Chapter 132: Crazy In Love

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“Amazing, amazing, to be able to figure out this method is truly outstanding.”

Su Xing sat on the rainbow bridge in the Immortal’s Abode, flipping through that “Four Schools Deep Arts,” continuously exclaiming in admiration.

“Young Lord, what is outstanding?” Warm and soft jade arms embraced his neck from behind. Wu Xinjie blew air very gently beside his ear.


Su Xing gave the book to her.

Actually, written inside was not any incomparable art or top-notch soul technique. It only had a few experiences and suppositions pertaining to the Four Styles of Refinement; as everyone knew, the Four Styles School’s “Heavenly Fire Tempering, Thunder Roll Refinement, Warm Water Moistening, Divine Wind Engraving” did not have a match under Heaven. However, an overall survey of a millenia did not have any tool refinement masters that could reach this realm. Even the founding Master that opened the school did not achieve it.

The reason was very simple, and that was because of the Four Style’s mutual restraint. If he followed the refinement of the Four Styles, then he would necessarily grasp this Four Styles. However, the obvious fact that fire and water mutually restrained each other since time immemorial was known by everyone. To let a tool refinement master simultaneously use Fire Tempering Refinement and the Warm Water Moistening simply was impossible to accomplish. If it was not for legend saying that the Heaven and Earth of the Four Styles Sword was refined using the Four Styles, perhaps simply everyone would not believe it.

Although the Four Styles School also thought over using other ways to replace it, for example, speaking of Yuchi Qingshan and Ju Yueke, one person cultivating two types of refinement styles then recomposing afterwards. However, this was not something a tool refinement master could finish in one go, after all. Not only was the result far from ideal, it was so much so that it was even more ruined. Consequently, for a thousand years, the Four Styles School was close to abandoning the Four Styles Refinement.

But this Tang Lianxin was truly a tool refinement wizard. Within her1 notes was an alternate approach. Introducing a set of collecting and nurturing the two styles of fire and water, it was actually very simple; Tang Lianxin conversely used the mutual engenderment theory.

The experiences of Tang Lianxin in the Four Styles Sect all accumulated the essential components. With the culprit being the mutual engenderment and restraint of “wind, thunder, water and fire,” if a cultivator wanted to genuinely refine the Four Styles in the notes of Four Schools Deep Art, then the most basic foundation of the Five Elements was important. That was according to the successive mutual engenderment of the Four Styles theory. For this reason, Tang Lianxin added into the Four Styles the forgotten style of “Earth.” Consequently, there was this sort of result – earth birthed water, water birthed thunder, thunder birthed fire, fire birthed wind, and wind birthed earth!

This way, cultivators completely could grasp this Five Styles within their bodies, thereby achieving the Four Styles Refinement.

It was just that this theory also had a major flaw that was to, first of all, learn the “Earth Style.”

Earth attribute acting as qi. Using this type to refine Divine Weapons was nearly an ancient, immemorial or higher Secret Technique. It required learning the Earth Style’s difficulties. Not to mention a tool refinement master that had just entered the trade, even great scholars the likes of Ju Yueke did not have this kind of cultivation method.

“Ah? If it’s like this, Young Lord…” Wu Xinjie was exceptionally surprised after looking through its entirety.

“En. I just so happen to have the Earth Style.” Su Xing nodded.

His “Purple Rose Transforming Qi” was precisely classified as Earth. Originally, it was a Qi Flame specially used to refine the Heavenly Spirit Earthly Fiend Five Elements Sword, but now, it seemed to flawlessly match Tang Lianxin’s Five Styles Mutual Engenderment. Su Xing had just entered the school, and after learning how earth birthed water, the water category of refinement would be achieved. In an accident, Su Xing was about to become the first within the Azure Dragon Territory to master the Four Styles Refinement in a thousand years.

“This Tang Lianxin truly is incredible. Analyzing clearly and logically, he is just like a great scholar.” Wu Xinjie looked at the words and felt the owner that wrote this book was diligent and meticulous. It was difficult to imagine this sort of person was a youth that was not even seventeen or eighteen.

With this unexpected enlightenment, Su Xing busily considered how he should learn the Water Style. His current master, Ju Yueke’s “Heavenly Water Heart Flame” was precisely Supreme Grade Water category. Requesting her to teach him actually was a victory that was close by.

