Chapter 129: Fire Beacon Chariot, Tang Lianxin

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A Copper Man Puppet half-knelt where it was, its entire body left with countless battle dents. The Thief Star Shi Yuan was just like an engineering designer, on hand holding the Mo Attack Mechanism Records while looking over everywhere on this puppet.

“Yuan’er, has the Copper Man Puppet been prepared to advance ranks?” Wu Xinjie walked over. The Knowledge Star found that she really was miserable enough. An Suwen could help Su Xing refine pills, Lin Yingmei and Yan Yizhen currently practiced spear techniques and boxing to exercise to the next realm, and even Shi Yuan found work promoting the Puppet. In the end, the ranked third Knowledge Star was the one most idle with her time.

Although she had plans, it was just that they were currently useless.

“Sister Xinjie, how is Young Master Su Xing?” Shi Yuan turned her head and asked.

“Promotion is somewhat difficult, but Suwen should have a solution.” Wu Xinjie said.

Shi Yuan nodded her head, still very much confident in Su Xing. “When he comes out, This Young Lady will give him a nice surprise.”

“You all can help Young Lord resolve his difficulties and leave his worries behind. Pretty good, indeed.” Wu Xinjie smiled.

Shi Yuan heard the Knowledge Star’s tone was slightly dejected. Having learned from Su Xing, she patted Wu Xinjie’s shoulder: “Sister Xinjie, you are actually the one that can most help Young Lord resolve his difficulties.” What the Thief Star said was not mere consolation. That time with the Supercluster Cultivator on Grindstone Mountain and that time with the Crying Infant in the Void Liangshan, both were incidents where Wu Xinjie made her name. Otherwise, whether or not they could have passed through smoothly was an unknown.

“Even Sister Yingmei admires you very much.”

Wu Xinjie smiled: “But you all have something to do. Me wasting time like this is not a solution. The danger of the future Purple Rose Grade Birth Outline is an unknown, and we need to bind around with silk before it rains!”1 The Knowledge Star muttered, pensive.

“This kind of troublesome thing will be turned over to Sister Xinjie anyways.” Shi Yuan laughed.

Wu Xinjie rolled her eyes.

“I’m preparing to refine this Copper Man Puppet to Galaxy Stage. Sister Xinjie, do you see any more gaps?” Shi Yuan outlined her procedure to refine the Puppet.

This Copper Man Puppet itself was equivalent to Nebula Stage, but going through this many battles, it was on the verge of collapse. The soul driving the Copper Man Puppet also had reached Ruination Phase. In the days after, it would not have much use in Su Xing’s battles, and Shi Yuan already had a fifth rank soul and two sixth rank souls with her that completely could be exchanged for one.

“The magic circle here can be changed, some Relic Blade Sand can be poured in, if it’s over here…” Wu Xinjie pointed out a few places that could be improved.

Shi Yuan benefited from the advice, and then she began to apply the operation.

Seeing Shi Yuan was going to refine the Fifth Rank Puppet Soul, Lin Yingmei and Yan Yizhen stopped their drills and gathered to the side. They saw Shi Yuan first open a large array, “Sisters, I’ll need to trouble you.” Shi Yuan giggled.

They nodded, each taking one of the four directions.

Subsequently, four Star Weapon Refinement Great Arrays appeared, and the Copper Man Puppet’s position overlapped with the four arrays. Shi Yuan then mobilized Starfire to burn.

The Copper Man Puppet very quickly became a lump of thick, molten copper under the Starfire. Shi Yuan at this time followed the Mo Attack Mechanism Record’s so-called “Figure Exchange”2 procedure, and condensed the molten copper into an enormous copper ball. Under Shi Yuan’s control, every kind of material then flew into the copper ball and was enveloped. With her Divine Intent, the copper ball began to expand and lengthen, little by little.


Shi Yuan read, grabbing a Puppet Banner. The Fifth Rank Ancient Demon Beast Cyclops Jinn’s enormous soul then scuttled in from the banner.

Once the soul entered, the floating molten copper immediately released a splitting noise, and then a manufactured Mechanical Beast’s body slowly took shape.

Around two hours later, a three zhang tall, entirely clad in black armor Cyclops Jinn Mechanical Beast that was like a small mountain appeared before the girls. The process to manufacture a Puppet Beast was far from over; afterwards, Shi Yuan then finished little by little the final touches of work.

