Chapter 124: The Cool And Elegant Pilgrim Of Jingyang Ridge

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Su Xing fiddled with the black jade in his hand. His ocean of consciousness recalled the words that Yan Wudao said. This piece of Lifeless Jade had a value of several millions, and it was a precious stone that the Lifeless Hall used a secret technique to refine. Possessing this piece of jade signified in some aspect that you were an important guest of the Lifeless Hall. Yan Wudao gave this piece of Lifeless Jade to him without the slightest hesitation, which made Su Xing feel surprised. He was confident that this Yan Wudao should have discerned that he himself had the status of Star Master. Not only did he not act to kill, he even somewhat had the intention to become acquainted; he naturally would not believe a Star Master at the Galaxy Late Stage would want to curry favor with him. Merely looking at the appearance of Yan Wudao and his Star General, Su Xing knew his group perhaps would not have been their opponents even if they did gang up on the two.

“This Yan Wudao actually is somewhat interesting.” Su Xing pondered, then stored the Lifeless Jade into his sack.

“Master, you must be wary of him, and especially of that Star General…” Yan Yizhen’s tone was cautious. She looked at both her fists, which were left with burn marks. To make Liangshan’s number one boxer, the Skilful Star, say these words, the enemy was as well as one could imagine.

“That Star General. Xinjie, do you know who she is?” Everyone placed their gazes onto Wu Xinjie.

The Knowledge Star continuously contemplated. Hearing the question, she raised her head and shook it: “She should be at the Ten Thousand Techniques Realm as Xinjie was unable to see through her. However, seeing her attack, she should not be a military general.” Their counterpart did not reveal a Destined Star Weapon at all, and Wu Xinjie did not dare judge presumptuously. Using her line of thought to judge, the other party should be a Heavenly Star. The attack method she was adept in was magic and the like, but not matter how they put it, that Star Maiden still was still considerably conceited. Otherwise, at any time she felt her Young Master had encountered danger, she would have taken out her Destined Star Weapon.

However, she indeed had the means to be conceited. Yan Wudao’s cultivation had reached Galaxy Late Stage, so even if she was an Earthly Star, she would still prevail over a Heavenly Star.

“Why is his cultivation this high?” An Suwen truly could not think of how a mere three years of cultivation could attain Galaxy Late Stage. This kind of realm was too frightening.

“Is it because he has the Purple Rose Token?” Lin Yingmei spoke some.

Wu Xinjie shook her head, smiling: “Yan Wudao and Xie Zhenyuan, if Xinjie has not guessed wrongly, both have Heavenly Spirit Grade Tokens, and it was several months after the Star Duels began that they obtained them.”

Everyone showed an epiphanic expression. Although the allure of the Purple Rose Token was very great, to obtain one was impossible within two or three years. For example, Princess Ling Yan was also described as one of the Azure Dragon Territory’s peak Star Masters and only dared to get the Purple Rose Token when she was Galaxy Early Stage. In this way, many years’ worth of time had to be wasted.

Geniuses the likes of Yan Wudao and Xie Zhenyuan took an alternate route. Using the quickest speed to obtain the Heavenly Spirit Grade Outlaw Writ that was second only to the Purple Rose Grade, then within the last few years, their cultivations could greatly surpass that of others, and doing anything they wanted was much more convenient. Until after the start of the Birth Outline, they would have even more time to go prepare for the Star Duels and did not need to practice.

“However, he unexpectedly fought a Sixth Rank Demon Beast on his own. His courage is not small.” This point made Lin Yingmei awed. Mostly, robbing and killing for the Birth Outline was a matter where there was more insurance when many hands provide great strength. Who would be as egotistical as he.

“Not so. Although many hands provide great strength that could turn up an extreme advantage, a Star General must be able to promote her coordination with the Star Master, and vice versa. If it is military skills, not having to rely on others is the most important.” Wu Xinjie felt this was the reason that Yan Wudao would be called a monster, and it was the scariest aspect. Daring to discard enormous power that could act as support, to be a single spear and horse, this was not something just anyone could do.

When all was said and done after he really could enter Maiden Mountain, what he relied on could only be himself and not a sect.

Su Xing deeply held this to be true.

“Hmph, what monster or genius, how can he compare to Su Xing.” Shi Yuan angrily refused to accept that.

“This is only natural, Young Master has contracted we five sisters. Those geniuses are not worth a mention.” Wu Xinjie laughed into her sleeve. Her words were not wrong. The time from when he entered the world of Star Cultivators to know had not been more than half a year, yet his Star Energy had reached Nebula Late Stage. In all the Liangshan Continent, perhaps there would not be anyone that could break the rules more than Su Xing could.