When Wu Xinjie saw Su Xing had such a big harvest, she was happy from the bottom of her heart. She suddenly turned, her nephrite, warm fragrance planting onto Su Xing’s chest. Both her hands wrapped around his neck like before, her words charming as silk: “Young Lord Su Xing…Xinjie has something she wants to say…”

Her soft body rubbed against Su Xing’s inner thigh.

It made Su Xing somewhat stir. Lowering his head, he saw the girl’s flirtatious mien, her limpid and clear eyes.

“Say what?”

Su Xing also seized the chance to put the book down and embraced Wu Xinjie.

The two taking this position with the woman on top2 was a very rare intimacy.

Wu Xinjie giggled. She leaned close to Su Xing’s ear and whispered, her full chest sticking without any restraint to her man’s chest.

“No way!” The pleasured Su Xing heard Wu Xinjie’s words, and his lust immediately quelled. He looked at Wu Xinjie in astonishment, instantly shaking his head.

“How could I relax if you went out alone.” Su Xing said.

As it turned out, Wu Xinjie unexpectedly wanted to advantage of the time Su Xing was cultivating to return to the Azure Dragon Territory. In her hand was a Ten Thousand Spirits Notice, and upon it was many of Liangshan’s secret places, forbidden zones, labyrinths, tombs, lost traces and such that she carefully recorded. Actually, Wu Xinjie issuing this decision was something she pondered over for a long time. Although she very much loved to stay at Su Xing’s side, she also knew that if the future Purple Rose Birth Outline came, she absolutely could not accept doing nothing.

The sisters all had something to do, and she could only be unoccupied.

At that time, Wu Xinjie wanted to signed a contract with Su Xing because she felt with their perfect combination, they definitely could walk through the labyrinths under Heaven. Some of these were labyrinths and forbiddances opened specifically for the Star Duels, secret places and historical remains in some place that were in some aspect powerful in their own way. Originally, the “Heavenly Calamity Talisman” was something Wu XInjie obtained from inside ancient remains.

Her plan was good, but Su Xing nevertheless was unable to be at ease to let her leave even though he knew the Knowledge Star could take care of herself.

“Little Sister Shi Yuan will also go together with Xinjie.” The Knowledge Star said: “With the two of us, a few pitfalls and mazes cannot worry us. Young Lord, could it be you still do not believe in us?”

“Xinjie, you know it’s not that I don’t believe in you…how can I let my woman go take chances.” Su Xing disagreed.

“I know Young Lord’s heart aches for us, but Xinjie is Young Lord’s woman as well as his Star General.” When Wu Xinjie heard Su Xing’s words, her heart sweetened. She almost just wanted to stay like this, but the Knowledge Star knew the Star Duels were not flirtatious banter, not a problem that tender honey intent could settle.

Under Wu Xinjie’s soft persuasion, Su Xing gradually was not a match, but a labyrinth’s dangers heavily gave him a difficult choice.

“How about this. At the time Yuan’er and I break open a labyrinth, if we cannot accomplish it, then Xinjie can only obediently stay at Young Lord’s side.”

“Alright.” Su Xing compromised. The Knowledge Star, after all, was ranked third. Making her do nothing at all was impossible.

“Thank you, Young Lord.” Wu Xinjie said sweetly, suddenly exploiting the opportunity to passionately plant her lips onto Su Xing’s in a deep kiss.

The two’s lips sucked at each other, kissing to the limit of sweethearts under Heaven.

Su Xing’s suppressed lust again could not help but surge. Both his hands gently stroked from Wu Xinjie’s back downwards, grabbing the girl’s two soft lumps, his ten fingers unable to refrain from kneading them. Wu Xinjie panted deeply from Su Xing’s pair of evildoing hands, and she immediately felt a hard object press against her butt.

“Young Lord!”

Their kiss finished, Wu Xinjie’s coquettish glances were like silk, pink with a lustful fragrance.

“You’re always like this, so be careful that someday I will brutally finish you off, Xinjie.” Su Xing pinched her soft flesh.

Wu Xinjie bit her lower lip, groaning.

“If Young Lord wants Xinjie, then take me.”

“How could I do something that would hurt you.” Su Xing also knew to endure under his enormous lust. As far as Star Generals were concerned, the price of losing her virginity was not small. First of all, she would lose her Yuan Yin,3 and the Star Maiden would lose the Star Nest coexistence between her and her contractor. Secondly was the response to one another. Finally, her Pure Yin4 would leak, and her Star Energy would greatly decrease, her vitality greatly harmed. The Star General would also sink into a very long period of poor health.