Wu Xinjie and the other two fell back to the side.

“How has Young Master still not have emerged?” Lin Yingmei glanced at the building in the clouds, suspiciously asking Wu Xinjie.

Wu XInjie shook her head, for she also was unclear.

Just as they thought about this, the door opened. Su Xing and An Suwen then walked out one after the other.

Su Xing seemed to be glowing, his vigor shaking.

“Shi Yuan, have you finished making it?” Seeing that huge Mechanical Beast the moment he walked out, Su Xing was surprised.

“En. Until before the Purple Rose Birth Outline begins, This Young Lady will also control the two other souls.” Shi Yuan controlled her Divine Intent while speaking, pleased with herself.

Su Xing encouraged An Suwen, and then they walked down the rainbow bridge together.

Facing the deeply concerned expressions of three sisters, An Suwen’s cheeks were red as she replied: “Suwen already knows about the bottleneck of Big Brother’s Star Energy. Within a month, Suwen can create something.”

“That is for the best.”

Wu Xinjie sighed in relief. How sharp was she, being able to see Su Xing’s and An Suwen’s eyes had a trace of guilt as she made fun of them: “Young Lord, you and Little Sister Suwen were in the bedroom for this long, Yingmei was even worried that Young Lord ate Little Sister Suwen.”

“Suwen is my little sister, how could I eat her.”3 Su Xing said in deadly earnest.

An Suwen bashfully blushed in shame, burying her head, continuously nodding in agreement with Su Xing’s words.

Wu Xinjie had wanted to continue poking fun, when suddenly, at this time, Su Xing’s brows twisted. They saw the jade pendant trembled, and a figure appeared in the ocean of consciousness that approached the area.

The Void Immortal’s Abode could stand guard of the surrounding ten li. In the case someone approached, it would immediately give Su Xing a warning.

Su Xing and the rest then left the Immortal’s Abode, finding the outside was already very late at night.

Turning his head around to look at the position of the Void Immortal’s Abode, the atmosphere had a faint ripple diffusing, visible to the naked eye. However, the Void Immortal’s Abode had a powerful forbiddance protecting it. If it was not a strong ability user or a specially practiced cultivation method, they still would not be able to perceive that this Immortal’s Abode was present. Su Xing held the jade pendant, carving the Divine Intents of Lin Yingmei, Wu Xinjie, An Suwen, Shi Yuan and Yan Yizhen onto the jade pendant. With this, the five beautiful maidens could enter and exit the Void Immortal’s Abode any time they wished.

“It seems that Tang Lianxin is coming here.” Su Xing’s Divine Intent sensed the approaching person. He turned his head to the beautiful girls: “You all can cultivate inside the Immortal’s Abode, then. That perverted Martial Aunt Yueke insists on making me return every night to sleep.”

“Master, do you not need Slave Servant to protect you?” Yan Yizhen said.

“No need. This is the center of the Four Styles School, I won’t encounter any dangers here. You all should have your own things to do.” Su Xing shook his head. His body techniques shifted, and he fled into the dark night.

The beautiful girls’ ineffectual faces looked at each other.

“Big Brother’s words are not wrong. In any case, Big Brother is learning tool refinement, so there is nothing we can help with.” An Suwen said. “This place is the sect’s center, so we probably will not run into anything dangerous.”

Wu Xinjie nodded.

The group turned and entered the ripple. Before Lin Yingmei entered, she turned her head to stare into the deep and dark night. Only then did she enter into the Immortal’s Abode.

Su Xing very quickly bumped into Tang Lianxin.

“The Four Styles Sect has established rules. From now on, do not be too late!” Tang Lianxin icily said. Turning around, he then left, actually very blunt.

Returning to the bamboo house, he saw Tang Lianxin already on the bed, wrapped in the blanket, sealing himself in very tightly.4

Su Xing yawned, for he actually was very tired. After undoing his clothes, he got on the bed, which made Tang Lianxin tighten the blankets even more. This made Su Xing feel speechless, feeling as though he had infringed upon Lianxin.5

Very early the second day.

Su Xing rose, then thumbed through that thick Tool Refinement Outline, engrossed as he read. Because he was waiting for Ju Yueke to return, Su Xing did not directly return to the Void Immortal’s Abode.

Tang Lianxin was in the courtyard, still practicing his one blue and one red fantastic flames.