“We had still better quickly rush towards Cooling Kingdom.” Seeing a powerful cultivator of the Galaxy Late Stage, Su Xing was not particularly resigned.


Yan Wudao fled on sword light directly northwards. From his ocean of consciousness, Biluo’s voice sounded out: “Young Master. That shameless man just now Biluo knows is a Star Master. Why did Young Master give the Lifeless Jade to him?”

“He is regarded as having saved my life, Biluo. Do you feel it was not right?”

“Biluo loathes fickle1 men. He brings along that many beautiful women at his side. Biluo loathes to death and truly wishes to use a stone to crush him to death.”

Yan Wudao slightly smiled.

Not long after, six towering mountain peaks like swords appeared before his eyes. He saw more than a dozen sword lights approach, wearing similar robes. They were precisely disciples of the Lifeless Hall.

“Senior Brother Wudao!

Every disciple deferentially saluted.

“Senior Brother, nothing is wrong with you?”

Yan Wudao lightly nodded, his face wearing a slight smile. “What?”

“Senior Brother Wudao, you ran off without permission this time. We hear you killed a Sixth Rank Demon Beast on your own, and the Headmaster is currently angry.” A cultivator said.

“En. After the Birth Outline opened, things have been too disorganized. The Headmaster is afraid of that group of traditionalists from the Most High Path.”

Yan Wudao nodded, and then he flew to the tallest peak.

Just when the entire Liangshan was in accordance with the you die and I live of the Birth Outline, in Cooling Kingdom’s Sun Valley County,2 there nevertheless was a rumor that was spreading. It was said that an Ancient Demon Beast, the Beastly Slant-eyed White-Headed Beast,3 appeared on Jingyang Ridge,4 and every time night fell, a tiger hiss shook the mountain, shook it such that the Sun Valley County’s villagers within a hundred li could not have peace. The people were alarmed, and every night, they closed the passes and locked up the windows.

The authorities dispatched many officers and men and hunting families to go capture it, but the fact was that not one man returned alive. It was just like Jingyang Ridge had become Suicide Ridge. For lack of a better option, the authorities issued a bulletin towards sects of Star Cultivators requesting for aid. However, it was currently the time to rob and kill for the Birth Outline, and those sects did not have the mood to take care of this. Many Scattered Star Cultivators partnered up to kill the beast, and those that came out were few enough to be counted on fingers.

On this day.

Against the setting sun, with wine banner floating open, a bamboo hat5 wearing and elegant beyond compare young woman cheerfully strutted into Jingyang Ridge.

The young girl’s air was like a serene orchid, her mien absolutely beautiful, a pair of slender eyes like the deep, starry skies, and wearing a kind of expression that was close to tranquil waters, she was fully stunning. Her brows were like smoke, and her purple-red lips reflected the sun; wearing a black patterned beautiful dress as well as a Demon Lotus Cloak,6 and with breasts that were like clouds,7 her graceful figure was without a match. That slender pair of legs had rarely seen leather armor boots, and particularly that satiny black hair that poured down to her butt. It was just like an upside-down Milky Way flying down three thousand chi, which made people feel suffocated.

The girl was graceful, cold, just like a black lotus that bloomed among white ones. Noble and brimming with rejection, this strangeness made people incapable of looking up, only stealing admiring glances. She was exceedingly cool and elegant.

At this time, Jingyang Ridge had many Star Cultivators, and when they saw the girl, each and everyone were captivated.

The girl’s seemingly cold yet not cold bright eyes swept, and she then walked into one of Jingyang Ridge’s pubs.

The atmosphere immediately froze.

The girl was accustomed to this, not at all taking notice of these kinds of expressions. FInding an empty table, the girl’s side seemingly had a formless qi field, making people unable to approach. These Star Cultivators instinctively felt the girl was dangerous and retreated backwards, but their expressions nevertheless were incapable of leaving the young lady’s slim figure.

“Owner, wine.” The girl opened her mouth, her tone a flapping wind.

“Ah, Honored Guest, what do you want?” The waiter did not dare step forward.

“Bring several bottles of ‘Bottle Penetrating Fragrance.’”8


Several bottles of good wine very quickly were sent, and the girl opened her mouth to ask: “Has a Demon Beast appeared at Jingyang Ridge?”

“Ah, reportedly, it is an extremely violent Slant-eyed White-headed Beast. The officials are unable to take it down, and I hear several sects also had no solutions…a great deal of people have died.”