It was not as if there were not any benefits. Reportedly, it could replenish magic??????

Losing one’s virginity. This, for now at least, was a matter where the gains did not make up the losses.

Hearing Wu Xinjie say as such, Su Xing’s heart could not help but somewhat receive no small measure of emotional disturbance.

“After the Evil Smiting Hall phase, Xinjie will then give Young Lord Xinjie’s virgin body.” Wu Xinjie softly said.

The two kissed even more passionately.

The other sisters in the Immortal’s Abode had been staring straight at the two’s sentimentality in broad daylight.

An Suwen turned her face away, pretending she saw nothing whereas Shi Yuan could not take her eyes away.

Lin Yingmei was silent, and Yan Yizhen’s face was expressionless, her eyes exposing continuous surprise.

This deep love of the Knowledge Star actually made Yan Yizhen feel extreme surprise.

The two apparently were somewhat passionate to the depths of the abyss.

Shi Yuan watched with wide eyes as Su Xing’s hand slid from Wu Xinjie’s back into that skirt of hers, and his other hand stretched in from the clothes that were parted away.

His hand could not help but slip into the anticipated obstruction, entering a warm place.

Wu Xinjie’s slender legs tightened.

“Cough, cough!!”

Shi Yuan was choked by this passion.

“Ah.” Only with this did Wu Xinjie recall there were Little Sisters here. She immediately bashfully blushed as she buried her face into Su Xing’s chest.

Su Xing chuckled, drawing out his hands from within her clothes.

“Elder Sister Yingmei, Elder Sister Yizhen, Suwen has found you two are completely able to spar against each other for training.” An Suwen gently said, tactfully distracting everyone from this awkward mood.

The Efficacious Star’s unintentional words actually made Su Xing, Wu Xinjie and the rest’s eyes light up.5

The sparring between the Majestic Star and the Skilful Star actually was practicable.

Lin Yingmei looked at Yan Yizhen.

The indifferent maid then turned her gaze to Su Xing.

“As you wish, but don’t be too overboard.” Su Xing said. Between the Majestic Star and the Skilful Star were a top quality spear technique and a number one boxing. It was unknown what kind of spark this would give rise to.

Yan Yizhen nodded.

Lin Yingmei and Yan Yizhen then stood at two ends, a distance of a hundred paces.

Lin Yingmei’s hands were empty for a moment, and then the Arctic Star Serpent Spear was immediately in hand.

Yan Yizhen clenched both her hands and tightened her body. A snow-white thigh stepped out from the fork of her skirt, assuming an attack posture, and the Yin Yang Pisces Fists appeared.

“Elder Sister Yingmei, pardon me!!”

“This one beneath you shall accompany you!”

Yan Yizhen’s foot stepped, and in a split second, she was like the arrow loosed from the bowstring. They only saw the airflow break with a boom; the power of this fist was fierce without rival.

Lin Yingmei at the same time skilfully dodged. When she swayed, she incited the Arctic Star Spear to welcome it.

Two fists repeatedly boomed.

Lin Yingmei flung the cold wind on the speartip, still breaking open Yan Yizhen’s boxing power. Then, with a sudden thrust, the spear was like a lightning bolt, penetrating Yan Yizhen’s defenses. The girl’s body was knocked onto its back. With a flip, she fell several dozens of meters away.


Yan Yizhen immediately rushed, her figure arriving in a blink.

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  1. Yes, this was in the raws 😉
  2. 觀音坐蓮, can be translated as “cowgirl,” but I don’t think Su Xing is laying down.
  3. 元陰 Also “kidney Yin”
  4. 純陰
  5. Just so you know, yeah. Even I think this is a very weak transition.


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  1. Welp… I knew it. (Called it too. Yingmei wouldn’t just say something against getting laid outta pure concern or jealousy alone. Not with her personality)

    I KNEW losing their virginity would have a steep price.
    It’s… pretty deep too.

    But, if you think about it. That makes sense, given that Star Maidens are practically Divine beings themselves. A fall from grace usually ends like that. But, they won’t die at least.
    Still… I call bullshit that only applies with the standard variety! Girl on girl sex not counting is such bullshit! Seriously… FUCK THAT! God that’s annoying! Screw you Steadfast Star! That just adds to why I like you and Ling Yan EVEN LESS than I already did!
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      1. No, I know that.

        Given how he cares about them, and vice versa… Expecting him to NOT lay his hands on the ready and willing… is insane.

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