing would not be that relaxing.

Su Xing was just flying over to there when he saw more than a dozen Star Cultivators raise their swords, wanting to seize the opportunity to take a share of the profits. Su Xing’s brow wrinkled, and then he blocked in front of them.

How could these Star Cultivators be Su Xing’s opponent. Immediately, they were defeated and escaped without a trace.

Lin Yingmei and Yan Yizhen were currently besieging the Scarlet Dragon. The Scarlet Dragon’s fire-light started to wane, and when Su Xing saw this, he struck hand seals as he read an incantation. Blooming Water Divine Thunder bubbled forth, dancing between his fingers. Along with Su Xing condensing it even more, this lightning also was increasingly concentrated. In the blink of an eye, Su Xing’s five fingers were all purple colored thunder-light.

Su Xing released it, and from his five fingers shot five bolts of purple thunder that firmly grabbed the Scarlet Dragon.

This was exactly the first Blooming Water Divine Thunder Immortals Technique that he learned from the Five Spirits Law Heavenly Book – “Five Fingers Dragon Capture.”4 Launching the Blooming Water Divine Thunder from his fingers, it was just like a large hand that was even more mighty than when he fired normal Divine Thunder, and it could constrict his opponents.

Lin Yingmei and Yan Yizhen saw that the Scarlet Dragon had been bound and used their Yellow Rank Unique Skills without the slightest hesitation.

Lon Blizzard Nights and Swallowflash Samsara!

Under the pincer attack of the two, the Scarlet Dragon also turned into a pile of sparks that faded away. The Heavenly Spirit Treasure Chest fell, and Su Xing bluntly drew it into his sack.

“Young Lord, what about the other?” Wu Xinjie asked.

Su Xing was helpless: “That girl from before seems to be the Living Goddess of Lightning. It was taken away by her.”

“Living Goddess of Lightning?” Lin Yingmei stared blankly. The ranked hundred and fourth Inferior Star Living Goddess of Lightning Wang Dingliu5 unexpectedly took away the Heavenly Spirit Chest from the countless Star Cultivators. This was too amazing.

“The speed of the Living Goddess of Lightning Flash Jump6 is very swift. To be capable of high-speed movement, to hide from pursuers is very simple.” Yan Yizhen flatly said.

Wu Xinjie agreed with the Skilful Star’s words.

“They will not be able to catch up to her. We had better return first.” Saying this, the Knowledge Star saw this wound filled Whistling Wind Mountain and sighed. “This still only is a remote location in the Southern Yue Kingdom, so I did not expect to have this much trouble. The situation of the Purple Rose Grade Birth Outline is grim.”

Now, in all parts of the Azure Dragon Territory, all currently were staging the drama of a battle for the Birth Outline.

On a boundless ravine.

An immense Demon Beast bearing a Heavenly Spirit Grade Treasure Chest currently was violently attacking. A beautiful and alluring girl in palace dress was facing off with it, her hand grasping a long axe. Fire-light curled on the axe, engraved with a Fire Kite,7 twinkling with three stars. Standing at the girl’s side was an additional elegant man. His surroundings were already piled full with more than a hundred corpses black as coal.

“It was unexpected for this place to have this many Star Cultivators come trouble This Palace.” The man was precisely the second prince, Zhao Heng. He wiped his hands, smiled and asked: “Qingshuang,8 can you settle it?”

The girl nodded, raising her long axe.

With a sharp and mournful howl, the entire prairie’s temperature suddenly dropped. An ice-cold imposing aura enveloped the entire space in a flash, and sparkling and translucent ice crystals suddenly appeared in the air. Rapidly expanding in every direction, also dispersing a terrifying cold air.

That immense Demon Beast immediately spat out a frigid ice breath

Zhao Heng stared blankly. This Demon Beast’s whole body turned a blue color, the ice breath it spat out seemed simple, but when it came across skin, the victim’s mental state would be in piercing pain.

This type of piercing pain completely would completely influence a person’s instinct.

It proved itself to be a Fifth Demon Beast.

The girl already rapidly forced it into a limit. The air’s moisture turned to ice crystals in a flash, let alone the flesh and blood of human bodies? This kind of Demon Beast very much was valiant.

The girl sneered, the axehead curled up with a fiery dragon, three dazzling fire stars flickered.

“A tiny Demon Beast spits out an ice breath and dares to be impudent in front of This Palace?” The girl held up the axehead, hacking with it midslash. The axehead’s fiery dragon roared, immediately engulfing the entire valley. The ignited raging blaze was more and more roaring, as if the entire valley had turned into a coal pan, a terrifying anomaly.

Yellow Rank Style:

Hundred Thousand Fire Dragons’ Rapid Kill!9

The huge beast unexpectedly became ashes.

Zhao Heng nodded in satisfaction, revealing a slight smile. With this kind of powerful strength, even if it was a Five Tigers General, they would not be an opponent, he thought.

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