The girl drank large mouthfuls of the fragrant wine, and the waiter continued: “Honored Guest, take it easy a bit. This Bottle Penetrating Fragrance is indeed the ‘True Sun Sect’s’9 special local product, three bottle only for intoxication.”

Ever since the girl entered this pub, the atmosphere became absolutely silent, and the mood turned more and more restless. Those Star Cultivators looked at each other in dismay, covering each other’s stunned expressions with difficulty. The longer they stayed, the less they were able to restrain themselves against this girl. Several people began to leave with some difficulty.

Slowly, the people inside the shop were fewer and fewer. The waiter felt this was not too normal, promptly looking stupidly and regretfully at the woman.

The curtain was pulled open, and the waiter saw the shopkeeper wave before hastily running into his own room.

In the blink of an eye, the inn was absolutely empty.

The girl did not care. Drinking the good wine, her lips hooked into a slight smile.

Leaving a few pieces of gold fragments, the girl then walked out the door, her brows slightly tightened, treading forward.

A large array immediately opened and trapped her.

Hèhèhèhè. (Shuffling)

Several hundred Star Cultivators rushed out, more than a dozen among them were Galaxy Cultivators raising swords defensively at their sides.

“Still not kneeling to give the Star General a salute.”

They only heard this reprimand.

These disciples then all half-knelt, loudly saluting.

The girl did not bat an eye.

The reprimanding elderly man carried a benevolent smile and walked out, also cupping his fist, his manner deferential. “This one beneath you is the True Sun Sect Headmaster. We heard Star General honored us with your presence here and brought the sect’s disciples to wait upon your distinguished self.”

“Get out of my way.”

The young woman was cold as ice and frost. She approached of her own accord the crux of the array.

The True Sun Sect Headmaster smiled: “The True Sun Sect has a talented Star Master that Your Distinguished Self certainly will be to your satisfaction. Although the True Sun Sect cannot be said to be a Ten Great Sect, we certainly will go through water and tread on fire for Lady Star General. Exhausting all the power we have, we recently acquired a Heavenly Spirit Grade Chest that so happens could be gifted to Your Distinguished Self.”

An exceedingly handsome man walked out, his eyes looked stunned and excited at the girl. His cultivation unexpectedly was at Galaxy Early Stage.

The girl lowered her eyes, somewhat indifferent. Without looking any further at the Heavenly Spirit Treasure Chest or that genius Star Cultivator, she turned and walked towards Jingyang Ridge. The magic circle suddenly expanded, light flying in all directions, and the girl halted her advance.

The old man said: “This is but the True Sun Heavenly Fire Great Array.10 You will not be able to walk out. Could it be that Your Distinguished Self Star General really will not consider it? The Birth Outline already began, so this is precisely a very good opportunity.

“If you have finished speaking your drivel, then remove this array.” The girl icily said.

The elderly man was somewhat irked, “Since the Birth Outline has begun, even if we killed a Star General, there should not be a problem. Hmph, you really did not care too much about our True Sun Sect…If Your Distinguished Self truly does not want to sign a contract, then the True Sun Sect can only commit an offence. Using this True Sun Heavenly Fire Great Array, we will force you to submit!!”

This True Sun Sect Headmaster turned his head and was just about to order that disciple, when suddenly he saw the disciple’s face become frightened.

He was on the point of rebuking his insufficient earnestness when suddenly, he discovered he could utter no sound from his throat.

What was going on?

The True Sun Sect Headmaster felt strange. He suddenly felt an attractive fragrance, and his heart suddenly was fearful. His throat had already been ripped apart by a sharp and fine blade. He saw the cold and splendid girl appear before him, not knowing when she broke through the True Sun Heavenly Fire Great Array. Her speed was swift, for of all the disciples present, not one was able to react.

“Elders ought to peacefully enjoy their later years!”


The elderly man’s pupils dilated, in disbelief.

“…If you find a Star General in the future, you had best first find one willing to sign a contract. Otherwise, you will regret it for a lifetime…”

A delicate fragrance assailed the nostrils, air serenely entering the ear. The girl was indifferent, as if she was speaking about an insignificant matter.

Everyone present cowered.

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  1. 花心, Fickle in love, especially.
  2. 陽谷縣
  3. 吊睛白額獸
  4. 景陽岡, a real location
  5. 斗笠 You know, THAT bamboo hat that looks like a flattened cone…
  6. 妖蓮披風
  7. …Don’t know if that’s a compliment…
  8.  透瓶香, Still don’t have an idea who this Star is?
  9. 真陽宗
  10. 真陽天火大陣


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