“I heard Master say it has only been two years since you came here?” Su Xing could not resist asking. “Why would you want to come to the Four Styles Sect?” According to what he knew, because of the Four Style School’s environment and blockade, it did not receive favor. It was very rare for people to take the initiative to enter the Four Styles School.

Tang Lianxin was briefly silent. Slowly, he said: “I was previously at a small tool refinement gang. It was eventually wiped out, so that is why I am here.”

It sounded as if there a period of sadness had passed, however, seeing that his expression was very hard, it did not have any amount of sorrow upon it.

“I heard you are an apprentice received by an Elder Heaven Clinging Divine Fire of the Four Styles School?” Tang Lianxin stopped practicing.

“En. But he has met with a mishap.”

“And has he taught you anything?”

“Besides simple school entrance Soul Techniques, there is nothing else.”

Tang Lianxin kept silent.

Su Xing very quickly finished reading several tool refinement books, and not long after, Ju Yueke also arrived at Mirror’s Flower Stream upon a riding sword. She did not teach any Soul Techniques, but said Su Xing’s sect robes were complete and made Tang Lianxin accompany him to retrieve them. She also intentionally told Tang Lianxin to take Su Xing around to acquaint himself with the entire Flaming Eastern Island, to understand the sect he was part of.

However, no matter how Su Xing looked at it, Ju Yueke was thinking of making Tang Lianxin drop that bad antisocial temper.

Tang Lianxin nodded, releasing a war chariot. The chariot was on wind-wheels,6 spinning up clouds of dust. The front of the chariot was engraved with the two words, “Fire Beacon,” making Su Xing startled.

This unexpectedly was an Astral Tool, and it was a rarely seen Flight Astral Tool.

“Where did this come from?” Su Xing said.

Tang Lianxin turned his head away, intent on not replying.

Su Xing shrugged his shoulders, stepping onto this war chariot, embarrassed. The Fire Beacon Chariot’s Wind Wheels turned, then departed Mirror’s Flower Stream in a flash. It was unknown how much faster this speed was compared to the Wind Swayed Raft’s.

The Fire Beacon Chariot very quickly arrived at the Beautiful Pavilion, and inside, after he finished fitting his robes, they then went to the Sword Storage Pavilion to obtain a sect flying sword. Although they already were a declining large sect, that complex procedure was still maintained.

At the Sword Storage Pavilion, they just happened to encounter a group of cultivators that wanted to exchange flying swords.

Seeing Su Xing, the newly arrived Nebula Late Stage, they knew he was Martial Aunt Yueke’s apprentice. That group of cultivators contained an inevitable sense of jealousy. In the Four Styles School, to be able to study under Ju Yueke was the greatest honor.

“Little Sister Lianxin, long time no see. Have you finally agreed to come out from Mirror’s Flower Stream?”

A burst of ridiculing laughter. The one who spoke was a very dark-skinned and tall man. He once was selected by Ju Yueke to be a disciple, but he did not stay for even two months before he was expelled. Clamoring with ridicule, at that time, the one who expelled him was none other than Tang Lianxin.

Little Sister Lianxin?

Su Xing frowned and turned his head, looking at Tang Lianxin’s indifference.

“Little Sister Lianxin is still so cold. You even forced Martial Aunt Yueke to find a partner for you.” The man roared with laughter, as did the other cultivators. Tang Lianxin had come to the sect for only two years, and because of his outstanding talent and esteem, it was just like he had been looked upon as the core of the Four Styles School’s future. Regarding these disciples that had stayed at the sect for more than ten years, naturally they were brimming with indignation and jealousy.

However, they were still of the same school, so they only dared to talk. To commit an offense against Master Aunt Yueke, there was no recovering from that. To see with their own eyes people escape from this predicament, how could they not seize the chance to knowingly smile.

“A coward, as expected. How embarrassing.”

Seeing Tang Lianxin’s face was expressionless, the man disdainfully curled his lips. Inviting a snub, in an instant, cold wind poured into his ear.

The man had not yet come back to his sensed when a flying sword immediately shot to and touched his forehead. His legs immediately went limp.

“Yeah, right. As expected, only sissies would rely on insulting others to promote their own superiority.”

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  1. Idiom meaning to plan ahead.
  2. 形體替換
  3. Ouch, sister-zoned…
  4. LOL
  5. They both fear the wild imagination of their instructor! Or could it be that there is more to Lianxin than meets the eye…?
  6. 風輪


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